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  1. Might be wrong but seem to recall we were pushing for the equaliser with 9 men and actually playing quite well considering, you broke it was a long ball and our defender slipped letting your striker through who buried his chance and that was game over, think you’re right that Graham had a good chance. Aye sad there’s no fans for this one as I think it’d been a good crowd with a really good atmosphere.
  2. I think Rovers fans are just a bit reluctant to say we’re good enough to obtain a safe position this season in case it’s just a promotion bounce. So far we’ve been a good side in the division and yesterday aside have got some good results. I think we’ll be 5/6 come the end of the season and I’d have snapped your arm off if offered that at the beginning but a lot will depend on injuries to key players like Hendry, Duku and MacDonald. For this game Pars look a decent side and I’d expect them to be the only team capable of giving Hearts something to worry about as Dundee are guff. We’ll need to play at our best to get anything out of Dunfermline and we really need a great performance from our midfield that was seriously lacking yesterday. I want to be confident but at the moment I think we’ll lose this one 2-1.
  3. Have you considered Gary Locke, our board assure us that he interviews well. He’ll also bring in some top class ex Hearts players who are only about 5 years past their use by date.
  4. No complaints we were poor today and I’m taking nothing away from Inverness as they deserve the win and could have got a couple more goals. Hendry was really poor and it showed how much he makes us play and without him firing we look poor a serious worry if he gets injured. Grand scheme of things it’s 1 defeat in the league this season but a tough run coming up. Need to regroup and learn from the loss.
  5. Poor first half by us and ICT are definitely the better team and we could have no complaints if we were a couple down. On the plus side it’s only 1-0 so there’s time to try and change things. Need to get our midfield into the game and start passing the ball far better as it’s been poor from us so far.
  6. Got to love everyone’s talking about the commentary instead of the game [emoji23]
  7. We should all vote using this method in Scotland
  8. Please please please not McBurnie, we need to win this game not have a team trying their best to set McBurnie up for his first international goal. McBurnie is not playing well and not scoring goals no matter how good he looks in training.
  9. He used Google, it suggested Pie and Bovril for discussing Scottish football.
  10. f**k the moral high ground we should use every dirty trick in the book as they absolutely will, Last time they were quite happy to bully pensioners and EU citizens and that was when the polls were in their favour. Westminster certainly won’t give us our independence and they’ll do everything they can to prevent it.
  11. How is she even a journalist? She questions nothing and is a total mouthpiece for anything the government says. It’s quite embarrassing she’s in the position she’s in. I’ve no time for the BBC but you’d at least expect them to pretend to do their job and hold the government to account.
  12. Needs to be constantly brought up by the SNP and Greens at every interview that the Conservatives want to do this. I expect Labour and Lib Dem’s will be delighted by that statement too with only a small % of Unionists in favour of scrapping Holyrood they’ll probably pick up a few disillusioned unionist voters from DRoss who has surely just consigned his party to 3rd place in May. Don’t let the media sweep that statement under the carpet
  13. Boris Johnson has done more for Scottish Independence than Sturgeon and Salmond combined [emoji23]. Keep it up BoJo it’ll be 60% for Yes by December. DRoss is an utter snivelling weasel of a man, it’s no wonder the coward is going for the list.
  14. Gordon Brown leading the Better Together campaign fucking hell they’re desperate all the Yes campaign would need to do is constantly bring up his undelivered “Vow” as proof anything he says should be treated as a total lie.
  15. £100K to listen to the May-bot! Who’s paying that? She’s no even a good speaker.
  16. Picking a group I’d take Denmark Slovakia Scotland Luxembourg Andorra San Marino
  17. Question for the knowledgeable, always annoys me when fans of clubs are more interested in how many of their club players playing for Scotland than in the actual team. Something we don’t have an issue with but who was the last Rovers player capped by Scotland while playing for Raith at the time?
  18. There’s a Pilar in front of the camera they’ve truly captured the Central Park experience [emoji23]
  19. Wasn’t going to bother watching this dead rubber but caved at the last minute. Hopefully we don’t pick up any injuries as the league has to be our focus this season with the great start we’ve made.
  20. First any players “coming out of retirement” can get to f**k! We’ve got a serious lack of goals in our strikers which is very worrying and when Dykes went off we had zero up front. Shankland scored against San Marino and Burke against Cyprus hardly world beaters, Paterson and McBurnie have 0 goals in 30 caps a shocking statistic for any striker. For me the rest of the squad is fairly easy to pick with the odd player missing out but our striking options are really poor. Naismith is still one of our better options but playing Championship football. There’s half a season for our strikers to impress Clarke and with the exception of Dykes every other striker spot is surely up for grabs.
  21. Not really as at the same time we had Craig Gordon and Allan McGregor so it was an area we were very strong in, had Gordon not suffered injury and McGregor not taken the huff Marshall might not have been in goals last night let alone have 40 caps.
  22. Marshall McTominay Cooper Tierney O’Donnell. Robertson Jack McGregor Christie McGinn Dykes Cooper / McKenna / Gallagher any of the three at CB. Armstrong could be in instead of McGregor. McGinn and McGregor to drop back with Jack when defending. Tierney or McTominay will bring the ball out from the back with the other remaining back. Christie will be given a free pass to make runs and roam around the pitch like Frasier did last match to try and pull their defence out of position with Griffiths to come on in the second when he’s blowing.
  23. No chance Andy Robertson will be played on the right. Tierney might be but I highly doubt it. I’d be surprised if Tierney isn’t where you have Considine and Robertson where you have Tierney.
  24. RaithTV is a good service as they’ve been doing it for overseas fans for a few years now, good cameras and replays (Picture in Picture). There’s also a chat board facility for the fans they only ask people watch their language as it’s for everyone including families.
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