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  1. Don't think we'll see the best of O'Were until he can be left to do his own job. On Saturday he spent as much time covering for the bomb scare that is Williamson as he did as marking his own man
  2. You obviously won't let this nonsense go. What uncertainty? Outwith your febrile imagination and obvious insecurity, what uncertainty?
  3. Utter nonsense. Everything this guy did in later life where finance was involved would have been scrutinised in full by the firm of lawyers/accountants seconded to him. This isn't some Agatha Christie novel where the will would be challenged due to mental impairment
  4. So, you're worried that a guy who had tens of millions in the bank, who had been in bad health and been wheelchair bound for some time hadn't made provision for the future despite having a team of lawyers on call. Seriously?
  5. Let's see, the club has no debt, owns the stadium free and clear and the manager is almost universally accepted as the right man for the job.negative There are reasonable expectations that the playing squad will be improved in the January transfer window. The fan ownership model appears reasonably successful at most of the clubs at which it has been adopted. it must just be cool to be negative
  6. Thought tonight was a huge improvement. We conceded a deflected goal and dominated most of the game. I found the performance quite encouraging
  7. I'd just love to know why the Bing and the Main Stand are being withheld from the fans ownership arrangements for up to ten years
  8. According to the BBC site the deal has been completed and the shares will be transferred to the fans group shortly. The only exception are the Bing and the main stand which will be returned to the fans group within ten years. An announcement on the training complex will be made shortly
  9. Don't see whats political about calling it the Tory b***** cup when it's sponsored by a Tory b*****d company. Seems a simple statement of fact
  10. McGregor does so much that goes unnoticed. Abso!surely priceless in midfield and Naithsmith will be the first-hand name on Clark's teamsheet
  11. I'm probably alone in thinking we deserved that. Fair dos , I had us on a big double with Montrose but given that I've bet on us every home game this season I'm off to get really pished. The world is a beautiful place
  12. Yup, St Mirren game? Or is it just their penalty miss? other than that, you've got me
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