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  1. I can’t see why you can’t enjoy both. I love all levels of football, from kids up, but watching Scotland has allowed me to watch superstars of the sport, from Charlton, Moore, Banks right up to today. Watching Saints hasn’t given me that standard of player, with limited exceptions
  2. Be happy you’re in the last four,your club needs money,it helped St Johnstone greatly in late 80’s,albeit we forced the **** to a replay,so it was 4 games split ,good luck
  3. TW did away to Patrick away as well,closed the back door,to stop a really poor run, was a great 0-0
  4. Spoony wasn’t fit until after the World Cup,so can’t see how the comparison can be made?
  5. Connor is less nouse than Mikey, I’m hoping he’s not getting a deal, average is being generous
  6. As long as any part of his foot is on the line is legal now, don’t have to be behind the line now
  7. Pretty sure it’d be all white ,with blue round collar and cuffs,white socks,with two blue rings at top ,if not round neck,it’d be a collar with built in V
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