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  1. As I say, he was offside when the original pass was played. It's clear as day. That's not how the rule works though.
  2. The ball clearly came off a German defender guys. He's onside...
  3. I'd have had a big problem with this 4 years ago when we were aspiring to finish in the top 2. As it is, we're shit and need to start making up ground on Hearts and get back into Europe. If he's better than what we have, get him in on whatever basis.
  4. I think that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan seems pretty fanciful based on what's happened in Ukraine. The Russian military had recent combat experience in Syria, Georgia and Ukraine, was fighting on its own doorstep, had an enormous advantage in equipment, airpower and naval power and have still experienced a colossal disaster. The Chinese military haven't fought anyone for the best part of 40 years, apart from their own citizens. They'd have to cross 100 miles of open ocean, opposed by a reasonably large (if old) Taiwanese navy and a large, modern Taiwanese air force. I don't see how they could do it.
  5. You wonder how long the Russian government can keep up the pretence that everything is going to plan when things like this happen. It must be the first sinking in the history of naval warfare where both sides have claimed responsiblity.
  6. Quite something to lose your fleet's flagship to an enemy that doesn't have a functioning navy. Not quite as bad as when, in the 18th century, the Dutch navy had an entire fleet captured at sea by a French cavalry regiment, but pretty embarrassing nonetheless.
  7. A policy that will be incredibly expensive, impose pointless cruelty on already vulnerable people and will do nothing to fix the problem it's supposedly designed to solve. Absolutely peak Tory.
  8. Out of all the various gatherings he was reportedly at, the birthday was the one that bothered me the least to be honest. The stories that they were having parties in their flat are more serious and be more damaging if/when he gets fined for that. What gives me some hope is this on Twitter from a former Tory advisor who runs a polling and focus-group company:
  9. The Met yet again doing their best to be helpful to their masters and doing this while parliament is in recess for Easter.
  10. Something I've noticed on Twitter in the last month is that the pro-russian bots/trolls/useful idiots are almost exclusively Indian or African. I wonder if their propaganda isn't really aimed at Europe at all, but more towards countries who aren't naturally hostile towards Russia.
  11. I suppose it's better to be hated than ignored. That would be a good motto for Brexit Britain.
  12. We've already seen film footage of Russian soldiers opening fire on apartment blocks and civilian cars, shelling evacuation corridors and trying to murder a Sky News crew. It's not as if they've earned any benefit of the doubt
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