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  1. Queens v Dundee Utd

    The way things are going, all the teams from 4th to 9th are going to finish on the same points.
  2. Tempted to say £2.97m but here is link to how they are “made up”. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/queen-of-the-south-fc/kader/verein/3001/saison_id/2018/plus/1
  3. Queens v Dundee Utd

    Not really that surprising when they have scored an average of about a goal a game and managed 3 against us in the last one. The worry for me is that the penny has started to drop recently about how to score against us. The fact that more of them haven’t twigged sooner is the main reason why our defensive record isn’t as bad some others. That plus our defence doesn’t have to play against Dobbie.
  4. Queens v Dundee Utd

    SPFL rules prevent it.
  5. But the club won’t know yet how much they will be able to afford. If they make the offer now, it might be lower than it would be if they waited until the end of the season. Todd, for example, has likely been made an offer from Dundee already, so if we offer an amount now based on the current budget, he will know he can get more elsewhere, so I can’t see him signing for us before the season finishes anyway. Getting relegated is possibly unlikely, but I wouldn’t want to keep Naysmith if we went down. Finishing 9th and winning the play-off would be a borderline decision imo. Hopefully neither will be an issue, but I’d wait and see just the same. I suppose the risk is we finish the season well and a bigger club comes in for him. In that case, he will be away anyway, so we’re just looking at whatever the compo would be.
  6. Maybe because we don’t know what division we will be playing in. Ideally, we will be in the Premiership with a better budget. Worst case, we will be in League 1, in which case players would have to be released and Naysmith’s contract would be unlikely to be renewed. I appreciate that the most likely outcome is that we will finish mid-table, but why not wait until everything is certain before signing people up? Or are you so certain that the remainder of this season will be a non-event that you are happy to re-sign everybody who made it so?
  7. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Was worried beforehand that our weakness from crosses would be exploited to the full. In the end, it was only exploited to the half. Decent of McInnes to do that otherwise it could have been a humiliating scoreline.
  8. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Not sure Naysmith trusts Mercer that much when he prefers to play another defender in right mid. I’d always start with whatever is regarded as the strongest team rather than plan for who we bring on should we go behind. Will probably be chasing this one no matter who starts but, generally, you’re more likely to be chasing a game if you start with something other than the strongest team, imo.
  9. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    I’d play Doyle at RB with Aird and Stirling both playing. However, fully expect Doyle to be right mid with Stirling dropped. Don’t think Naysmith would have pushed the boat out to get Aird in if he was going to bench him. And I think he prefers Doyle in right mid to Stirling, especially in a game like this.
  10. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    Think you are both right but imo Martin is a major part of the problem because he doesn’t help the defenders. He treats crosses as though they are nothing whatsoever to do with him, sometimes even when they are about a yard away from him. Saying we were the same when Martin was out isn’t a convincing argument in his favour because Leighfield isn’t good with crosses either. Perhaps because the defenders get so little help from either keeper they have to do all the work and are consequently more likely to make mistakes.
  11. Aberdeen v Queen of the South

    A replay is probably the best we can hope for. I think the last time we won against a Premiership/SPL/Premier League team on their own ground was in 1990. Worried that the obvious weakness we have from crosses will be exploited to the full.
  12. Maybe a line dancing troupe wanted to sign Martin.
  13. Probably is it this season, but don’t think it has been the case throughout Naysmith’s reign. Before this season, we took far more points from the teams below us than the ones above. In particular, it was the ability to drop very few points against the teams that ended up being relegated that kept us out of trouble. This is what you would expect of a mid-table team. It is only very recently that we have started taking more points from the top 4 than the others.
  14. Our most recent results against the teams below us are Falkirk L Thistle L Alloa L Dunfermline D Morton L So 1 point from 15. Our most recent results against the teams above us are ICT W Dundee U L Ayr D County W So 7 points out of 12. Make sense of that.
  15. Falkirk v Queens

    Looks like we’re a one man team. Three wins (ICT, County, Dundee) and a draw (Dundee) when Low plays. Two defeats (Thistle and Falkirk) when he doesn’t.