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  1. heard that its not official an the leagues are still being worked out
  2. I can't see any team struggling to field a team as there is a huge interest in the development league from a lot of youth players
  3. The league comes first which we all agree and then it should be the main senior Scottish cup for the licensed teams or teams like Auchinleck who won their league and then its the South Challenge cup (is it 147 teams competing ?), so to me I cannot see that cup being scrapped as its the main cup that incorporates all the Lowland, West region, East region and south region teams from tier 5 down, so this is a huge cup so don't get why talk of scrapping it. There and I would expect there to be a couple of other cups and then the junior cup. The reason why I say the junior cup is last on that list is that its not part of the association and run by others so I can only see it causing problems and not all the teams in the West region have renewed their membership. I don't see why teams who have not renewed their license or teams who are not part of the juniors membership who play in the West lose the chance of playing in a domestic cup so that the junior cup can work, that's not right so that's why I expect and know it should be domestic other cups priority. In regarding the bold paragraph, yes 100% agree with you of the shortened season and somethings may have to suffer so if it the first to go would be the junior cup as its not part of the senior association. What I will say My view only here It should be: league take priority, except for senior Scottish cup then South Challenge cup West of Scotland cup 1 or 2 other cups Scottish junior cup The South Challenge cup will come before the West of Scotland cup
  4. I'm a bit unsure about the junior cup as your not mentioning other Lowland domestic cups Its the lowland league so all their cups under their control should be mandatory before the junior cup. I've not heard what cups will be at the west but the junior cup games for the senior teams have to be fitted in with the lowland league schedule. So teams in the west will have the league games, the challenge cup, the senior Scottish for some or one and usually another two domestic cups or a west cup and then it should be the Scottish Junior cup. The Lowland league cannot let an outside cup run by a different organisation change the way they operate or intend to operate as I sure this would be detrimental to their season and running said of
  5. The lowland league will work it out. They were hoping to have two conferences leagues in each region. They said its a possibility that if its a late football start then they will change to 3 divisions, (definitely in the West, - maybe the East) and or lose one of the cups suppose what's defined as a late start. I did expect problems but suppose officially there are no ground situations. All clubs have been accepted and therefor I expect they all have an adequate park from the Lowland leagues view its going to be Friday games only as the development teams are run by the first team so the league could not just hit them with other days for the sake of it when the development lads are also for the first team when needed. I'm sure after the first season for the West teams and the development league getting to know all the ins and outs of the West, things will be tidied up if a park is verging on unsuitability I would suspect games midweek as well at the start of the league as the nights haven't drawn in yet so first team park is useable, depending on availability then obviously when the dark nights draw in then the other facility they intend to use that has floodlights will be used. All in all an exciting time, Friday night constant games and Saturday constant games when we all eventually start, so looking forward to it
  6. I think this ran away from what was intended and obviously my own fault for not elaborating We know the councils own these parks or are have part ownership at least, so for lot of these facility council owned stadiums may have facilities inside where other business use them outwith the football team, say a boxing club, judo club, dance club etx.. So yeah, they can run it as a business as the park is loaned to them so obviously charge including the football team. I was more thinking of public parks, council owned parks, the type with cages etc... is that you cannot charge people to enter into the game as the parks are just that, public parks. Maybe there is a way that can be reached with the councils so that they could charge but I don't know of any Sorry for the confusion n just want to say, brilliant that all 68 teams that applied to the Lowland u20s development league have been accepted and looking forward to a Friday night wondering which game to go and watch as I'm sure there is going to be some crackers
  7. Quite a few junior teams use junior facilities and charge - Petershill for one. Higher up you've got Broadwood owned by the council. At youth level too, entry is charged for the SYFA/Regional finals. I'm sure I can be corrected and don't mind if I am but is Petershill park not run by someone else, or third part who take payments Also, I'm positive that Broadwood is not Wholly owned by the council but shared with some Cumbernauld cooperation, again I could be wrong
  8. Buckets are great idea. I don't think any tm can charge when using a school pitch or public pitch or council owned pitch but think every home team is in their right to have a bucket for donations to help pay for referee, park etc...
