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  1. Pmsl, I aint spinning it. I'm telling you how I've seen it being at the game at the weekend and yes I have no idea the level of Stonywood parkvale this year and i believe Beith should and are favourites but nothing has went well for them this week since last weekend so if there was a shock as a few mentioned then this could be the game. Yes totally agree, no disrespect losing to Rossvale, they deserved the win, felt it was a close first half but Rossvale were better in second but for ten mins near the end when it was a bit testy.
  2. to be honest, it doesn't matter if no one in the west noticed, as they are obviously only interested in their own team and don't look at how Dunipace is doing. been up there 7 times this season, due to the youth team, they have an excellent U19s team, and a superb development U20s team. Spoke to a couple of committee members who are over the moon how its worked out and every fan from Dunipace from what I've heard are really happy Dunipace moved and the community looks closer than I ever remembered it in regards to the team. Will this happen to every team who jumps senior, not sure but Dunipace are definitely in a better position and growing, the youth section has never looked so vibrant. I will say, regarding location, the committee and fans say that with their location the travelling and distances are not that different to what they are used to in the West, so it wouldn't have mattered in that respect if they were in the West region but by all accounts they are all happy that they made the move.
  3. With the recently disappointing stuff happening at Beith, losing to Rossvale and the big experienced centerhalf had to go off at half time and then the manager quitting I'm not to confident of a Beith win after the travel up to Stoneywood nr Dyce. if they do win I will really take this as an excellent result
  4. I believe the same as you do on this matter Glens. I suppose it doesn't matter if its one mans influence or the whole junior management but what has been happening over the past couple of years and recently most people just don't trust them anymore and think they are only looking after their own self preservation of power and not the good of junior clubs and or Scottish Football. Why isn't there a statement from SJFA stating why this is the decision, why haven't the West Region Association or the East Region Association/ North region etc... came out with a statement stating the reason behind this choice, (or have they already done so ?)
  5. Don't think anyone is in disagreement about that. Even the EOS, SOS and LL were and are in favour of this going by most reports. It is the easier and most sensible thing to do with a quick fix and to be honest the rest would follow from the east and North but there's no doubt in my mind that the SJFA and district junior associations want all junior teams to go in at same time under their rules, if one goes then their Junior association bargaining chip goes as well or becomes weaker. For Option Z, I don't think any of the senior associations will go for it and in my mind the LL West and LL East could have been adopted any time, later in the years. BUT one thing, no matter if all junior teams join I think there should be a more progressive's relegation, promotions, meaning in the Scottish Division two, bottom placed is automatically relegated and the 2nd bottom plays a playoff spot to see who is in division 2 next season and as we scroll down the leagues, similar to the west region just now, 3 up 3 down. Maybe from the Lowland to EOS and WOS there could be 2 up 2 down but clubs need to see there's a chance of being promoted, not one at a time after a playoff, will take too long for clubs fans visions and enthusiasm would become stale, excitement needs to be brought back into football.
  6. Agreeing 100% with what you say if option Z doesn't go through as I suspect, as you say the teams will all look at their position again and think where do they go from here,
  7. I never said I knew who the teams would be, if there was ten teams. I'm sure some would pull their head out of the sand if it was announced that a WOS league was starting next season There are too many committee quite happy to stay the way they are because quite simply they don't have the balls to push something like this through or stand up and be counted, too many are interested in wait and see. If the SFA just said feck this, take charge and state we want applications, then I'm sure the ones who have stated publicly they want to join and then there would be a few who think, yeah, lets get a jump on the rest and join this season. Who says what is right, who says allowing the guys who run the junior regions are the right people to run the new leagues/associations when they start up. Who thinks people in the association committees are only thinking of themselves. 28 teams left a couple of years ago and, sorry if I'm wrong, MOST are happy that they did so and the rest in the East juniors are still operating. can still happen here in the west. I state this as the amount of stuff said and power struggles, even from a few year back has held the growth of the pyramid in Scottish football. I am strong pro for the pyramid, why because I believe it will be part of the help for improvement in Scottish football. Officially If its Petershill, Cumnock, Clydebank and Kilwinning who state they want to it, which junior teams have officially stated that they have no interest in going to the pyramid
