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  1. I believe he wants to play and from the car crash interview with our owner (Sim) I believe DGW he’s looking for a club abroad. Whether any will take him who knows otherwise he’ll stay with us unless we pay him off. Hopefully he’s gone soon and we can try and put the whole embarrassment behind us.
  2. Unless Murray is planning on trying to play him (if he’s our manager next season) I’m not sure what difference it would make. DGW is on the books but doesn’t train or play for us. One way or the other we’ll need to pay him off. I highly doubt after everything that’s happened since January at Raith and Clyde any board or manager is dumb enough to try and field him in Scotland. He’s either retiring or heading abroad.
  3. And we’ve got a soft spot for LV even if we don’t get to see him play as often as we’d all like . Let’s hope he gets a bit of luck next season.
  4. If it’s Murray I’ll be happy enough with that, there was a lot worse appointments out there and Murray has done well with Airdrie and Dumbarton. Failed with St Mirren but let’s be honest every manager we get will have negatives or be completely untested. Thomson was an interesting one but as possibly more risky as his only experience is Kelty with a huge cash advantage. Interesting to see if he gets the Dundee job.
  5. Getting ridiculous now, seems to be every game down south recently. Pitch invasions are fine as long as you’re going on to celebrate a great achievement by the club but anyone getting in opposition players faces or assaulting them is a grade A c**t of the highest order. Offenders should be given the harshest punishments before we end up back behind fences again. Folk wonder why we still have an alcohol ban in Scotland, won’t see it lifted when idiots can’t even manage to celebrate without causing mayhem.
  6. Does he not mean the Hearts fan he met is pals with Colin Cameron and Colin Cameron has been contacted as a reference for Murray?
  7. Probably a fair assessment, any manager coming in has got a free hit first season as long as we’re not in danger of relegation. As you say it’s not a full rebuild and there’s no “we must go up pressure” like Pars or Dundee will have, mid table good, playoffs great. I’d take Murray or Thomson, neither are exciting names but both seem to have good reputations and are looking to prove themselves a step up. It’s preferable to the usual suspects that go round the clubs at this level. If the interviews are Monday I’d expect we’ll probably know by Wednesday.
  8. Can all money donated be on the understanding that they permanently drop their appalling “Norrie’s in a box” song when we play the Pars. Absolute embarrassingly shite patter that should never be heard at any future games. I’m all for encouraging the young fans to get behind the team but that one needs to be dropped.
  9. Wouldn’t put it past our board to appoint him. As long as he interviews well he’s a shoe in.
  10. He’s probably the most worrying name linked with the job, when Gary Locke is brought in to clean up the mess you’ve made at Cowdenbeath it hardly fills people with confidence in your ability as a manager
  11. Any reason you’re against Thomson getting the Dundee job? There’s certainly some worse names being linked with our vacancy. His issue is his success is with a vastly superior budget to the other clubs so it’s difficult to know if he’s a good manager or just a chequebook one. His Rangers TV pish is probably the biggest turn off. Just seems a bit unprofessional to not be fully focused on the club you manage.
  12. Aye Lowland League is actually worse than the SPFL now. A 16 team (18 with Guest Clubs) league with 3 divisions feeding into it and they’ve got 1 relegation spot, an absolute joke of self preservation. Then to add insult to injury they “invite” the Colt teams of the Ugly Sisters in instead of giving the EOSFL, WOSFL or SOSFL extra spots. Hopefully once a few more Ex SPFL teams go down and a few ex Juniors move up they can punt the Colts and put in proper promotion and relegation. It’s embarrassing the self preservation in Scottish football from the top down, the pyramid will only work once these glass ceilings are smashed.
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