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  1. Agree there that doesn't sit well Can you imagine Oban Saints have the perfect facilities, fits all criteria but is voted out because someone clubs don't want to travel once a year to Oban, then that would be wrong. Again, just casing point for the whole of Scottish pyramid football
  2. Understand, im more talking about the whole of Scottish football, Harthill is just a casing point. The thing we have to remember, this is the pyramid league and if a said team met ALL criteria, stadium, location etc... to join the pyramid league then the clubs should not have the power to veto this because of any reason they want to make up or because of their historical view etc..
  3. I think Harthill is just a casing point on this subject, it should be the same all over. But the club sit exactly 35 yards from the boundary line but have an ML postcode and the street beside it, the West Lothian council don't snowplough the street and the neighbour across the road has been told by West Lothian council to contact North Lanarkshire council to get a new bin. There is no way this club, Casing point, should be voted our because of some people think historically a club played in the East when the pyramid is DE|FINETLY not about history, its about progression and that there is NO definitive boundaries set by the SFA
  4. Yes I agree clubs within the leagues should have a vote on matters and important matters but I'm not saying the SFA will step in and say, NO, Harthill will be allowed in> There should be a body for thus type of thing. If The league vote them out because the clubs (THINK) the team are a West Lothian club due to their view of history etc... then the SFA should hear all point and make that decision. trust me at big AGM meetings throughout history members in a bit of power will try and make their point count, point scoring with other clubs to vote a club out due to their dislike, or view of them, location wise etc.. If it did happen and the SFA heard points and decided that Harthill should go to the EOS then fine but it leaves a bad taste that clubs can mess up Scottish Footballs progression
  5. Honestly this is what's wrong with our football, Clubs have total control of leagues, who gets in who doesn't. Things like this should be taken out. A team is applying to the Pyramid league, some in the hope of progression but clubs can vote on a yes or no, (even a committee member doesn't like the team can vote them out). If Harthill meet a stringent criteria and the league vote them out then the Club should be allowed to appeal and the SFA get involved and hear all reasoning and if said reasoning is not substantial all because of dislike or because they believe the team is not in the right area when there is no definitive boundaries then the SFA shoudl make a decision. The pyramid after all is about Scottish Football and its progression, not about clubs taking things into their own hands because they have problems with a club. I feel very strongly about this, why due to the crap that has existed about clubs voting in the SPFL 2 to stop teams being promoted and relegated to and from the SPFL2.. It means we are doing the same, messing with Scottish Football progression for our own gain The SFA know the SPFL2 thing is wrong but they aint doing anything about it so they should get the hands from out under their arse and sort it and be involved when clubs want to join the pyramid and deal with it.
  6. Scrolled back but probably missed it if its already on this thread. I'm just gonna spitball this out there and don't mind being torn to shreds on this. The only reason for this post is for the WOSFL submitting a winner of the top division for the playoffs Obviously its seemingly unlikely that the season will continue. There is only one matter regarding the league tables which is the winning of the WOSFL premier division and then subsequent, into the playoffs if said team have met the licensed criteria within the required timeframe and league finishing meeting the playoff due date time. Who are those teams who are chasing that winning position and I mean by league standings and being licensed in time. I take it those teams would be Clydebank FC Kilwinning FC Darvel FC Any others ? Irvine Meadow, Troon ? Anyways, the division has 14 clubs at the moment so that means 26 games in total but some teams are at 5 games and some at the maximum played 9 games. What I'm getting at, if there not a possibility of making the season 13 games, games that have already been played counted so the league table stands where it is. Also any team that has played each other twice, (Troon v Rutherglen, should be one game so as Troon have won both games then they can be given a one game win), not sure if any others are out there but I'm sure there is. In order for this to happen I take it a EGM could be called to vote on this by the premier divisions teams or has this no chance of happening Meaning the season would finish with every team having played 13 games with less weeks required when starting back to finish the league
  7. Sorry if I've picked up the solidarity bit wrong but..., Solidarity - Yip this is the type of thing that makes teams and associations fall short. The pyramid is about getting things right, its not about sticking together to make things all cozy for ourselves because of past histories etc... SPFL 2 did the solidarity crap and shafted everyone below SPFL 2 and everyone knows it from SPFL 2 below and SPFL2 above We need a viable LL and a viable HL with feeders, don't want to make it lop-sided. Me personally if it means any team north of the TAY must go into a HL feeder, then so be it. This is about getting the pyramid right for the benefit of Scottish Football and Scottish Teams
  8. So what do we know regarding possible clubs who are going to apply to join the WOSFL for season 21/22 Kilbride Thistle Harthill FC any other possible teams looking to apply ?
