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  1. See I do know who he is,and unanimously classed as a co ck,sorry if I offend , alter ego if I may correct you
  2. We’re all passionate about Saints,but some are less reactionary to certain circumstances, guys a co ck if you ask most that know him
  3. All down to the Killie left back waiting on the ball instead of attacking it,much like Tanser against Celtic,poor poor defending,but positive thought by Ali
  4. 3-5-2 Liam Kerr Booth Wright McCann Spoony Holt Tanser Kane May
  5. Not saying he’s good,he’s young and still learning,and I think he’s got potential to be a mid table player,having him on loan is not his fault,he’s also played very few games in real terms,and I don’t like knee jerk reactions to any player,Macca was murder when he first arrived,same with Midge and Hartley,and obvious Ando was always murder for a cb ,but he’s a prime example of improving with game time,albeit slightly
  6. Do you expect everyone to be perfect in their informative years? Were you? Do you grasp the level of player we’re capable of signing,they’re at us,cause they’ve got things to learn,and faults
  7. You slate EVERY young guy that comes in,Fisher,Comrie,Ralston,Duffy,off the top of my head,Thomson too, you do realise Lennon played Ralston in Champions league games,yet he’s not good enough for us ?Hes young and still learning,as they all were,did you pick up your trade immediately?
  8. Not just this window,every window! And lack of tolerance with young players,learning their trade,you should get another hobby,your understanding of football is sadly lacking,as is your nail brushing 🤑
  9. Dear god just stop He can’t,same every window,no tolerance or patience, 🙄
  10. You heard anything about us signing a young guy from Ayr Utd?
  11. Heard the Arabs enquired,but Arbroath wouldn’t let him speak to them
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