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  1. Thought it was on or before 2018 if they had a license ? Think there were some SOSFL teams with a license before this date. Is there anywhere confirming confirmation of which teams can and cannot vote on their conference league ?
  2. Only clubs that have had their SFA license after 2018 are not allowed to vote on this idiotic, corrupt idea of a conference league. Anyone got or can work out a list of the teams who are allowed to vote. All Premier League - All All Championship - Cove Rangers, when did they receive their SFA license? All First Division - Peterhead, Kelty and Edinburgh FC, when did they receive their SFA license? All Second Division - Annan, Bonnyrigg and Elgin City when did they receive their SFA license? Lowland league - Which teams have had their license since 2018? Highland League - Which teams have had their license since 2018? Tier 6 or Below - Any teams received their SFA license before 2018 including the SOSFL, anyone know? Whatever random excuse the SFA say from 2018 beyond cannot vote, the SFA knew that nearly every team would vote against this league that's why, I believe, they made the date of 2018. Just a cliquish, closed shop to stop the teams from lower down progressing.
  3. I would love this to be true but I don't think so, if tier 6 and 7 clubs were allowed to vote I'm sure they would only make it ones with an SFA license, cause the SFA know every club tier 6 and 7 or below would vote a resounding NO. Yeah realized later that no club from tier 6 down can vote unless they have been licensed since 2018. Sounds like the SFA don't want clubs lower down having much power as if all tier 6 clubs voted then it would be a resounding NO for the conference.
  4. I take it the vote is going to be per club and not a vote per league or association. 42 SPFL clubs and 18 highland and the 16 in Lowland, all individual votes per club. If it was a vote per league, I'd say Lowland, Highland and SPFL2 would vote against it and I'd think SPFL1 would do the same but very close. But per club, I aint sure, Hoping that the SPFL1 clubs see sense. This conference league is wrong. Someone said further up Thomas Brown Lowland league chairman has been got at and I'm sure many others have done the same. Without doubt there's many many meetings, dodgy dealings, back handers to try and get this over the line, all allegedly but we all think the same. Maxwell and Brown should resign over this. The conference is wrong and it will show Scottish Football as more corrupt that its ever been, sickening
  5. Pmsl, its a football forum isn't it, or don't you realize that Honestly talk about cliques, you get the shit chat with the ex juniors on here who still cling to the old junior days and then you get the SPFL2 peeps who deny anything is wrong and anyone outside of the SPFL2 fans base are not allowed to make comments on whats been happening on here and who are unhappy with the new starts in the Lowland and EOSFL and WOSFL I've given basic factual information and also hypothetical ones and its not even having a dig at Albion Rovers. The no frigging idea comment is two fold ffs, yes I do not know what the committee, chairman have done to improve the situation they found their selves in for many years but it does look from the Outside that nothing has been done to improve Albion Rovers. . First of all thanks for the comment about their Scottish cup run, that means they were trying but If AR went hyper and tired everything then it means that Albion were just not good enough for this level anymore and will find their level
  6. No lecturing the committee, clearly they have problems, finishing bottom this year, 3rd bottom the previous year and then 4th bottom the year before that. Whatever they have done in those years has not been enough and the warning signs were there. Regards bringing fans in, More can always be done to bring in new blood and not just AR but also every club in Scotland but that's only a snippit, there's sponsorship can always be bettered, community interest/inclusion can be looked at, any idea and all ideas can help. Have the committee of AR done all that, I have no frigging idea but as I said the warning signs where there for years and it seems nothing has been done about it unless they constantly tried their best but now they are relegated
  7. The past few season, the Lowland winners have relegated club 42 and there is a good sign that this will continue for a few years as the standard of the Lowland league is rising each year. Most of the clubs in the SPFL2 have voted for no relegation but there will always be one of those clubs who end up club 42 and most don't expect them to survive against the Lowland winners. Again as this year, I expect Brechin to win the Highland league next year but will lose to the Lowland champions. So if it does go by what i expect then club 42 will spend a number of years in the Lowland as have East Stirlingshire, Berwick Rangers, Cowdenbeath have done and I don't see them being champions any time soon. SO if there was 2 up 2 down and say the 3rd bottom of the SPFL 2 end up in a playoff with 2nd place Lowland and Highland that means the former SPFL 2 clubs have more chance of regarding SPFL2 status the following year as a couple of teams can possibly can go up. it would also make it more exiting at the end of the season, the only people who wont enjoy it are the fans whose teams are relegated but that's only natural I genuinely expect Cowdenbeath, Berwick and East Stirlingshire to be stronger next year but I expect a few more teams in the lowland to be stronger that this year also
