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  1. No it shouldn't be moved Blantyre asked for match to be moved Glenafton were asked and they said No If Blantyre's players were all ill, medical certificates required then the league might have moved the match or Loaned players asked to return to their clubs but Blantyre only had a few so there's no reason to move the match. A premier league team with a development squad have no excuses to move the match as they have over well over 30 singed players. I don't have full details but it looks like Blantyre's fault I bet there were a few Glenafton players wanting to go to Seville but decided to stay to help fight relegation
  2. A tournament that started off with 161 teams this season. The biggest in Scottish non league football Pure class by Auchinleck Talbot. To be fair it was the final I wanted and had Talbot for a win but the way both teams have been playing recently, (Bonnyrigg excellent, Talbot not so hot), I wasny holding too much hope for the West's Talbot but they deserved this win
  3. Your 100% lolol imagine someone asking you on your thoughts pmslllllllllllllllll Jim gee me your thoughts on the first goal, eh mate
  4. As far as from what I've heard, Kennie doesn't need to move the game as there has to be a reason, Blantyre asked for postponement and Glenafton said no, Supposed to be both teams come to an agreement as far as I'm lead to believe regarding the rules, although I could be wrong. Its a professional league so yeah its not moved unless certain unavoidable circumstances happen or occur. Blantyre have known about this game for some time, they have a development squad where the youth players sign the same amateur contracts as the first team players, unless Blantyre deem a youth player to be of a high standard then they put him on a pro contract. Unless most of Blantyre's players were playing from a loan spell and those players called back then they have no excuse. From the outside it looks as if its Blantyre's fault hands down
  5. Think this will be a cracker of a game Is this game being streamed anywhere ?
  6. New manager is away on holiday, heard it was one of his coaching staff who took charge of the game today
  7. To be fair, I've never heard of any team starting with 7 players, ive known games where teams have went down to less than 7 players with sending offs that happened due to fights
  8. Not correct, the game carries on with 7 players. It's only if it's less than 7 players the game has to stop. sorry, thats what i meant, anything lower than 7 amended earlier post
  9. No I'm sure the rules were years ago, not sure if here has bene rule changes in the past 10 years for this, if a team are down to 7 players then the game is abandoned. if down to 6 due to sending offs then I'm sure it was a forfeit 3.0 but if abandoned due to injury then game was replayed
  10. Now that Cowdenbeath are in the Lowland League next season, what's most peoples thoughts of returning back to the SPFL2 at the end of the next season. Do most followers expect a quick return or a few sceptic about a quick return ?
  11. I stand corrected, was getting ahead of myself with the other Blantyre who tired to join at the start of the season. the Blantyre first team manager has autonomy over the development squad so if he wants players in then he asked for them. Not heard of any problem with the development squad and the first team
  12. Congratulations to Bonnyrigg and to be fair, I was never in any doubt. The teams in the WOS and the teams in the EOS are just going to make football so much more enjoyable in the lower level as they fight for position in the LL and beyond and hopefully Bonnyrigg will continue to grow from strength to strength in Division 2 and 1. Will be interesting to see how Cowdenbeath fair in the LL
  13. Yip looks like Glencairn will be the 6th team and between Glenafton and benburb for the 7th bottom. cant see anything else other than 2 wins against Blantyre and Cumbernauld putting them on 52 along with the Bens but Irvine meadow is an unsure one. If the Glens do win both games they need to score 10 goals to draw level with the Bens and then that means they are left for their last game
  14. you have just made a bigger *&^% of yourself again,, seriously, try and sit back and chill before replying like a child. I've just realized, intellectual stuff just aint for you pmslllllllllllllll. I'm gonna let you reply as this is your teams forum but again, dont make yourself a bigger 8&%$£ than you already have lololol i promise, the bit all about me me me, i wont reply to you lololol. Do you ever type something and then leave knowing your job is done and it will do the other persons head in
  15. But you reply every time which tells me that its so getting to you because you even forget what the post is about and NEVER reply constructively to what has been said about teams, games and points. Even your pals on here are thinking, yip hes right, my mate is being such a *&%$ at times lololol As I said before try and reply constructively regarding the points of the post, even anyones post if you don't, i genuinely don't need to reply as more people will think of you in certain ways lolool,
