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  1. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/st-johnstone/2651622/st-johnstone-ali-crawford-callum-davidson-injury/
  2. Must be pwoud to eventually beat the tiny club,that stopped your cup runs last year.Well done,gimp
  3. The bigger club that wasted time for the last 20 minutes?Macey outdone Thomas Cerny today
  4. After Saturday I’ve concerns about E2’s pace,looked slow as a week in jail to me,hopefully loosens up soon
  5. made me laugh, I’m on the Glenrothes sheep’s bus with granddaughter, so that’s our end full
  6. Turnbull,Mcginn,Gauld, Robertson and many more went for £3 million plus, Ali is worth at least that
  7. It means nothing,if the player won’t sign, the power is all with agents.
  8. You know they’ve not been offered better? I’m confident they have
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