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  1. Change it to 'Most shots that go in off the bar' and you'd have my support.
  2. I will never back down from my opinion that McGinn is the best striker at the club and has been ever since he joined (I include Adam Rooney in that). We should have played him up front far more often than we have.
  3. I love cooking but I'm normally too knackered after work to do it, so my wife tends to cook during the week and I cook at weekends and in the school holidays. I like having the time to experiment with things and try things out, which used to drive her up the wall when she was still waiting for dinner at 9pm on a Tuesday night. 😅 I also love a bit of what Mrs CCH calls 'glory cooking': inviting friends round and doing a fancy 3 course dinner, then basking in all the praise while she seethes at the mess I've made of the kitchen.
  4. I don't want go get all melodramatic, but it genuinely frightens me where we (both the USA and the UK) are as societies. The American government has essentially kidnapped thousands of children and locked them in cages without even the most basic sanitation. At least 7 have died in the last year (no children had died in immigration custody in the previous decade). In some cases, their parents have been deported without the children. “A 2-year-old boy locked in detention wants to be held all the time. A few girls, ages 10 to 15, say they’ve been doing their best to feed and soothe the clingy toddler who was handed to them by a guard days ago.” They are torturing children, and a large number of people are supporting them. Actual Nazis are in charge in the States, and they're banging on the door Britain. Four Ethiopians arriving in Kent is a MIGRANT CRISIS! now according to the press. How many of those headlines will it take before a British politician suggests the Navy starts sinking the boats in the Channel? How many people would cheer them saying it? How many more would quietly acquiesce as long as it was someone who shared their politics?
  5. The "why do the Newcastle fans hate Ashley, they should be grateful" brigade seem to have piped down lately. I'm sure Paul Merson or Andy Gray will be able to explain how its all our fault though.
  6. I think the idea that sport isn't political is a very British concept.
  7. Labour should take that clip and put it in every single one of their campaign videos. They'll still be too busy fighting each other though.
  8. P&B 99% of the time: The money in top level football is ridiculous; How can they justify paying [insert player here] that much?; The top clubs are so greedy, money needs to be dsitributed more evenly throughout the system to subsidise cash-strapped clubs/competitions; I don't watch the EPL, they're all overpaid mercenary primadonnas. I can't wait for the EPL financial house of cards to come crashing down; People who publicly talk down the SPFL because the standard isn't great are sub-human scum and should be ignored. Why doesn't the BBC pay more for Scottish football rights? The public broadcaster should be supporting it; Why isn't Scottish football given more high profile coverage? The public broadcaster should be supporting it. P&B whenever there's Women's football on tv: The top players earn every penny of that money with their skill. If anything, they should be earning more! You want money from the men's game to subsidise cash-strapped women's football? Are you a communist or something? I don't watch women's football because they're not as good as the overpaid, mercenary primadonnas; People who publicly talk down women's football because the standard isn't great are bastions of truth fighting bravely against the pc brigade; Why does the BBC give so much coverage to women's football? Public broadcasters shouldn't be supporting this minority interest rubbish.
  9. The FA also banned FA registered referees from officiating women's matches. It was clearly a ban on women's football.
  10. The character references from people who have actually worked closely with Johnson are quite something. Former Tory London Mayor candidate Steven Norris: Former Tory London Assembly member and Fire Authority Chairman: Boris' own Deputy Mayor: Johnson's editor at the Telegraph, Max Hastings: Pretty f*cking damning.
  11. Having slagged off Cosgrove and Ash Taylor, is it weird to admit I quite like Dom Ball? I think he's a perfectly fine holding midfielder and is better on the ball than he's given credit for.
  12. Sky are just excited that finally an international tournament has been invented that they can broadcast, so they don't have to pretend it doesn't exist.
  13. I can't believe how quiet it is. Your average away end for a normal league game is louder.
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