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  1. Grassroots / Youth Football Improvements - Any Ideas ?

    Anyone, Any other ideas for improvement? There is usually a deadline for teams to sign youth players for cup competitions. I believe its 31st of March. Do you think this should be scrapped and if so what benefits, if any, would help with the development of players?. I'd like to see the Scottish and Regional definitely have a deadline right enough but not all the domestic cups within each youth league
  2. Grassroots / Youth Football Improvements - Any Ideas ?

    I as a coach am up to my level 3 but it doesn't matter what level I'm at, it won't change me as a coach as I know what I'm best at coaching and as a person, researching and experiencing other coaches training sessions and watching games. Basically up to level 3 is fairly easy as level 1 and 2 you just stand and watch and get your badge, level 3 you have to produce two simple drills in whatever your selected to offer, ie. defending, possession, attacking, etc.... from then on B and C licenses are a bit different and slightly harder but they can be done if you work your system and drills our carefully as I've watched a few colleagues recently attain their badges at both levels. As coaches, we are all different and working with other coaches helps develop you and the other coaches, bouncing off each other with ideas and positives to making coaching better and more intense if possible. At the moment I work well with the other two coaches as I'm more focused on different things that they excel on and together hopefully we cover all bases for the lads, helping them grow as players. I travel to youth games, sometimes coach up to 5 nights a week, this week 2 nights and learn from other coaches positives and negatives and take points and see if I can escalate the development of our youth. Nothing wrong with going to see junior coaching session, senior coaching sessions when you're free, they all help. I worked at an academy and coached with my main team and was asked by a few coaches to help with some of their sessions with their teams. Some of those coaches classed me as experienced but as I said to them, I pick up good points from them as we should really all bounce off each other after all it's about developing the youths so it all helps. # On Saturday our youth head coach's previous team from last year's U19s captain is playing against our current first team who had 3 players from our current U19s team including our captain playing in last weeks first team win so it would be great to have those 3 boys in the squad again participating in the same junior premier league match. We watched our 3 of boys this year play for the first team, (junior) then went straight to another junior game to watch two of our lads from last year, play for another junior team. Knowing that these boys and others are now at a higher level of football and hopefully destined for higher is what really should be striving for. Personally, this is what I love to see and this is what I constantly want to see from most grassroots teams, producing players for a higher level. I have to say our head coach is fantastic but he came from a pro-youth background for over 22 years and then went into grassroots and it was strange for him and with help from some of our grassroots coaches on the simplistic in and outs and once he grasped all the advice he just took off and producing players for a higher level and you can't ask any more of him. I have to admit I see too many teams whose coach is more interested in winning than the development of their players and the lads end up going nowhere football-wise. I see so many restrictions for coaches and youths at grassroots level with the pricing of parks, registration, only allowed to play for one team, etc... I believe If we all pull together with the same goals there really could be no stopping us all but sometimes you think people at the SFA and SYFA make decisions and stick with them even though they know a lot is against the decisions and when it goes wrong, they still stick with them not wanting us to think they were wrong and we just have to deal with their decisions. In all honesty, any ideas on improvements will help from grassroots up and from the top down to grassroots. If something ain't working, then change and right now football ain't working and we are way behind too many countries who even have smaller populations than us. The more we all pull together, thinking of ideas, improvements, developing methods can only be good for our game from the youths up
  3. Grassroots / Youth Football Improvements - Any Ideas ?

    Yeah interesting enough at a Youth Academy, as a coach you are registered to the academy which means you can coach any team in the academy. I was previously coaching at a specific team and sometimes other teams would ask me to come and lend a hand with their age group but recently when I told the head coach of the specific team I was with, I wasn't a coach to that team I was registered to the academy. Regarding any team joining the pyramid, yeah that can be adopted by any junior team or any amateur team if they have the correct facilities to operate in the senior level. As far as I can remember most Caledonian league amateur teams must own their own ground to play in the league, (think other amateur leagues have same rules to join), so I suppose there some who may even think of applying for the seniors.
  4. Grassroots / Youth Football Improvements - Any Ideas ?

