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  1. Lesser Hampden is a real place! Always thought it was a mythical Nirvana dreamt up by Leeann Demster. Everyday’s a school day.
  2. Great news, it’s 2012 all over again. SFA and SPFL thought they could ride roughshod over everyone else. Well it’s the Clubs and the fans that have the power and once again we’ve said a resounding No! If Maxwell has a shred of decency he’ll be resigning tomorrow. Won’t hold my breath on that one.
  3. Shamrock Rovers Coatbridge, what an absolute load of shite. I was just thinking to myself the other day, what West Scotland lacks is a team with Irish roots they can get behind. If this idea is genuine he’s been taking far too many disco-biscuits there’s already Celtic, Hibs and loosely Dundee Utd covering Scots with Irish roots. Where the hell would a support for Shamrock Rovers Coatbridge be coming from. Certainly not Coatbridge as it’s absolutely rammed full of Celtic fans and the few Albion Rovers fans would either chuck it or start a phoenix club.
  4. I don’t actually think Hearts getting involved was a bad thing as it stopped the SFA using the line of “its only two teams” to the Non League clubs. Once Hearts threw their hat in the ring it meant any club with the finances could then look at putting a B Team in the pyramid. You can spin Celtic and Rangers B teams bringing a crowd as they’ve fans in every town to help small clubs but what the hell would say Queens Park bring if they had a B team. I also can see the more B teams in a division the worse it would become while clubs might begrudgingly put up with one or two, had Hearts been in the initial LL proposal more clubs might have said no.
  5. It Inspired the Falkirk thread too if you read their first post.
  6. No mad journey to the Highland’s Plastic Whistle haves Hibs’d it. Glasgow it is then.
  7. Be nice if we can get our business done early this season, last year was a bit of a scramble by the League Cup games. Obviously you need to wait if we’re using the loan market.
  8. Welcome one and all to the Championship. Pars - We get the derby back after last years New Years pairing with Accies. let’s be honest it’s a step up from Cove in terms of support and stadium and the Bridies are no bad. Airdrie - Alright who let this mob back Up here! Accies or Airdrie made zero difference to me, both central belt teams and easy to get to. Dundee Utd - lose Dundee get Dundee Utd keeps a decent gate and an away day to Dundee. Ross County (assuming Partick don’t Hibs it) - Not great for most barring ICT but I’ve never been to Dingwall so get to tick that off the list. (If it’s Partick away day to Glasgow is alway decent).
  9. Shows the difference a cup run can make when you look at Morton against Inverness and even ourselves. ICT game changer when Queens Park got disqualified from the cup, must have doubled their income.
  10. 500 season tickets sold already is decent, anyone know total season tickets we shifted last season?
  11. Just to be pedantic, Brown wasn’t born in Kirkcaldy. He was born in Renfrewshire and moved to Kirkcaldy aged 3. Personally I’ve zero time for him politically after some of the pish he came out with during the referendum but fair fucks if as a Rovers fan he wants to help the Rovers out. So unless he’s planning on making political points during the video His political views are pretty irrelevant to Raith Rovers Football Club.
  12. I’d say it’s extremely unlikely as I’d expect every team with any fan ownership to be a resounding no to add to the teams who’ve already declared themselves as voting no. I honestly don’t see any appeal for most clubs to even vote yes outside of a brown paper bag incentive.
  13. I assume with our filthy drug money, we can expect to see Messi, Van Dyke and De Bruyne to help us laundered some of the cash.
  14. Your season ticket sales last year were excellent but how much of that was down to finishing second more than the price. There was understandably a buzz around your town after your best season in decades. Hopefully you’ve hooked a few more fans or a poor season this year might see some start to drift away again, fans outside your core support are fickle.
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