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  1. I get why your saying this and its a kl idea but personally I do not think so. Most junior clubs, if I remember correctly are usually playing right to the end of the season, especially in the top division so most likely, well in the WOS leagues are teams from the bottom divisions who possibly finish early. this type of thing only really works with youth football leagues where a lot of teams finish early, again, usually at the lower level of the league and therefor these teams with month(s) to spare, the league arrange a cup to play in or sometimes a divisional cup. I genuinely don't see any benefit in this. if it was trying to spark interest either junior teams or EOS teams could arrange friendlies with teams who were available
  2. it doesn't matter, currently its the rules. I am against it as well. I would like to see a youth player able to play for his youth team on, say, a Saturday and play for his amateur team on a Sunday. it gives the lads experience at different levels and standards and gives him experience of playing more football than most
  3. Which isn't allowed. Everyone can play with two teams and use a different name. its something that the Syfa and the SAFA, and the SFA should all come together and change
  4. Clydebank definitely yes. I'm sure there are quite a few but if for example 1 supporter of a team who have 300 supporters of a team cannot be the spokesperson on here for them lol, it would be scaremongering and windups galore. Suppose only the official statements from the club/committee would be the best way to find out. Think in realty most don't want to show their cards incase it doesn't materialize.
  5. ffs guys, if your gonna put a score up, gonna put the team who they are playing, not everyone knows or follows your team and might not know who YOUR team is playing so by naming just one team doesn't help anyone on here.
  6. The problem you have is that there is a power struggle. The ERJFA want a separate association in at tier 6 along side the EOS. The EOS and the SOS do not want the ERJFA to come in along side them, quite rightly so. Think of the 28 teams, I believe who came across from ERJFA to join the EOS a few years ago, quite a few top teams I may add and now only to find out that after 2 years, in their eyes, sub standard teams, (no sorry not sub standard, I meant lower standard), from a league they left will be joining them in at tier 6. So obviously none of them will be happy, well I don't believe so. I do not want another East association alongside the EOS, why, not because I'm from the West, I just think it makes sense to have a NOS, WOS, EOS and a SOS at tier 6. We all know,, well hoping and expecting the WRJFA to fill the void for the WOS. In the North, think it was a year ago, maybe longer, the NRJFA said to the PWG that their members don't wanna make up a NOS so stopped with negotiations, but that may change if the whole WRJFA joined. No matter whatever the way the regions are structured you will obviously have weaker regions than others. If it did form this way, N,S,E, W, then from what I gather on here and outside most think the SOS are the weakest association due the their member teams. So again with that in mind the SOS association right now are happy to stay where they are. There is only one way I'd have the ERJFA come in separately would be due to large numbers including the EOS, For example if the West have 60 teams in their association, the South had 20 teams in their association, the north had 20 teams in their association and the two combined East associations have about 140 give or take 20. If this was so I'd have a total reshuffle of the EOS and the joining ERJFA merging together then split it in two so there's a North EOS and a South EOS. but the North EOS would have to be definitive who they are feeding into, which is LL or HL. That's the SFA fault from history past they should have just got the border sorted throughout the country from the start. I believe piecing everything together on here, well the true parts and other information outside of here that Right now the SJFA want the three junior associations to join the seniors as an 'All - in' but the EOS and SOS knocked this back but then right after said they both have 'no objection' to the WRJFA joining straight away as the new WOS but the SJFA didn't inform the WRJFA members of such, they just let them all know that its a no go to join the seniors as a whole. The reason is, the SJFA don't want to lose one association at a time because it leaves them with one less bargaining chip in all these crappy power struggles. ### interestingly enough spoke to a former pro youth coach and who played with Auchinleck Talbot to get his take on it all and he says team like Auchinleck who have dominated Junior football would not want to join their seniors just to fight out eventually it in division 2 meaning it gives them less chance of winning many trophies, the fans could not handle that, that's why he thinks Auchinleck would like to stay in the juniors and I suppose a few junior teams who are in with a shout of trophies in the junior ranks and lessening their chances if moving up to a harder level once they won their league ###
  7. Look its going round in circles here You have the HL, LL, EOS, SOS, SJFA, SFA, EJFA, NRJFA, WRJFA, PWG are fighting for their own agenda and that's outwith the clubs views. (did I leave anyone out - sorry it was a momentary lapse of concentration) SJFA; I think we are all clear that the SJFA are only interested if all the teams join the ranks of seniors, If one is not allowed on their terms then they don't wanna anyone to go. ERJFA; are now, I believe from what I've read, is that they want in as a separate entity at tier 6 (which wont happen). NRJFA; don't want involved stating all junior clubs are of the same view that they have no interest. ( many reasons why this could be but in reality's as most don't have the capability or standards to reach tier 5. This is their position at the moment but if the West Region or East Region join I suspect their views will change, so no point going any further on the matter. EOS; are happy for a WOS to be started straight away at tier 6 and so are SOS with the same view. the EOS and SOS do not want the ERJFA in as a separate association at Tier 6. HL; are quite happy the way they are but will take offers of teams to make up the numbers of their league, once 20 has been reached, (I believe 17 so far), then they would allocate a division below which would be in tier 6 SOS; Quite happy to stay the way its going as they are in tier 6 which some think the standard of teams are weak and should be lower. LL; different kettle of fish, with the border of tayside and who promoted, relegated to the LL makes it a bit time consuming. Each should be worked on as separate entities and dealt with accordingly, might take a few years the way they are carrying on but get the West into Tier 6 asap. If EOS and SOS stated that they are up for a WOS and there will be no objection then letters should be sent out to each individual club to make sure they know this and then its up to the WRJA to meet the demands of the clubs if most want a move.
