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  1. Weegies! Most of them will have travelled from further than you to the game.
  2. Thought they were Champions League lights? Ah that’s right you’ve failed to qualify for the Champions League since you bought them probably best you bring the out for the Scottish Cup QF and get some use out of them.
  3. I’m just glad we’ve not loaned him to Morton or Accies so he relegate us, at least the board have learned something from that season.
  4. Surely we’re bringing someone in if we’re loaning Keatings out. At the very least I’d expect a loan until January with option to extend it if Keatings isn’t brought back. Can’t see us running with only two strikers with Vaughan out long term. I’d be very surprised if we haven’t someone incoming, Gullan is probably the obvious one to speculate but if Hibs loan him again he’s surely not going to make it there. Strange statement but I’ll wait and see what happens next few days. We definitely need someone to boost the numbers but we could really do with a goal scorer as we’re lacking up top and Dario can’t score them all for us.
  5. Just remember you’re name is Bhasher Bhrash or they’ll know you’re not a Celtic man.
  6. Aye fair one seem to recall his interview when he signed had a few parting shots aimed at Ayr’s coaching side.
  7. I’m still confused WTF Ayr United were doing with Dario that their fans thought he was a poor player? Honestly did they put him in goal or something? He’s clearly a good player for this level and has shown it both times with us. Takes his man on, has quick feet and can hit a good shot, genuinely not sure what else to want in a winger at this level. Like many on here I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed when we signed the lad as he’d sat on the bench at a very poor Ayr United side but I’ve zero complaints with him so far this season, like all players at this level he’ll have good games and bad but he’d certainly be in my starting 11.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58525696 top reporting from the BBC as always could they not have at least got a picture from the match? That’s clearly Starks Park they’d be as well just sticking a picture of him doing his shopping or on his holiday he’s posted on Social Media if they're that lazy
  9. Can we please get another bit of the stadium for the away fans, not going to lie I'd happily pay extra to sit anywhere else as the Main Stand is horrific for leg room. I'd have to agree with better than Dan Mk2 but not as good as Dan Mk1 but he's certainly showing the potential to be. He's proved the doubters wrong and I've literally no idea how Ayr couldn't see a player in him??
  10. What a result from Sauchie, when is the next round draw? (sorry if it's been answered already) Ignore this post I've just seen it's tomorrow right above here
  11. I was underwhelmed at his signing too and saw him as a big step down from Dan Armstrong but fair play to Zanatta he's really stepped up and so far has offered at least as much as Dan Armstrong did for us. Like Armstrong he's certainly not afraid to take his man on and try a few things.
  12. You're not wrong but we witnessed the 4-4 collapse against a shit Accies team so it's understandable. Think we looked comfortable but sitting on a 1-0 always leaves you open to a sucker punch equalizer. Morton don't actually look a bad team all be it not a good one either but I thought you were certainly worse last season. Defiantly lacking someone to control the middle for you and resorted to a few long balls which I thought your 9 did well to battle our CBs for, he holds his man off well. As for ourselves we look toothless up top without Vaughan which is a worry. Do Ayr have any ST they think are pish? their judgement of how useless Zanatta is was certainly spot on.
  13. What an absolute embarrassment of a club, can’t guarantee the safety of a couple of pundits because they’re high profile Celtic men. This is beyond Tinpot. It’s a game of football FFS, the saddest part will be a large percentage of their fans will be absolutely delighted they can’t get into the Stadium instead of embarrassed as they should be. It’s high time the authorities started taking proper action against both cheeks and their failure to deal with sectarianism. SFA and the SG are absolutely spineless when it comes to the Old Firm, want to stamp out the bigotry? Hit them where it hurts, close the stands. Sadly most of their support are past saving you only have to look at the response to the racist and sectarian videos recently when their fans attitude to it was not “stop the songs” it was “ban camera phones, what happen on the bus / pub stays on the bus / pub”.
  14. Sold out his league to the Old Firm for a bag of non magic beans instead of opening up the trapdoor for the WOS, EOS and SOS. Small minded self preservation at a time when the Pyramid was finally starting to happen. Good riddance.
  15. Thanks for the update on potential teams all, I’ve no doubt the push for licences will be a bit slower up North after the first few get it but it’s great that it’s something that’s there for clubs in the future when and if they decide to go for it. With the 3 League’s below the HL it should be interesting to see who moves up in the future and whether we stay with 3 feeders or change it as we go. As for seating to get a licence, I hope they don’t bring that in as a requirement, perhaps it should be a requirement for tier 4 but no need for clubs like Golspie Sutherland and Burntisland who play a couple of licenced games a season.
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