  8. This sounds 100% correct, but if this has been a slide over the years for how long, its really up to their chairman and committee to sort it out for whatever they have been doing clearly has not been working. As you say the vast majority are not interested so the club have to figure out why, work out things like the team, the management, the players with the capitol that they have, new sponsorship etc... and work out what they have to do to get more local people involved in their club because teams lower down in the Lowland, Highland, WSFL, EOSFL and all the rest of the leagues are doing just that, they're mostly all trying to address that and get people coming through the turnstiles
  9. I think Bring Back Paddy is alright, just taking it personal when its wrong
  10. Yip folks, I was correct. Looks like another keyboard wizard who realize his comments are wrong or the other persons has came back with facts and or constructive comments and he just tries to put the person down by makes negative personal comments or adding images. Yip I'm sure you would do well on committee boardroom
  11. Yip folks, I was correct. Looks like another keyboard wizard who realize his comments are wrong or the other persons has came back with facts and or constructive comments and he just tries to put the person down by makes negative personal comments. Yip I'm sure you would do well on committee boardroom
  12. You have just made yourself a laughing stock as well, the ex junior guys on here will be laughing like feck as I'm against it and happy its finished. No chip on my shoulder. You made a stupid comment about too many teams being relegated and there is nothing wrong with that as I had just proven to you but all you come back with it tired or personal negative comments. Do you do this on most of your posts that you disagree with, making negative comments when the person has been constructive and is right.
  13. That shows you up so bad. You comment means someone is talking crap when the stuff I said is true and Factually true. It actually makes you come out of this not too bright, sorry not meaning it personal but I'm thinking of the Muppets and a voice comes out and then looking up in space, saying hoe hoe hoe, where did it go George
  14. The standard of the lowland league is rising and is becoming more competitive. That is one thing, you have that then interest will rise and if you get your house in order then your team could benefit greatly. It's really open right now, it sup to Albion to embrace it and try and get people through the turnstiles, sponsorship etc... Every team will go through bad times as people see it and its then that they need to take a step back and work out what they were doing wrong
  15. There's another dumb shit reply The WOSFL had 20 teams last season and 7 were relegated, (more than 1/3 of the league) to bring it down to 16 but one thing for sure, the league is still running, teams are doing well and it was really exciting until the last kick of the ball for all the fans, and yeah, stressful. I'm looking at this objectively and the dumb shit teams in the SPFL2 are the ones voting for no relegation and happy to be in a ten team league. It should be a bigger league, not cause i say so but it would be way better, why, so it will be more competitive with promotion and relegation to and from this division instead of playing each other too may times and get boring football
  16. Ya it is or shall we say ignorant statement Albion Rovers, the team finished bottom because they just aint good enough and or even run badly by a committee and chairman making the wrong decisions but the person saying the place wont feel the same ffs, no wonder Scottish Football is in the way it is with cliques of self preservation. if any team is shit and finishes bottom they should be relegated straight down and any team who wins the league should be promoted straight up. I'm sure Albion and many more have voted for this not to happen but now they are going to realize they should have as they will find it very hard to come back up. ( i could be wrong but i am rarely wrong)
  17. Don't take this personally but Honestly, that is one of the dumbest statements ever. Everyone in the SPFL thinks its all cooshty being there and that they are fine but there are just too many teams just being there and not improving, while teams below constantly improving and strengthening. Albion Rovers have been relegated for one reason and one reason alone. They were not good enough and don't expect to see them back for a while, genuinely the standard below and strength will be too much for them..
