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  1. Oooft. And i thought mines were high. I last had mines done, last year and they were back down to 3. But i have been tempted to go back since, but thought they will just tell me that it’s not really required as I don’t have any symptoms. I am only 37 mind you as well. What is it billy connolly says? It’s painful going in, but coming back out wasn’t the most unpleasant feeling i have had.
  2. Just out curiosity, what was your score? I had prostatitis for a while and when i had my appointment with the consultant he said that mines we’re initially at 31, but like you felt absolutely fine.
  3. I don’t think we are at that stage, we usually manage to talk things through. Think sometimes you feel like you are alone going through these stresses. Having this thread and the helpful input from others has made me realise that we aren’t the only ones, there is hope and maybe things aren’t as bad as they sometimes seem. And i thank everyone that has replied. Think tonight i was just at a point where i needed different input, rather than the thoughts going around my head.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Doesn’t matter how long it is between diagnosis and death, it still can be a shock to the system. I lost my mum a few years back and done the same thing as you, tried to stay strong for the family but it can be counter productive. You need time to grieve which is natural.
  5. 🤞 for your nephews present. Thanks, as i say was a bit apprehensive about posting, but sometimes you just need a different voice and perspective on things.
  6. Thats the worst thing about getting Christmas stuff sorted, the hope it will be here in time. The delivery companies work round the clock at this time, but it is an anxious wait. I have never thought of it like that. And it might be a way for me to think going forward as well. I am now glad i posted in here, Cheers.
  7. You know what, think that top line is where i am maybe falling down and need to work on finding the balance between the two. Definitely. Have felt like this for a wee while and been tempted to put it all down here and then read this thread and thought it seems trivial. I do tend to apologise if i do over react a bit, then hate myself for doing so (over reacting, not apologising).
  8. I have my works Christmas night out tomorrow, which i do look forward to, so maybe that will help. I maybe need to get out the house more as well. Yeah, you’re probably right, I don’t know why i notice that sort of thing, it’s probably something that would just pass other folk by. You are right about perspective as well, lucky to have what i do and maybe just don’t notice it sometimes. I just feel mentally drained sometimes with the silly reasons that we bicker.
  9. This may a sound a bit yer da, but I didn’t know where else to turn with this. I have a mate who, if i told all this to, would tell his missus, who in turn would tell mine. The kids are 10 and 12 and i an finding them quite stressful. Feel like i am not doing much right with them, feel like i am constantly at loggerheads with them about tidying after themselves. And then when it’s starting to get to me, mrs b just says that i am crabbit and need to lighten up. I do want to be an easy going person and i used to be. Don’t know what has happened, i seen a Facebook memory thing from a few years ago, basically saying stuff along the lines of that i had enough of being stressed and annoyed with other people. So this isn’t a new thing, but i seem to hit this time of year where things just overwhelm me. I’m not at a stage where i think i need antidepressants or stuff like that. I have always had this attitude of the good things are usually balanced out by the bad and recent years for all the good stuff we have had, there has just been shite stuff happen at the back of it and I don’t know if the shite stuff seems to be amplified in my head, but it seems like it outweighs the good. It’s go seem daft, and be honest if it does, but when we are bickering over silly things, I actually notice other couples around me that seem to be so happy. When things are good with us, it is really good but at times, i let the silly wee arguments linger in my head. I don’t even know where i am going with this, but i needed to vent. The thing is, in my head and even written down i know what the problems are, i just don’t seem to have the solutions. Apologies if none of this makes sense.
  10. I have couple of questions regarding this. “If” that is the dude who was shot. Why is the rest of the bridge empty? Surely the police wouldn’t shoot him and just go away? Why is the video clip only 12 seconds long, surely you would record the rest of it to see what he does next, where he goes?
  11. Your thinking of this stuff that nips in the bawsack.
  12. I don’t mind Christmas songs as long as I don’t hear them everyday. But mariahs’ all i want for Christmas is you can get in the fucking sea. Eta: probably my favourite
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