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  1. When was the last time we made a serious challenge for the 2nd tier league title? And we’ve not actually been in the top league since 1964. That might explain why the bookies have us at long odds and why there is a lack of belief amongst the fans. Not disagreeing with the point that we have a decent first 11, but it might take a wee while before there is an increase in belief amongst the fans after nearly 55 years of hurt. Rather than being seriously disappointed if we don’t mount a challenge, I think most people will be happily surprised if we do. Saying that, I understand the view that we should try to shake off the wee team mentality that sees staying in this league as success and winning the Diddy Cup as something to be aimed for at all costs.
  2. Queens v Ross County

    You said that Queens announcing inaccurate attendance figures “may add to the distrust that some fans have with those in charge”. I think it was reasonable to conclude that it was therefore a concern of yours. At least now we’ve established that it isn’t. As well as establishing that crowd figures released by clubs aren’t “facts” which was your original assertion.
  3. Queens v Ross County

    So, to sum up, you are worried that the club potentially announcing incorrect attendance figures would result in the reinforcement of the views of a few people who post on here. Fair enough.
  4. Queens v Ross County

    Clubs in the English Premiership also have ticketing systems and it doesn’t prevent them from publishing crowd numbers that aren’t accurate, according to the BBC article. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the fans distrust those in charge of those clubs. Out of interest, what distrust do some fans have with those in charge at Palmerston?
  5. Queens v Ross County

    No, we don’t have to take the “official” number as fact because clubs don’t have to publicise the actual numbers. Of course, they have to record them, but they don’t have to release the numbers to the public. Some clubs overstate the number by including season ticket holders who don’t show up. There was an article about it on the BBC website. The gist is that the numbers given out don’t need to be accurate. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45158878
  6. Queens v Ross County

    Let’s say you’re right about the highlighted points. If a fully fit Dobbie could have made the difference, we would be 2 points better off and County 1 point worse off. So, if we finish second 2 points behind County, we would have effectively handed them the championship by risking Dobbie in that Diddy Cup game last week. I’m not suggesting this is how things will pan out but, imo, Dobbie is such a key player for us and promotion is such an important thing, that playing him in that virtually meaningless competition is not worth the risk. And that is just looking at it for the potential impact it had on one game. It could be it affects him for a number of games. I wouldn’t play him in the next round and if we lose as a consequence, so be it. Getting promotion would be massive for us. Winning the Diddy Cup (again) wouldn’t be. Btw, that is Ayr and County who have both apparently had off days against us in successive home games. Our luck must be turning because very few teams had off days against us at Palmerston last season.
  7. Queens v Ross County

    Dobbie looks to me like he is carrying an injury. Probably the same one he picked up in the Diddy Cup game last week.
  8. No. Regulation 4.15 shows open draw from 3rd round onwards. https://spfl.co.uk/admin/filemanager/images/shares/pdfs/Challenge Cup Regulations 2018-19.pdf
  9. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    It is an open draw - Rule 4.15. https://spfl.co.uk/admin/filemanager/images/shares/pdfs/Challenge Cup Regulations 2018-19.pdf
  10. Queens v Ross County

    Dobbie has never been any good at the headless chicken, chasing shadows and lost causes without a teammate in the same postcode role, though.
  11. Can’t speak for anybody else, but I thought the debate was about the whole defence, including those that were here last season, and whether or not it had improved. I accept, though, that we should maybe be talking about the defending.
  12. Clean sheets against League 1 and 2 sides are not relevant when trying to establish whether the defence has improved or not. We kept clean sheets against East Kilbride, Airdire and Berwick last season and it meant nothing in terms of games in the Championship. And the relative goals against in the league after 4 games isn’t all that meaningful, especially as one of our 4 games was against Falkirk. If we still have the 3rd best defence in the league after 9 games, that will be a better indicator.
  13. Not sure if the defence has improved all that much tbh. If we ignore games against League 1 and 2 sides, we have conceded 13 goals in 7 games, albeit 2 were against Premiership teams and 1 AET. Keeping a clean sheet v Falkirk isn’t exactly noteworthy given that they have hardly scored any goals this season. So, the improvement is really only based on one game v Ayr. The terrible defence last season managed the odd clean sheet, so it is too soon to draw any conclusions imo.
  14. Not sure about highlights, but whole game available on BBC iplayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06jh35m/sgorio-gemau-byw-2018-seintiau-newydd-v-queens-park
  15. Yeah, a player couldn’t just leave 6 months into a 2 year contract, for example.