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  1. If you want to live in the past,Queens Park have won more than most
  2. Had a mare when he came on, doesn’t look fit, and never shoots when he has a chance to
  3. They can’t as the streamer has been told he can’t,but up until this game they’ve donated 2 grand
  4. How do you watch our games,you’re always bragging of streams,so you contribute zero to Saints at all
  5. Most people watching made donations to Saints,rather than watch for free elsewhere,I don’t see a problem,but then I’m not perfect
  6. Bet you were a grass to teacher at school,goody two shoes,holier than though🤮
  7. While actively hosting pirate PPV streams... Not pirate,just sharing their subscriptions
  8. Can they shut down the 'banter' page while they are at it? A lot of decent fans on there, some idiots, just like here, but they’ve raised 2 grand for the club, which is good going imo
  9. A Rose fan had 1-0 and correct scorer,lost £1755 in added time
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