  9. Think the last 3 posts tells you why we should have definitive borders for every team in the country once and for all. Even the boundary line arranged by the EOSFL and the WOSFL should be made clear. I personally don't want anyone who has a personal interest to be able to make a decision on the boundary. I.e a team should not be allowed to vote on it. A chairman of a club, who is on the association committee should not be able to make a decision on the matter . The SFA should grow a set, tell all teams that they are making the boundary decisions and will be seeking points from all relevant parties and everyone on each matter to finally get a resolution
  10. No Any player who is born 2001 and still registered at any u20 team will be allowed to play an extra year next season at U20 level. Lads who are 2001 born will not be allowed to play next year unless they were still registered with a U20 team on or before February 2021
  11. Harthill FC have a ML postcode and the park is less than a hundred yards from the North Lanarkshire boundary although the street right outside the main gate is never touched by the West Lothian snow cleaning section , even though it is in West Lothian. The neighbour who lives across from the park gate phoned West Lothian council to get a new rubbish bin and she was told to contact North Lanarkshire council
  12. The criteria all sounds fine except the walk to the dressing rooms. I believe I read somewhere the rules that govern the LL down to the WOSFL, SOSFL and EOSFL state that the dressing rooms must be close to the park, not sure the exact distance, if someone could confirm ?
  13. Suppose there will be teams who people will mark down as stinking it out but as the years go on some of those teams will have a good season and sometimes not. The difference is now if a team in the SPFL continue to have a bad season after season then they gonna be expected to be relegated. Once the trapdoor from SPFL 2 is eventually sorted to what everyone thinks is fare, (not sure what that is), then I'm sure you will have clubs in the LL leagues moving up regular, the same as the top of the HL and then traditional teams like Brechin, Albion Rovers, Stenhousemuirs etc... will have to make sure their shit is in order as they know strong teams are wanting their place making them be regulars to the LL and Hl leagues. So these teams, especially with their chairmen who were sprouting crap at the start of the season, last season will realize that 2 promotions spots at the very least will give then a fighting chance of bouncing back the first year if relegated
  14. Think D is best although I will say that any team, youth, junior, amateurs etc... should never be neglected or not allowed to progress if said teams all comply with the current WOSFL league criteria at the time of applying. Think the pyramid is here to say so and I'm sure for a long, long time to come so sure it will evolve over time
  15. If I remember correctly there is no movement whatsoever in relegation or promotion for season 20/21 in the WOSFL. The only team who can get promoted are the winners of the league if they enter the playoff. I take it the general meeting that was called from the teams was the date when the new committee people would be voted in. Don't think there was anyway the previous chairmen and committee were going to call the seasons null and void until it was mathematically impossible to complete in time.
  16. pmsl, who is this guy your on about lolol, Imaging naming someone and then find out that its not the person your talking about, I bet you'd feel like a right stupid person and that's me being diplomatic. Now trafford, go back to what your good at, oh that's right, WE ALL remember what your good at >>>> looks to see what your good at lololoolololol
  17. As far as I'm aware, I don't believe the WOSFL will be allowed to be extended during this seasons end. The reason I believe is that the playoffs wont be allowed to be late so whoever the winners are will be, will be too late to enter the play off if we start back too late. But my question Whatever the official date of the playoffs when is it mathematical impossible to finish off the WOSFL premier league if we start back ? For example if we are given the notice next weekend that we can start back, is there enough game time to finish within the official timeframe ?
  18. I'm unsure of St Matthew’s facilities. I take it that it fits the criteria to be included in the WOSFL. Sounding good from Kilbride Thistle and hopefully will be an exciting addition to the league
  19. My best advice for you. See people you do not like on here, before you reply, take a deep breath and think and then do your thing, you will like yourself for it, trust me. I will genuinely wait for your first constructive comment from now regarding WOSFL on P&B
  20. Anyways, what is this thread all about and where are we at with it ?
  21. As i Said, if you continue, it never ends well for you. As i don't troll or pick on anyone, even you but in past have replied to your comments directed towards me. If people keep picking on people for the sake of it then i will make a comment about it, breaking down the facts and the facts are. The face remains, A player made a post, a very good one at that I replied, i believe constructively and then Dev made a comment about MY post and you quoted Dev's post to me and said ""So just completely ignoring the post from a player then?" When factually true, he didn't ignore the players post. if you would like me to break it down in more detail I can, it jut doesn't make you look good
  22. Told you, every time you go there, you know what happens, you don't come out of this too well. if your going to make a comment, try and put in something positive, or if its negative, give the reasons why and think of something constructive to find positives. its quite easy for people to look back at your previous posts and think, wtf does he ever put in anything that interest people with a constructive comment. The player made a post which was very relevant, I replied, i believe with constructive reply and then Dev put in a comment about stuff that England are doing, and his reply was to my post, so how the hell is Dev ignoring the guys post, honestly
  23. You know exactly he isn't ignoring the post from the player as he already knew I covered the posters views. Dev was positing something that we didn't know about, well some of us didn't know about
  24. Correct players views and choices should be taken into consideration but as far as I'm led to believe the teams who all continued playing asked their players if they wanted to continue or not. Obviously the same can be said of the team who withdrew. I'm sure during those conversations all players were told that once the season starts they cannot stop until the governing bodies form above say they can stop due to any reason for example escalation in the covid thus we are in lockdown now. If you were not asked your views form your team then this saddens me as when asked you should be told about the implications or possible implications, like, no wages, if our team withdraws mid-season then said team could face penalties for the following season . In regards to now with the current lockdown, the players should be kept in the loop but to be honest of the season started back which I expect clubs will be allowed very late march or April then there's not much chance of finishing the season. In reality covid tests would be great for all teams but don't think the SFA have the finances to pay for this and with clubs receiving no fans gate money or little sponsorship then i find it hard for the teams to pay for it. I hope your fears have been put to your team and management committee Be safe and wish you all the best
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