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  1. I'm sure GA doesn't go into the dressing room after a game. Sure he said that before. Heavy dread for a Sunday before going into training on Monday for the lads!
  2. Live on RTE2 / RTE player for anyone who has the access or means to get access.
  3. I'd be careful we don't build him up into the second coming of Turnbull. From a mate who has watched the irish league and seen him live, he said Tierney is defintley better than most others around him when he's seen him and very promising, an advanced midfielder. But this season has been his break through, and with the other teams/players he's up against in the league it's hard to know really how he will do elsewhere. Certainly should give us another attacking option from midfield in the second half of the season but I'd imagine he will be just that to begin with rather than being brought in to start. Re Watt - he still has an eye on a more lucrative move down south, after the August one fell through, from what I hear. Can't blame him really as a striker about to turn 28, this next contract is probably his last chance to get a big one.
  4. Agree with some above, can't see us starting 3-5-2. Mugabi as a wing back makes me shudder (right back is fine). We have moved to it mid game though a number of times so outside chance I guess. I'd be happy to start the way we set up and beat Aberdeen.
  5. Aye, seems to be playing right mid on a 3-4-3. So a bit of a roving role up and down
  6. Max Johnstone with a goal last week and and assist today for QOS. Perhaps SOD will have an actual challenger sooner rather than later...
  7. Yeah I think that's the best way to play it too. Keeping them both happy is the challenge.
  8. I'd imagine the central striker would always be where KVV was and the aim of the set piece seems to have been to put the ball into that general area.
  9. It's defintley a KVV Vs Watt competition to play through the middle. Whether it was by design, or because Tony didn't get his move in August, fair play for Alexander for getting them both scoring. If we could get a system for them to both score and contribute in the same team at a high level like they do through the middle we'd be laughing.
  10. Just looking at the fixtures up to the split. Really does feel this season is basically split into blocks of essentially top 6/better teams then bottom 6/'not as good' teams for us. Currently in a 7 game run that includes Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts, Dundee U, Celtic, Hibs. Then a few games against St J, Livi, Ross C, St Mirren before the winter break. Come back and a similar pattern resulting in a tough handful of games then very winnable end to the season run of 5 games against what will probably be bottom 6 teams. The way the fixture list has panned out - the season might be one that goes up and down like we've seen already.
  11. Aye, that was the definite line Clarke was getting out in his interviews yesterday. In general the theory is sound, and I'm for it too. But I do think a few of the players getting called up in that squad are an absolute mile out and offers us nothing off the bench - SOD and Nisbet the two main offenders there for me. So far off form it's scary and I wouldn't trust them to do a job for us at the moment if called upon. Hope they prove me wrong!
  12. Aye, I've seen him in the main stand at FP for a few games. Also saw him at Airdrie in the league cup. So he must have been keeping himself up to speed.
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