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  1. Not surprised. I think a lot of clubs will be interested after his two assists yesterday.
  2. Looks like about 30 seconds between Dundee’s goal and the re-start. Kind of shows how much time is normally wasted with goal celebrations that refs never add on.
  3. Absolute scenes at the second goal. Im my living room. And I’m the only one here.
  4. On a slightly more serious note... Queens haven’t lost a league game when they’ve scored first. And haven’t won one when they’ve conceded first. 4 wins, 2 draws when scoring first. One draw 6 defeats when conceding first. So, 14 points out of 18 after going ahead. 1 point out of 21 after going behind. In the 6 games they’ve lost, they haven’t scored a single goal.
  5. Dropped a Scooby Do type burger on his foot.
  6. In the first half, our defenders were pissing about passing it sideways and backwards like we were 6-0 up with 10 minutes to go. It wasn’t always a result of pressure on the ball - they looked like they were not interested in getting the ball forward, apart from the odd time when they lumped it. Any passing moves in the first half looked like they were happening in slow motion. Looked like a bunch of unmotivated, uninterested lower league jobbers playing in their last match before relegation. Second half was one of the worst performances for a long time. It was just 45 minutes of nothing. Agree about AJ fannying about with the defence. Not sure why one player missing should suddenly make the other 3 turn into complete duffers.
  7. We’ve scored 3 goals in 7 away games, all 3 against the teams in 9th and 10th places. We have failed to score in 5 away games against the teams above us with an aggregate score of 0-8. And that was when the players looked interested.
  8. This shower of hammer throwers should have had two red cards.
  9. Good to see bundling the goalie into the net making a comeback.
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