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  1. Just out of interest any pictures of the stand from the game? Great to see a sold out derby game and the teams didn’t disappoint with the number of goals.
  2. As long as we continue top of the league I’ll take it.
  3. Not sure what to expect from this one, should be heavy favorites top of the league off the back of a derby win and surely a few more players available. However Peterhead took us up north and we utterly robbed them here in the cup. We really need to be winning these games if we’ve any hope of winning this league. So tight at the top there’s no room for errors.
  4. So what’s the latest on our walking wounded, how long until we see them back? Have all the suspensions been served now? Must be due some luck on the injury front this year.
  5. I recall reading in the paper that Kirkcaldy and Dysart we’re keeping their options open but at that time were happy to be an SJFA team. It was also quoted something about they thought that of the teams that left some might return to the SJFA so the lack of this happening may sway them to move to the EOS. If they do decide to move be nice to play them in the FIfe Cup, could be a wee payday for them too. I don’t support a Junior team I hope my opinion is still valid [emoji5] Any info from the Junior and Non League Senior clubs on the 4 options that were floated? Is there a meeting coming up soon?
  6. “ Lowland league 2” East and West Divisions seems a sensible option for me as it would settle the South at tier 6 but being too weak to compete and two East overlapping divisions so it’ll never happen.
  7. Goodwillie to Falkirk is a strange one, can’t see Clyde fighting relegation letting their best player go in January unless it’s for decent money or another good player and I’m not sure Falkirk have the cash or a player to tempt them into selling. Unless he has a release if a Full Time team comes in I’d be surprised to see him at Falkirk before the summer.
  8. Is Morelos the dumbest c**t in football, game over and you try to win a penalty while on a yellow card and get sent off for it. [emoji23]
  9. Morelos [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Boyd’s tear stained melt down [emoji23]like his teams never benefited from a wrong decision
  11. Good going on ticket sales so it's looking like a sell out for the game at both ends. Raith TV for me unfortunately as I have to work. Suspensions are our own fault and the injuries have been bad luck which hopefully will hit the other teams in the league too as the season progresses. Happy to still be top after our selection problems but this league is extremely tight and will surely go to whoever has a bit of luck on the injury front in the second half of the season. Expect a tough game tomorrow and hopefully we've got less of a makeshift defence out on the field otherwise I can't see past an East Fife win. Interesting to see the last 8 games i'd have thought we'd have dropped more points than Falkirk and East Fife with the selection issues we've had so well done to the lads for grinding out results. Hopefully we can get a few players back in January and try to push on.
  12. 50/50 in my experience English nationalism defiantly on the rise and many don't see the irony in wanting out of the EU but not understanding why Scots don't want to remain in the UK. Half the people I know support the Union and think we should all be one country while the other half are down the too wee, too poor, too stupid the media has peddled. You'd never survive without English handouts and you should be grateful. The propaganda from 2014 is effectively backfiring as it was intended to scare Scots into voting no but it's now got many English asking why are they paying for us if we're subsidised, free prescriptions and University etc. This is why the UK will not in my opinion last much longer. Scotland not subsidised = Scotland voting Yes, Scotland subsidised = English nationalists pushing to stop funding it. Either way it's only a matter of time as the two are incompatible. The lack of a positive argument has caused this divide, pre social media they could get away with telling England one thing and Scotland another (see the print media) but now it can't work as it's round the web in minutes.
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