    Thanks for that, I'll look into this more, actually it would be good to get the official stats for both Sunday and Saturday Scottish cup but in reality, they still have dwindled and the post is more about finding ideas on improving grassroots so hopefully we don't get bogged down with inaccuracies with stats, my fault, and hopefully the main points and others people come out with improvements I personally didn't have the facts for the Scottish n regional cups (ONLY) as I know they have dwindled and been I'd been informed elsewhere that the cup was bigger but as stated before, lets not have a post bogged down with people making negative comments when the post is really just about any ideas on improving grassroots football, that should really be the agenda of this post and hopefully most posters. Regarding 'so many facts', that was the only fact that could be incorrect,, 'the stats' but the subject matter of the cups is correct, fewer teams are entering both cups In general folks back to Grassroots football, whatever the stat of the amateur Scottish cup in the past and up until now definitely has dwindled and it would be good to know the same as youth football regarding the size of teams, how many in Scottish cup, etc.. It's hard enough trying to pay for a pitch and referee, pitches usually somewhere in the region of £100, (Donald Dewar n Huntershill) to name but a few and a referee is usually £35 to £40 so its hard enough paying out in the region of £140 to play a game of football in youth football Is there any way the SFA / SYFA subsidize or part offer to help with payments of parks, just wished they would look into these ideas even if they are poppycock I'm also sure that to play a friendly you have to register it with SYFA and pay a small fee, WTF pure hassle again
  5. Grassroots / Youth Football Improvements - Any Ideas ?

    Yeah, the duel contract is quite a good idea as many junior teams in the past take youth players and sit them on the bench for say 4 weeks, might get 10 mins and the lads cannot play for anyone else, thus not much game time in the space of a month. The duel lets the lads do the same for the junior team but then able to play for their youth team if they are on a different day. It's pathetic regarding this matter, it shouldn't even need for any of us to complain about it, the SFA and SYFA should get it sorted, too busy sitting with a pen and looking after their own jobs to bother. Youth football needs help and ideas and I don't feel the governing bodies are helping, the same attitude they have with the pyramid system with the juniors and senior leagues. 30 years ago, 1400 teams in the Saturday Scottish amateur cup, this year, as far as I'm aware, only 650 teams entered, men and youth football on the decline and they don't bother. Girls youth football on the up and well done to them An interesting note which I think is great, a girl can play in a boys team up until U16s
  6. Grassroots / Youth Football Improvements - Any Ideas ?

