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  1. 😂 Nobody should be that excited about signing Mullen. Fair play to the owners again though. Throwing a lot of money at it. Would that be 6 in and 2 out?
  2. Agree with that but hes not going down there to be near the first team anytime soon. He will get better coaching I'm sure and learn from the likes of Zaha , Townsend etc. He thinks thats a better route for him than playing 50-100 games for United before moving on. Bit frustrating as it would have been good to see him develop but its his career and he only gets one go at it and may have never got the chance to move to a premiership team again. We get about 300k plus a possible add on and hey thats more than dundee got for Kane Hemmings at his peak.😉
  3. Would like Arbroath to stay up. Pretty much all the other teams from 4th down have under performed and even ICT and Ayr points wise I wouldnt say have over achieved. Arbroath have added something to a pretty poor league this year. My stab would be Alloa bottom and Arbroath 9th but hope I'm wrong.
  4. Would almost rather we didnt sign anyone now till the summer. With the league all but won would like to see Sporle , Glass and Appere get plenty of minutes. The squad is more than big enough to see us through till the end of the season and there will be far more players available then. The two new signings from the same source as the Everton bid? 😉
  5. Nice piece on Bobby Linn that. Anyone know how many nights a week they train?
  6. He also won the header to assist for the second. 8 goals and 2 assists in 4 games with only 1 pen in that.
  7. Not at all. Course he can. He signed pretty ,much the whole team though so his deficiencies (as you said) could well be a poor set of signings. Certainly defensively anyway.
  8. Didnt think Utd were as bad as folk were saying first half. Distribution from Connolly/Reynolds was poor though and we had a lot of possession and weren't too far away but it kept breaking down with McMullan. Nicky Clark contributes nothing on the left. Would far prefer a Pawlett or Smith who with Robson bombing on can move inside and help the midfield two and still link up with the strikers. Much better second half though and a deserved win in the end. McMullan came into the game, Appere and Robson linked up well, Pawlett offered more in 20 mins than Clark did whole game and Shankland was the difference again. Still plenty of room to improve but an important 3 points.
  9. Was just away to say the same. Shop betting is the only way for some. Not taking the best price though out of Lads/Hills/PP/Fred aint clever.
  10. Hughes would probably be my least preferred option out of Wright, Irvine, Mixu and McCall. Inherited a successful side at ICT and fair play to him for keeping run going but didnt have to rebuild. Had a tough job at Hartlepool who were struggling and didn't manage to turn them round although they were in a really bad place. Would prefer someone with proven record of coming in and shaking things up. On the plus side if he was to come and do well I cant see their being a rush for him.
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