  16. Yeah its mental and exciting Kirky and Beith pulled it out the bag recently so they are safe Benburb could still go down and using them as the not safe and teams below Glenafton need to win 3 of their 4 games to draw level with the bens and win by 3 goals each game to get near level on goal difference and take a point from final game to be sure Glencairn can only draw level with the Bens but have to beat Pollok 16. nil Largs have 2 games so think they just need a win as they have a great goal difference So 2 of these teams are going down unless Darvel win playoff so only 1 out of 3 go down
  17. pmsllllllllllllllll two things Narcissism is a bad thing, (lolololol) but then again, I canny be, cause you keep posting and biting back lolol The reason for my post was started by someone else, (omfg that makes you wrong again lolol) and my reply to a talbot supporter, I'm believe he is, who made a valid point saying "Disappointed at losing the league, not disappointed at not going into the Lowland League. The LL is a joke league with no credibility" and my post, (10 above yours lolol) was a reply mainly concerning the standard of Talbot to the LL, meaning all about Talbot which I replied to, again with Talbot in my mind as they are the most successful team at our level so you would expect them to win the league and move into the LL and how would they fair. Does it annoy you when someone who is not a Talbot fan posts on the Talbot forum, I mean you never post utter crap or being a pure bitch to someone cause you don't like em on other teams posts that have nothing to do with that post, nawww not you lololol. And by the way, its usually the same ones who reply to me but it doesn't bother but what gets me is the only ones who back you are your normal pals and clique when they realize your getting the pish ripped right out of you. I mean your being bitchy ooooh so bitchy to an actual valid points, questions and replies. As i have said to you a few times, if you don't like a poster, then before your reply, take your time, and take a deep breath and make the reply intellectual as you don't want to make yourself look childish or a fool by your replies lololol, p.s. I'm here to help if you need advice on how to control yourself, you don't want to end up a keyboard warrior now, do you. and to be fair, back to Talbot, I still cant fathom out why Talbot lost out, no matter what money Darvel had, I expected Talbot to win the league hands down I've watched Talbot four times this season, the game I wasn't impressed with was the one against Benburb, I was shocked at their standard and long ball tactics as I genuinely had them winning the League hands down. I was desperate for Talbot to beat Sauchie earlier to see how they would fair in the final against Bonnyrigg as a bench mark to the LL league but having seen Bonnyrigg, and watched the way Talbot have been playing recently so to be honest I'm not so sure Talbot will win as I was confident earlier in the season being a supporter of this level in the West
  18. Agreed but the more teams coming from the WOSFL and the EOSFL, over the next 5 to 10 years I'm hoping will vote for bigger relegation from LL and promotion to the LL and get rid of al these shister teams who are not interested in Divisions below. The thing is the SPFL2 are doing exact same, bottom club are allowed to have a playoff to see if they are relegated, what a joke. I do think for the first few years any team that gets promoted to the LL will find it tough for crowds but the more of the WOS and EOS teams that go up, the crowds will get bigger
  19. No I'm glad they won it and hopefully win the playoffs as it gets them to fcuk out the wos league. No trying to wind anyone up but this comment is quite regular so why would you want rid of a good team of a high standard. All I've ever known playing against a much higher, superior team is always wanted to test yourself and see how you fair individually and as a team. I'm speaking of this objectively, on the outside looking in, unless there's something I don't know about. As a fan of Talbot, or even any team in the WOS id only be interested in winning, getting an SFA licensed to play in the Scottish cup and get into the Lowland league
  20. Sorry i don't know about other posts or comments, so sorry if I've came in half cocked so to say
  21. I don't think it was that bad, it bit over exuberance if being honest and caught up in the moment but to be fair if i was a supporter of a team who finished second and hearing him say that about my team with his position I'd be a wee bitty annoyed for a cpl of minutes but if a lot of fans would say the same to opposition fans as a windup
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