  8. Sorry disagree, still not forced. If its because the SYFA or the WRSJFA want to join the seniors is really that they want to look after their own jobs and don't care about the juniors or that they think its better for Scottish football that they go. if a club does not want to go to the seniors, then don't. if the junior league leaves, then feck them, join a top amateur league until there is enough interest if the juniors start up again. no one is forced. Most of the junior teams are run by hard working committee but many just go along for the ride and just get by, day to day, week to week. I heard some moaning that if Auchinleck and Cumnock, Glenafton left then that would ruin it for their team as they rely on them. This is typical of most who don't have any vision, only interested in their self satisfaction ' self presivation if it means other teams must not be allowed to grow. Sorry but if any team relies on another team then they are in a precarious situation, same as relying in a league or an association, things happen, things change, hopefully for the betterment but you have to prepare for the worst. I 100% agree with you in regards to a WOS being set up and the West junior region staying intact with less teams that are more deemed to misleading or power struggles. I personally, think for the past couple of years have been a loss, associations for pyramid saying things and associations not in pyramid saying things. I'm positive if all the west regions teams knew that the SFA started a new WOS is being set up for 2020/21, we want applications now, I guarantee more than 10 would jump at the chance and thus we would have a new WOS league in the pyramid, there would still be a West region, although weaker
  9. I'm unsure where this 'forced into the pyramid' stuff comes from. If any club has the balls to say no, we aint going even if the West region goes then don't go. The same with West region clubs who want to go, grab your balls and let the SFA know you want in. The teams whom you talk about who don't want to go are probably just weak minded teams with weak committees who will just join with the rest even though they don't want to go. The SJFA, WRSJFA and the ERSJFA are all just looking after themselves incase most teams really want to move so they are trying to go enmass so they may still be in power the same way they are the now. If the SJFA or West or East regions don't wanna go, ffs, they should say so, stating they wont be moving so any members who want to stay with them can do so. Totally agree with what you say, if say 20 teams don't wanna go, then don't and if years later they wanna join then yes,, its open and join in at the bottom
  10. I have seen Beith a few times this year, the way they play and was at a few Rossvale games at the start of the season and would say Beith would beat Rossvale but going to watch the game on Saturday, I believed Rossvale would win as they have changed and style of play has changed and Beith haven't changed that much since the start of the season. there was a bit in the first half and near the end of the second half where Beith were a threat but it was an overall deserved victory for Rossvale. I cant comment on Johnny Millar leaving and reasons of and definitely do not think it was the fault of losing to Rossvale but I'm not involved in Beith workings and what's going on behinds the scenes but I know its a close nit community and the youth football is coming closer to the juniors so that will be a brilliant help. I'm sure Beith will flourish, have bad seasons and brilliant seasons as well as Ok season, just the nature of the beast. I wish John and Beith all the very best in their futures
  11. I get why you are saying that and it sounds great but you have absolute no idea how it works at youth level unless you are fully involved. This is the worst year I've know for teams folding at grassroots level. The Syfa aren't interested, more like jobs for the boys, same as the SFA and the councils aren't interested. The prices charged by councils to kids is an absolute joke. boys at 17in the council where I operate in are being charged nearly £120 to play a game of football and £40 for a referee and then you have the training, think its £45 per 1/3s of a park per night, so per week you either pay £230 a week when playing at home or when away paying £110. The pricing alone is just one example. There needs to be an over hall of the Syfa the way it works and that wont happen. They make decisions and rules that harm youth football and do not want to over commit to anything. I am experienced in producing lads from youth football to either junior or senior level but the SYFA wouldn't listen to any of our suggestions or complaints. They make the decisions and say keep using them even if they don't work.
  12. I'm not clued up on this but if true then this is important that all committees should follow up and make sure they know the days if said clubs move to the pyramid.
  13. That is sad, its like a minefield of jiggery pokery with the pyramid carry on and the individual clubs movements
  14. I've not delved into it deeper but Croatia, a smaller nation than Scotland has every youth coach as a paid coach and go through courses to make sure they are up to standard. Cant remember when this started but think I heard it was 10 years ago, maybe less. A country smaller than Scotland in population but far outreaching the standard of quality that we have in Scotland and showing with their countries national fortunes. I will say that in every division right through to district the champions are all promoted and the bottom placed team are relegated and in most cases the runners up of the league play the 2nd bottom of the higher league in playoff to see who go into the higher league next season. Not of this crap, play off to have playoff to see who played Scottish 2nd division bottom team. If this was similar system to Croatia, then the 'Scottish division two team' who finishes bottom would be relegated, no matter who they are. Not of this institution shite. I have to say, I was at a West junior cup final watching Pollok win 3.1 and some of our Pollok U19s lads where in the team and the game was at shettleston's ground and the wee brick hole for the dignitaries, you should have seen them, thinking they wur fat cats , smoking cigars. two young lads where sitting on the wall beside then and they told them to get out as if they are untouchable. that's what is wrong with our football, too many people thinking its about them and their power.
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