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  1. Why do people keep posting a picture of this woman? Who is she? And who gives a f**k? Honestly, what a shite forum.
  2. No-one asks for yours and yet you continue to blight the thread with them.
  3. Fair play to you. Anyone who criticises you for that clearly doesn't appreciate that this idea of staying in like a hermit for a period of time that still hasn't been determined is going to drive up people's depression and make them climb the walls. I get terrible cabin fever and I don't think I'd be able to do it but thankfully my job is essential so I will be getting out the flat a few times a week regardless of what happens.
  4. As mad as it sounds, the only aspect of all this I'm not actually worried about is the virus itself. It's the knock-on effect for industries and the depleted supermarkets that are depressing me.
  5. Is anyone actually washing their hands for 20 seconds every time? I tried it a wee while ago and f**k me it's longer than you think. I can do 10 at a push, deal?
  6. Get quite irritated when I say I'm from Stornoway to someone and they reply with something along with the lines of, "Ah yes, I know someone who worked in Shetland".
  7. I'm not the one panic buying loo roll and heinz spaghetti hoops. It's not me who's going mental.
  8. Also apparently a hotel housing quarantied coronavirus patients collapsed in China. Did it aye?
  9. Was in ASDA Irvine the day and the toilet roll section was a bit ropey but nothing major. Went to see what the hand wash section looked like but couldn't find it. Not a well laid out store at all. These people see others on the internet doing it and think they need to do it as well. Beyond pathetic.
  10. Well I finally tried the "new" one today. I can't give much of a comparison between that and the old recipe as I never drank it that much (at least not for years) but I can confirm that it was absolutely god awful. Maybe I'll have another at some point to be sure but not impressed.
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