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  1. Hey folks HNY to you all Question and I'm sure the answer is below but couldn't find it. All Hypothetically as season is far from finished But if Pollok won the West of Scotland Premier to become Champions, if they are not licensed, I take it they cannot be put forward to go into the playoffs to see who joins the Lowland league as over all playoff champions. If Pollok did win and Auchinleck Talbot finished second, could Talbot be put forward by the WOS to play in the playoffs ?
  2. Sorry but I'm totally lost here and hope I can be kept up to date, 'what did the Club do to football pyramid in the country' ? I genuinely don't know as I've been more interested in the WOSFL
  3. Yip correct HibeeJibbee Any first team player can play for their U20s development to a maximum of 6 games but only in league matches Any player, even in the first team if he was born in 2001 or less can play for the U20s, (01 player must have been registered with the club on or before 5th of February 2021). The U20s development team are still allowed to use players from youth clubs for a maximum of 12 times. This needs to be agreed by the youth club manager. officially the current ages now elidable for the development teams at players born on 2004, 2003, 2002 and the current ruling of 2001 players). As far as I'm aware regarding subs, A development team can have 7 subs but can only use 5 of the 7 during a match
  4. ffs that's not long There musta been something of a major disagreement or the Board not really happy with the way the management are implementing things, or new players not good enough etc... Suppose it could be number of reasons although I'm quite surprised at only two months though
  5. Sorry not too clued up in what's going on. How long was Hardie in the job ?
  6. I think they must have it in place to reach the playoff, so the winners of the WOSFL, SOSFL and the EOSFL must have the SFA license in place to reach the playoff, is this correct ? was there an official cut off date the season just finished before lockdown
  7. See that its announced that there will be 88 development teams this coming season 21/22 split between East and West Regions and the leagues will be announced this week coming. Exciting times for these clubs and lads getting back to competitive football Scottish Lowlands Development Football League (@OfficialSLDFL) / Twitter
  8. I've been looking over most of the posts that are involving the Colts teams but not sure if they will be included in the cups that the rest of the Lowland league teams participate in. South Challenge cup for example and any others, any one any ideas if they will be included for season 21/22
  9. Fourth division members should be at least invited as quite a few of them would want to participate, St peters and Harthill for example and get a feeling with a good draw they could go on for a couple of rounds
  10. I take it that means the Blantyre Soccer Academy cannot apply to have their U20s team join the U20s development league this coming season ?
  11. I was informed that Blantyre Soccer club have applied to join the WOSFL as they have stated they are adding a U20 team into the development league as well Anyone got any info on this
  12. I'm looking forward to Sundays 2nd leg, I actually think it will be a exciting, cracker of a game. All the best to both teams
  13. Some teams are not releasing players because they players have not handed in the strips or training gear. Some bigger clubs can afford it but a lot of clubs in the WOSFL cant, so they require the gear back. So the club is in their right to retain the player until he hands the match and training kits back
  14. Yeah all teams can enter an U20s, they just need to make sure they fall in line with the criteria and the requirements on the application form. For any new club its a big ask for them to start a senior team and a development team in their first year so good on them and understand if a team just concentrate on their first team to get everything up and running and then add a U20 team the following year. From what we know, St Peters, Harthill, Harmony Row, Kilsyth Athletic, Finnart, Glenvale, Campbeltown Pupils, Westerton, Kilbirnie Thistle and Broomhill Sports Club are all joining as associate members but out of these and any others who join, who will start a development team in their first year. I heard that Blantyre Soccer Academy applied to join the pyramid and with that Blantyre Soccer Academy and Blantyre Vics are both adding a U20s development team as I know there is a Blantyre SC U20 team set up. Unsure if the Blantyre Soccer Academy U20 will go ahead as I believe the First team have bene put back a year. Just waiting to hear official confirmation New Senior Teams who are adding a development team for season 21/22 St Peters Harthill Kilbirnie Thistle Blantyre Soccer Academy Unsure Glenvale Glenvale U20s Teams already in the pyramid system who intend to add a development team in the west season 21/22 are: Auchinleck Talbot Port Glasgow East Kilbride Thistle Ashfield Gartcairn Blantyre Vics Blantyre Victoria U20s Not made statements about adding a U20 team for season 21/22 Harmony Row Kilsyth Athletic Finnart Campbeltown Pupils Westerton Broomhill Sports Club That looks about 10 teams joining the West region development league for season 21/22 There is already 68 teams in the development league, so at least 10 from the West and I've heard that there's about the same number joining the East U20 Development section. So your talking about possibly 88 teams or more in the development league which is just phenomenal. I've not kept up to date with the teams who are adding a U20 team in the East so as said above there are about 8 to 10 teams but not to sure of which teams have announce they are joining and teams where people think they are joining. Who else am I missing that intend to add a new development team for season 21/22, anyone know ?
  15. Allan Glens, that sounds good but heard that's used by Glasgow Harp and another East Dunbartonshire amateur team, St Mungos. Anyone have any info on that ?
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