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  1. We signed Mahon,when Deas wasn’t available,so he’s his replacement,
  2. You see much of his 700 minutes to be such a good judge of him? We need cover, so it’s a wise move imo, but I’ve no personal gripe with the club
  3. Aye you’ll see quality in the juniors right enough, but if you’re not watching saints, why have any interest in what folks that are, are posting?
  4. don’t let the door catch your arse on the way out, why you on a saints thread then, he’s not left?
  5. Callum saying he’s wanting quality and excitement up front, team heading to Spain next week, hoping for a couple new faces, missed out on a couple already
  6. That’s maybe where Wright is going to play,a Conway replacement,not Rooney
  7. Spoony will show him his 3 medals at Saints,in 7 years,Liam Craig his 2 last season
  8. There was more done than reseeded,that’s not 100 grands work,imo
  9. That’s the old pitch though,they’re getting under soil heating and new pitch seeded,it’s nothing like that photo at present. Our heating was ok,hoping we sorted the drainage in corner near car park end though
  10. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/st-johnstone/3353529/st-johnstone-100k-mcdiarmid-park-pitch/
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