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  1. It includes Network Rail who employ the signalling staff, so it’ll probably affect Scotrail services as well.
  2. Some tips on buying train tickets on the MSE website, including listing and commenting on the various websites that work out the optimum ticket splitting arrangements (in section 4). MSE hidden fares & split tickets
  3. Aye, pretty much this. Whatever version of Reilly we get, it’ll be better than Cameron. Eta as soon as I posted, I just knew Cameron would be rumoured.
  4. Draw for the League Cup tomorrow. Not split into regions this time and seeded into 5 pots, with a team from each pot going into one of the five groups. Queens are in pot 3. Could potentially get Ross County, ICT, Forfar and Buckie. Details of the draw in the link below. The draw will be shown live by Premier Sports via their FreeSports channel. FreeSports is available on Freeview HD channel 65, Sky HD channel 422, Virgin HD 553, TalkTalk 64, BT Vision channel 64 and is also available via Samsung TV Player and on the FreeSports Player — www.freesportsplayer.tv League Cup draw
  5. Sky had the rights to all the Premiership play-off games after taking them over from BT Sport but they only showed the final, iirc. They sold the rights to the quarter and semi finals back to the SPFL who then sold them to the BBC for 5 years from 20/21, I think. Sky retained the rights to the final.
  6. The other problem is the cost of insurance for merchant shipping in the Black Sea. There is an article in the FT setting out the potential ways they are looking at of dealing with the blockade. There is a link in the FT to an article by Allianz on the impact of the blockade on worldwide shipping. FT Eta not sure if the FT link will work. Basically they are looking at shifting some stuff by rail and potentially looking at convoys in the Black Sea but that creates its own problems. Ukraine taking on the Russian navy with missiles supplied from the West is another. Again, not exactly easy. Here’s the link to the Allianz article. Allianz
  7. Aye. East got one and Cameron/Soares-Junior got one between them.
  8. Agreed. To be fair, he did score the same number of league goals last season as Cameron and Soares-Junior managed between them.
  9. That one is by Julia Quenzler.
  10. Aye, it’s a bit rubbish. Looking at it, Edinburgh City will probably be our fixture on derby day as well. Thinking Dunfermline v Kelty (I know Dunfermline v Falkirk will be the real derby) Falkirk v Alloa; Peterhead v Montrose; Clyde v Queen’s Park or Airdrie; Queens v Edinburgh City. Some mouthwatering fixtures next season. It is really only when they come out that you realise how shit it will be.
  11. OT but EA have binned Fifa. I think this is the last year that EA will use the Fifa name.
  12. Joseph now confirmed as away. McGrory and McKechnie staying on one year deals. QOS News
  13. BBC reporting that the legal fees will be about £1million each. And the damages are likely to be between £15,000 and £40,000. He (media lawyer Jonathan Coad) estimates that the legal costs for each side will be upwards of £1m and that even the winner will only recover about 70% of their legal bill, leaving them with around £300,000 still to pay. If any damages are awarded, they are only likely to be in the £15,000 to £40,000 range. "It makes no sense for either of them," Mr Coad concludes. "Even the winner is going to come out with a massive loss." BBC News
  14. I know what you mean but I enjoyed it because we played some good attacking football and won games. It was a complete contrast to the season before - terrible games and getting beat most weeks. We also had plenty of seasons before at that level where we didn’t compete. It was just nice to support a team playing good football that nearly always won. I think when you’ve had many years of the opposite, you’re allowed to enjoy it for one season.
  15. I was thinking that would be the idea behind not replacing it this summer. But what happens next? Best case is the extra spending on players means we get promoted. But then there’s less available to spend on a squad trying to stay in the Championship. Is the thinking that more money will be needed to get out of League 1 than will be needed to stay in the Championship? But then, what happens if we stay down for more than one season? The L1 budget will be reduced in the second season. If the choice is between spending on the pitch or the squad, it is always going to be a problem.
  16. Is that the first time Queens have provided a list of players who have left? Is it not normally a case of not knowing whether they’re away or not until they either re-sign or pop up somewhere else? Anyway, glad to see both the list and its contents.
  17. Looking only at results, the decision of whether or not to appoint Gibson is a difficult one. When he took over, Queens were on 19 points after 24 games. They needed 38 to be safe (assuming they beat Ayr twice). So, they needed 19 from 12, which meant doubling the rate of points per game. A big ask with the same players. The other way to look at it is they needed to beat Ayr twice and Dunfermline away plus take 10 points from the other 9 games. As they got 7 points from 3 of the other 9, the failure came from taking no points from 6 games plus only drawing with Ayr at home. The other arguments are - Gibson only won 2 games against teams that had something to play for (ICT had just secured top 4 when we played them and Dunfermline had 45 minutes knowing they couldn’t improve their position). Against that, we don’t know how Queens would have done if Fitzpatrick hadn’t got injured. Tl;dr I don’t know whether the board will think Gibson deserves the job based on results. I think he will get it, though, because he doesn’t obviously not deserve it.
  18. He scored one of the league goals and the cup goal for Killie. He scored 3 league goals in 23 games for Queens, all of them in his first spell of 10 games, the last one on 18 December. After returning, he played 13 games and scored zero goals for Queens, although he did manage to score one for Arbroath. He was subbed late on in the 2-1 win against ICT as well as last night and maybe a couple of times in his first spell. He started every game he was available for.
  19. I dunno. I would have thought anybody wanting a season ticket would buy one anyway. Just thought if the shirt draw price was lower, more folk might enter it, like if they wanted the chance of the low cost advertising but didn’t want a season ticket. Difficult to prove either way. Maybe they could offer both next season - shirt draw including season ticket at one price and without at another then see what happens.
  20. If the cost of a draw ticket without a season ticket excluded the price of a season ticket, you’re in exactly the same position. People who pay £425 (or whatever it is) and end up with only a season ticket would be in exactly the same position if they paid £200 for a draw ticket (or whatever the difference is) and ended up with nothing. And then they could buy a season ticket separately if they wanted one for exactly the same outlay. Am I missing something?
  21. It won’t be £70,000 after deducting the season ticket money. I suppose nobody knows if all the season tickets are actually used. But if they’re not used, there is no point in including them in the first place. Imo they should reduce the cost of the draw tickets but exclude the season ticket and if folk want to buy a season ticket separately, they can.
  22. I didn’t conduct a poll. It is normal for transactions between a company and a director to be carried out at a commercial rate because directors have to act in the best interests of the company. I suppose some chairpersons might pay less than market value but I think they’d need to disclose that to the shareholders unless the amount was immaterial. And if they disclose it, you’d think the fans wouldn’t be too happy, unless the director was otherwise paying money in. I could be wrong, though. In this case, he has paid the same as anybody else would in the circumstances, so that isn’t an issue. As I said, there is nothing wrong with him accepting the benefit of a prize that was the same for everybody who bought a ticket. Just not something I’d have done in his position.
  23. The difference between this and the pitch side advertising is that he will have paid the full amount to advertise on tv. The shirt draw provides (presumably) thousands of pounds worth of advertising for a few hundred. So, the chairman of the club is getting a benefit. There is nothing inherently wrong with accepting the benefit. But the chairmen/women of most clubs would normally pay the full commercial amount for shirt advertising so that the club benefits at least as much as they do. Perhaps they might even pay over the odds. It is not a good look for the chairman to accept a reward, especially after the shitshow of a season we’ve just had.
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