  9. Camelon and Dunipace and am I right in saying Sauchie in the same position could play in the East or West but I heard that the rule in season 21/22 will be that if first team play in the East region then the u20s will do the same. Think Mid Annadale are in the same position in the south. There will always be teams that travel further than others, that's just their location so cant change that. In saying that they might even regional inside the west region, ie put all Ayrshire teams together and some west, western teams for the first year to help. I think they will just conference two divisions again in the East as everyone seen the past couple of years as a success Regarding fact, yeah your right, every area and team is different so some are under, which I know a few are and some might be over priced but being regionalised will help keep costs down. I believe at the under 20s teams most teams will have the lads in an amateur form and its up to each individual club to put those lads into pro contract but obviously if they think its beneficial to the club. Facts are only relevant to the team you are involved in not a sweeping statement that all costs are equal Yes, totally 100% agree there
  10. This is now fact; the development league is being regionalized, so there will be a West region and an East region, so no big constant travels for teams from East to West or from West to East, except in cup ties. I have heard however that they intend to have two conference divisions in each region but stated that if it’s a late start to the season they make put the regions into 3 conference divisions with less games,. If I remember rightly, there's 38 teams applied in the West and 30 from the East so the development are checking criteria to make sure all are eligible to enter. In regards to pricing it looks cheaper for MOST teams to be in the development league at U20s than a youth team at, say U19s or U21s because its similar fees except the referee fees have been returned to the club at the end of the season Quite a lot of the teams running already have been playing in quality parks, Kpark, Holm park, huntershill, Newlandsfield, Rockburn park, some I may add for nothing, the prices of the public parks are similar in price to Astro and some of the quality parks maybe cheaper as they are run by the first team. These teams are allowed to play on a grass park so quite a lot of the U20s teams will play on the first team parks, again possibly without charge and in early nights they will go to another park that they are using You are way off in regards to development contracts, nearly all teams will have these lads on amateur's contracts, I suspect they will only put some of these lads on a professional contract if they believe the lad has a bright future in the game and as this is new to most of the WOS teams there is no need for them to rush into putting promising players on professional contracts, the league is a development league, it’s all about developing youths to the best that they can be in the hope that they may make the first team. I know of professional players who are coaching in the new development league and are not taking any money, they are volunteer coaches and never dismiss a parent/volunteer coach, professional coaches learn from them as well. I think from the general consensus is that when the East teams left the junior ranks to join the senior ranks a few years ago and quite a few teams took a local team along which had an adverse effect on the u19s and u21s East leagues and most of the west side noticed this and in retrospect have been preparing for the development league and the first team taking their teams so most have been ready, not all I may add but quite a few
  11. Agreed, pitch that meet the criteria is really the main problem, as this is all new to the West teams, eventually they will all get sorted this season, next season or season after. If the U20s had started, wouldn't Petershill U20s use the Petershill Park home ground ? Not sure how its working in the East but its been successful by all accounts in the past few seasons with most teams from the East so here's hoping the West will follow suit
  12. I heard the Lowland league told all teams that no training is allowed. I think they are waiting to find out definitively what is allowed and what is not in regards to training and football
  13. Think so but suppose as it would be pre season training for the next few weeks its more about fitness so lots of fitness work and running and if true You can have one coach with 7 players and another coach with 7 and so one, doing the same work outs and small passing drills etc....
  14. Why seething ? Totally bamboozled with that unless its aimed at certain individuals that I don't know about Dunipace made it clear in the past that they wanted to progress and have continued to do so. Every team should welcome another team getting licensed and know its there for them to do the same if they so wish
  15. Oh I get ya I still would find this funny that a youth team is using the senior team for the youth team to operate under their name in a different area. The first team of every development squad, remember can fold the team at any time and every first team is to take responsibility of the development team so I find that a bit hard to take in. if that was true then Upper Annadale are very guidable indeed
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