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  1. My room in Hillhead was in the f*cking basement! I'd have gone all Jack Torrance after about 3 hours.
  2. Well, at least we don't have to worry about getting our hopes up. I'm starting to think that the bottle-jobs against a mediocre Maribor and that even more mediocre Cypriot mob were the best opportunities that we're likely to get.
  3. Cop dramas or whodunnits which don't have the budget for an all star cast, so the murderer is always the suspect played by an actor who you actually recognise.
  4. We had a maverick Maths teacher at my school (who moonlighted as a cabbie) who often took time out of lessons to have a rant/lecture us on life. Before he taught at my state school, he had worked at the very expensive private school a few miles up the road and one of the things he said about it always stuck with me: "The problem with you lot is that you take the piss out of each other for trying to do well. Those toffee nosed pr*cks up the road actually compete with each other to be the best, which is why you're going to end up working for them when you leave here and not the other way around." I went to a good school (all boys, rugby playing -Kincy would approve) but he was right. The worst thing you could do was show actual enthusiasm for your education. Being clever was only socially acceptable as long as you either coasted along without trying or were in the football or rugby team. People paying for private schools are paying for an ethos as much as anything.
  5. The problem we have, which won't change with fitness and sharpness, is that we have midfielders who are static and don't take any responsibility. In McInnes' first season, we had Jack and Robson who wanted possession and would go looking for it if it wasn't coming. Then we added McLean, who was the same, and then Shinnie who did a great job in carrying the ball forward and moving us up the park. At the moment, we've got a load of players who go hiding unless they're in acres of space. Only Ferguson ever goes looking for the ball to get things moving. Combine that with defenders who refuse to even attempt to pass it into midfield, and you get the aimless nonsense we saw yesterday and for most of last season.
  6. This is from this time last year when we got pumped by Rijeka. Plus ca change...
  7. In action films, the hero never facing any consequences for their actions in the first half of the film, no matter how incompetent/reckless/how many people they kill. The worst example of this is Jurassic World, which ends with Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt walking off into the sunset together. I can only assume the film ends just before she is arrested and charged with corporate manslaughter, as the hundreds of deaths were entirely down to her decision making. See also James Bond telling every woman he meets that he's a spy, often within 10 minutes.
  8. I'm sure he was left-back in the away game against Real Sociedad as well. Him and Logan were really good in both games IIRC, although I thin kHayes was back on the wing for the home leg.
  9. As funny as it is, sending someone to prison for that, even for a really short stretch is of no benefit to any of us. Just like after the London riots when people were getting 6 months for stealing bottles of water.
  10. I was always quite impressed with Hayes at left back when he's played there with us before. Were most of his games for Celtic not at LB/LWB as well?
  11. In teaching, if you're good at working with difficult classes, you're then only ever given difficult classes.
  12. The weird thing about Millwall is that they do an incredible amount of work in the local community. My school is a couple of miles from the Den, and the amount they do for our kids (most of it for free) is amazing. Then you have their neanderthal fans... Contrast to when I taught in a school that was a stone's throw from Upton park, and West Ham seemed to have f*ck all interest in doing anything with the community.
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