    Kinda yes lol, it is a minefield righty enough. As far as I'm aware and I don't mind being corrected, there are youth Saturday leagues and youth Sunday league for the same age group, they never deal with each other in any way unless a Saturday team is drawn with a Sunday team in the regional cup or Scottish Cup. So basically right now a youth can register for a Saturday team and train with them but not play or register for any other youth team or amateur team. EXCEPT they can play for their School team. I remember I used to play for my school team on a Saturday morning then play for my amateur team on the Saturday afternoon and then play for my Sunday amateur team, all legit Right now if a youth plays for a youth team on a Saturday, he cannot play or register for any other team either youth or amateur. There isn't too many levels of bureaucracy, there's the SYFA and they can sort it out and address this problem that youths could play for two different youth teams on different days. I know for a fact if a boy is registered with a youth team then said boy cannot play for an amateur team but they will never come into conflict in any way as they are both different types of levels of football. I feel these bodies just sit behind a desk and say this is the rules we govern and you will abide by them even though ideas that I may have, you may have or anyone may have, for the greater good of grassroots football but they still wouldn't do anything about it as, why, not sure, maybe too much hassle for them and can't be bothered. This is only one idea though and I'm sure many people out there hopefully have some ideas on imporving grassroots football
  7. I was thinking, yip me, I know, 'right no one start'. After the carry on with San Marino v Scotland game and all the outcry with people moaning there should be change in Scottish Football all the way down to grassroots football but I haven't really seen that much ever happen to improve grassroots in the past 20 years or so. As a coach for many years, I've seen some great things due to youth development and seen some really bad things. So I was thinking of things that can make it better for youths of getting them more involved, even to get more youths involved in football or stop kids from leaving football. Too many youths on their PlayStation, Xboxes and when older, 17s, 19s 21s, there's drink, girls, work etc... that can all be part of their lives making football secondary. I will say, these points, questions etc.. that I have added here are from my own viewpoint and hopefully understood the way I intended but I understand everyone's interpretation might be different but hope not which saves time lolol 1.. Do you think that at youth football if there are youth teams who play on a Saturday and a different team who play on a Sunday, should youth be allowed to register and play for the two teams as the teams don't conflict each other thus the lads can get more game time and experience? Obviously, if a youth played for an U16s Saturday team and a U16s Sunday team then he could only play for one team in the Scottish Cup and the regional, he could not play for both. The effect, of course, could be if the boy is banned for a couple of games this could affect him playing for the Sunday team. 2. Quite similar to 1 but what about a youth being allowed to play for a U17s boys team on a Saturday and playing for a Sunday amateur team, Again learning and experiencing two different types of football. Obviously choosing the right kinda amateur team and coaching can be hard but to be honest it can be the same for choosing the right youth team. 3. This is a hard one and no its not pertaining to anyone but in all my years coaching and watching other youths teams I've not seen the development of a youth with his father as a coach helping the child develop the way he should. The problem is that most teams go through, well not a problem but sometimes it ends up that way. A youth team is started by a volunteer who starts the team because he wants his son playing then going through the years, some youth well reach their level of standard but the father is still pushing the child, even dropping a better player to let his son play. To be honest this is really one of the hardest as if the father didn't start the team to have his son involved in football then the team might not have been started thus lots of other youths missing out. I will say however this is one factor I cannot see any way to sort. The only thing I can think of is asking any father who is a coach and has his son in a team if you asked him, your son can go to another team with a higher standard of coaching, would that coach/father continue coaching and or let his son leave. I will say I've experienced some good with father son coaching etc.. where that father has only played his son if his son merited being played 4. In regards to coaching, I was coach at a U16 team who play on a Saturday and I went to the SYFA and asked if I'm able to also coach with a U19s team who play on a Sunday and train on different days and they said unequivocally NO, the only reason they gave was that if I was banned from coaching for the youth team then it would affect the other team and some coaches may not take responsibility for this. i.e not telling the other team he is banned. For me personally I coach as my whole goal is to give lads a chance and be developed to a high standard and get the chance to go to a higher level with good advice etc.. This now meant I can only coach one team thus, not just me but for many more devoted coaches the SYFA are depriving youths being developed by an experienced coach. Another negative on youth football. 5. Your views on youths at 16 or older playing for an amateur team. me personally I feel a lot of these youths are talked into older friends and joining in with older pals and not experiencing youth football and making it harder to be developed in a way to get to a higher level, not saying it doesn't happen but feels there's more chance at youth level at the RIGHT team. This is one of the reasons why I would love a youth to be able to play for a Saturday amateur team and a Sunday youth team or visa versa. 6. Does my head in, Coaches who are that more interested in their team winning than their development of their players as a team or especially individually. Seen youth teams eventually fold and my take that the coaches cannot handle their team not winning as much as they did when their team was younger and eventually pack it in or teams getting older, keeping the same players who served them well but those players not able to perform at the older age, thus coach not realizing till too late that new players should have been brought in earlier. My view is I will always freshen the team up especially if better players make themselves known, it keeps your own players on their toes and makes them, hopefully, 'UP their game'. However, if youths are being replaced they should always be helped in finding other teams. 7. I don't like the current U21 set up of playing on a Saturday, meaning only 'one' league in the west though so it's not their fault that's what they choose over the last 30 odd years of operating, sure it's that long. I want to see U21 teams playing on a Sunday or a Friday as teams that are connected to a junior team officially or unofficially cannot be visited by first-team management, officials and or fans thus getting them exposure. I always believe and been proven, successfully, that U19s on a Sunday league is best, I want the current u21s league to stay but would love to see another start and games either on a Friday or Sunday would be awesome. 8. How many coaches who started coaching as a father and remained coaching after their son moved on. What can be done to keep these coaches being involved in coaching after their son has left youth set up etc... 9. One of the things that I have found relative consistent is that a coach who starts a team for the first time and takes the youth team through the years is also learning, meaning if an U14s team are at a certain level and then they will be moving up to U15s not only will the youth be learning at that level but also the coach will be. I've seen many teams who think they are doing well, coach interpretation as well and then they reach the next year and the youth level as players and as a team just ain't up to scratch. So with this in mind do coaches bring teams up through the years ever look for extra help from more experienced coaches or just learn as they go along, good and bad, thus the development of the youths depend on how well the same coach is at I have always been interested in the standard of youth football even when I was playing junior football, I was coaching at youth level. These are some points, questions, viewpoints of grassroots football that should be addressed or looked into. Not saying these problems are constant with all teams but a fair few. Also, nothing to say my solutions would work might even make the standard worse, I don't know. This post is not been directed to anyone in my experience, just a general viewpoint and hope its seen as such so we can all look for ideas on improvements at grassroots football.
  8. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Auch feck it, am allowed to have a mad post some day. Larkhall to win at Rutherglen
  9. Coaching

