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  1. Dundee v Aberdeen

    I float in and out of P&B and haven’t really been using it much in the last year or two. I know that some of the St. Johnstone fans have always been involved in our forums as well as that Accies nutter, when do you begin your obsession and why?
  2. Derry Girls - New Series Ch4 -Thurs Jan 4th 10.00pm

    Well maybe it was my reading of it, but the comment reeked to me of “it isn’t funny because it was written by a woman”. Seemed to be insinuating that women writers aren’t as good. Maybe I’m wrong, and apologies if that’s the case although I don’t think I am. But I enjoy the show and there’s no point de-railing a thread about the show based on one comment, just thought it deserved to be pulled up.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    I don’t think we ever had a towel in the first place m9.
  4. Derry Girls - New Series Ch4 -Thurs Jan 4th 10.00pm

    Christ. You’re allowed to not think something is good. But dearie me “could tell it was written by a female?” Moronic comment
  5. All things Dundee FC

    Nah we’ll be down by the last two. Then we will find our form and pump Livi and The Maureen’s, leading to optimism in the ranks. This will lead to Nelms giving McIntyre free reign to cause havoc in the summer and lead to us meandering to a salty 6th place finish in the Championship under new player-manager Kenny Miller (appointed Nov. 28 2019). Thank You.
  6. All things Dundee FC

    We’d definitely still be fucked it McCann had stayed. I agree with the idea that McIntyre has made us worse, however. Last nights team selection looked to me like a complete guess. I’m shite at football manager and often punted. One of the last things I do is just throw random players in random positions to see if anything sticks and last night stank of that to me. If we lose on Saturday that’ll be 7 defeats in a row. Hartley got his jotters for that and McCann not long after a similar run. This appointment has been a total disaster and even if we somehow stay up (unlikely) McIntyre should be punted into the Tay. Unfortunately I fear we will keep him and he’ll f**k up our start to the Championship next year, resulting in a change of manager in November and then us scrambling to try make the playoffs at best. Apologies for the pessimism. Usually I’m rather upbeat. Thank You.
  7. All things Dundee FC

    Has there been a more detestable Dee in recent memory than Woods? I’m trying not to let recency bias cloud my memory: Hateley I hated with a passion but I think I’d rather have him that the charlatan that is Woods. Useless on the ball, yet fancies himself as a player. Loves the Hollywood shots and passes which he cannot execute and he actually makes sure he is marked when others have the ball. An absolute imposter. Can anyone think of a more hated player?
  8. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    Best place for parking nearby?
  9. All things Dundee FC

    I am. But for more personal reasons. My Auntie (actually was a Dons fan) passed away last year and was generous enough to leave me a wee bit of cash. She used to take me to the football a lot at Dens when I was wee, would sit in with me even if we were playing Aberdeen. The first win I ever saw was a 2-0 win over the sheep with Tom Cowan scoring a belter. Anyway, I’ve never had a season ticket and when I found out about the money I decided that it would be good to get one to honour that time we had together. Football is about more than just the matches and the time we spent at Dens or on away trips and chatting about it I’ll always cherish so that’s why I’m getting one. Seems fitting. If this wasn’t the case though there’s not a chance I’d be getting one!
  10. A View From The Terrace.

    I’ve listened to the podcast for years so no surprise I am really enjoying the TV show. Last weeks effort was superb and actually my stepdad who is a stereotypical grump (and a ***) really enjoyed it too. This weeks wasn’t quite as good but you expect that as they’re finding their feet. The segments on Cult Heroes was class though and I’d love to see that done. I agree re the Albion Rovers stuff, it seemed a bit too indulgent to CGT (which usually I’m all for on the podcasts) IMO it would have worked better with him asking what would have happened if they had gotten through and putting bits of his theory in there rather than rambling on. Live and learn though. The features are excellent with the two Duncans, Rachel Small and SOD particularly impressing.
  11. Livingston v Dundee

