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  1. Plenty choice at that end of the High Street Novar, as mentioned Rovers fans main pub but away fans are welcome does food but might need to book Duchess, pub restaurant O’Connells pub restaurant mostly a late night bar Penny Farthing, small pub with lots of character. The Exchequer, standard pub grub with live sports. Only one I think you wouldn’t take kids in is the Penny as it’s a pub and doesn’t do food. Rest should be fine for any Killie fans looking for food or drinks. To get to the Stadium you can go straight along Link Street and up Pratt Street that’s the Home end or cut up Milton Road and walk down Pratt Street (Away end).
  2. Genuinely can’t get my head around how Falkirk are so bad they should be walking that league the last 3 seasons and they seem to be getting worse each season. They’ve gates bigger than most of the Championship what are they spending it on. Continue to play like they are and the gates will soon begin to drop, they seem to be an absolute gang on and off the park.
  3. Pretty poor game overall don’t really remember either keeper doing much 0-0 was probably about right on the balance of the game, hopefully Spencer isn’t too badly injured. Onwards to the next game, 14 unbeaten is fantastic by the team hopefully we can make it 15 against Killie. Decent day out for my first trip to Gayfield.
  4. Yes the joke was aimed at their mighty travelling support too which they claimed would pack out stadiums. If they’re getting sub 100 fans for their “home games” in the first season they’re not going to be packing out anyone’s stadiums especially after the novelty wears off.
  5. 68 of the people! How can we fast track them into the Championship? The Blue Pound must be rolling into the Lowland League right now. Hopefully the Lowland League tell the chancers where to go in the summer. FYI “into the sea” is the correct destination for these abominations.
  6. Just Ethan Ross that’s potentially out for this one (hopefully not) anyone else out or doubtful excluding the obvious Vaughan? Last nights result wasn’t a bad one for either team, Rovers win we’re top, Arbroath win they’re a point off top and a draw we both stay within a win of top.
  7. Doesn’t it always . Hopefully be a decent crowd going up, first visit to Gayfield for me looking forward to ticking it off the list.
  8. Train up for this one, anyone know the score with taking a beer on the train at the moment? Ok to take a couple of cans on or is it still banned due to Covid regulations on Scotrail? Seem to recall Scotrail banned it earlier in the year but I’ve not been on a train in ages
  9. BBC love showing a non league teams game, one of the non league games will be third choice behind the Old Firms games probably Talbot as they’ve got potentially the biggest upset if they could somehow beat Hearts.
  10. Thought you had to hold it at your own ground these days if it’s a licensed ground?
  11. I’d be shocked if Bene isn’t pissed off sat on the bench, I’d expect any of our team to be desperate to play but Bene knows John McGlynn isn’t going to change things while we’re unbeaten in 12 games. Bene knows he’ll get his chance again. There’s definitely a great team spirit at the moment and the lads are really working hard for each other. There’s goals all over the pitch ironically out Striker is the one who never seems to score but in fairness he does a lot of the unsung work to create the openings for Ross, Connelly and Zanatta but Varion is due a goal soon for his effort.
  12. Missing that game as my work have decided to have their Christmas do that day, tempting to say I’ll meet them at 5
  13. Anyone know how many went through yesterday’s looked a decent crowd but it’s hard to tell when you’re in the crowd. Biggest attendance of the round (not really a surprise with the teams involved and distance).
  14. Yes it’s a wee bit worrying and I’m surprised he hasn’t extended yet. Any club that’s likely to be tempted to come in for him and would be tempting for him is unlikely to be put off by paying compensation. McGlynn seems to enjoy Raith and is along with Campbell a manager who could probably survive being relegated and get a chance the following season as the fans have faith in him. I’m interested who would be realistic to go for him and be tempting for him. Hearts obviously but he got burned last time and made the scapegoat during their financial crash, Hibs no chance. Aberdeen, Motherwell and the Dundee Teams seem the only clubs in Scotland that I think could tempt him. The other top flight clubs while he’d get a better deal than Raith are risky as a few bad results and you’re facing the sack. Hopefully we keep him and get a new contract signed, between Sim, the board and McGlynn we’re clearly looking up for the first time in a very long time they clearly have ambitions of top flight football for the club.
  15. But that would have got him sacked quicker and then we’d have less to point and laugh at. Peter Grant
  16. What an utter Gang Falkirk are it’s no wonder their fans didn’t bother turning up. Has to be the poorest Falkirk team and support I’ve ever seen. 70 minutes against 10 men and muster one chance (decent goal tbf) and then lose the game. If your manager isn’t gone after that performance he’s there for the season.
  17. What is the problem with Falkirk at the moment is it purely financial? You should be pissing that league with the crowds you have compared to the rest. Your budget should be at least x4 the next team.
  18. Oh man be careful what you say, now Tazz1903 will appear like Mariah Carey in November.
  19. Looking like trains are humped until this afternoon, first arrival into Falkirk 14:37 should make it interesting
  20. f**k me we’ve just had hours of me and Raith_Raver debating this pish . Have a read back through but to summarise it’s all opinion on both sides. have a good night
  21. Mate seriously take a chill pill it’s a football discussion page.
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