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  1. Are they being sponsored by ronseal? Looks like hes just had a fresh coat of it on his face
  2. Needy b*****ds like this. I understand the need for companies to drum up business, but if i need that company, i will go to the website and order stuff. As for “it’s been a while, we miss you” it’s been a month.
  3. Oh the karma if the shark bites his lug off.
  4. May or may not be the reason, but a podcast called “we came to win” discuss what they call “the biological bomb” Basically it centres around all the fans that went to the atalanta v valencia game in milan and the possibility there were infected people in that stadium and it spread like wildfire there. Those people then travelled back to bergamo and it just kicked off from there. On the day of the match, there was only 1 confirmed case in bergamo.
  5. That was just from a quick google search because you had sparked my curiosity about it.
  6. Mel once complained that Barbara no longer pleasured him with the French Arts. It is revealed that he has at least one child when he says "Krusty, please, my wife is giving birth as we speak." He has also been seen with a son, Warren, a daughter, Becca, and several unnamed children.
  7. Most folk on pie and bovril belong on a list. It was one of the main reasons i signed up.
  8. It is one of many reasons that I possibly am, But it still doesn’t answer the question.
  9. With the talk of leisure centres being reopened soon, does that include indoor 5 a side? Or will it just be gyms and pools?
  10. Then you would get the argument that celtic used to play their games at hampden while parkhead was done up in the 90s so they will have an advantage. Then the arguments about who gets the home dressing room.
  11. Seeking compensation for being relegated due to being pish all season? Not exactly a novel idea. Probably get pundits saying that Bournemouth have a case and they should absolutely go for it. Wonder who the english, tom english will be?
  12. Stranrear maybe dodged a bullet by not getting involved with hearts and partick.
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