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  1. The SPFL Articles specifically provide for expulsion, although it requires a Qualified Resolution to be passed. Article 166 “The Company may by Qualified Resolution from time to time and upon such terms and conditions as it may think fit, expel...any Club from the League”.
  2. If you’d finished that sentence two words sooner you’d have made my day.
  3. If he signs Stewart, I’ll just mothball the season.
  4. Maybe things will start moving from tomorrow. From 1 July, you can work part-time, be paid for those hours and be furloughed the rest of the time. Maybe if the manager is paid for working a few hours a week to speak to players and furloughed for the remainder of his normal working week, it wouldn’t cost too much. I would expect players probably won’t actually join until later, though - maybe from the middle of August with, perhaps, some being “on trial” until the middle of September.
  5. Scotland clearly has a very high attendance figure, and I might be looking at this the wrong way, but if Germany is 16 times the size of Scotland, would it not need to have over 600 match days to be able to compare the per capita figure? Or absolutely massive stadia with people travelling from all over the country to watch the teams in the top league? Or is it physically possible for their clubs to have over 1.4m at games every week? Would that not need an average capacity of about 160,000? Perfectly possible that I’m getting muddled up.
  6. It might even be more realistic to compare their season in the Championship with their previous one in the Premiership. Their turnover in 2013/14 was £6.55m in the Premiership and, as you say, it was £6.98m the following season in the Championship.
  7. Does the judge have to take that into account? One of the complaints is that the clubs voted without being fully informed. If the judge finds this to be the case, the remedy doesn’t have to be no promotion/relegation or £10m compo. Section 996 says the court may make such order as it thinks fit. So, it doesn’t have to order one of the things the petitioner is asking for. One of the remedies listed in s996 (although the court’s powers are wider than those listed) is to order the company to do an act that the petitioner has complained it has omitted to do. So, if the complaint is that the company did not hold a vote after fully informing the clubs, could the court not order the company to fully inform the clubs then re-do the vote? In any case, even if that isn’t a realistic remedy, the court isn’t restricted to ordering only one of two things. It could order anything, including the repurchase of the petitioner’s shares. None of it matters if the court doesn’t accept the petitioner’s case. I’m just trying to establish what might happen if the judge finds in favour of Hearts.
  8. I was really wondering if the judge could award something less than the clubs are asking for. For example, could he say the vote to end the season was flawed, so there should be another vote?
  9. Does the court have to award one of the things they have been asked for? Section 996 says the court may make such order as it thinks fit. But I don’t know if that means it has to be from the choices they have been offered or if they could order some other kind of remedy.
  10. Was that the night we eventually played Rangers in a Challenge Cup tie postponed at their request because they had players away on international duty?
  11. Was the petition copied to all SPFL clubs? If it was, the letter could be about that rather than a leak.
  12. Looking to upgrade on January’s team, then.
  13. I thought only employer’s NI and pension costs aren’t covered in August under furlough? The government is still paying 80% of the actual wage. Does it work out as 60% of the total including employer’s NI and pension?
  14. Here, for most games on Sky, you have the alternative of watching with the crowd noise off on one of the channels. There is a live game on BBC tonight which will have the fake crowd noise, but you can watch on the Red Button with it turned off. Lineker did a poll on twitter and 75% said they preferred watching games with the fake sound.
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