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  1. Two firsts and change for a safety seems like a good deal for the Jets? Although as it's the Seahawks the picks will probably be in the high teens or low 20s
  2. I like it but I can see some folk objecting to Braves too ... I fear it will be something bland and corporate that offends nobody like Nationals or Capitols
  3. The Patriots draft is a real headscratcher. I can't think of any team that now has a weaker talent group on offense, especially in skill positions.
  4. 17 games is a strange number - it just feels like a stepping stone to 18 in the following CBA, at the expense of another match in pre-season (which is starting to feel like a waste of time as so few starters get significant gametime).
  5. With an inexperienced HC, then Garrett as OC would make sense especially if he brings Gary Brown as running backs coach to work with Barkley. And Kris Richard may have been a genuine interview as DC, with Mike Nolan getting the Dallas gig. But it wouldn't be the most inspiring coaching team for the Giants, and that's putting it mildly. Surely they could do better than this?
  6. Will the Giants or Redskins use their high draft pick on a QB? A new head coach might be willing to admit that Daniel Jones or Dwayne Haskins look like cat poop and Burrow / Herbert / Tua represent a significant upgrade.
  7. I reckon it will be up to the new Cowboys HC whether he wants to keep Kellen Moore and Kris Richard. Neither have covered themselves in glory this season, but that may largely be down to Garrett and Marinelli. Jerry has sounded pig sick of the lot of them recently and a college coach would be my bet, unless Josh McDaniels could be tempted. Surely Garrett won't get another gig somewhere else? He's just Jeff Fisher with a more talented playing staff.
  8. I don't think the squad is too far away: the problem is the defence and a general lack of heart in the team, but these are longstanding issues. Leno is a decent goalie, Guendouzi + Torreira are potentially a solid midfield partnership, and Aubameyang / Lacazette / Martinelli / Pepe (maybe) will create and score goals. Get Luiz, Xhaka, Ozil and the other wage thieves into the sea. With a Simeone-type in charge and a couple of defensive signings (who don't have a track record of getting injured) in January they could finish top 4. With Arteta, who knows.
  9. The Cowboys (and Patriots) are the most-supported NFL teams in the US, based on viewing figures for individual games. Their recent 13-9 borefest was the most-watched US TV event in the last 9 months and the highest-viewed NFL match in over 20 years (apologies for the mangled English, and I suspect that excludes Superbowls). And they play in a division with big markets (New York, Philly, Washington) and storied franchises (as they put it). So the Cowboys get moved to MNF, TNF, SNF regularly. Plus they always play on Thanksgiving. Looking at the late games next weekend, I'd be amazed if they weren't on again vs Philly. You might not see them after that until next season though. I take the general point that the NFC East is over-exposed, especially when it's a dumpster fire like this year.
  10. If the Jets beat the Dolphins next weekend then I can see them finishing about 6-10, as I don't think they are actually that bad and their schedule looks really soft in November & December. But if they lose to the fish then it's straight over the edge and into the abyss. The Falcons and Titans should pull away to finish at a Giants level of sub-mediocrity. But the others are genuinely garbage and they all need a QB - are there enough to go around in the 2020 draft?
  11. This thread is far more coherent, with more constructive ideas than anything I'll hear on Sportsound. I think it's something to do with the football coaching in this country, but I'm not sure what. Football in the rest of the world has moved on and we appear to be stuck in the 20th century. Whenever I see kids playing football (eg small sided games at half time in a pro game) the standard of play and coaching is risible. Other western European countries have also suffered from a decline in kids playing football in the streets, greater choice of sports, video games, etc - but they seem to have coped with it a lot better than us. And we are able to produce top class players in other sports (Chris Hoy, the Murrays, Stuart Hogg as mentioned above). But not football.
  12. Brisset is worth a run at QB. If it doesn't work out and the Colts bomb in 2019, then they get a high pick in what is reputed to be a good QB draft class and the cycle starts again ...
  13. Lawrence got paid a few months ago. I think they have capacity to pay 2 of Dak, Zeke and Cooper. Dak and Cooper are both going into the final year of their deals, Zeke has another 2 years (before any tagging). And it's easier to replace a RB1 than a WR1 or (admittedly average) QB1. Zeke is getting traded if he doesn't put his toys back in the pram, which would also send a message to Byron Jones, Jaylon Smith, LVE, etc. Of course this could be total bollocks, and they might just pay their best player.
  14. I assume he's fit to play as he passed the medical? This is a big step up from the SPL, as he'll find out against both of the Champions League finalists in the first 4 games. Arsenal have solid holding midfielders but the defence has been iffy for years and the fullbacks get little protection from the wide midfielders. Robertson was able to make his mistakes at Hull and then sat on the bench for 6 months at Liverpool. If Arsenal throw Tierney straight in, then it's sink or swim time. And I'd rather be playing alongside Virgil van Dijk than David Luiz (if he signs).
  15. Raiders to take Lock at no.35? The Cards have been too clever by half - if they were always going to take Murray then they should have traded Rosen before now. Even if he isn't worth a 1st round pick (I think he is, but not a Top 10) then a pair of 2nds or a 2nd + 3rd over 2019 + 2020 would make a big difference in building out their roster. Now they are hoping another QB gets a serious injury in September. And can anyone explain the Giants recruitment + retention policy over the last 18 months? Taking Jones at no.6 is basically admitting that passing on all the QBs in last year's draft was a total f>ck up, usually resulting in the GM getting fired.
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