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  1. These are just huge punts if that’s his thinking. Don’t think Wright even played that position consistently before aside from a handful of games in TW’s last season and a few games here and there for Hibs. And he didn’t trust Bair last season and he mostly looked a bit lost off the bench when he did get a shot.
  2. I think Carey is the Conway replacement we never signed. A slow but talented old winger! I’m concerned we haven’t replaced and don’t seem to be planning to replace Hendry or Rooney mainly. Clark replacement will come.
  3. Murphy is basically a replacement for Middleton, surely? To go up top (and out of position) in a 5-3-2 or on the left in a 5-2-3. Put age etc out of it and I reckon that’s the first “upgrade” we’ve made in terms of replacing the players who left last year’s team.
  4. Yeah good point this. All we have in that position right now is a winger who can play there or a limited full back who can play there in a push. No one naturally suited to the position, so find it odd Davidson didn’t mention that we were still after one.
  5. Wow I’d missed that. It is absolutely not unless he thinks it’s clever or even fair to the player’s body to rely on M Davidson as a first choice every week for another season at the age of 34. Also, we don’t really have anyone in the squad capable of playing as the deepest midfielder in a 3. Maybe Davidson is looking to Gilmour for that?
  6. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/st-johnstones-theo-bair-excellent-27393823 #YearoftheBair Interesting to see the manager say he thinks Bair is suited to playing as a 9 on his own. Wonder if that’s something we’ll see more of this season.
  7. Had a dream about Theo Bair last night, he was doing the business on Love Island. Made me think that I do reckon he could be special for us this season if he’s given a shot, and the league cup games and even reserve league hopefully returning could be an important part of that. If his competition up top is gonna be Stevie May, a still crocked Chris Kane and someone like Yaya Sanogo or worse there’s actually a fair bit riding on him being a success.
  8. Hearts fans coming across a bit old firm these days in the way they react to the slightest hint of criticism IMO.
  9. Yes please to Yaya Sanogo. He might be absolutely rotten but I’m desperate for something interesting to happen with Saints tbh. Edit: Would he be the second player we’ve had that’s scored in the Champions League proper? After Watt.
  10. I’m not his biggest hater but I don’t really see where he fits in. In the 5-3-2 Hallberg, Carey and a hopefully soon fit again Wotherspoon are ahead of him in the most advanced CM position. And most of us would like to see Max K given a shot in that position too. Crawford doesn’t fit in any other system we’ve seen Davidson play or hint at playing.
  11. Case for the defence: there are some absolute peaches in this
  12. So lazy! Our business so far and with this link - if true - it’s genuinely like Davidson is playing football manager but can’t be arsed with the detailed aspects of it, so is just signing folk he’s heard of and gets offered. Which is sound when you’re just looking to chill out after work but maybe not when you’re being paid six figures to manage every aspect of one of Scotland’s most successful clubs in the last decade..
  13. Every other club at this level uses a combo of pre season games first and then league cup games to get the squad match fit and then have a bit of space for experimentation with systems/players, while still ensuring you have enough to get through the group. Meaning that by the first league game in just over a month the squad is already in a competitive mindset and isn’t still getting back to full match fitness. Condensing all of that prep into 4 league cup games and 1 friendly means that: - We’re risking our place in the next cup round - We will have less time to get games into likes of Bair/Vertainen since focus in cup games and the friendly will be on ensuring first 11 are fit by MD1 - Similarly, less time to experiment with different systems beyond the 5-3-2 - We will be at a match fitness disadvantage by the first game compared to other teams in the league as we will have played less games. Another decision from the club that absolutely stinks.
  14. Four goals in 302 Irish league minutes far better than anyone else in our squad managed surely? Seems he was in and out of the team with injury
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