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  1. I’m sure we were there for a game during the 90s. I remember being quite close to the big fence that segregated us. Did we not also, get put in the stand behind the dugouts for a game as well during that period?
  2. Anyone that has taken the car to a Dunfermline game. Best place to park? Streets near east end park? Or would i get away with parking in the retail park opposite the kingsgate and just walking back along?
  3. If they can keep Nouble beyond january, arbroath can possibly push for the playoffs. Felt you pressed well yesterday and played some decent stuff at times. Fair to say officials had a nightmare yesterday. I fully expected the ref to blow for the ball hitting dicks arm.
  4. I had a peugot and the airbag light kept coming on and staying on. Took it up to my father in law who said he will fix it. Picked it up the following day, airbag light off. Car was fine. When i asked him how he had fixed it, he casually replied “oh, i just took the bulb out”
  5. “I don’t know the way to america” “So what were you going to do?” “Sail around the isle of May until everyone gets dizzy and then head for Buckhaven”
  6. McGinn’s goal is the sort of goal you dream of scoring at hampden, curled beautifully into the corner. Keeper diving, but absolutely nowhere near it.
  7. If you slow the replay down, he actually tries to flick his head towards dykes leg. Dykes calf catches him on the shoulder, but var done the right thing and overturned it.
  8. Doesn’t even fucking touch him
  9. Newcastle have been taken over by the saudis. A brutal totalitarian regime who publicly torture everyone on a regular basis, bought over by the saudis.
  10. In association football, the back-pass rule prohibits the goalkeeper from handling the ball in most cases when it is passed to them by a team-mate. It is described in Law 12, Section 2 of the Laws of the Game. Must not be allowed to touch with his hands at all. Because i’m sure there was one with de gea and he saved it the same way and an indirect free kick was given. I always thought it was just picking it up, but you could save it the way macdonald did.
  11. Watching the highlights back, i still can’t believe collum gives an indirect free kick for langs passback. Macdonald pushes it away. I could understand if he had held onto it.
  12. List of the things that make the biggest noise. 500 dB - Mrs B getting up and ready for a dayshift. 230 dB – Sperm whale 180 dB – Rocket launch 120 dB – Fireworks 110 dB – Live gig 100 dB – Night club 97 dB – Fire alarm 94 dB – Lawnmower 88 dB – Heavy traffic 85 dB – Food blender 75 dB – Hoovering
  13. Good result for us today. We looked organised throughout but always felt that killie goal was coming. Happy for poplatnik, they two goals will do him the world of good and tumilties pace down that wing showed for the 3rd.
  14. Enjoyed last nights show. Good to have it back, shame it’s not over the course of the full season. A special thank you to Telfer for picking killie as his banker this weekend.
  15. Pretty much the same thoughts as most. Dunfermline packed the midfield and pressed us for a good spell in the second half. The save from poplatniks header was outstanding as well, although I thought it was spinning in. I do take issue with the equaliser coming on the back of the guy having his hands on poplatnik. It was the same sort of thing he gave fouls against us, so how does he not give that one? Like most fans, the inconsistency from refs is what gets me. You either give them all or you don’t give any.
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