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  1. @Peter_Shilton @England Scots and Irish saying to let it go in the comments I see

  2. @RuhBuhJuh Pretty much my face the entire time during the show, it’s astonishing

  3. @LewisCapaldi ????????Rooting for you

  4. @keithy95 @Kilby92 No empty seats there, typical ploughman sandwich brigade

  5. RT @CBSNews: Every day, this elderly woman says "hello" to school kids as they pass by her house. When they found out their beloved neighbo…

  6. RT @Gabs50Zakuani: My 11 year old boy is missing and hasn’t been seen since he left school yesterday on his way to the bus stop, anyone wit…

  7. RT @Billie_T: Hope the Notre Dame is ok, from an Eiffel Tower fan

  8. 2 months on, pain isn’t raw anymore but not over her

  9. RT @AchinglyChic: I have become obsessed with Jeremy Clarkson's 1995 show Motorworld, which is just him going around the world being Alan P…

  10. RT @oleexcellence: If Birmingham City as a result of FFP breaches are to receive a 12 point deduction as well as a potential transfer ban,…

  11. @NathanGrisdale @Louis_Tomlinson Literally stuck in my head, learnt it on guitar as well

  12. RT @MarySeeYouEnTee: OLE’S AT THE WHEEL!!! #Givehimthejob #mufc

  13. RT @sampilger: Most Premier League goals by Academy graduates 2018/19 Manchester United 22 Arsenal 3 Chelsea 3 Liverpool 1 Manchester City…

  14. The Haunted Penthouse #DownsizeAFilm

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