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  1. I appreciate the opinion he shouldn't come out of retirement, but Alan McGregor played more than any goalkeeper in our route to qualifying. He played every minute in the Nation's League group we won to get into the play offs.
  2. Dundee United co-commentator is a bit Falkirk TV.
  3. I'm a top tier subscriber on both Heart & Hand, and the Terrace. Adam is one of the better podders on H & H, and thought he was a great person to have on the show a few weeks ago to discuss Itten and Roofe. Adam, Caroline and Jordan Campbell have all been good on Rangers centric pods recently. He admits freely throughout the show he doesn't watch the other teams a lot, which is fine, but I tend to agree with the majority that guests with little interest outside their own team aren't great for the main show. It just doesn't fit with the general tone and what you expect. I think because it's an OF fan, people are being more harsh - but there have been fans of non-OF clubs with the same attitude on the shows. Nothing against anyone who is an expert in their team, and views things through that prism, but a more well rounded view of the league, with a slice of partisan opinion, is what you usually get from the Terrace.
  4. Kevin Kyle is, rather impressively, one of the worst 'pundits' in Scottish football.
  5. Looks like a lot of Aberdeen fans agree, and at the end of the day it's a club TV channel, so that's the job he should be doing. Entertaining Aberdeen fans. As a neutral observer, I found it pretty grating. I've watched 5 club TV channels so far this season and it's the first time the commentary has taken away from my enjoyment. In fairness - Motherwell didn't play an audio track in the game I watched! 😂
  6. Considine on commentary is a tough listen. Like they've given a microphone to someone in the crowd. Just randomly shouting directions like 'Send it home Ash', 'Get back in Hedgey'. Awful. Good move for the second goal though. Thought Livi looked the better team first half.
  7. Will avoid Killie TV in future. Numerous picture issues throughout the game. It's good when it is going, but it's the first time I've missed extended periods of action due to either the picture freezing or horribly breaking up.
  8. You can watch them back to back! I think I'm going for Kille TV today. But three decent looking games at 3pm.
  9. Helander struggled against Dykes last season. If we see that matchup again, I'll be a bit worried. Based on the respective starts to the season this should be a simple 3 points, but Livi hasn't been an easy place to go to for the Old Firm recently.
  10. Celtic haven't announced yet. Rangers are offering games for £9.99, and also were doing multi-game packs at a discount.
  11. I know it's a joke, but genuinely if you're a neutral and there happens to be a good game on RTV - you're getting a good product for your £9.99. I'm not sure what Celtic are charging, but given they'd signed up the BT team, I imagine their package will be of similar quality. I personally won't be buying those games - and I imagine that's for much the same reason you won't buy an RTV game not involving Hibs. Clive Tyldesley was great, Neil McCann was too. The overall package was like watching a game on TV, like BT/Sky/Premier. Obviously there is a Rangers slant to the coverage - but you have to give Rangers some credit for pushing the boat out and getting guys like Clive Tyldesley and Graeme Souness on board.
  12. You got what you paid for on Saturday, with Livi v Hibs looking like the best game in hindsight. County v Killie looks like the pick of the bunch for the neutrals on Wednesday, as far as fixtures go, in my opinion. I'll be tuning into Rangers TV, naturally. I can highly recommend the feed for both Rangers TV and Motherwell TV for any neutrals on Wednesday, having watched them on Saturday & Sunday. Motherwell TV didn't have sound unfortunately, but paired it up with BBC Radio Scotland and it was a great picture. Rangers TV was a great all round package. Hopefully the Ross County feed is good quality too!
  13. Some people like football. If there wasn't a global pandemic I'd be at one of the games.
  14. I figure for the next few Saturdays we'll have a few neutrals who might be interested in watching a game when their team isn't playing. The idea of this thread is to make the case for which is best to watch. Last week, from the options of St. Mirren v Livi and St. Johnstone v Dundee United, I'd say I picked wrong and paid my money to the Buddies. A fairly drab affair, as opposed to what looked a decent game from the highlights. Any neutrals picking a game today? My early thoughts are that Motherwell v Dundee United is maybe the one to go for. It is both the cheapest, and I think probably looks the best game to watch on paper. Anyone disagree?
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