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  1. Imo the only reason football should be shut down (aside from a general lockdown) would be if players and officials were becoming infected despite complying with the protocols, including any that are football specific. That would be an indication that it wasn’t safe to carry on. The fact that certain players are choosing to ignore the rules should mean that they are punished. Non-compliance with the rules doesn’t mean the system itself is inherently unsafe or wrong. You don’t close all the roads just because some idiots choose to drive dangerously. You deal with the idiots.
  2. It is slightly different because Cummings wasn’t punished at all whereas the BBC has reported that Bolingoli was issued with a fixed penalty notice.
  3. I wasn’t suggesting it had happened only that it would be possible to sign a player while still being on furlough for the vast majority of the time without breaking any rules. Maybe if he’d only come off furlough for an hour or two the club would maybe think it wasn’t worth mentioning. Perhaps they would want all the signed players to be announced at once or within a short time period rather than one being announced and the rest a few weeks later. I don’t know. I was only pointing out it could be done without the club necessarily getting into any bother.
  4. Since 1 July you can work part-time and be paid for those hours while being on furlough the rest of the time. So, if he was off furlough to sign one player, it shouldn’t have taken much time and therefore wouldn’t have cost that much in wages and wouldn’t have broken any rules.
  5. Is this not the law - paragraph 6 covers the meeting of more than 3 households indoors at a time? https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ssi/2020/103/contents
  6. Wouldn’t be surprising if they had some sort of penalty in the contract to cover this, especially in August when they don’t have much other live football. In a normal season, they might just take postponements on the chin but would expect them to have different provisions in the latest contract.
  7. Once you’ve been in contact with somebody who has it, and you have been informed by NHS test and trace, you have to self-isolate for 14 days even if you test negative. Daily testing wouldn’t change that.
  8. The Betfred Cup starts in 8 weeks. A one month pause would knock a week off pre-season training. Appreciate that most clubs use the Betfred as part of their preparations for the league but any pause will have an effect on the lower leagues albeit that a month wouldn’t be huge.
  9. Only 3 of the games are potentially pre-season. Depending on the order of fixtures, it might only be 2.
  10. I’ll be shocked if we don’t finish bottom.
  11. Can watch the draw again here https://youtu.be/F23068NxOgo
  12. Since 2012 Rangers have still had the second highest budget in the country. In 8 years, they have entered 20 domestic cup competitions and have won one - the Petrofac Training Cup.
  13. When they are dishing out the points on Eurovision and a country scores zero, they don’t say “nul points” they just don’t say anything.
  14. Fair enough but that is different from clubs unilaterally deciding to continue to stream matches after the crowd restrictions are lifted which is the point LeodhasXD was making.
  15. It doesn’t work when it is the club’s decision to reduce capacity, though. It is only when the capacity is reduced by the SG, local authority or police due to coronavirus.
  16. The Rule I22A makes it clear that clubs can only stream matches during the “Restricted Period” which means when games are played behind closed doors or with restricted capacity as a consequence of coronavirus. Details around page 103 onwards. https://spfl.co.uk/admin/filemanager/images/shares/pdfs/SPFL Rules and Regulations 30-Jul-20 (MASTER COPY) CLEAN.pdf
  17. Is the next transfer window in January as usual? Meaning players could be replaced after 10 league games? I suppose the halfway point falls in January anyway. Just wondering if any clubs would consider only signing players for 3 or 4 months if they are worried that the season might not complete. Maybe not allowed or maybe no player would agree to it.
  18. Maybe they will escape punishment if they say they only went to the pub to test their eyesight.
  19. Yes, my post was badly phrased. You still have to self-isolate even after a negative test if you were told to self-isolate by NHS test and trace. Maybe the other English players at the clubs who tested negative weren’t told by test and trace to isolate, so perhaps that is why it is different. Don’t know. The only point I was making was that further tests of the Aberdeen players in the 14 days will be irrelevant because all 8 players have to sit it out for 14 days no matter what. It was the other poster who suggested they might available after testing and that might allow the games to go ahead.
  20. I know. I was replying to the poster who was suggesting the other games will go ahead because the 6 Aberdeen players will be tested before then. My understanding is that it won’t matter if they are tested again. The NHS guidance says you normally don’t need to self-isolate if you test negative but you still have to if you’ve been in contact with somebody who tested positive. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/testing-and-tracing/what-your-test-result-means/
  21. Is that not the point of the 14 day self-isolation period, though because you can test negative in that period and yet still have it? Otherwise there would be no need for the Aberdeen players who have tested negative to self-isolate for 14 days, they’d only need to self-isolate until their next test.
  22. They were deducted 15 points that put them 4 points behind Queens with 3 games to play. I don’t think we had anybody from the club involved with the SFL at the time. We did have a chairman who was President of the SFA in the late 70s but that was more than 20 years before this event.
  23. It was 20 years ago. They were docked 15 points by the SFL. The relegation wasn’t automatic, Accies could still have stayed up, although I think they needed to win all 3 of their remaining games as it turned out.
  24. I know we often don’t have many players in the close season. It was you saying we had effectively implemented Ludo’s suggestion that players would be released only for a short period that concerned me. Fair enough that it wasn’t what you meant. May not have been what he meant either. Probably him saying the whole squad was out of contract for a few weeks “to avoid paying them” that led me to think it was a temporary thing and that it would be the same players they re-signed. Never been happier to have misunderstood something.
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