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  1. My first game I was 10 and my dad took me and a pal to the first home game of the season. I hadn’t really had an interest in football until about 3 months prior and then I’d joined a team and loved the stickers at the time. I’d alligned myself with the mighty Dark Blues and we went to see us vs Dunfermline. I remember us not being allowed fruit shoots in and then Lee Wilkie firing in an own goal. We lost 2-0 but I was hooked. It pretty much sums up my life as a Dundee fan, us shooting ourselves in the foot and losing but wouldn’t trade it for anything
  2. You never know with these signings but Will Keane doesn’t inspire confidence even if he didn’t have injury problems. Happy to be proven wrong though. A mate of mine from uni went to school with him and apparently he was right wee dick.
  3. Yet we already have one hand on the trophy this season. We will cede the Caramel Wafer cup to Raith (in return for a few of Tunnocks finest) and just take the League Cup and Scottish Cup to go with our unbeaten Championship season this year. It’s good to be optimistic. Thank You
  4. After party with all Dees welcome at my flat after we pump Sellick 6 in the final Thank You
  5. I think I liked Robb because after the admin he was a player that came through and was quite exciting on the wing? I also was a fan of Fotheringham it’s a shame his career never really amounted to anything. To be fair I was a massive fan of Ludo and especially Brent Sancho. My first game was his debut where I’m sure he was subbed off for FabCab at HT.
  6. Was there ever a Dee who was no world beater in the Dark Blue who you really liked for no apparent reason? For some reason I always liked Steven Robb. I was gutted when he left us for the DABs but then he was pretty shite for them and he came back to help us so I was okay with him. Today though he posted this on twitter and I can’t...
  7. Always have the impression with May that if he got a couple of goals in games that were close together he could go on a great scoring run à la Cosgrove last season. However, I always thought the same for El Bakh at us. A loan down to the Championship could be a good deal for all parties, May scores shitloads for us, May gets his confidence back and Aberdeen get a player back that they originally bought. Plus there’s the mutually pleasing smashing of the DABs involved, naturally. Thank You
  8. My sincerest apologies. I believe it was an EF v Raith ticket I saw and must have gotten myself confused. Thank You
  9. Good to see Raith now have their own tickets. When did they stop using our old ones?
  10. I’m sure I saw on Twitter* McPake saying that we weren’t interested anyway. *not always the most reliable source
  11. Nonsense. A total w**k of a player. I may be wrong but had the goals not dried up for about a month before Curran joined in Jan? We should’ve punted Miller into the sea the moment he gave the turned to applaud each of the **** stands at Ibrox after he was sent off playing for us. No care about the club just a dick in for himself. Bad egg. Not saying Curran is any better mind, he should’ve been let go when he came out for he second half wearing Jesse Curran’s top. Amateur nonsense picked up across the road. Thank You.
  12. Would be surprised if this happened. May has not been banging in the goals but I’m sure Dons fans are reasonably happy with his overall contributions and McInnes seems a fan. I don’t think Aberdeen have that many strikers either? Doubt he would fancy dropping down a division, even just for one season as we steamroll our way to the title Thank You
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