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  1. Not just the fcu tbf, I did too, as I agree with their protest against pricing policy in the league , 20’s plenty
  2. There’s going to be a booth for pay on the day,according to slo on twitter
  3. £5.99 for a month’s subscription online seems better than buying the actual paper everyday,just a thought
  4. Decent judge, he left you to come win a cup double, knows his stuff imo
  5. Lee Erwin’s Finnish club has apparently turned down a 6 figure fee for him,oh big no!
  6. I’ve got plenty opinion if the remark is aimed at me,but I choose to keep them to myself, unless compelled by reading guff on here that’s just total nonsense
  7. Neither said he was doing a good job this season,but bought well in their opinion,and was an excellent manager,from someone played at the highest level,so I’d listen to him rather than most on here
  8. In what respect? Because they don’t follow you’re train of thought?
  9. Been told it’s a week on Monday for Walker to sign,maybe contract dependent
  10. Not sure that many would buy teal and magenta,just been a campaign led by doggers ,with little support imo
  11. They did mention the pitch was behind due to play offs in the match programme, but not everyone buys one
  12. Something you struggle to get? There’s pumps out there to help, don’t be shy,talk
  13. Considine was almost flawless,but you judge from your living room
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