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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Yup this is s frustrating part of the club for me as we’re really bad at merchandising, we offer a very small range and while I appreciate we don’t want to order things we then can’t shift (over ordering a current playing top) and get left with it to sell at reduced prices. We should be marketing as much as we can on things that don’t expire each season. Anything not season specific with say just the club badge or landmark moments (Celtic, Bayern, 125 Years, Trophy wins) don’t date and fans will always buy. We should also look at selling signed memorabilia in my opinion as again it doesn’t really lose value if the shirt is a previous seasons as fans will buy this kind of thing for framing (possibly sell them framed, do a deal with a local store). Doesn’t take long for the players especially the F/T ones to sign a few shirts and balls.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    This What’s the point of contributing to a player development fund if when we actually manage to produce decent players good enough for a higher level like Callachan and Bain our board just give them away. When teams like Rangers and Hearts are interested in lower division players you screw every penny you can get out of them but can’t stand in their way of course at RRFC is the motto. Look at the former players we now have playing at higher levels, how much did we receive in transfer fees?
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    You must have missed the word “or” in that statement
  4. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Commiserations to Berwick Rangers, while I always favour the HL/LL as that’s what the pyramid needs it’s never nice to be relegated and lose your league status. Hopefully you have a chance to bounce back but I think the Lowland league will improve each season with the Juniors starting to join so hopefully it will soften the blow. Best of luck for next season.
  5. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Always said geography works against you lads, lose fans to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee teams like all of Fife but you’re then sandwiched between the Rovers and Dunfermline which I guess limits your ability to attract fans from the towns and villages outside Cowdenbeath and potentially Kelty and Hill of Beath moving up the divisions could stop you attracting fans from those two. Your board and fans do well but attracting new fans isn’t easy. The one bonus you have is the location of Central Park.
  6. Pyramid 2019/2020

    There’s just no need for having a go at or putting down these teams which is what you’re clearly doing. I could sit here and look down on and slate the Junior, Amateur and Non league senior teams as Raith are a bigger team and in turn a Dundee Utd or St Mirren fan could do the same to me. What difference does it make how old a team is, how many fans they have or where they came from? We’re all football clubs. So what if EKFC, BSC and Cumbernauld are new teams formed from boys clubs? They’re now as much a team as Celtic, Stranraer or Pollock are. ICT and Livingston weren’t even around 25 years ago but look what they’ve achieved. I look forward to the Juniors and any Amateurs who want to join the pyramid joining and finding their level.
  7. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Think it’s more like shit team top trumps.
  8. Keep/punt/undecided

    To be honest with the exception of Flanagan the rest of the under contract players are acceptable if we make the right changes around them.
  9. Keep/punt/undecided

    Flanagan [emoji15] who the feck gave him a contract for that long the guys mince and an utter shite-bag.
  10. Keep/punt/undecided

    Who are the 12? Personally I’d let most of them go as there’s little heart or team spirit in that squad. Keep Lewis, Nesbit, Watson, Mathews, Dingwall and maybe Thomson the rest I’m not bothered if they go. Have a look at the young lads Bowie looks worth a contract and then decide who could make the step up. Show the door to the rest. I’ve got a feeling Davo will stay as a player coach.
  11. The Queen of the South Thread

    Well good luck to the Doonhamers next season, no complaints you were the better team over the two games and we just didn’t have enough to offer. Best not put away my bucket and spade just yet. Enjoyable day down at Palmerston even if we didn’t get the result we needed. Championship thread post dizzy heights and a nosebleed
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Ah thanks wondered if it worked like the Euro places where it goes to the next team in the league or cup runners up.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    What’s the score if Talbot win the league and cup, do Largs get the place as the runner up?
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    It’s like a kid wearing their 66 England shirt even though they were born in 1996 and their dad wasn’t even even alive for the game. At 38 years old I’ve been alive for 3 seasons of Morton in the top flight, relegated in every single one of them. Sadly by my 8th birthday the glory days were over.
  15. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    How many of these top flight appearances and glorious major cup wins were you alive to witness? I’m going to guess none.