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  1. Too early to tell. Still working and my days off been spent in the house not doing much different from what i am used to doing. Getting out to walk the dog at least.
  2. I know this has probably been covered before in this thread and apologies that i am not going back through to find it. But in short, what has South Korea done differently that has seen their cases curve less than the rest of us?
  3. Only one song fitting at this time. Help.
  4. Greenied, purely for a mutual love of the Flightradar app. Although given the circumstances, i am surprised the at the amount of flights still going. New zealand and Australia i had heard were shutting the borders, yet there are still flights heading to and from there.
  5. I was having this discussion the other day with a work colleague. I support raith, but follow the results of partick and hearts because my grandad supported partick and i have been to a few hearts games with my mate. Are there any teams that you follow the results of? Whatever the connection, but don’t actually support?
  6. Explains why commentators pronounced it the way they did.
  7. To be requested by it’s pharmaceutical name Mycoxaflopyn.
  8. So what you are telling me is, I shouldn’t hope for it to change as she gets older?
  9. To be fair to her, it’s pringles because when i have been to the shops, she has been on the phone to her mum, who will have inevitably asked what i am up to and she has said where i am and her mum always asks for stuff if we are going. Maybe shouldn’t grumble given the current situation, just moaning about making two trips.
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