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  1. Boooooom 💥 https://t.co/M7aA3dICvx

  2. @ToxicDeath Excel at 12 mins past midnight? ????

  3. @ToxicDeath Excel at 12 mins past midnight? ????

  4. @RuthDavidsonMSP @ScotTories The rage in your voice is wonderful. I hope it continues to consume you ???????????? f**k the Tories ????????????????????????????????????

  5. @CollinsDecs @HibernianFC @MusselburghRace Aw man, i’m so sorry for your loss. Always a regular in the betting ring… https://t.co/dltSdtiv3J

  6. Scott Booth looks like he’s just been refused entry to Walkabout ???? https://t.co/IDG79kZ4oE

  7. @meestah_sahmon That’s twice i’ve seen that album on twitter today. Love it!

  8. @ellan_vannin @CalumPeat @Libbyemm @HibernianFC @HibsNews1875 @cliffpike @HibsAnnouncer My man ????????

  9. Is it wrong to like Suicide Squad? It has its flaws and the plot is aw over the place....but Will Smith plays a cracking Deadshot.

  10. Would imagine this will be Economic Crisis last flat season. 10yrs and the performances just aren’t there anymore.… https://t.co/QD6ayeDbBO

  11. RT @OFAHCentral: There's a foreign woman in the Nags Head who doesn't speak a bit of English...lucky Uncle Albert picked up a bit of German…

  12. @JewishSpeed @karengillan ????????????????????????

  13. RT @seandw14: If you backed the Arkle winners tipped by the Racing Post in the last ten years to a £1 level stake you’d still be down due t…

  14. ???? https://t.co/E3HvWQbRFd

  15. New laptop tomorrow. Can start sorting out the hunners of photos I have on the camera ????????

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