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  1. The weird thing is, there has been no proper rivalry between us and them. But we seem to have really got under their skin. It is actually really funny. Maybe a sign of them being the top nation for a few years has made them arrogant and feeling that no-one should be beating them.
  2. He has too much hair. Looks wise, More this.
  3. “"I was denied a clear penalty.” ye weren’t mate.
  4. I suppose, now as a mature adult (which I obviously wasn’t at the time, despite what I probably thought) she hadn’t done anything to deserve it ending like that and my as i say, shitty attitude. we got on well etc.
  5. At 10pm per chance? For a certain 10 minute programme?
  6. I can’t imagine how hard it is now. Looking back and typing it out, at the time i felt i was doing the right thing but probably just couldn’t see past my own nose.
  7. Did you dream that there Was there a whiny,hypocritical wee c**t being interviewed at the end of it talking about long grass and play-acting?
  8. When i was 19, i had my first long term relationship and woke up one morning and just thought, I don’t fancy this anymore. No reason whatsoever and the lassie was nice, didn’t do f**k all for me to justify it. I was very dismissive of her attempts to talk me around. It was a shitey attitude to have. I hadn’t met anyone else or that. I could have taken her back there and then, but in my mind I didn’t want one of these on/off relationships (we had previously had a 3 month thing the year before, but mutually called it off due to us not really seeing each other in that time due to things going on) Actually spent the next 18 months in the dating wilderness, so maybe a bit of karmic retribution for it. Reached out to her a few years back on social media and apologised for it all. She was forgiving, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was deep down (justifiably) F you ya so and so. I think i learned from it though and even though i had a couple of flings before i met my wife, i was probably a better person and a bit more mature and learned to put all i can into relationships, instead of being an arse.
  9. Doesn’t mention anything about it targeting the folk who have had Pfizer. Incidentally, i was listening to an audiobook all about the various conspiracies around covid (where it originated, bill gates all that shite) and they reckon the russians were behind a lot of the disinformation and their campaign was so effective, it backfired because people wouldn’t take the sputnik vaccine they had created.
  10. Probably a bit defeatist, but i would take just qualifying and getting out the group. The next two games are absolutely pivotal in this campaign, i have to admit i fear Haaland scoring against us and georgia have burnt us twice already. Take nothing away from last night though. Our best result since 2007.
  11. Watching the highlights and that spanish back line is slower than a week in jail.
  12. That interview reeks of the attitude of Henry blaming the ball boys in 2006.
  13. kheridine idessane absolutely fucking trolling rodri with they questions.
  14. I couldn’t even listen to commentary after seeing that we were 1 up on here. Heard the commentary for the second when i picked the bairn up, but followed the rest on here. someone asked where will this result rank? Quite possibly better than france, due to the fact we seemed to have them rattled as well as being infront early. I feared that we may have scored too early, but my word.!
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