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  1. The Lowland league and Highland League winners nominated this year has nothing to do with Brechin. Kelty are league champions, end of story, Brora are league champions, end of story, even if I'm a bit perturbed by 3 games only but Kelty is just luck if they only played the bottom half of the league, they are still champions. The playoff will happen and I expect Brora to win, why, as they have been playing some games recently so might be more than a match ready compared to Kelty who have had no games. Brechin have problems, being bottom of the league for the past two years when the leagues were stopped 19/20, this year, 20/21 I cant see Brechin getting off the bottom, especially after the Albion Rovers game but i will say, Brechin have been playing games and are definitely match fit and if they don't win the deciding playoff against the LL/Hl winner then you cannot argue. teams will move up and down divisions, especially if the SPFL/SFA get the structure right and if Brechin are relegated then its a bad time but so, it just means they have to revaluate what they have done, are doing now and going to do for the future to get back up the divisions. There is problems at Brechin and they must be addressed, even if they have done so now, it will take time but they can get it right, when, that's anyone's guess. the only reason why it will be harder to come back up as the promotion to SPFL2 is just a playoff so hard for any team to win
  2. The pyramid is here to stay and things have moved really quickly in the past few years. If it evolves further in the future to a tier 5 then great but to be honest I'm happy for the pyramid to continue the way it is currently progressing but if a tier 5 is needed then so be it. Is the HL and LL strong enough throughout their divisions, not really at the moment but as the years go on the lower standard clubs will be relegated and stronger more powerful clubs will move up from the WOSFL, EOSFLand maybe the SOSFL. I would expect the same to happen with, hopefully expansion of the pyramid Highland League with the Midland League, North League and North Caledonian football league. When the HL pyramid system is sorted then I expect things to calm down but the big real turning point is that the winners of the HL/LL playoff continuously win their playoffs against the SPFL2 club42 then there wouldn't be any real conviction in the SPFL moans that below SPFL2 is not strong enough
  3. Heard that Fauldhouse and Bathgate might be adding a U20 teams for season 21/22. Oh through the grapevine that Stirling Albion might be adding a team into the dev league next season. With Kilbride Thistle announcing if their WOSFL application is successful then they will add an u20 teams into the development league for next season Anyone heard the same or any other teams who are thinking of joining the u20 league season 21/22
  4. Yes correct meant straight relegation for club 42 but the team who wins the playoff takes the place of club 42. Then HL/LL playoff losers will then playoff against Club 41 to see who plays in SPFL2 the following season
  5. your obviously not reading it right, maybe its the way I wrote it but sure its clear enough, my bad if it isnt its basically one up one down and a play off to see if club 41 remains or goes down and swapped by the playoff winner
  6. Out of the alleged 5 teams The only two teams that I know who have applied officially are Harthill and Kilbride Thistle and both look to meet the criteria for the application. Harmony Row, they play out of Braehead right at the Glasgow border, beside some hotel and again its just a cage, although the changing rooms are right beside the park so I suppose if they see a chances then they could change the layout of the park with faculties to meet the WOSFL criteria, just depends who owns the park and how flexible they are.. Finnart amateur and big youth set up play out of Glasgow Green and have used the park in Shettleston that Shettleston U20s intend to use but not good enough for the first team so can't see them being successful. Glenvale, the parks that they have used in the past I cannot see passing inspection for a first team to join the WOSFL
  7. Think a minimum should be Highland league winners and Lowland League winners playoff to see who is promoted straight to SPFL2 and the losers play the 2nd bottom team of SPFL2 in a play off to see who will be in the SPFL2 the following year. Think before when the pyramid was introduced the HL v LL winners to play Club42 was fine but standard so high now lower in the SPFL there needs to be straight relegation from SPFL2 There's quite a few clubs, will make it to Lowland league and can see a few making the SPFL2 and even fluttering in and out of SPFL1. No matter what I believe the standard is rising and the SPFL2 current teams realize this and thus they know their level will have to rise. Think in 5 years with all the pressure happening I think in 5 years the SPFL2 league will look completely different to what it is now
  8. Yeah heard that, think Talbot made the right choice 🤣 Think every team in the WOSFL made the right choice, the ones who withdrew and the ones who continued, except the teams who were absolutely pumped while playing the season up to lockdown
  9. Could be wrong and have been in the past but think there will be a few who will not renew. They will realize how important the WOSFL, EOSFL etc.. is and work to the importance of their league and the South challenge cup and other domestic cups. Sad to say but the junior cup will start to be an after thought as the years roll on. The only way out is that once all the pyramid is joined, the junior cup can try and take over as the non league national cup but then again, the big teams that have licensed in the LL, HL, WOSFL, EOSFL and SOSFL might think it aint worth it and wont want involved.
  10. Agreed but its a lot better than what it could be with all the tayside teams joining in the EOSFl
  11. Yeah I have to agree, There's always next year and the year after and so on and so on. The WOSFL couldn't be finished so the Leagues did the right thing and calling it null and void. All the teams that played this year will find this year beneficial for next season, trying to build their teams etc... but that is also the same of teams who never played, that have seen the standard that was played and know what to expect and know what they have to do to progress and i think this level of football is just going to rise with the excitement of everyone , hopefully back playing.
  12. Personally if that was going to happen I think that would be a long way off I don't like it, the reason, means 3 teams would have to playoff against each other to have a crack at the club 42, making it harder for the lower leagues. I think with all the teams and league, joining/starting just under the Highlands, I get a feeling years to come the Highland league will become even a higher standard than it already is. So for me a highland/Lowland or North Vs South is straight forward and enticing to make the playoff. But in a few years I'm more hoping for club 42 to be straight relegated from the SPFL2 With Highland V Lowland playoff winners, straight to SPFL2 and the losers to play the Club41 in a playoff to see who gets the second spot. At this moment that's what I can see. if the Highland and Lowlands get their house in order which they are doing it will put more pressure on the SPFL to get theirs sorted
  13. Think this is all great news and sounds like teams like Tayport are able to progress to the pyramid in the area they want and everyone sounds happy about it. Looks like a complete pyramid and not lop sided either. Think the years to come as teams get licensed and some emerge to become stronger the way the Pyramid is formed may evolve into an easier, much smoother process
  14. I'm have to agree Junior, but I think when we sit down and truly think of it, no one is being left behind, everyone is different thinking of running their clubs. The pyramid is here to stay and will always be there for any team who wants to progress, dreams to progress, try to progress and will progress. Right now there are people in charge of teams, not just junior teams or last year ex junior teams but other teams, even senior who are quite happy the way things are with their team, they don't see progression, they just want to stay as it is. Nothing wrong with that but as we all get older, new, young, excitable blood with fill the committee rooms of these teams with exciting ideas and they will look at the pyramid and think, 'yeah, I want a piece of that pyramid and see where it takes us'. This might be next season, season after, 5 seasons away 10 seasons away but it will happen and I'm excited of the prospect of things like this over the next few season, next 5/10/20 and if still alive 30 odd years. Just if the idea happens with the Midland, North Caledonian and North Leagues joining the pyramid under the Highland League then the pyramid will be complete in its first stage and really over time it will evolve to become more slimline This pyramid is here to stay and grow and I for one am excited and even the doubters are changing their views of the pyramid cause they realize its the right thing to do for their team, their club and Scottish Football
  15. I was just to tired to check and being lazy, thanks for that 👍 They are summer football, is that right ?
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