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  1. I have watched the penalty incident several times, frame by frame and, on balance, I think he was probably entitled to go down when he felt the contact.
  2. I think it is only being debated because the guy got sent off and misses the next game. That is the relevance rather than its impact on the game itself. Had it been his first booking, probably nobody would have mentioned it.
  3. Not saying it happened in this instance but if somebody pulls your arm or shirt to hold you back you might be able to keep going but when they let go, you fall forward. In most cases, when a player feels a pull, they fall forward because that is a lot easier than falling backwards. And players everywhere fall over in order to highlight the fact they have been fouled. If they don’t fall over, quite often the ref won’t give a free-kick. It is only considered a dive these days if there was no foul rather than if the foul itself wasn’t enough to cause the fall.
  4. 4 points from the first round of fixtures. Only beat Alloa. 20 points from the second round of fixtures. Only lost to Alloa.
  5. That would be a one-off cost, though. The plastic has to be replaced every few years. It has looked like it has needed replaced for ages and the only reason it hasn’t been would appear to be the cost. Whatever, if it costs twice as much, that only has to happen once. Maybe when it was first put in, it was economic because there weren’t alternatives for hire. Once this one is completely done, I would replace it with grass. I appreciate a grass pitch has ongoing maintenance costs but so does plastic. And, of course, we would need new covers after getting rid of the previous ones. When the decision was made to go to plastic, it was probably the right one. That doesn’t mean we have to stick with it forever just because it gets some games on and getting shot of it would have a one-off cost. And if it was replaced with grass, an opportunity could be taken then to improve the drainage etc. and make the grass pitch as good as it was previously.
  6. This is quite good for form tables etc. Lot of other info by clicking the tabs near the top of the page. https://www.soccerstats.com/formtable.asp?league=scotland2
  7. Does that mean for this season, if you got no bookings in the first 16 games (say you were out injured for most of it) you could get booked in every one of the remaining 11 games and not get banned? Should they not have adjusted the numbers for the shorter season? Being booked in 6 out of the first 18 gets a ban, which means you need to not get booked in 13 out of 18 games (72%) to avoid a ban. Whereas if you got booked 5 times in the first 18 games, you only need to not get booked in 3 out of 9 (33%) in the last part of the season. Edited to fix my sums. Which might still be wrong.
  8. I think the current set up makes us much harder to score against. The upturn in form before the last three games was mainly down to scoring more goals than in the first round of fixtures. We were still conceding as many as before (more, in fact). The exception was the Raith game where it isn’t clear how much of the improved defensive performance was at least partly due to having a 16 year old in goal. Having Nortey and Obileye in front of the defence has reduced the goals conceded against Hearts, ICT and Dundee from 12 down to 3. I would stick with them until it shows signs of not working. The only potential future changes to the team, imo, would be Shields for Joseph and Pybus for McGrory.
  9. If we had replicated our first round of results, we would currently be on 8 points, 10 behind Arbroath in 8th (Ayr would have an additional 3 points). Realistically our only hope would have been finishing 9th as Alloa would have been 1 point above us on 9 (they would be 3 points down) having played a game less. Of course, we are still far from safe. But without the transformation, we would be more or less down already. Edited to correct the fact that Arbroath would have been below Ayr. Inverness and Morton would also have 3 points more each, so Arbroath would have been 8th.
  10. I agree that in terms of the season up to that point, Brechineque is an exaggeration. However, the 2 things that were Brechinesque were the form in December and the defending from the outset. We conceded 25 goals in the first round of matches which across a normal season would be 100 goals. Brechin conceded 90.
  11. We were bottom of the league on Boxing Day with 4 points after 9 games. Whilst that, in itself, was probably not quite Brechinesque, the results in December leading up to that were. Four defeats in a row scoring 2 goals and conceding 14.
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