  18. The B teams should not be in the pyramid and that is correct. Every team that ends up being club 42, I genuinely expect them to lose the playoff, as the standard is so high below and that even before the WOSFL teams get their asses in gear. I predict that Albion wont be back for a while. Every team that's was relegated form the SPFL previously, East Stirlingshire, Berwick Rangers, Cowdenbeath etc... their fans all thoguht the same, even fans of teams in the SPFL2 thought the same and that wont happen. The dumbest thing is most of the SPFL2 teams vote for not outright relegation i.e. 3 up 3 down or 2 up and 2 down with 3rd bottom playoff etc.. but if you had that on the SPFL2, then when relegated from the SPFL2 there is more of a chance of coming back up. None of those teams I listed above or Albion will win the Lowland league next season so they will stay there and some even relegated. The standard is going to rise, Linlithgow Rose have joined and they are only going to be in the top half or even winning it but then there's changes at all the clubs for the better/stronger so the Lowland league is improving it standard and when the WOSFL teams start making an impact it will become stronger again. Brechin is another one, they are in , what most preceive as a weaker league but each time they win the league and get to the final, i don't expect them to win and they , like the other former spfl 2 teams will stay again, dare say, another idiot team/committee who voted for no straight relegation from SPFL2. The outline of the pyramid is changing, we first need that conference to get to F%$ka nd then watch and teams like Albion who are just not good enough to end up in their rightful place
  19. To be fair, that's not true, Shettleston juniors history will always remain, same as Baillieston Juniors and they are defunct. It's in the history books and to many Glasgow United will always be Shettleston. It was an advertising gimmick and trying to change to bring more in. I don't think it was a good choice and rather they stuck to Shettleston FC but hey hoe
  20. Yeah I agree that they want flexibility to do what they want, play who they want and put any player sin that they want but at the end of the day whatever they decide, consideration of tier 5 and below is no existent in their decision making. We have already had David Martindale, Livingston manager go against the introduction of the Conference league. Aberdeen, (Whom I thought were a dead cert to join), have stated officially that they wont be joining the conference league and that it was not the way to go for the development of their B Team and now Michael Beale kinda saying its not any good.
  21. Its sounds like he is not against it, he's just against it in it current form as he wants his top players to play who are coming back from injury or need game time. I believe when he makes the statement, about enable us some oxygen meaning he wants flexibility in playing whoever he wants in the B team like the old days in the reserve league. Even the comment listing the countries who have teams in their pyramid, theses are bigger countries than Scotland and can thrive with B teams in their system, we cant, It will set a bigger divide, it will evolve more greed and self preservation, can see the SPFL being more of a closed shop, than the current way it is. Maxwell recently said in a meeting to try and promote the B Teams that this is the solution as we have to find a way why managers are not playing Young players. Ffs its so obviously why, managers are scared too, there's too much pressure in our small melting pot and they don't want to take chances on younger players as they haven't experience. Its has been stated a few times that ALL clubs in the SPFL were sounded out about this conference and even voted for it but in reality, were they told everything and about the implications before voting or put to them, bet it was sounded out that any team who ended up in the conference will make money as a parachute payment
  22. Tonight's third division results Dalry Thistle 4-0 Newmains United Kello Rovers 1-1 Bellshill Athletic Larkhall Thistle 2-1 Finnart Lesmahagow Juniors 3-0 Irvine Victoria Royal Albert 3-3 Saltcoats Victoria Vale of Clyde 2-1 Lanark United Vale of Leven 1-2 Ardrossan Winton Rovers Lugar relegated tonight and now join, Carluke Rovers, Newmains United, Royal Albert and Saltcoats Victoria Only one more team to be relegated and EK Thistle defiantly look favorites But can still get out of it, so still in the relegation mix are Dalry Thistle, Vale of Leven, Finnart and Girvan
  23. No it wasn't. Covid was the reason why 7 teams were relegated from the one division in the same season as covid was the reason why the premier division still had 20 teams in the premier dvision 21/22. The comment was in regards to a pervious poster saying there was never 6 or more teams ever relegated from one division and I said it happened before as there were from the premier league and the one of the main reasons was covid. Again when the WOSFL was set up, (20/21) it went to 20 teams in premier division for whatever reason, nothing to do with my comment. In 20/21 there was supposed to be relegation but none happened, why because of Covid cut the season short, thus season 21/22 still had 20 teams and 7 had to be relegated. So to the post, yes confirmed, Covid was the reason for the 7 teams relegation at the same time (21/22). It wasn't about who set the league up and why the division ended up in 20 teams
  24. With the scores tonight that means the final two relegation places to be decided from division 3 are between Lugar Boswell Thistle EK Thistle Dalry Thistle Vale of Leven Finnart Girvan. Although it does look like Lugar and EK Thistle are favorites to go down All ready relegated are Saltcoats Vics Newmains Carluke Royal Albert
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