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  1. Looking forward to seeing how our young lads in midfield perform here against players with the experience of Charlie Adam and Graham Dorrans. Our midfield is definitely our strength so for and they have played some great passing football so it’ll be interesting to see how they cope against Adam and Dorrans. Expecting a tough game here and Dundee will absolutely be favourites, should be a great test for us against one of the clubs likely to be top 3 at their ground. Fingers crossed we have a full team for this one as we’ll need it.
  2. Hendry looked a real class player at League One and so far looks a standout in the Championship too. I’d love us to have him long term but I wouldn’t be surprised if we receive a bid for him this season as he’s being noticed by other teams fans so you can bet he’s on the Radar of other teams Scouts. When he does move on ☹️ hopefully we can get a good fee with sell on clauses. With Hendry, Tait, Armstrong, Mathews and Ross our midfield is free flowing and great to watch.
  3. Said at the time I think it was clumsy and badly timed more than anything else, don’t think it was malicious and unfortunately these things happen in football. Hopefully it’s not too serious for Ross but knowing our luck it will be. I’d only be raging if I thought it was deliberate.
  4. Still at least you’ve got Dobbie so that’s something. Still early in the season and time to get a couple of loans in, be a tough game next weekend at East End as Pars look a decent team this season. Long way to go in the league before anything is decided.
  5. Standard Rovers luck, let Anderson go and straight after lose Ross to injury.
  6. Fair one, I’d like to add despite my negativity. Well done to the lads as QOS are on a horrid run at the moment and we all know how often we help teams out with those [emoji23] Anyway great to get the points two games in and we’re top with two excellent results, I’d like to think we have enough about us to stay safely mid table this season.
  7. Weirdly frustrating game, score line is amazing but to be fair to Queens they hit the woodwork twice and we cleared off the line twice. Our defence still needs some serious work as better teams will certainly punish us. Can we also stop punting it up the pitch, second half we did this quite a few times. We look excellent when we get the ball down and pass it about and bang average when we punt it. Not sure what was said at halftime but QOS came out hungry and we stayed in the dressing room until they scored. Overall a fantastic result but definitely some things we need to work on before Hearts, Dundee and the Pars play us.
  8. Thanks to QOSTV shame sound was out second half but first world problems.
  9. Other way round we’d be screaming for a red and I’ve seen them given for it many times so probably lucky. Glad it was a yellow but couldn’t complain if the referee had gone for the red.
  10. Aye it was a sore one nothing malicious in it just mistimed by the Queens lad. Hopefully just a precaution.
  11. Good quality stream so far and the commentary has been decent enough. Happy with the first half, looked a stick on for 6-6 early on.
  12. Alloa 0 - 1 Pars QOS 1 - 1 Raith Dundee 3 - 0 Morton Inverness 2 - 2 Ayr
  13. Beers, couple of pies for halftime and registered on QOSTV for the game. It’s not the same as going the match but at least we can watch the game. Should be another important game for us if we can get something here I’ll be happy. Can’t see us changing anything from last weeks starting line up but I’d like to see Vaughan come off the bench and get a run out even if it’s just the last 15 minutes. Interesting to see if we try and exploit Queens apparent weakness at dealing with crosses as we’ve actually got wingers these days and Duku seems to be able to head the ball. Expect our back line will have a tougher game than Arbroath offered them. This and Morton at home will be massive games for us. COYR!
  14. I’d say Grants leaving will definitely be mutual agreement, he’s probably heard Kelty we’re interested and would offer him a starting 11 position. Discussed with JMc and PS who can’t offer the same to him. Rovers may feel they have enough cover and let Grant go to get him off the books or they’ve another player in mind and Grant just wants to play more football than he’ll get here at Starks. I wish Grant all the best, been a good servant to the club over the years and it’s a shame we can’t say goodbye. Maybe we’ll get to see him play for Kelty against us once crowds return, would be nice to give the lad a round of applause.
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