  8. You will never get the amateur's ranks back to the size of teams that was operating 30, 40 years ago, so yes everyone should deal with what we've got. All clubs would love to be run to the highest of standard but you will always get some who are not. But the more information open to everyone like the ideas your supplied Bringbackmolls is excellent
  9. " agree with your view that more promotion opportunities to the Lowland League, will be needed if a West 'pyramid feeder league' is created. However this is not an immediate problem as only one of the existing West juniors is SFA licensed : Girvan FC, and a large number of West juniors don't have floodlights, so can't get promoted to tier 5, at present." Agreed, there's no rush for the promotion places but when everyone's is on board I would and hope it will be looked at. There are a lot who do not have floodlight, Pollok for example but each level has its own remit so if a team, say Pollok won their tier 6 league and they should get promotion, then they just don't get it and it passes down to second place until the next finished team has all the condition met for tier 5 entry. This would be the same for the East, North and South. I hate this commitment crap, teams fortunes change and thus they cannot keep to what was originally arranged in the past. New committee, new outlook etc... For whatever reason BOD did not join, maybe they felt they were not ready for senior ranks or realizing they are the only team who is capable of being a full member and that the rest of the North region will think its best just to stay in the junior ranks and BOD didn't want to go alone. It should not be taken away from them as they meet the criteria, they will join when the time is right. The only difference for them that should happen is that they just go down lower in the pecking order if there is a bunch of North junior teams who join the Seniors. For me everything can and be easily dealt with. I have been working in youth football and there are soo many grassroot problems that I feel, and many other feel is being ignored by the SYFA that is actually harming youth football and making us lose good, hard working youth coaches. Once the pyramid system is sorted with all the junior teams on board, hopefully then we may then be able to all come together, SFA, SYFA and youth academies etc.. to work out ideas with how to improve or change the way the grassroots is operating and run. me personally I don't give a shit who runs it as long as it benefits Scottish Football
  10. Exactly this and stated before by many The SJFA are just looking after themselves. Imagine being told the West can all move and they don't inform the West clubs, oufffttt and they are still in their position
  11. The SFA the way I see it, act as if they don't care as much if junior teams join or not, they just want an easy life. The SJFA association are only interested in themselves, they want all teams to join the seniors but only on their terms, which cannot happen. The junior assocation know if a sample of teams leave, like the whole West section leaving with the East still at the juniors then that would put the SJFA in a perilous weak position. There is no way, my view shared by many, that you can have two East associations. The ERJFA will never be allowed to enter as a separate association when there is already a EOS there. (we had 28 teams, I think, leave the East Region to join the seniors 2 years ago and some of those teams where the top teams in that region so why would even they alone allow the ERJFA to join level with them when they know they are better than most) Each problem is and should be addressed in isolation The West is an easy fix, join as whole but the only stumbling block, the SJFA don't want this as they want all juniors to go together at tier 6 as LongTimeLurker stated The border with the tayside clubs needs soted The east joining and how they join The West joining to make up the WOS, (if the WOS started then that's it, the whole West and SOS doesn't need to be tampered with all we have then is the East and the North and do you honestly think that if the North joined leavening only the East region as juniors that all those juniors teams would stay in the junior ranks, hell no and the same if roles revered, East region joining and the North teams thinking stuff this, I want to go where the rest are. When you look at it objectively, there is a league at tier 6 for the East, there's a league at tier 6 for the south and we have a gap where's there's no tier 6 league for the North or the West. The EOS will only allow teams in or the ERJFA in if they join in their association in leagues below their own top leagues, (think a bit of negotiation with the top ERJFA junior regional teams can ask to be put in the higher league). The SOS want the ERJFA to join in with the EOS, why, because the SOS are in a good position, they are a tier 6 level but out of the