    Pollok Academy require coaches. They have coaches who have just passed their 'C' and 'B' license and they have teams looking for development and Pollok always intend to develop their coaches as well as their players. I know right now there is a 2nd 2006 team, reay to go, already have treasurer and background assistance, strips and traning facitlies and itens, balls, kits etc...
  10. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    I think football has evolved since then, sometimes we all wonder right enough lolol As I said for the last 40 years that I can remember, the Scottish Cup and Regional cups (west, east, south, north etc...) always take precedence over the local domestic cups and the league in Youth football, Amateur Football, and Junior football, it's simply a fact. I never come on P&B to argue or windup, not my style, I'm just putting my point across and the details I've stated are normal and I believe this is best. There may be quite a few who agree on your view and there may be a few who agree with what I'm saying. I will say there are quite a few supporters in the junior ranks who think the west is meaningless or not as rewarding as it used to be but no matter those two cups take priority. The fixture listing by the governing people for each association in any football level have a hard time and sometimes fortunate things happen to teams while it goes against others when a fixture is rearranged. "League should always come before cups and especially local variations", that quote could be a post alone on here and I'm sure you will get many posting, some 'yes' and some 'no', interesting topic me thinks
  11. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Not really sure how cups were played in 1899 and not got a clue why you would say about a time when it was a different era and none of us where living, As I said at the end of the day since I've been following football, the Scottish Cup, West regional cup, East of Scotland and North of Scotland cups in amateur, Youth and Junior football always took precedence over the league and the other domestic cups. In these situations on Pie and Bovril, you have to try and be objective and see the post or questions for what they really are and be constructive about it. I've never known the importance of these cups to diminish in the past 40 years in any of those associations and quite rightly so. I don't see what the problem is, I'm sure there must be a small minority that thinks different to this as I'm sure every player in those associations from now to the past 40 years always wanted to win the national cup or the regional cup. The people who have to arrange fixtures are in a hard job, sure some decisions you think they could rearrange but I'm sure they have their reasons for their decisions that sometimes we are not privy to. Maybe foresight could prevent this problem but whoever has to arrange the fixtures hopefully they will learn from problems of previous seasons and adapt
  12. West Region Fixture Update for 23rd March

    Definitely my view as well as that in every level of football from youth, amateur, and junior, the Scottish and West, East, and North cups takes precedence and so they should, as they are the most important cups in the domestic season for most teams.
  13. Famous players that played Junior

    Famous players that played Junior Colin McAdam - Irvine Meadow, Roddy MacDonald - Maryhill Brian Martin - Lanark Henry Smith - Glenafton Tam Brown - Glenafton
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    Yip Agree, There's nothing constant, keeping everyone in the loop from the SFA as far as I'm aware. Think all the ramifications are causing a headache. I do agree with Arthurlie, that I feel a lot of teams are just waiting to see who goes first in the 'West', sure I heard Cumnock applied for SFA membership. If things happen, I'm sure some of these hypothetical questions have been answered but there is that many pyramid posts on Pie and Bovril, I can find any lol 1. If a 'West' league starts will it go to 'tier 6', meaning level with 'EOSL' and 'SOSL'? 2. If 1. happens then the 'East' junior side are right to complain stating their top division has every right to be put on the same level as the 'West' but there's already an 'East o Scotland' league and the 'North' league can say the same, even though my view is the 'West' junior league is stronger than the 'North' and the 'East' junior league. 3. If the West does go to tier 6, what level do teams require to have floodlights and the correct football pitch size as I'm sure its a certain Tier that its a MUST ? 4. I've heard junior teams if they go senior can play for the challenge cup or if some of them have full SFA requirements can they play in the Scottish Qualifying cup as Auchinleck did. Or what will happen with the junior cup, are teams that go senior allowed to still play for that? 5. Even though all the 'West' teams voted to join together, some teams might change their mind, thus what could happen to them when most leave? 6. Not forgetting, have there been any amateur teams apply for SFA senior membership, so what divison/tier would they enter at? The best thing to get it all sorted if for the SFA to come out and get an open dialogue going and informing everyone what is going to happen
  15. Should youth clubs enter the SFA Senior Pyramid?

    This is a minefield for many or could be. Most of the junior clubs who want an academy or have an amalgamation with an academy, don't have money to fund a youth academy and the way most academies are run, they may have to change the way they operate. but and its a big BUT, if junior clubs that turn senior do not have money to fund a proper academy with coaching staff they will then have to rely on the academies that operate with volunteer coaches, thus a lot of plates up in their but I think this is where the SFA should offer guidance and help to get most off their ground in any way possible. Pollok Soccer Academy is an independent body where Pollok FC have no control over, so both have to work together to get things done Clydebank Soccer Academy has just applied for legacy status and the committee, as far as I believe includes Clydebank FC first team members/committee K-Park Training Academy has been established for the benefit of the community of East Kilbride by the East Kilbride Community Trust, (not sure what this implies in regard to the connection of the Ek youth teams and Ek senior team. There are, I'm sure, many other soccer academies all run in their own way, some with connections to junior or senior teams, some not. When you read them all like that, it sounds good on paper but every academy will have ups and downs and issues that have to be addressed to keep things running smooth or to have them run smooth. Has anyone any info on the past couple of years, junior teams who went to the senior ranks, especially the east side, and if and which youth teams did they have to join them as a youth set up? With the Scottish U21 Cup decimated on the east side as many youth teams joined the local junior team who applied for Senior membership so the Scottish cup had fewer U21 teams in the cup