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  1. We should be used to that kind of thing.
  2. Queens v Dunfermline

    He played v Dundee U and Alloa after the Aberdeen game.
  3. Queens v Dunfermline

    Don’t think he played against Aberdeen in the cup when he was with Dundee.
  4. Yup, the rallying call has worked a treat. No sign of it dividing the fans at all.
  5. Yeah, seems a bit daft to put that in when you’re trying to rally the troops. They do these PR things about as well as they defend corners.
  6. Rallying call. http://www.qosfc.com/news-4499
  7. Queens v Dunfermline

    On a more positive note, there is less chance of freezing rain this time. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2650798
  8. Alloa v Queens

    Having seen the goal, my view is that Brownlie should never play for us again. Before I saw the goal, my view was that Brownlie should never play for us again. At least it shows the benefit of having everybody back at corners. I mean, if you leave somebody up the pitch you leave yourself wide open.
  9. He picked Brownlie who looks very culpable for the goal and had done nothing to justify being in the team. He also picked Leighfield who didn’t cover himself in glory at their goal either, cost us 2 points last week and almost gifted Ayr a couple of goals. As with every club where a team is getting terrible results, the buck stops with the manager. You might have a case if yesterday had been a one-off. But it is 5 points from 12 matches. That is appalling and I have no idea why anybody would want to defend a manager with that grim record.
  10. Alloa v Queens

    There comes a point when missing chances at one end and conceding soft goals at the other ceases to become unlucky and is an indication that you’re not very good. We reached that point a while ago. Can’t remember if I said it on here, but I remember thinking after the first 2 league games that I hope we’re not still “playing well” and not winning in March. Here we are with 3 games to go and it is still happening and, if anything, it has got worse.
  11. True, but bonuses for managers and players might be based on league placings.
  12. Queens v Dunfermline

    We’ve scored 6 goals in the last 12 games (3 of them penalties) failed to score in 7 of the 12 games and have not kept a clean sheet in any of them, taking 5 points out of 36. Nil for us is highly likely, nil for Dunfermline, not so much.
  13. If we get relegated this season, it will be the 3rd time out of 4 since reconstruction that we have been relegated from the second tier in a season ending in x8/x9. The only time we’ve been in the second tier in an x8/x9 season and not been relegated was in 08/09. And we nearly managed it that year as well.
  14. Alloa v Queens

    Looks like there were plenty of positives and if we play like that next week, we should win. Been hearing this since August.
  15. Alloa v Queens

    It is difficult to second guess a tactical genius.