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  1. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Auch feck it, am allowed to have a mad post some day. Larkhall to win at Rutherglen
  2. Clydebank U19s Require Goalkeeper

    Due to Work commitments, Clydebank U19s are looking for an experienced, committed goalkeeper for our U19s team. We have a great team who play in the Central Scotland Football Association and train on a Tuesday and Thursday and our youths have access to the First team. Our club offers experience and development with excellent coaches from former Uefa license who spent 22 years as a pro yotuh coach, We have a B license coach who is currently playing in the championship and experienced level 3 coach, Player pathways existing with Clydebank first team with our players being called up to the first team. Playing home games on first team ground from next year. Everything is in place to help you to a higher level of football. Recently this year Clydebank have played against Partick Thistle Pro Youth, Airdrie pro Youth and due to play Motherwell pro-youth, all by invitation due to their standard of play, thus giving our lads the chance to pit themselves against technically astute players. The coaching staff won the U19 league last year with Pollok U19s where most players didn't reach the U21 level as they were all grabbed onto a higher level with 1 at Partick Thistle full time, 1 at Stirling Albion, 1 at Livingston, 5 duel contracts with Pollok FC, 5 with Seniors BSC Glasgow Development Squad, 1 to Johnston Burgh, 1 to Larkhall Thistle and 1 to Cumnock. Our goal is to develop our player to a high standard that they will be able to seamlessly fit into any team, structure, and system, at any level and feel totally comfortable with what is asked of them. Experienced Goalkeeper is priority so would be great to hear from any keepers soon.
  3. Coaching

    Pollok Academy require coaches. They have coaches who have just passed their 'C' and 'B' license and they have teams looking for development and Pollok always intend to develop their coaches as well as their players. I know right now there is a 2nd 2006 team, reay to go, already have treasurer and background assistance, strips and traning facitlies and itens, balls, kits etc...
  4. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    I think football has evolved since then, sometimes we all wonder right enough lolol As I said for the last 40 years that I can remember, the Scottish Cup and Regional cups (west, east, south, north etc...) always take precedence over the local domestic cups and the league in Youth football, Amateur Football, and Junior football, it's simply a fact. I never come on P&B to argue or windup, not my style, I'm just putting my point across and the details I've stated are normal and I believe this is best. There may be quite a few who agree on your view and there may be a few who agree with what I'm saying. I will say there are quite a few supporters in the junior ranks who think the west is meaningless or not as rewarding as it used to be but no matter those two cups take priority. The fixture listing by the governing people for each association in any football level have a hard time and sometimes fortunate things happen to teams while it goes against others when a fixture is rearranged. "League should always come before cups and especially local variations", that quote could be a post alone on here and I'm sure you will get many posting, some 'yes' and some 'no', interesting topic me thinks
  5. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Not really sure how cups were played in 1899 and not got a clue why you would say about a time when it was a different era and none of us where living, As I said at the end of the day since I've been following football, the Scottish Cup, West regional cup, East of Scotland and North of Scotland cups in amateur, Youth and Junior football always took precedence over the league and the other domestic cups. In these situations on Pie and Bovril, you have to try and be objective and see the post or questions for what they really are and be constructive about it. I've never known the importance of these cups to diminish in the past 40 years in any of those associations and quite rightly so. I don't see what the problem is, I'm sure there must be a small minority that thinks different to this as I'm sure every player in those associations from now to the past 40 years always wanted to win the national cup or the regional cup. The people who have to arrange fixtures are in a hard job, sure some decisions you think they could rearrange but I'm sure they have their reasons for their decisions that sometimes we are not privy to. Maybe foresight could prevent this problem but whoever has to arrange the fixtures hopefully they will learn from problems of previous seasons and adapt
  6. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Definitely my view as well as that in every level of football from youth, amateur, and junior, the Scottish and West, East, and North cups takes precedence and so they should, as they are the most important cups in the domestic season for most teams.
  7. Famous players that played Junior

    Famous players that played Junior Colin McAdam - Irvine Meadow, Roddy MacDonald - Maryhill Brian Martin - Lanark Henry Smith - Glenafton Tam Brown - Glenafton
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    Yip Agree, There's nothing constant, keeping everyone in the loop from the SFA as far as I'm aware. Think all the ramifications are causing a headache. I do agree with Arthurlie, that I feel a lot of teams are just waiting to see who goes first in the 'West', sure I heard Cumnock applied for SFA membership. If things happen, I'm sure some of these hypothetical questions have been answered but there is that many pyramid posts on Pie and Bovril, I can find any lol 1. If a 'West' league starts will it go to 'tier 6', meaning level with 'EOSL' and 'SOSL'? 2. If 1. happens then the 'East' junior side are right to complain stating their top division has every right to be put on the same level as the 'West' but there's already an 'East o Scotland' league and the 'North' league can say the same, even though my view is the 'West' junior league is stronger than the 'North' and the 'East' junior league. 3. If the West does go to tier 6, what level do teams require to have floodlights and the correct football pitch size as I'm sure its a certain Tier that its a MUST ? 4. I've heard junior teams if they go senior can play for the challenge cup or if some of them have full SFA requirements can they play in the Scottish Qualifying cup as Auchinleck did. Or what will happen with the junior cup, are teams that go senior allowed to still play for that? 5. Even though all the 'West' teams voted to join together, some teams might change their mind, thus what could happen to them when most leave? 6. Not forgetting, have there been any amateur teams apply for SFA senior membership, so what divison/tier would they enter at? The best thing to get it all sorted if for the SFA to come out and get an open dialogue going and informing everyone what is going to happen
  9. Should youth clubs enter the SFA Senior Pyramid?

