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  1. Confirmed that Aniers gone to Hibs for the season. Would love to know how much of his wages Hibs would will pay paying. Doubt it will be too much. Anyway good luck to him and hope he does well.
  2. Scott Innes is a prize plum. Always has been. How he got a position such as he has is beyond me and if he is the best we can muster as a fans spokesman god help us. The sooner he steps down the better. Given the Feds embarrassing response though whoever takes over will be equally as inept. Thompson has a lot of questions to answer and his silence is hurting the club. Going forward whoever is in charge of the Fed has to have more than them than just being 'shedded oot ma nut' .
  3. They don't. Its a who would you like to see as your next manager question. Quite a few would like to see Cathro approached. I would certainly not be against him and would like Badger as well. I doubt either would come though.
  4. Pish, thought we had him tied up till next summer. That being the case it looks like he will be away if he doesn't sign a new contract. A real shame if thats the case as like Gibby I think he will be the best of the lot. Really confident laddie with great feet. Not strong enough yet for centre half but I think everyone has been saying for quite a while that in front of the back is an ideal position for him and the last 2 games have shown that. I think another year at United would be perfect for him as he would get a lot of game time and that wouldn't be the case at Celtic. If he does move would love to see him follow Gauldy.
  5. I can understand selling Ciftci as he just has a year left and wont extend. Dont like it but fully expect it. Will be gutted if they sell Souttar. There is no need to sell him. If it is 1.5m for both that would probably mean 5-600k for Souttar. He has been at United a long time and is still just 18. We would be due around the same money as we got for Allan as a homegrown player from any club that signed him next year. (400-450k) We would be crazy to give him to Celtic for 100k more when we can get a full year out of him and receive that money at the end of his contract.There is the possibility he signs a new contract. Even if he doesn't sign a new contract it would be worth it to keep him to not piss off already mightily pissed off fans further.
  6. Yip, two and a half years. Problem with Anier is that we have to find someone to take him on loan. He also will be on not bad money so any loan deal to another club will probably result is us still paying part of his wages. A contract that long for Anier was crazy. Still have hopes for Bilate but highly unlikely we will get him fit enough to do a job. Was good to see Muirhead doing well today We will need him.
  7. Bilate is under contract for another year. Same goes with Anier. We cant just get rid of people in the summer unless someone wants them which is highly unlikely. If they are released their contracts or the vast majority of them will have to be paid up.
  8. Didn't think there was much doubt he would spend time playing for the B team. All their top players they have brought through have spent time playing for the B's while still training with the first team. Ronaldo did and William Carvalho who is their current top player and is just 22 also spent time learning in that team. If he wasnt getting a regular game for United its a bit much to expect him to go straight into the first team at a much higher level.
  9. I don't think there is much doubt that our 1st team squad is too big at the moment. We have 29 currently in that squad, albeit a lot of them are youngsters but it would be in their interests to get 1st team football rather than not even making the first team squad each week. They could probably do with getting that 29 down to 22/23 ish which would be a much more manageable figure. Its still obviously early days but the squad looks really well balanced this year with the back 4 looking far more solid than at almost any time last season. The following guys look pretty certain to be in that 22/23. GK Cierzniak Szromnik Def Watson Dillon Wilson Townsend Souttar Fojut Morris Mid Paton Rankin Telfer Armstrong GMS Dow Erskine Spittal FW Ciftci Bilate Graham Of that 20 I would be OK with Wilson and Graham moving on but both are unlikely to go. If Graham did Dow could play up top if needed. Free to find other clubs Butcher Kudos Gardyne Loan out McCallum Moore Connelly* Smith* Fraser* Petrie* * Couldn't let all these guys go out on loan but if 2 of the 4 were to get 1st team football elsewhere that would benefit both them and United. A great start to the season and really looking forward to see how it pans out.
  10. I think open all mics works pretty well. These guys are not really offering their opinion too much on this and just report from the games. Richard Gordon is excellent and holds it together well. However I cant listen to Dodds, Chic Young, Miller et all on the weekdays shows when they are asked their opinion on the daily news stories. The amount of nonsense and pro old firm pish spouted is frightening. Also a few a bit harsh on Spence. Certainly dont think he is anti the likes of Partick/Motherwell. Just think he doesnt pander to the likes of Dodds and Young when it comes to the OF love fest. Also Robertson always seemed to get the ICT / RC home games and again I thought he always sounded very positive about both teams and certainly not against Ross County.
  11. Good luck to Robertson. Spence was on the radio saying it was all agreed in principle with Hull and his wages will go up tenfold so the deal is pretty certain to go through. Think he mentioned 2.3 million but add ons etc would take it well over 3. Really enjoyed watching him last year but we have to let him go. We are getting in some great young talent as we are selling ourselves to them as a stepping stone to the top leagues. This shows the top young players what can happen and going forward they are more likely to join United. We are now debt free which is a huge bonus for the club. Im happy with our squad going into the season, we obviously now need a left back and are stronger going forward than defensively but with Ciftci, Armstrong, GMS, Dow, Bilate, Spittle, Telfer Connolly etc there it will be another exciting season at Tannadice. Obviously quite a lot of people will be pissed off at this, but as a club we are well run, in good financial shape, have a good young progressive team and manager and are doing things properly.
  12. Hehe. Couldnt be arsed checking. Was 6p first time or second time? How much did they get shafted by the other time?
  13. I am pretty sure that I read when we signed Spittal that we made a donation to the QP youth setup for Roberston during the course of last season and also made a donation for Spittal. May of course have dream't the above. The 2p in the £ gang across the road giving lectures about not paying though is superb.
  14. Robertson wasn't a bad signing. 2m+ potential profit in one year. Now Scotland International and in the team of the year. Ciftci also in the team of the year last year. Superb player. Paton has been a mainstay in the team and personally think he was very good last year and allowed the flair players to play. Butcher was injured for most of the season but admittedly looks shaky. Erskine hasnt had a chance really but we will get rid of him ok if thats whats decided. Graham was a pre JM signing.
  15. probably as all you guys seem to do is post pish on other teams threads.
  16. If he isn't getting games initially which will most likely be the case he will get games for the B side which play in the second division and will still be of a good standard whilst still training with the first team. He has been struggling to get a game for United the last few months so cant expect to be playing in a team full of top internationalists.
  17. Great deal for United and great move for Gauld. For United it keeps their selling point as an excellent club for youngsters to develop at and a stepping stone to bigger things. It puts more funds in the bank and may allow Jackie Mac a bigger playing budget this year. For Gauld it moves him to a big big European club that has a lot of guys playing in the world cup and also has champions league football. Would be surprised if he featured in the first team for a while and may well play for the B team in the Second Division or go on loan till he is ready but Carvalho and Dier both followed that route and if/when he does break into the first team United can expect a decent return to any sell on clauses included. Good luck to him and loved watching him last year.
  18. Out of interest who got POTY? Would have thought from a distance it would be Reynolds.
  19. Yip, excellent news if GMS extends. He also said Gunning is not prepared to extend (common knowledge I know) but think he also said Rankin wasn't prepared to extend either. This was said during open all mics and there was a fair bit of squawking going on in the background so hoping I picked this up incorrectly. Did anyone else hear this? Would be a real shame if Rankin didn't extend.
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