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  1. Second dose done. Mon the jags. Mon the germans.
  2. Learn something new every day. Homework with the eldest and have just found out there is a small country in Oceania called Nauru [emoji1177] that doesn’t have a capital city. Quick wee google and it says that it’s the smallest democratic country without one.
  3. We have tickets for a little outdoor music gig near us in September. I am also looking at tickets for a comedy gig in November. But i am not rushing out to book that just yet. Would hope/believe things will be fine by then.
  4. That is the effect that managing a scottish football club has on you.
  5. He does bring it up, but people seem to gloss over the fact he mentions it.
  6. Excuse the fact that it is a photo of a photo. But found this whilst rummaging for other stuff tonight. Jurgen Klinsmann at the game we played them at Starks to “officially” open the new stadium. If memory serves me right, we won 1-0 and Peter Duffield scored. Also have a vague memory if the german fans, topless and singing in their section of the railway stand.
  7. I suppose it isn’t any more risky. In the car you are more likely to be from someone in the same household or bubble. If travel restrictions may still be in place by then, it may be something the club initially would see as being a good idea for local fans 1st. Depends how the out of town people are getting there i suppose.
  8. Might be a pain in thee hoop from an admin point of view. But do you think clubs might look at season ticket databases and have folk from the closest postcodes attending 1st? Obviously it’s a bit trickier with fans paying at the gate. But it might be in the 1st instance that season ticket holders are the 1st back in small numbers. Like you, that might effect me because although i am a raith fan, i do live 10 miles from kirkcaldy. So there is that travel issue that they may take into account.
  9. We have quite a mix amongst our workforce. 1 boro 2 man u 1 liverpool 5 celtic 4 rangers 2 east fife 1 cowden 2 pars 8 rovers
  10. He would have had to give them 40 licks to clean them.
  11. It was fear inducing stuff. Luckily it didn’t come to that.
  12. Not to that extent, but i did fear how bad it would be when i seen the pictures from italy. Never went full lovejoy on it, but it did show admittedly, the worst case scenario. As the months went on, i relaxed a bit more (not to the extent of breaking rules) but certainly to the extent of not wiping the shopping down. Etc.
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