West, North, South and East they would be deemed as the league with the weakest teams and if it was by standard of teams they would be in a lower tier. I cannot be concrete on this as I've not witnessed many teams play in the SOS but I get that impression from most people I chat with but that is neither here nor there as the SOS are in a good position and don't want anything to make it change. The North region, obviously at first they were interested to join then summit happened and they pulled out quickly but at this juncture there is a vacancy for a tier 6 in the North, just as simple as that. My only problem which only a few has touched on is the playoffs and promotion, if all teams join the pyramid system then the promotion relegation should be a minimum of at least two promoted and a play off place, (different variations). The current one, I do not like that the LL and the HL have a playff of with each other to see who plays against the bottom club of League 2. league 2 should be relegated immediately and the 2nd bottom team in league 2 should play off against the loser of the HL, LL playoff or even better, the 2nd place team of the HL and the second place team of the LL are joined by the 2nd bottom of league two and the loser of the HL - LL playoff and thus its a draw for the semi finals and then final, with winner going to the League 2. The reason why it should be a possibly 3 teams promoted relegated throughout as it will be a big pyramid system and some might get disillusioned that there is only 1, maybe 2 spaces to go up. if all these things were sorted the effect could be astronomical and the interest can just snowball, even the youth football will have to change, big style with more kids seeing there's now a genuine possibility of becoming a professional player. With LongTiemLurker is right stating its the SJFA doing the negotiations for the transition from junior to senior but on their terms and there is the stumbling block, what if nothing happens, the SJFA feck it up ! Are all the teams gonna just still stay in the juniors even thought the SJFA said they would sort it for everyone? The teams with balls should just leave but those teams have all been waiting for the right moment, Clydebank are one of those teams. But it would be genuinely good for clarity to know which teams do want to join the seniors and not just from the West but from the East and the North and even is there any amateur teams interested in doing so.. Speaking to committee members at the end of last years season I know Kilsyth Rangers don't want it, the same of Harthill Royal, West Calder United
  12. Auchinleck Talbot vs Cove Rangers (SPFL2) Think this is another cracking, interesting tie especially as Cove won the playoff against East Kilbride and then against Berwick Rangers last year to reach league 2. Adding to that they they are top of the league, it going to be an exciting prospect of a game
  13. Couldn't agree more. if its being pushed through as both regions join at tier 6 by the SJFA knowing full well that it will not be allowed and we have people on here stating the same thing and they know its a stupid idea, now wonder the pyramid system is being held back.
  14. I'm not a Pollok supporter and the video footage, of the 3.2 defeat, was online the next evening,or the Monday evening so what are you talking about. Do you honestly think any guy who does the video footage of their team as a volunteer is going to have footage up straight away. They all have life's and if some games are mental with incidents, goals galore and having to cut them out to put onto a highlights section some will take longer, time consuming. I aint a Pollok supporter, infact during my junior days I took great pleasure playing against Pollok and never been beaten. Some people just talk utter shite on here, seriously, coming away with daffty comments even escalating going on about toilets' so that in their mind they feel they have got one over some imaginary supporter of another team. grow up ffs, if you have a point, make it simple, and see the replies if any come in. Obviously with your latest one above you now know that you are so so wrong. Any guy who spends time out taking video footage of a game deserves a medal, whether a Kilbirnie, Pollok, Glenafton, Auchinleck, Clydebank video guy. We go to a game, while they are there before us and watch the game while they video it, then we leave and go home etc.., that's when their work start as they have to go home, prepare it all and then edit it for highlight and then sort it for the full game while going about their normal every day tasks on that day. if I was making the videos and I shot the game, the last thing I would ever wanna do was go and edit it on a Saturday evening while all my pals are out on a night out. feck that, id rather be with them and do the footage on the first few days of the start of the week
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