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  1. Reckon the 5-2-3 our best bet here, Glass seems like a manager who will give us room to hit on the break. Especially with restless locals. Clark Brown Muller McCart Rooney Devine Redacted redacted MOH Kane Eetu Not really sure who we have available for the midfield 2. [email protected] I think Bryson and Davidson would be the ideal pairing for this game for Davidson’s energy and Bryson’s ability to pass a football but unclear if either of them will be available. Reckon Craig might start regardless. If neither of those two can go with him Wotherspoon (who I don’t think has done enough so far this season to start wide left over Eetu) can come in and play there again. MOH has to start, first time in years he’s started a season in a bit of good form and like last week I think Aberdeen will give him plenty of space to run into.
  2. See I think that sounds shite. Even if there is a playoff (bit difficult to work given the Scottish cup place) that means a load of teams from like 9th to 14th doing f**k all. The existence of those teams that kick about in mid table in the English league seems well boring tbh.
  3. I like the split - makes for something every club can aim for and means even though the league title is irrelevant there are always straight shoot-outs between teams competing for/to stay away from the relegation and European spots. As it is right now not too bothered about the way things are if we accept we can’t just jettison the old firm down to England, I also really like the addition of the play offs in the top flight. Would be concerned that this kind of review would look at binning the split/play offs or a couple of teams in favour of a more compact league it’s harder to get relegated from, like a ten team bore-a-thon. Only bigger league idea I can think of that would keep the good we have now and potentially not be a massive cluster f**k: 16 team league. Play everyone twice (30 games) then split into groups of 8 and play each side in the group once more (37 games). Lots of problems with the home away divide etc but we have that now. I’d argue for relegating the bottom two automatically and keeping a third spot to go into play offs as we have now. In an ideal world they’d start at the semis stage but I know prem clubs aren’t going to sign up for that… but imagine the chaos in that bottom 8 with 3 clubs potentially going down. In the top 8 there could be a playoff for the last euro spot but that seems quite tough to work out with the Scottish cup place, otherwise basically as we have now with teams playing out for the euro spots but with a little more mid table comfort at the bottom end of the 8. Pros: more variety of teams in the top flight, no one has to play Ross County 4 times in a season “The big five” (lmao) would probably like this since it’s the only way some of them would manage to join clubs like St Johnstone in the top half Only miss out on one game compared to now Think it would still limit the number of meaningless games Spread the wealth by offering opportunity for plucky seaside leaguers like Arbroath, Falkirk etc to get to the top flight and earn old firm gates etc Cons: shite like Partick in the top flight Home and away split would cause problems Is this actually much better than what we have now?
  4. Rangers needing a pen from our mistake and a wonder goal to beat us with 7 players out is not bad going, actually thought we kinda edged the second half even tho Gers all over us just after scored. Frustrating to lose obviously but have to be pretty happy with that. Great to see O’Halloran playing like that again. Really pleasing goal aesthetically and it’s good to lift the open play goal hoodoo Edit: if Gordon starts in the middle I genuinely think we win that.
  5. The 5-2-3 works well in games like this where we play on the counter but dunno if I’d trust Crawford and Craig as the 2.
  6. Okay I'm really, dangerously bored. Pretending our new HoR is just a dude with a laptop, I present to you some of our free agent striking options. Kazaiah Sterling Released from Tottenham in the summer after years in their youth team and a bunch of loan spells. Most recent one of the latter was at Morton from February to April last season: 9 games, zero goals, only one full 90 minutes and then loan ended prematurely by Gus Macpherson. Sign him up. But, in his defense he was quite highly rated by Spurs fans and scored 19 in 39 PL2 apps, also made a champions league appearance at the age of 19 in 2017. One blog in 2019 rated his "high pressing and high intensity" - that sounds like a Davidson striker - along with more promisingly his pace, quick feet, ability to beat defenders on the dribble. Also has a handful of senior goals from loan spells at league one and two English clubs - but the clubs he was sent to seem to have declined in quality as the years went on. Talented player who has lost his way? Only 22. Excitement rating: 3/10 lets be real he was shit for Morton Plausibility rating: 6/10 feels like one who might rock up at a national league club who pay more than us but equally he can't be that expensive, surely Nicky Ajose A familiar name to fans who remember Tommy Wright's striker "option" scrambles that invariably ended with talents like Rory Fallon, Chris Iwelumo or Ian Beale's pal that made Denny Johnstone look like a shrewd pick-up. Released by league two Exeter in the summer after an injury hit two years there (17 apps 2 goals) but has a record of actually scoring goals at a decent rate when given