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  1. Rovers at 1200+ https://www.raithrovers.net/55052/next-season-ticket-target-close.htm
  2. Don’t worry if Indyref2 happens they’ll happily be duped again by Better Together and do whatever the Tory Party tell them. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me springs to mind when it comes to the fishermen up Peterhead way.
  3. You’re waiting until the B team players are in the Scotland National team at the 2026 World Cup to see the talent on display. Get these B teams to f**k and get more REAL teams from Tier 5 clubs in. Hopefully they’re humped in every fixture by actual clubs in front of empty stands.
  4. 1. Dundee 2. Partick 3. ICT 4. Arbroath 5. Cove Rangers 6. Raith 7. Morton 8. Queen Park 9. Ayr 10. Hamilton
  5. Got a feeling that was suggested last time this happened but I might be wrong. It’s definitely something the Rovers should consider in the future though.
  6. Jesus just seen the price of your season tickets! What are your board thinking? £10 less than ours seems ridiculous in league 2. I know most EF fans will pay it as at the end of the day as fans we’re all mug punters and the clubs know it but you’ll not bring any new fans at those prices. You’d expect to be high for league 2 having just dropped but that’s extortionate for the level of football. You expecting a bounce back up this season or a tough rebuild? Thought you looked decent pre Covid but the wheels seem to have come off since. Wouldn’t read too much into preseason results we were hammered by Falkirk 2 seasons ago who then failed to make the playoffs while we finished 3rd in the Championship. Definitely a fan of your home shirt, it’s a belter more teams need a wee tartan top brings back memories of the Scotland top in Euro 96.
  7. It’s a steal compared to East Fife, can’t believe what their board are charging for League 2 football.
  8. Pretty sure they were last season as you had to use the barcode on the email as the cards weren’t out yet.
  9. That’s unusual normally it’s only Small and the XXXL rare to have medium available, the medium folk must have snacked too much during lockdown.
  10. Sold out of sizes before we’ve played an actual game . Seem to manage to balls up the amount we need most seasons. Sure there’ll be more available soon.
  11. Dundee fans vs St Mirren fan in who is the biggest diddy team argument and somehow playing Morton is being used as an insult by both sides
  12. Sadly I’m guessing even the man from Del Monte said no to taking Goodwillie.
  13. Not against giving Griffiths a second chance, he’s a fud but he’s no DGW. Get what you’re saying regarding us and any baggage with players we bring in especially while DGW is still picking up a salary.
  14. Decent run out to get some minutes in the legs and some nice goals. Was never going to be a tough game due to the difference in player standard but it was nice to see the Dunbar lads play football instead of just sitting in their own 3rd. Thankless day for their striker up against someone with Berra’s experience. Thought their Keeper made a few good saves and their goal was a cracker, Thomson was caught napping but the finish was excellent, I doubt he’ll score a better one all season. Nice ground and a good wee setup down there, new stand is looking good, end of the day it was a testimonial for their captain and it’s great to see we were accommodating for him as a Rovers fan. Impressed with both BOD and Dunbar’s setup small clubs but well run. .
  15. Cheers for the hospitality today DUFC, an entertaining preseason game and while the score was unsurprisingly a bit one sided with the gulf in league positions I thought your lads put in a decent shift against a fast passing Rovers team. Your goal was a cracker and left Thomson blushing . Nice ground and the new stand looks decent. Best of luck in your season.
  16. Interesting that the bookies have us as 7th favourite while a few on here are tipping us for in around the promotion playoffs. Soon find out who’s right I guess. I’ve zero idea where we’ll finish this season and I think it looks a tough league to call. Can’t see any certainties for the bottom 2, I’d expect Dundee and ICT to be in the top 4 but honestly the other 8 could finish anywhere. With us under new management I’d take a safe mid table finish right now to build on.
  17. I’ll hold off until we face the League cup matches before panicking about lack of players. Of the players gone only Tumilty is a real loss for me but I think we all knew he’d be away regardless of what we offered. Bene was a good servant for us but seemed the right time to move for both parties, Musonda was a decent player but he was rarely first choice and McKay was back up at best. I’m sure Murray has some players lined up and we’ll hear more soon. Saturday is a kick-about for fitness, yes it’d be nice to have all our business done for that game but it’s not essential.
  18. After being the spare man last season it probably came down to 1st team football, if Ayr are offering it and we’re not guaranteeing it he’s probably taken their offer. He’s just been capped for his country and won’t want to be sat on a bench at this level.
  19. Is that a $400 handcart? If there’s any quicksand remember my Granddaddy was Dutch
  20. Ah the SJFA are always good for a laugh with batshit crazy ideas that boil down to “Mon the Juniors”. After many years of arguing we’ve finally got a pyramid with everyone who wants in able to join and the whole country covered. Is it finished No but we’ve only just formed it and had 2 pandemic hit seasons. Get everyone round the table and let’s sort the two bottlenecks, get ALL Colt teams into the sea and look at a possible merger between the South and West League's as surely more South teams will follow Bonnyton and Threave. The bones of the pyramid are there we just need to fix the problems with a bit of compromise between the Associations.
  21. Rail Strike next Saturday so train to Dunbar is pretty much a no go for anyone intending to go.
  22. Will Jim Foy be attending the open day so People who follow the Rovers but who don’t know him can become Rovers fans, a sort of meet and great with a badge at the end to prove you’re now a fan?
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