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  1. Rooney crossed for Conway to score in final,also crossed forMay on Saturday,if he’d not been on his heels he’d have scored,I’m sure he’ll have a couple more tbh,so he can set up chances
  2. No where near our best team,but it’s won TWO trophies in SEVEN years , on our budget
  3. Good post Widge, apart from homophobe at the end 🤗
  4. I got the wrong person on Spoony, but you definitely questioned him on loads of goals, I actually answered every goal individually, Commons’ early strike at McD was another in the list, I’m sure you could find the thread if you wanted 🤥😎
  5. Not sure Radford would agree,he rattled off about a dozen goals he blamed Mannus for,including Fraser Wrights 60 mph ricochet in Turkey 😳
  6. What about the Livi reserve keeper Stryjik??,looks handy imo
  7. No derby,no contest,even gave them a free hit💙
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