time and games at jobber outfits in league one and two in England. Hit 24 in 38 for Swindon five years ago and has an overall career record of 101 goals in 338 games. Seems to be a fairly straightforward goal poacher with a bit of pace. Still only 29. Excitement rating: 6/10 bit dull but would probably add at least a handful of goals, which looks beyond all our strikers minus Kane right now. Plausibility rating: 5/10 reckon we could probably afford him if we and he really wanted but might be a case of him wanting to be one of our highest paid while we offer backup wages Jerome Sinclair 24 and released by Watford in the summer. Once a very highly rated youngster at Liverpool drawing comparisons to Michael Owen and Raheem Sterling, became Liverpool's youngest ever player when he was brought off the bench in the league cup at the age of 16. After moving to Watford for 4 mill in development fees spent the years since jobbing away in various loan spells in places like Venlo, Sofia and Sunderland without much success. Another talent who lost their way but bit of an Adam Morgan vibe to the whole thing. One thing in his favour is a loan spell at Oxford in league one in 2019 where he was given game time, screwed the nut and scored a few goals. A new start at a level similar to that could suit him? This is interesting. Excitement rating: 7/10 must be something there, bit of raw talent to go with the graft of Kane could work Plausibility rating: 3/10 will have other £££ options but could be swayed by our vibe as a club Anthony Stokes Nope. Excitement: 3/10 Plausibility: 8/10 Kieran Agard Another from the "previously eyed by Tommy Wright in his search for an option forward" list. Not as much as a journeyman type forward compared to the others on this list having spent the last five years at one club - MK Dons - scoring 50 goals in the process. Decent scoring record (106 in 378 games over his career), only 31 and being linked with clubs like Shrewsbury Town who aren't more attractive than us whatever nonsense £££ they offer. Decent variety of strikes in his vid. Excitement: 7/10 Depends what kind of state he's in at 31 but worth remembering we signed Macca when he was 30. This guy has a better pedigree Plausibility: 5.5/10 Other clubs might offer more but do they offer a better all round package than us? Has spent virtually his whole career scoring goals in the English lower leagues, why not come up here and win some trophies and beat the old firm. Accept money rules all tho Isma Goncalves No club since Indian super league club Chennaiyin FC released him. Probably the most attractive (realistic) option on this list and he does seem to enjoy playing in Scotland ... with our new visa rules is it even possible tho? Excitement: 8/10 Plausibility: 5/10 genuinely f**k knows, imagine if it is CD and SB would pursue it. Conor Wickham, Andy Carroll, Hal Robson Kanu and Daniel Sturridge All would be amazing, all would be impossible unless they discover a long-lost love for our club that sees them turn down the much much higher packets they'd get elsewhere. Demba Ba and Papiss Demba Cisse f**k it, lets become Alan Pardew's Newcastle. Excitement: 9/10 Plausibility: 1/10
  7. Planning to make the journey through for this but I will jump out the train window and head home if it turns out Eetu isn’t starting
  8. Also, we should be ringing up Clive to let him know the same contract we offered Melamed is on the table if he wants it… it would be nice to actually score some goals this season
  9. Maybe Eetu wouldn’t have agreed more than 2 years but this is another one where Brown had to be brave and slap a 3 year deal in front of him with the understanding we’d let him move for a genuinely fair price. He is clearly a top class player who should come good once he settles in. As it is, he’ll probably not settle into the team and a rhyme until December/January ish, then we’ll get a good six months out of him before selling him to Rochester Athletic Wanderers for 400k in the summer because he’s in the last year of his contract.
  10. From that same interview he was accidentally very insightful: “The transfer windows don’t help either. They’re probably the worst thing ever introduced in football. They create panic.” You don’t say…
  11. On the other hand, I would eat Callum Hendry limb by limb if it freed up enough money to pay for Guy Melamed and the 6-8 goals he would bring
  12. I am thrilled to announce that though my wife has left me and taken the kids, I am now looking after the neighbours dog for a year. while I adjust to being a sad loner. I am delighted to announce that after being sacked from my job my line manager has been kind enough to loan me a free company pen (which I can use for a full 12 month season before returning!) as I left the building for the last time. It’s never been used before but sure it’ll be okay! I am excited to announce that when I walked in on my (now former) line manager railing my separated wife, I agreed a deal to look after our balding adult son for six months while they go cruising the Caribbean. Once the tears had stopped, I realised what great deals had been done - after all, a wee man like me can’t expect much more from life can he?
  13. I’d rather we kept Hendry than May tbh. Am I alone in that?
  14. Fwiw I remembered a pretty negative response to Middleton’s initial signing and had a look back - it’s on page 1486 if anyone else fancies it. Basically just myself (obvs) and RandomGuy who saw it as a positive signing
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