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  1. Yes if you include friendlies but then I never said that did I? I said their record in “Competitive games”. England as a country of just under 60 million have won 3 games against the big guns in 20 years which is absolutely horrendous , yes we’ve probably played a few more games but not that many, they should still be miles ahead of us in wins considering how bad we’ve been in the last two decades. They won’t win a tournament unless they can beat teams like Brazil, France, Italy etc. They got to the Semi Final last time and could have made the final as they avoided these teams. The second they draw a big hitter they’ll be out.
  2. Seen it mentioned by different people that Hendry loves (insert club) but sure when he was interviewed on our club channel he said he didn’t support any club and mentioned his family were Rangers fans (think it was his dad) who’d pushed him that way but he wasn’t interested he just enjoyed watching football. Guys a good player and should aim as high as he can get, absolutely no disrespect to St Mirren but I think he should be aiming higher. Absolutely no doubt you’re a step up from Rovers but if he’s playing in Scotland I think he should try and get a top 6 team if he can. Lad seems level headed not your can’t move more than 30 miles from the family type and my money is on him going down south. If he stays here Hibs would probably be a good move.
  3. Personally this would be my starting XI but there’s no way it’ll be Clarke’s seems like many managers he is too loyal to players who “got us there”. We need to pick the players who are in form. At the end of the day he’s the manager and I’m not 😂 GK Gordon, sorry but Marshall cost us big time yesterday and was only in as he saved the penalty believe he was also dropped by Derby at the end of the season too. LB Robertson no brainer RB Patterson this isn’t a must play but I don’t rate O’Donnell and I like the look of Patterson going forward. CB Tough ones to pick Tierney obviously, Cooper he’s a starter for Leeds so a level above most and then it’s a toss up between the rest but I’ll take Hanley for experience but Gallagher, Hendry, McKenna are all decent enough. CM McTominay on the RIGHT side where he plays for Man U, McGinn goes without saying and Billy Gilmour, he plays for the European Champions! If you’re good enough you’re old enough. I’m sorry but McGregor is there on past reputation he’s been poor this season. ST Adams and Nisbet they score goals, I’m not adverse to Dykes with one of the two but Dykes isn’t the man to stick it in the net he’s the man who holds it up for someone else to stick it in the net. Personally I’d like to see Nisbet (in form) and Adams (our best ST)
  4. Surely we thanked them at the start of the game? They were given a great reception during the entire warm up, ok poorly is a little harsh but they weren’t good and were toothless up top. I’m just not a fan of clapping or booing our team unless the performance merits it and yesterday’s for me certainly didn’t merit either response. I’ve clapped our team after defeats in the past when we’ve given our all but just been outclassed by a better team and I’ve booed them off the park a few times over the last 30+ years when they’ve been rank rotten. Yesterday I just headed for the exit.
  5. Here’s their games between 2000 and 2019 I count 3 wins against teams you’d consider to be the “footballing powers” (not teams like Croatia, Poland and even Belgium) in Competitive games. 2 wins vs Germany and 1 vs Argentina which they took a dive to win. They won friendlies and League of Nations games (which are glorified friendlies) their competitive record is terrible against the traditional big teams. Off the top of my head we’ve beaten the French twice and Dutch once so you’re right we only equal them and we’ve been rank rotten most that time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England_national_football_team_results_(2000–2019)
  6. Thought the crowd was fine for under 10k went a bit flat a couple of times but there was certainly songs after we were behind, bit strange getting the songs started as the normal North Stand core support were spread out around the ground. What baffled me was FT really no need for the booing, yes we lost but it was hardly a shocking performance. On the other side of the coin WTF was with people applauding? We lost 2-0 at home to a bang average team we beat recently. Are our expectations now just taking part? I know we’ve not qualified for a while but I’m not applauding us off after we’ve played poorly and lost. I understand for some this is their first Tournament but we’re not North Macedonia or Finland and never qualified before we shouldn’t be just happy to be there, all 3 games are winnable and we’ve got decent players in our team.
  7. They’ve no chance, they got lucky in 2018 with the draw giving them an easy route to the semi final and I honestly believe if Colombia had James Rodríguez they’d have been out that round. England are very decent wide and up front but their middle back and GK is bang average. Usual story, hyped up as winning the tournament and as soon as they meet a good side they’ll be out. England unlike ourselves are excellent at beating the middle ranked teams and that’s why they qualify. They’re record against the top teams in competitive games is pretty horrendous, they can’t adapt to play as the underdog as they alway think they’re the favourite. We’ve probably despatched more top teams than they have in the last 20 years as we’re able to play the style that suits those games against the best teams.
  8. it really is tragic patter the rest of the Pars fans leave for when we play each other.
  9. Well it’s a shame to see Hendry go but I think we all knew it was inevitable after the season he had. Shame we as fans never got to see it in person but what a player he was for us, one of the best I’ve seen since the 90s. I wish the lad every success wherever he ends up as there’s talent there. He’ll be very hard to replace and I’m certain we’ll need to adapt our style a bit but as mentioned above presumably our contract offer was pushing the boat out so it should free up a decent wage to try and bring in a good player. Kai Kennedy’s comments are great to see, I’ve always said we must be doing something right off the pitch as players seem to enjoy being at the club. If guys like him and Gullan return to their clubs with positive opinions of our setup it can only help to encourage future loans from these teams that benefit both parties. Interested to see who we get in now as preseason nears. Can’t see King unless it’s a squad roll McGlynn watched the same games we did and he wasn’t anything more than a squad player for us.
  10. Probably the least surprising news of all time. Any idea where yet?
  11. Wouldn’t surprise me if Kennedy comes back next season, he’s a good player but not likely to get a chance at Rangers yet. If he and Gerrard were happy with last season a further loan to ourselves or ICT isn’t unlikely. We got Ryan Hardie twice from them and obviously Hibs have sent us Gullan 3 times so we must be doing something these teams like. Any idea if Gullan is staying with Hibs next season, not seen anything if he’s ever released I hope we’re front of the queue with an offer.
  12. Too many linking him to last years Falkirk team where he was out most of the season. It’s also possible to find good players in a poor team. Connolly was good with us last time when we were up the League. Might be wrong but wasn’t he one of the players who came in during our usual clocks change lull and helped us kick on?
  13. We’ve got our whole one major honour which I think means instead of a trophy room or Cabinet we probably just have a shelf.
  14. Must be first Rovers fan to ever resist mentioning 94 cup and Bayern Munich, ah too late 🤬. Killie have got an impressive record to be fair not all in the past and obviously a prolonged stay in the top tier. Interesting to see how you fair here. Your signings seem very solid if not inspiring but a decent manager could see you hit the ground running.
  15. Cheers, thought the increase was really steep then remembered it was only a 27 games season [emoji23].
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