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  1. No teams are allowed to train or play games. No one can play or train from the Scottish First division through to every level of football, including all junior, all amateur all youth levels except players and teams at U12s and below, (u12 team means all the players must be 11 year old, if they turn 12 they cannot participate)
  2. Your obviously not understanding what is meant by the post or just totally ignoring what the sentence means or is trying to relate to The similarities is factual or will be once the winners of the WOSFl happen, if it does this year unless its null and void. Meaning it will only state in the history books that some team won the league, it wont mention that teams good enough to win the league or potentially did not play. Fact is Auchinleck or Pollok or the others did not win the league in season 2020/21. So in 2025 or 2030 and so on, no one will be interested who was in the division they will just see who the winners of the WOSFL in 2020/21 was......
  3. No advantage as I'd say that nearly every team and all players have been training on Astro for years so doesn't really make that much a difference. Yip Sammy you can only beat what's in front of you. if there is a league winner it will go down in history books that the first winner will be none of the team who withdrew. It's similar to Celtic winning the league without Rangers being there, it will go down in history books that Celtic won the league, only Rangers fan will dispute its eligibility but fact remain they won the league so it will be the same for the winner of the WOFL
  4. I read some of your posts with interest and think some are good but in all honestly your way out on this one. First of all I know of a few teams who knew they could easily play without fans and most of the rest have worked out that they can just get by without fans this season so would rather continue, if allowed to do so with what they had, so to them if fans came back then it as a bonus, so your first statement in your sentence is absolutely not true. Again, the risks were not crystal clear as it's constantly been changing daily, we all thought we would get out of this and that's why the government gave the go ahead to open universities and pubs etc.. but they were wrong and that's even without the introduction of the new virus variant, again another of your comments totally untrue. Yes it's the only thing we are in agreement with your recent posts. If leagues are not done by the official date then stop. I will say, that no way can clubs be blamed, or accused with any substance of foolishness. Association are in the same boat, cannot be blamed in any way, shape or form. Its the Government Sports Group along with the SFA could be held accountable but in reality we are in a pandemic so really no one is to blame as no one thought of how to tackle or cope with the interchangeable pandemic. We are all trying the best we can
  5. if you wanna take it personal then do so but I honestly wonder why do people come out with stuff like this How can it be foolishness' of anyone who played on. Do all these teams/associations have a doctorate in medical science knowing it will be all right, NO. Do all these teams/associations have a doctorate in medical science knowing its best to pull out or continue, NO then stop talking utter nonsense and try and make a logical post It's a pandemic and no country knew what was best to do, never mind football teams, the countries and governments are all spitballing to see what's best., and may i add, its been changing daily, up and down since march so no wonder no one has got it right yet, but sure there's a few countries close. All teams were given options to withdraw in the WOSFL, some took it, some didn't. As stated many times that people like yourself have ignored. Once the government came out with details of Lockdown, its then down to a government Sports group with the SFA to decide on which grade and level of football is to stop and the ones who continue then the conditions of which they have to abide, (obviously medical facts, Covid facts must be at the meeting in order to decide what they think is best, that we are not privy to). Most of us, except a few are in the same mindset that its no big deal if the season finishes or not as its not that important from the way the pandemic is changing. It is definitely not the foolishness' of other teams, if the league carried on next season. I don't want it to carry on and think it would be a muddled mess so when the season stops then that's it at the definitive date set out by the SFA
  6. Is it the official WOSFL twitter account or a one from a fan ?
  7. The SFA wont allow teams or associations that are late league finish to enter the playoffs. The league must finish on a dedicated date for their winners to enter the Scheduled playoff dates. Think the EOSFL,WOSFL and the SOSFL must finish on a date in May, (not sure of date and month so need that clarified). Obviously SOSFL wont continue this year, so they are out of playoffs and if the WOSFL cannot finish then it means the winners of the EOSFL go straight to the playoff with the bottom of the SPFL 2
  8. Sorry why you wanting to go through all that confusion. There's is absolutely no reason to finish the WOSF leagues next season, why, because no one is being relegated and the withdrawn teams are in at the same level they started thsi season and the playoff would be long gone so again, no need to play the season. That is common sense
  9. I think in the current climate its not a big deal if the league season doesn't finish. It can just be a season of a league table where no one official wins it as no one is going to be relegated anyways. Only people who could moan would be the ones with potentially chance of the play-off if licensed in time. I think a month suspension or the leagues down would be good but there lies the Scottish Cup problem
  10. I think Ice hockey should pull their season as the masks they wear are not NHS compatible and also because I'm on here saying so because I know better and the Ice hockey league will listen to me on here 😶 right beddy baw baws for me
  11. Yip definitely think that could be one factor
  12. I'm a bit unsure where the mingling off the pitch is coming from. It's best sticking to the things we know. Every person at the ground, must be doing a job to keep the game on and going and that its all safe. If there are not then they, the club etc.. should be dealt with. I wouldn't be surprised if the season closes down if the deaths continue to rise as well as the amount of people contracting it each day. I will say, I don't think the level of football we are on about is continuing due to peoples choice in power. Its obviously continuing due to factual contributing with science at the government/SFA group meetings that's deciding that this football is being allowed to continue of which nearly all of us do not have access to the full facts and science of it all. Again, I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just playing devils advocate as I'm not making it up its just what I have learned and read, its not rocket science from both viewpoints. We've already had youth & amateur football stopped but the government/SFA group believe the level of which we are all at/were watching, is believe to be able to run in a way that doesn't spread or contribute to the virus spread.
  13. Yes understand your point but again, no facts are there that state football is a contributing factor in the spread of the virus. The clubs are staying within the guidelines and the clubs and WOSFL are going on what is asked of them from the government and SFA. If the Government and SFA say only club that covid test their players can continue, then most will stop but that hasn't happened yet I can see football at LL level and below either pausing or stopping this season but as I stated there's no FACTUAL contributing factors that football is spreading the virus
  14. Auch gee me a break ffs, sorry folks, I'm having to go down some old news because someone is ignoring it Players were signed for money during the pre season, from clubs and the players arranged their own contracts to receive payments, since then, some clubs have withdrawn this season due to financial, (even though they say safety is a reason as well, although financial is the main). Most teams made arrangements with players so that they played this season without Money, I know its happened/happening to quite a few teams. I don't know Park or Tiny and I take it you were told by them that they are being paid. Your posts and now replies to my FACTUAL statements do look quite vindictive towards the Beith management as there is definitely no justification for the management to be replaced by a well known manager never mind someone whom people haven't heard of outside the normal local circles. All I can say is we will agree to disagree 100%
  15. I'm sorry I don't know this Spank but working with a tight budget is totally different to working with a tight budget, (or NO budget) at Beith in the premier division. As I said, I think your view is totally unfounded against a manager who hasn't lost a game in the league after only 5 games and lost a cup tie against one of the league favorites in extra time. If Beith were being pumped every week AND playing badly after about 10 or 15 games in a season where they can be relegated then I can see that being considered but maybe in my view only but you have posted an absolutely mental post
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