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  1. PMSL, the guy who says he doesn't go into other threads and when he does, he doesn't contribute any useful ness lololololol. Me thinks someone canny help himself
  2. Reading this thread and also looking back at my own input there are a lot of people going off on one due to their affiliation of club/league etc... or their area of choice and thus taking it personally. I'm more interested in the future of the pyramid and the smooth running of it. If it was the WOSFL region who was weak and the EOSFL and the SOSFL were the strongest I'd be of the same attitude of the West I personally don't think the SOSFL should be at tier 6 as it will slow down the progress of the pyramid if the SOSFL stay at tier 6 and the Lowland League open up their relegation policy The whole point of my input is that I'm more concerned about when the relegation from Lowland League is sorted, meaning 2 automatic relegations and 3rd bottom going straight into a playoff. I would like to see the WOSFL and EOSFL champions being promoted but I don't think the playoff should be between the bottom 3rd placed LL team and the SOSFL champions. Why, because I and a lot of people think the standard is low. Even if the standard was closer then it might be reconsidered but it hasn't and wont be for a long, long time and thus slowing down much stronger teams, leagues from producing stronger team replacing the 3rd bottom of the LL in a playoff. For example , (again hypothetically) 2 automatic relegation from the Lowland league, Both East and West winners go up. The 3rd bottom of the Lowland would play the SOSFL champion and id say 99% of people who follow football expect the 3rd bottom to win the playoff, easily as the difference is so vast. If it was the 3rd bottom of the Lowland against the 3rd bottom of the EOSFL or the WOSFL, most people would think that the 2nd placed team would win, that's how much a divide there is in those leagues. I will say, the SOSFL solution if workable isn't as important issue right now than the SPFL 2 and Lowland League sorting their relegation and promotion issues right now. P.s. there are so many issues that need sorted if there were to be changed. Would the WOSFL vote to have the SOSFL at tier 7?. Is tier 7 the right level for the SOSFL ?, Do the SOSFL committee think this is a great idea ?. The SOSFL are at tier 6 rightfully because they got in there first but who says it works or who says it wont be part of the slowing down progression of the Scottish Football pyramid system. The only compromise I can think of that would work, keeping the SOSFL where they are would be that the 2 automatic places go to EOSFL and WOSFL winners and the playoff would be a four club semis, or playoff of the 3rd placed Lowland League team, the SOSFL champions and both 2nd placed teams of both EOSFL and the WOSFL. I think that would keep most happy and the integrity of the pyramid system
  3. Yip 100% agreed, time will tell I have to be honest here. I know you ain't talking to the right people who make those decisions as I spoke to one of them recently and he says total nonsense and there is no connection to Eglington from the guys who make the decisions on players at Kilwinning. There will be no U20s players from Eglington or any team as no assessment has been made on Kilwinning U20s players. Its the U20s coaches who make decisions on the U20s players along with the first team management. I don't think any players at any of the two clubs will be making decisions on any comings and going at their teams either. Your talking about a brand new 1st team management who will be full on with working with the U20s Coaches and players and the academy and if the 1st team find any young lads in the academy from advice given by U20 coaches and academy coaches, who are progressing at a great speed then they will bring them in for experience rather than bring external players in unless there is some major problem with the current batch of players. And if being honest, this is how it should be run and expected to be run by most teams. The whole point about the U20s is that they are signed registered players and their team is the B team I haven't checked but I know Kilwinning announced quite a few signed players and by funky monkey on here but are they finished signing players or are they adding more as I've not seen any more?
  4. Can only guess if being fair As development football is in its infancy in the Wes, the league are doing everything they think is best for it to succeed I think in the future the Ayrshire teams will be mixed with the rest of the teams, that is what is wanted by the hierarchy of the Lowland development league committee and everyone else connected, most teams, coaches etc... Last year the decision was to put all Ayrshire U20s teams in the same league due to the U20s being new and they thought it was best that there was as little travelling as possible to give the teams less expenses to run, there was a few traditional central teams included but they were, probably deemed the closest teams to Ayrshire. The only thing i can think of is that they kept most in the same league due to many folding last year, again , maybe hoping to not put a strain on their money But the Ayrshire league (14 teams), still has 6 traditional central area teams so there is an exciting interest and quite a few excellent sides Arthurlie and the young excellent Benburb side The teams from the central area are Arthurlie Benburb Neilston Renfrew St Cadocs St Peters I'm personally looking forward to getting to a lot of grounds on Friday nights to see the quality on show and potential stars of the future
  5. 97 teams this season in the U20s development league, wow, that's something else . Think it was 88 last year with about 10 folding.
  6. You do know these Eglington players are registered Eglinton players and cannot play for Kilwinning and would have to be released so why would the Kilwinning manager go for one of those lads when he has a bit of clout with contacts and can easily get a potential young star from a higher senior team and bring them on loan. Don't need to try and put it simple enough for me, hmm shall i say it. I do not expect there to be ANY Eglington players from this season playing for Kilwinning this season, especially when there's a U20s team where I expect the first team coaching staff to be looking at and helping when needed. But then again, if being fair, football is football, anything can happen
  7. I'm a bit lost, why would Kilwinning need a feeder team when they have a new U20s team where at least two over aged players can play in any u20 league match. Also the Eglinton squad are registered players and cannot play for Kilwinning, so definitely confused by what you mean. All semi professional teams with potential feeder teams waits for response so they can crack the code
  8. Thanks for that Fairweatherfan Its an interesting read finding out what people's views where back in 2015
  9. But its got nothing to do with this situation in the SOSFL thread. No relevance to what this post is about
  10. 3 I'm a bit confused easily these days Was the rule that division 4 was a development league and a team can only be promoted if they pass the criteria to become a Full WOSFL member club. If i remember correctly one of the new rules was that a new registered club in Division 4 would be given two years grace to get their park sorted and that they should own the park to become full members or have I got this wrong. If it does exists does the EOSFL have any such law as well as the WOSFL. Just realized, relegation from division 3 depends on other divisions relegations so is division 3 to be back to a 16 team league as they have 19 for season 22/23
  11. Take it Forth and Neilston are added to the no longer members as stated above ?
  12. I'm genuinely shocked by this. If you had asked me to name a handful of teams in the WOSFL who would be joining this season, Forth would be one of the first teams id say that would rejoin.
  13. Well that's not true. I'm sorry, go back to my posts, I have been to games and watched online/streamed in the WOSFL the SOSFL and the EOSFL and Lowland and a lot more involved to make a comment on why I think it the league is inferior as I've viewed games across the board. Your Hilarious comment is total ignorant to what I've put on my posts in this thread as I've put my views on in a full constructive way and by point including the ones I've listed here and your Unconstructive comments are ludicrious. If you are taken it personally cause you think its an attack on the SOSFL then I cant help that. I cant think of many people who are in support that think that the SOSFL is a tier 6 standard. The Tranent game you talk about was a cup tie, no way can you say that its any major relevance to the standard of level of leagues. The main playoff between the EOSFL, SOSFL and the WOSFL yeah you can say there is some, as its the most important for those teams involved for the whole season, well supposed to be. and again your comment, 'just because'. its not just because as i have given my full reason why its MY view point and I don't speak for anyone else on here So i build my views from my own experience, of playing and now watching, working, volunteering, coaching in and about those levels and yes what other people have said, peoples who I value their comments as I know they are objective and a few on here but mainly outside of the forum
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