    What a rollercoaster of a game. Absolute SCENES at the end. Not a chance Livi are in danger. For that to happen two of us, Accies or the Maureens would need to pick up drastically and although it's possible one could catch you, not two. My first time seeing this Livi team and my word, they are a team filled with brutality. I don't know what to make of it. I hated it against us today, but it's the exact type of shitbaggery I usually enjoy... Red looked a stick on to me. Horrendous challenge but it also looked like a stonewaller after Curran was fucking about in the box. Couldn't believe the ref gave a dive and a yellow. It really seemed at the end like a season changing moment and I hope I'm Wright (terrible patter). I'm not a big fan of Gowser but he made a difference. Hadenius was absolutely horrendous, every time we got a throw-in he would move out of space and behind a Livi player so he wouldn't get given the ball. Woods is horrific. I just cannot stand him. My least favourite player since Tom Hateley (shudder). The most shaky I've seen Dieng but who gives a f**k. SCENES. Scrapes on my knee and spilt my bovril all over my hands at the first goal. Admiral Nelson. What a boy. Scotty Wright. Top boy. HEADS GONE. Thank You.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    I feel this is one of those situations where if we let Cammy go and St Johnstone took him, they’d give him his confidence back and he’d improve immeasurably. Tommy Wright seems to be able to reinvigorate players (Shaughnessy, Watt, Kennedy, Swanson, Craig) to name more than a few. We would then be scratching our heads as to why we ever let him go. The boy needs confidence. I wonder how much the responsibility of being Vice Captain had on him last year as since then he has regressed. Although his form has dipped I’d be keeping Cammy. Gowser can get to f**k though. He’s been average at best for the last two seasons and is past it. Couldn’t help but notice him screaming at Dieng after the Hamilton goal the other week too. Passion is good but needless screaming when someone makes an error will lead the new boys into shiting themselves whenever they get the ball. Thank You.
  13. My feelings on the game yesterday were that we still didn't look very good, but Accies were woeful. The boy Brustad was honking and McMann was determined to give us a goal via a throw-in. Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted with the 3 points, and we needed the win, we definitely had a bit more zip about us for the end of the first half after the goal and then brought that into the start of the second. Naturally given our position we began to shite ourselves the longer the game went on and Accies really could've had a point looking at the opportunities they missed. We were at absolute panic stations towards the end. Didn't realise how shocking a miss that Accies one was that went across the box until seeing it back, christ! Great goal to seal the win and brilliant to see Roarie back. Hopefully the win kicks us on now. Even though I don't think we played well, the fact that we have won might bring a bit of confidence back to the players and we can look to build on that with some better performances. Clearly meant a lot to the players at the end when everyone joined in the goal celebrations and Nabi was going mental on the sidelines. Thought Miller looked good (although not a defender) and Kallman was a handful, he seemed to do well with what I'd considered lost balls quite a few times. When he decides he wants to Elton looks like a great wee player, but he needed both Kamara and Kerr to tell him to get the finger out yesterday. Special mention to my man of the match, Lewis Spence. He's been a bit of a figure of ridicule between me and my mates, he always tries hard but doesn't look up to much but yesterday he was superb. Composed, level-headed and controlled a lot of the play in midfield I felt. Fingers crossed we're off the mark and can continue this now. Who the f**k really cares how you perform as long as you get the three points eh? Thank You.
  14. Dundee v Aberdeen

    Unpopular opinion maybe, but I can’t get behind laughing at Aberdeen for taking Burnley to ET. Their budget is far superior and the EPL is so wanky and shite I was really hoping the Dons would pump them rotten. To take them as far as they did was a credit to Scottish fitbaw and from what I saw (on Twitter at least) most folk were behind them. Fair enough if you didn’t want them through but I think they’ve nothing to be ashamed of in their performance and the following they had down south so I don’t see the point in mocking it. Thank You. Ps. f**k the sheep shagging b*****ds 2-0 Dundee- Moussa hat trick.
  15. I must admit, I was a bit worried during pre-match fireworks today. The last time they didn't go so well in Paisley!