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  1. Nice piece on Bobby Linn that. Anyone know how many nights a week they train?
  2. He also won the header to assist for the second. 8 goals and 2 assists in 4 games with only 1 pen in that.
  3. Not at all. Course he can. He signed pretty ,much the whole team though so his deficiencies (as you said) could well be a poor set of signings. Certainly defensively anyway.
  4. Didnt think Utd were as bad as folk were saying first half. Distribution from Connolly/Reynolds was poor though and we had a lot of possession and weren't too far away but it kept breaking down with McMullan. Nicky Clark contributes nothing on the left. Would far prefer a Pawlett or Smith who with Robson bombing on can move inside and help the midfield two and still link up with the strikers. Much better second half though and a deserved win in the end. McMullan came into the game, Appere and Robson linked up well, Pawlett offered more in 20 mins than Clark did whole game and Shankland was the difference again. Still plenty of room to improve but an important 3 points.
  5. Was just away to say the same. Shop betting is the only way for some. Not taking the best price though out of Lads/Hills/PP/Fred aint clever.
  6. Hughes would probably be my least preferred option out of Wright, Irvine, Mixu and McCall. Inherited a successful side at ICT and fair play to him for keeping run going but didnt have to rebuild. Had a tough job at Hartlepool who were struggling and didn't manage to turn them round although they were in a really bad place. Would prefer someone with proven record of coming in and shaking things up. On the plus side if he was to come and do well I cant see their being a rush for him.
  7. McGowan , Rankin, Fraser, Spittle and Mckay for me. Half and half on the outfield positions , Keeper is a no brainer. Souttar should be in there as should Dixon but both have been poor this year.
  8. Aye its all opinions. I dont think Utd players have regressed as much as you think. I would put it down more to JMac and his inability to organise, continual tinkering and not having a clue what his best team/formation was. Not arguing that Dundee for the first time in a while have a number of players who would get in the United side and it may well be half and half for me and possibly edge it. I also think Dundee have a really good squad now though and should be looking at 4th or 5th. Should be an interesting day anyway.
  9. I am obviously in the minority that still thinks this as there is an absolute shit load of pessimism around tannadice these days but the squad that whoever inherits is nowhere near as bad as is being made out. McNamara had recruited way too many players of dubious quality and had completely lost the plot by the end but there is still a good solid squad in there. Just needs someone to come in and get them organised and fighting again. If that's to be Wright so be it. Wouldn't be too upset if he didn't come. He is playing it very well and his main concern looks to be getting himself a new far more lucrative contract out of Brown. I'd be happy with Mixu or Alan Irvine. The sooner the better though.
  10. Dont worry , you can add him to the next Fermers manager poll which will be up in the next few days.
  11. When was the last time a manager who moved between top flight clubs was successful? Cant think of one recently anyway. That's not to say it wouldn't work but I would be just as happy happy with Mixu, or Irvine.
  12. The books dont take 'shit tonnes' on these markets. They are very small interest only markets and a tenner on an outsider or 50 quid (if your lucky to get that much accepted) on a favourite will see their price be slashed. Also if you are in the know and get a decent price your account will all but be closed when they pay out. They don't have inside knowledge and he is only that price as United have made it clear they are interested in speaking to him. Dont think Wright will come. The Helsinki Flash to be unveiled to the worlds press on Weds is my call.
  13. Aye thats United. They are clueless but still a long way to go before we reach the levels of incompetency seen at Dens over the years.
  14. More cash turnstiles is always good but there will be hardly anyone there so just the ones in the GF being open would be fine. Keep JK closed. Having 3k possibly? fans in 3 different stands from an atmosphere point of view is crazy. Policing worry line is bollocks from the club. The GF would be at the very most half full and if they really are concerned about having too many bodies turning up to fill GF they are even more deluded than I thought.
  15. What a fucking farce for tonights game. Gonna be 3-4 k there and they are opening the Jerry Kerr and not opening the GF for pay at the gate. A few k split over 3 different stands is crazy. Absolutely clueless.
  16. Confirmed that Aniers gone to Hibs for the season. Would love to know how much of his wages Hibs would will pay paying. Doubt it will be too much. Anyway good luck to him and hope he does well.
  17. Scott Innes is a prize plum. Always has been. How he got a position such as he has is beyond me and if he is the best we can muster as a fans spokesman god help us. The sooner he steps down the better. Given the Feds embarrassing response though whoever takes over will be equally as inept. Thompson has a lot of questions to answer and his silence is hurting the club. Going forward whoever is in charge of the Fed has to have more than them than just being 'shedded oot ma nut' .
  18. They don't. Its a who would you like to see as your next manager question. Quite a few would like to see Cathro approached. I would certainly not be against him and would like Badger as well. I doubt either would come though.
  19. Pish, thought we had him tied up till next summer. That being the case it looks like he will be away if he doesn't sign a new contract. A real shame if thats the case as like Gibby I think he will be the best of the lot. Really confident laddie with great feet. Not strong enough yet for centre half but I think everyone has been saying for quite a while that in front of the back is an ideal position for him and the last 2 games have shown that. I think another year at United would be perfect for him as he would get a lot of game time and that wouldn't be the case at Celtic. If he does move would love to see him follow Gauldy.
  20. I can understand selling Ciftci as he just has a year left and wont extend. Dont like it but fully expect it. Will be gutted if they sell Souttar. There is no need to sell him. If it is 1.5m for both that would probably mean 5-600k for Souttar. He has been at United a long time and is still just 18. We would be due around the same money as we got for Allan as a homegrown player from any club that signed him next year. (400-450k) We would be crazy to give him to Celtic for 100k more when we can get a full year out of him and receive that money at the end of his contract.There is the possibility he signs a new contract. Even if he doesn't sign a new contract it would be worth it to keep him to not piss off already mightily pissed off fans further.
  21. Yip, two and a half years. Problem with Anier is that we have to find someone to take him on loan. He also will be on not bad money so any loan deal to another club will probably result is us still paying part of his wages. A contract that long for Anier was crazy. Still have hopes for Bilate but highly unlikely we will get him fit enough to do a job. Was good to see Muirhead doing well today We will need him.
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