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  1. Apologies. My spelling is is logical even if it is wrong.
  2. I'll have a go at the winners of each division: Auchinleck Drumchapel Maryhill EK Thistle Threave
  3. I was wrong. Enjoy your week knowing that I am so raging that I wont be able to sleep.
  4. I think you will. I watch teams many teams last season, Darvel were a much stronger team but they didn't turn up on the day.
  5. Looking forward to it as there will be good WoSFL representation.
  6. It's a pedant (someone who insists on being pedantic). The irony is not lost on me.
  7. Fair enough but a Friday night when Killie as playing in a season defining game?! It is not a criticism, I must be exceptionally difficult to arrange fixtures. I am just disappointed that having seen so many games won't see the final.
  8. I've been enjoying going to these cup games and seen some cracking ties. But why on earth is the final on a Friday in Kilwinning? It's the same night as Killie vs Arbroath too, I expect a very poor crowd.
  9. Wishaw vs Petershill on 02/04/22 looks a standout fixture.
  10. Is there dates sorted for the semi and final? Also is there a venue for the final?
  11. Taken from the discussion on the WoS licensing thread. Looks like clubs will get until May to get everything in order. Pollok have permission to install floodlights and are currently fundraising. There is every chance Pollok could be in a position to compete in a play off. Although I can't see past Talbot.
  12. Not very professional. However that sending off was laughable. No wonder they are raging.
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