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  1. I think Putin will escalate by mobilising and then try to bring Zelenski to the negotiating table and try to get a deal where he gives back some territory in exchange for keeping some. I don’t think it’ll work and Ukrainians will refuse his offer. What happens after that could go many ways from a full war to the Russians turning on him.
  2. Putin only respects strength if anything the big mistake was not standing up to him back when he attacked Georgia and certainly not doing it back in 2016. Appeasement with Putin would be a waste of time. Unfortunately he’s now backed into a corner and his next move is anyone guess. Best case is he escalates (mobolisation) to then deesculate to try and save face.
  3. What was the alternative, let them take Ukraine?
  4. Well no matter who did what let’s just hope we can calm this whole thing down in the near future as the alternative of a full war in Europe again doesn’t bear thinking about.
  5. To be fair you’ll get that in half our infantry barracks
  6. Splitting Europe is nothing to do with the price of the gas. If that was the case the EU would already be out when it shot up so offering cut price gas does nothing. Russia wants two things here, 1 it’s territory back Putin has always stated this and 2 to get NATO off its border. The Yanks have massive influence in Europe through NATO and bases right on Russias borders the risks to reward of attacking several NATO partners would be far too great even for that reward. If it was thought to be the Yanks and it was believed by the EU then NATO would be done. With no NATO the former eastern block is completely open for Russia to retake and have the full influence of Europe. Russia has far more to gain here than the Yanks.
  7. No an ally attacking an ally is a conspiracy a hostile nation attacking is not.
  8. Conspiracy pish, it’s classic divide and conquer by Russia and uses their best weapon of propaganda. The Russians have always been the masters of it. Russia currently stands alone facing the combined power and wealth of the Western World and no backing from most of the UN there is NO WAY they can win against that with conventional weapons. They need to find a way to split the nations backing Ukraine. They take out the Nord Stream pipelines (as why would Russia do that when they could just turn off the taps? the people ask) point the finger at the Yanks and let the conspiracy myth out onto Social Media for people to spread. Their hope is it causes the EU to fracture and withdraw from backing Ukraine and splits NATO permanently. A weakened West sees China grow a set and hey presto the Yanks are standing against Russia and China defending Ukraine and Taiwan. The Yanks are self interested A holes but they’re not stupid enough to attack their main allies while squaring up to Russia as they need both the support and the strategic positions Europe and the Yanks falling out is Russia and Putin’s wet dream.
  9. Johnson was just lazy, he had the aptitude but lacked the effort.
  10. Truss genuinely comes across as someone who has no idea what she’s talking about despite being a minister for years. I know Johnson charmed his privileged arse through education but how did this puddle drinker make it through Oxford University. She can not be as thick as she comes across surely.
  11. Honestly right now this seems beyond Thatcher and would make her look a lefty. If the people up here aren’t flocking to back independence by next year then we’ll never leave as this is an absolute shit show of a government that gives zero fucks about the people.
  12. POTUS clearly just another dangerous radical lefty. He’s right though trickle down economics is utter bollocks and just makes the rich richer it’s been proven many times over. Truss is a dangerous idiot and whoever is pulling her strings definitely doesn’t have the good of the UK population at heart. Expect her remaining term as PM to see her rich backers line their pockets until she’s emptied at the next GE with the country on its arse. Sadly we’ll all be paying for this for years to come. The Tory party were always self serving opportunists but these last few years they’ve gone completely rogue while somehow convincing the public down south to keep voting for them.
  13. Future school text books of the greatest moments in human history 1. 96 year old has funeral 2. World hunger ended 3. World peace 4. End of disease
  14. As long as he doesn’t take them like Dan Armstrong as I like them to go near the box.
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