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  1. The actual state of Pie and Bovril. Weird how so many 'neutral' fans copy-and-paste their great banter from Celtic fans' blogs etc. on here lol.
  2. This Is why We cant have nice things... Because of teh conspirrissies!! 1!! I would also wish to pass on my thoughts + pairs to John Beaton at this kind time... Stay strong bro!!! 1!
  3. Life and Fate - Vasily Grossman One of the best books I've ever read. It's set in WW2 Russia. Based on different characters' experiences across the battle of Stalingrad, Russian summer offensive, Moscow middle-classes, Soviet academia, and the creepy totalitarianism / bureaucracy which looms over it all. Amazing book.
  4. What a load of nonsense. Honestly, take a break from whatever Celtic fans' blog you're currently donating towards.
  5. I'm far from being any good at Bloodborne but def. stick with it. It's a good laugh, once you get past first couple of bosses. I would say go for the axe as choice of weapon. Use the spin on the axe, and try to judge distance from enemies so both strikes hit - they all have pattern of attack, so getting some distance will let you observe when they will move forward / pattern etc. When you've got multiple enemies use pebbles, for those that haven't seen you yet, to separate them so you only tackle one or two at a time. For the bosses, def. just use your first few attempts to observe their attacks. This will let you know when to dodge and when to attack. Also, use standard enemies to learn patterns for boss-fights as they tend to replicate what is required for the boss-fight in that level. Plus, explore areas to get shortcuts - there are loads of shortcuts to give you easier access to bosses.
  6. Got Netflix again a month ago and stumbled onto this - f***king hilarious. We ended up finishing season 12 only just the other night. I've tried recommending it to friends but it is difficult to describe what makes it so funny. Charlie As an aside, I've had 'Day Man' stuck in my head for about two weeks lol.
  7. Aye, really good lineup. Bloodborne especially for folk that have not tried a 'souls' game will be worth it. Looking forward to getting back into Bloodborne now with an expanded player-base. Plenty of invasions (and help) will be a good laugh.
  8. Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank for March. Bloodborne is genuinely a brilliant game, one of the best I've played. Never played Ratchet & Clank but the reviews seem positive. Also, rime was one of the games last month and still available 'til tomorrow. Def. worth downloading now if not done so, cracking wee game.
  9. Ach, thought that was in. Could see us getting another.
  10. I'll admit, Lithuania have a pretty cool badge on their jerseys. Lithuania 0 - 2 Scotland I fancy Philips will have a good game.
  11. I've been playing about a month and still don't have a clue what I'm doing I stocked up on fuel about two weeks ago, but then it turned out the ship too heavy to star-jump as a result, so I've been trading stuff in my wee star system for a bit. Built up some credits by trading metals though, and think I'll buy a new ship soon. Bumped into a couple of other players, who said 'hi', and then stumbled on the aftermath of a space-fight and scavenged some parts from the losing player that let me buid some mining stuff. I'd suggest trading to build credits to upgrade ship and then see how it goes...
  12. Cardiff City defender Declan John has arrived at Rangers' training base as he prepares to complete a loan move. The twice-capped Welsh international has played in the English Premier League for the Bluebirds and was spotted arriving ahead of a medical. Declan arrives at the Rangers Training Centre Declan John profiled as Rangers target loan swoop for full back He has now been offered an opportunity to reboot his career by working under Pedro Caixinha as he looks to rebuild the Gers squad. The left-back will add depth to a position in which Rangers have heavily relied on captain Lee Wallace.
  13. Life 8/10 Enjoyed this more than I thought I would. A tiny bacteria-like creature is found on Mars and a spaceship is bringing it back to Earth (what could go wrong). It is clearly based on Alien, but the effects are good and it creates decent tension (if you're not too concerned about plot-holes etc.) I found it quite creepy and def. worth a go. It is set up well for a sequel.
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