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  1. Am certainly not a royalist and agree with quite a bit of that but also agree with Randoms post. The music being played, the sports events being cancelled, the dire sombre tv coverage is meaning sadness is being forced upon us which is obviously wrong. Who would have thought rugby and cricket would have struck the right chord and not cancelled everything out of fear of upsetting a few folk.
  2. Clyde 1-2 Dunfermline Edinburgh 2-0 Peterhead Falkirk 2-1 Alloa Kelty 1-0 QOTS Montrose 2-1 Airdrie
  3. We are needing a bit of stability. Im pretty sure Duncan isn't the answer on that front. IF he was to do well or even reasonably well given his profile there would be interest from down South and Id be surprised if come the summer we were not looking for our 5th manager in 4 years. If he's murder its got the potential to go badly pretty quickly. I don't really see many scenarios where he starts next season with us and that brings with it more instability. Obviously would wish him all the best and if he was to do well and go at least that would mean we are on the right track. I've no idea where we go. Can see it being Fox with Mulgrew as assistant but that brings with it its own problems. The players would at least be onside with that you'd assume (although that shouldn't even be a consideration) but then that almost rewards their behaviour under Ross which would be wrong. Not many others mentioned appeal. Mcinnes would improve them I'm sure and at if he was to do well wouldn't have the attraction that big dunc would from down south but obviously he is contracted to Killie so paying them seems unlikely and who knows if he'd want it. He also got the better of the famous Motherwell side of 13/08/22 to 03/09/22 which from what I've read from their fans is some of the greatest football ever played. All in all I think TA is praying Fox makes a go of it and makes his decision easy for him.
  4. Love big Dunc but really hope its not him. Can only see it ending badly.
  5. Wow, big old aging squad that now. First team squad of about 28 with very few under 21 from what I can see. Certainly giving Davison backing this window.
  6. Levein just ruled himself out on Radio Scotland. He loved his time at the club and would love to help but couldnt work with United at the moment. Wouldn't say any more but sounded like an Ashgar issue.
  7. The never seen my club lift a major trophy fun to most of your fans though.
  8. No idea where I read it but would be surprised if its not 2k. Think SGMilne may have mentioned that and he would have an idea but obviously could be bollocks. Fox will get a few games I think and if it goes ok wouldnt be surprised if he gets an extended run. Ties in with appointing from within like Tam and also saves money.
  9. Quite happy that Clark is away. Certainly cant do the Fletcher role and a fairly big wage off wage bill. Did chip in with the odd important goal however was far more often posted missing and coming way too deep. Getting a fee is great business and hopefully the wage can go on a midfielder before the window closes.
  10. Add in Levitt, Meekison, Cudjoe, Sibbald and Watt and we have a whole midfield who are wanting to play in the 3 behind the striker or are central midfielders who are better going forward than defending. Completely unbalanced and Ashgar has to take a lot of the criticism for this.
  11. Would be amazed if its O'Neill. will get another job in the championship so wont want to come and was on big money at Stoke.
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