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  1. So how many clubs have Hearts and successful business women Ann Budge bankrupted so far? Has the SPFL been brought to its knees yet?
  2. Home shirts sold out unless you’re tiny or huge? How can they be sold out from a pre order [emoji23] surely they’ve not ordered them yet.
  3. Kits are belters just swap the shorts round for the home top.
  4. Its a nice idea but could be unfair as you could have the scenario of two teams fighting for the title with only the final game to play one of the teams derby is 3rd in the league while the other teams derby is against 10th giving one team an easier final match. Add in some fixtures would mean more than others, if it’s a proper derby say ourselves and Dunfermline both teams will go for it even with nothing to play for but if it’s say Ayr v Queen of the South if one of them has nothing to play for are they going to go all out to win it.
  5. Of course it is, successful business woman Anne Budge is involved. I expect the SPFL to crumble hand Hearts their 8 million and reverse the entire league awarding Hearts the title and relegating Celtic. It’s the only logical outcome as Hearts were about to hit form.
  6. Here was me thinking COVID-19 caused the government to stop the league when all this time it was Celtic. You have to love when Jambos say we should finish the season but then offer no logical way this can be achieved without the vast financial resources of the EPL and Bundesliga. Pretty sure Celtic would happily finish the season as Rangers were never going to catch them all calling the league did was take Celtics title party away.
  7. Fantastic news for all the clubs gaining their licence hopefully more continue to join them in the future. Would love an away day for the Rovers to a non SPFL team in the cup. Good luck to the teams still working towards gaining their licence they’ll be excellent additions to the Cup and possibly the SPFL in the future.
  8. Does it matter? outside the ugly sisters most SPFL Premiership teams would be better forfeiting the UEFA games and save themselves the embarrassment of getting hammered by European part timers.
  9. Rangers to release 35 statements by Christmas. Celtic to report attendance’s of 58,000 during closed door games.
  10. What’s the score with the BUs in this COVID-19 saga, you were top and I believe we’re awarded the league title but are you going to be given promotion or is this all reliant on the LL and SPFL deciding on where Kelty play next season? Or do you face the same issue as Kelty / Brora that you can’t play the play off game? Sure this will have been answered but I’ve lost track of what all the different leagues are doing.
  11. Partick and Airdrie fans seem in need of directions to the Seaside league, get down and send us a postcard from sunny [emoji41] Methil
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