    This is a minefield for many or could be. Most of the junior clubs who want an academy or have an amalgamation with an academy, don't have money to fund a youth academy and the way most academies are run, they may have to change the way they operate. but and its a big BUT, if junior clubs that turn senior do not have money to fund a proper academy with coaching staff they will then have to rely on the academies that operate with volunteer coaches, thus a lot of plates up in their but I think this is where the SFA should offer guidance and help to get most off their ground in any way possible. Pollok Soccer Academy is an independent body where Pollok FC have no control over, so both have to work together to get things done Clydebank Soccer Academy has just applied for legacy status and the committee, as far as I believe includes Clydebank FC first team members/committee K-Park Training Academy has been established for the benefit of the community of East Kilbride by the East Kilbride Community Trust, (not sure what this implies in regard to the connection of the Ek youth teams and Ek senior team. There are, I'm sure, many other soccer academies all run in their own way, some with connections to junior or senior teams, some not. When you read them all like that, it sounds good on paper but every academy will have ups and downs and issues that have to be addressed to keep things running smooth or to have them run smooth. Has anyone any info on the past couple of years, junior teams who went to the senior ranks, especially the east side, and if and which youth teams did they have to join them as a youth set up? With the Scottish U21 Cup decimated on the east side as many youth teams joined the local junior team who applied for Senior membership so the Scottish cup had fewer U21 teams in the cup
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    As you probably guessed there are people who know exactly what happened and how everything transpired, the reason for the red tape and other stuff that most ain't privy to and if or if not money was exchanged, development fee or not, BUT The main reason for me originally mentioning the situation it is that I believe that if most junior teams go down the senior route then a lot will rely heavily on their academy, or on an academy or local youth teams as an affiliation, so most best get their houses in order to make sure everyone knows all the in and outs up front and that no problems can arise. Basically, it for the good of Scottish football that teams flourish, especially with youth who are given the best chance possible to be developed. There will definitely be teams joining the senior ranks who do not have the facilities, capabilities, money etc... to have an academy so if they connect with a youth team what can they do with these boys, a new rule on duel contracts for youth players in the senior ranks, maybe even at tier level
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    Its not derogatory or meant to be but I knwo who Sena was with and how long. I can make comment on Sena development as I watched it as he grew up from U12, my team playing against him at Jimmy Johnstone, he was at Rangers youth before that. I watched the level he was at when he first joined Pollok and witnessed again the first hand his progressive development at Pollok U19s, so yes I know firsthand on how his progression went. Every team he was at including Pollok FC was part of his development but the tutelage under the coaching style in his last 2 years at U19s propelled the lad to a higher level. Sena wasn't sold to Partick Thiste for very little money, that I'll leave you to do your own investigating if you want to BUT no matter its something that has to get sorted early doors by all teams who rely on their academy or an academy or a connection to a youth system as I said I believe some teams will reply heavily on their youth to help them in the seniors, even when times are tough and or tight
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    yeah thanks for that as ive been told different things about if going to a home game so clarity always helps (thumb)
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    Regarding your last bit I think they arranged duel contracts due to the fact that if a player was in the first team squad for, say 4 weeks, on subs bench and say gets on 20 minutes, it means the boy only had 20 minutes game time in, sometimes a month, thus with duel contracts it helped the lad also play for his youth team if they played a different say, (that's one reason for the duels but I don't think it was main reason for them). It is something that needs to be addressed with duel contracts, for example, ( as far as I'm aware), Sena was developed at Pollok Soccer Academy, he went to Pollok FC, played 4 games and the training sessions and then went out to Partick Thistle, visa problems started so Pollok got him back on a certain youth coach say so as he was offered, other teams but once at Pollok he was sold back to Partick Thistle and the soccer academy didn't receive a penny, when they were the ones who were the main developers and form his experience of the youth teams previously. He already knew, how to adapt systems, styles of play that would be asked etc.. This is a flaw that soccer academies have to get sorted as well, what happens when the youths are potentially moving on. I'm saying this because i believe a lot of junior teams who move to the senior league will rely heavily on their academics or their youth section connections. I don't think a lot of junior clubs will have an academy, maybe just a connection to some youth teams as it may need money poured into starting or operating an academy that some of these teams just don't have when they venture to the seniors
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    Yeah I thought something like that happened but wasn't too sure as I was thinking how it would work for the U19s and U21s youth teams. Regarding the U19s players and the U21s players are they allowed to have DUEL contracts with these teams if the teams are senior like the youth players have with junior sides, even though these senior teams may have a development squad ? While we are at it, if any junior teams applies for senior membership and are accepted what will happen to the youth players already on DUEL contracts, are they let go or do they have to become full contract players or be part of the development squad ?
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    I believe the same is at Rossvale juniors when thay play home at their ground at huntershill. I need it clarified though as I was told committee men stand with buckets for donations before the game at the entry point. I haven't been to their ground to watch them yet but if i did I would put money as a donation anyways