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  1. Yes correct, if the player is on a professional contract. Also if they loan the player out to a team who will pay their wages then said player is still contracted to Pollok. for example I think I'm correct in thinking that a Pollok player is loaned out to BSC
  2. With Pollok for example. one of the big clubs, with paying support and no sugar daddy, Id say their average crowd being somewhere from 400 to 600, ( some games were way above that size), last year and with a normal playing squad about 24/25, the minimum they would be paying out just for playing staff would be about £2000 a week, and that's a conservative estimate on outlay, I'd really expect nearing £3000 and if Pollok were charging £7 a game for the new season and new league then it would be somewhere between £2800 and £4200 a week that they are bringing in if its one game per week. Personally this tells me that its totally understandable why Pollok pulled the plug this season and I don't blame them. You could go through the reasoning for each and every team who has withdrawn this season and the same with every team that stayed. We could never envisage this Covid effect throughout the world and how its massacred our football throughout the country and I don't think any blame can be put on any of the clubs for their decision or for the associations and the decisions they came to being spelt out by the Government and Nicola Sturgeon
  3. Guys n gals, sorry if missed the info. When is the latest deadline date and time for missing out the league season in the WOSFL ? Is there two deadlines, think i read somewhere ?
  4. I'm on here often and read people who are either at the windup or just jealous. Who gives a flying feck if a team has a sugar daddy that pays for the team or a team who has a big support that pays for a team. What's the big deal as long as they are all teams who are in the league looking to do get as high as they can with success. First and foremost, the MAIN reason the teams who have withdrawn this season is for finances, absolutely everything else is secondary. I don't think there is anything wrong with teams withdrawing and I don't think there is anything wrong with teams staying. The talk from people who state on here that certain teams will take the league to court because of NO relegation or promotion is laughable and if they do, then they are going to lose heavily because every business is having to adapt daily due to Covid. I take it the clubs all voted for different options before the league commences, 1. withdraw and come back next season at same level so no promotion/relegation this season 2. all play on as normal come the 24th 3. Shut the whole league down for season 20/21 Was there any other options on the table ?
  5. There are tons of rules so it is hard to keep up. The point o the development league is to give the players as close as possible the experience of the first team and thus any opportunity to go into the first team is applauded and enticed,
  6. No there is not - 100% A first team player who is over aged, ( meaning born before 2001 ) can play for the U20s 6 times a season but only in league matches. U20s players can play as many times as the first team managers decides in any league or cup tie
  7. Glenafton are out and Craig McEwan resigned because they are out
  8. Fairweather, does this mean they teams that still participate in the premier league and the other conferences wont be relegated either
  9. I read that earlier and understood it. Id rather see the official statement from the WOSFL before i take it as truth
  10. Penalized can mean many different things. For example, any tema that pulls out have to pay a fine and then to renter they have to pay a bond Have they been told officially that if they pull out they can enter back into the tier they left, (I've not seen anything to the contrary)
  11. so if Pollok and Auchinleck pull out they can renter at tier 6, is that true ?
  12. Here's a thought, smaller in the scheme of things but still an important issue. If the 14 clubs who pull out for this season, does this mean that if they run a development team that the parent development team will have to pull out of the development league. Heard that the dev league was supposed to start on the 6th of November but unsure
  13. I've not see it but hhas any club who say they are withdrawing for this season stated that they are releasing players Each player who signs for these clubs are either on an amateur form for the 20/21 season or a professional form for the 20/21 season. The clubs do not have to release those players unless they cannot keep up with the players contracted payments. I'm sure the clubs who withdraw are allowed to play friendlies and are they allowed to participate in the other cup, ie. SCC. The only way the clubs would release a player was that they felt it would harm their name in some way if they keep the players signed
  14. I cant see any club being penalized for a season out from the league this season from fans. Questions though; What happens to the players who are signed, are they still retained as I suppose its a year contract or would those clubs be duty bound to release them as players didn't sign p to it. The clubs that withdraw for this season, I take it they will go into the fourth division of the WOSFL if there is promotion and relegation through this season and if there is no relegation, promotion, will it go back to another 3 conferences. (suppose both questions can be hypothetical as it depends on the government suspend football again at a later stage Has the SFA or the individual associations made anything public about coming with a plan for all grounds to allow fans in or a certain number of fans Personally I believe there will be an outright winner of the tier 6 division but I cant see there being promotion, relegation from the other divisions, a quagmire to try and work out.
  15. I just cannot see how it will start without fans. Clubs can not continue without fans. The clubs in general are trying to do everything within the restrictions, doing the right things but if one player goes tot eh shops, chats to someone then they can catch it, they go back to training then bang, the whole squad have to self isolate. Most probably it wont even the the clubs fault
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