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  1. I think we need: Backup RWB - Brown would be fine if nothing better/cheaper out there A good LWB - to challenge Booth and ideally displace him in a season or two. This is the bit in FM where I’d sign Lewis Strapp (no idea if he’s even good or available) Young CB: someone cheap like Clive or Wallace Duffy, who I think would probably look alright as a deputy in this back 3 and should improve over time. Can always move Rooney or Booth inside if they’re god awful. David Wotherspoon II: he won’t play forever, need an extra option who can play as an AM or out wide to replace Conway. No idea who soz Forward: Motherwell had a signing strategy of getting in lads with a bit of pace and skill “who can play anywhere across the front three”. Let’s have one of these pls, an option up front or in the wide spots. We’re looking for backups in the other positions I’ve outlined - here we should be looking to bring in someone good who can come straight into the team. Must have pace. Glenn Middleton if available thanks Extra wants: A good (pref young) CM to start with McCann and also leave us less panicked if he leaves would be nice. No need to pick up a jobber for the sake of it though - we have Bryson, Craig and Davidson as solid older options in there. Reagan Hendry is the obvious one but probably beyond our budget. Not too bothered if we don’t get as CD clearly rates Gilmour. A large goalscoring striker: with our current fw options we would be looking for Callum Hendry to take up Melamed’s goalscoring slack. That is obviously a bit of a risk. Any of the large lads Random Guy posts in here every week would be sound as an extra option up there
  2. Did one of they predictor things online/in my own head: Croatia 1-2 England (“REVENGE” Sun headline) Scotland 0-0 Czech Republic (Dull uninspiring game, online riots from people who incorrectly think winning this is the only way through the group) England 2-1 Scotland (Our goal a penalty equaliser: scenes) Croatia 2-2 Czech England 0-0 Czech Scotland 1-0 Croatia (Our 21st century footballing highlight as we grind out a win against a Croatia team having a poor tournament) Leaving table like: England 7 points Scotland 4 points Czech 3 points (Q) Croatia 1 point We go thro to last 16 and beat Sweden on pens before narrowly exiting to (eventual winners) France with our heads held high in the QFs. Meanwhile, England pay the price for beating us at Wembley by taking a pumping off either Portugal or Germany in the last 16.
  3. Also currently on the red list (I think the only one of our potential opponents). Can’t imagine that shifting too much by August
  4. Take your pick lads (mines is Prague or Vienna for combo of almost winnable and stunning trip) PRAGUE PSV GALATASARAY VIENNA MIDTJYLLAND COPENHAGEN Imagine, just imagine a band of 500-1000 of us in any of those this August.
  5. There’s something about Wotherspoon that epitomises us as a team, imo. Understated, underrated, more entertaining than given credit for, doesn’t make things easy for himself, takes the unexpected route (Perth boy to Hibs to us) etc etc. I think he’s fucking great and will be remembered as Mr St Johnstone long after we are all dead.
  6. Nothing much to say except that I wept at David Wotherspoon’s interview and again a little bit more watching Zander on the phone to his family later on. These players and manager (best ever no debate possible) have consistently brightened up a tough year. Unfair to pick out any individuals because they were all magnificent from first 11 to subs to everyone who played a part in the cup runs. Hope it’s possible to travel in our hundreds to somewhere silly overseas and watch these guys in the summer.
  7. 4 St Johnstone cup final goals - 2 David Wotherspoon assists. Statue of him at the Broxden roundabout imo Edit: ‘The Shaun Rooney Main Stand’ too obvs
  8. I like the teams above: think we’d get a fair bit of joy from Craig’s balls in behind for Kane and Middleton on the break. Thing with Middleton is he can go on either wing but can also basically double up as a striker with Kane if we need to drop Wotherspoon into midfield because of numbers. O’Halloran, May and Melamed good options on the bench. Bryson for Wotherspoon also a shout if we’re winning, but I can’t really comprehend that right now
  9. Favourite posts having trawled through this: The guy who literally said “I’ve sung sectarian songs in the past and I’m not a bigot” And the (completely different) guy who said you’d see similar scenes at Trnsmt every year (aye I remember chucking barricades at riot police and bottling my pal after the arctic monkeys did I Bet You Look Good) while making his grand case that working class culture is lumping the f**k out of people for no reason and rioting in the streets. Which might be the most middle class thing I’ve ever read - one end of Glasgow is obviously the only working class area in Scotland, too..
  10. Aye to be fair to the roundabout lads Buddies fans would still be crying about a penalty for that Kerr challenge on Kabia. I think Livi and Martindale will come good again next year, still a horrible side to play against. All of our worst passing performances have been against you because of the way your side press
  11. Ah, the nuanced political debate in this country we all know and love. It is a mixture of both (I lean toward blaming SFA more personally). The SFA should have asked earlier and organised it with the intention of getting fans (and a substantial number) in. It could have been a test event, it could have been argued in advance that 12,000 is possible given it will be a month later. The roadmap has been laid for months. That is up to and on them, not the Scottish government. But given where we are and the fact they clearly couldn’t be arsed to have done this, they then scrambled and asked for permission to have pitiful number of fans there from UEFA and then scot govt. Scottish govt’s reasoning against allowing 1.5m distancing allowed in June is presumably because of cases rise in Glasgow and the different roadmap stage - i think that’s ridiculous given: 1m is allowed indoors ... this is completely outside ... people from Glasgow won’t even be attending ... they didn’t even ask for 1m ... masks could be worn the full time! ... and much more. So scot govt certainly at fault for not allowing us to have the 2000 or so SFA eventually asked for and it betrays as others have said the general distaste towards football fans from the type of middle class people that run the show in politics whatever stripe of government it is. They’ll all be happily riding the football wave if we beat England at Wembley though right enough...
  12. Conway trying to place it and placing it a yard wide - fucking hell.
  13. 5 players on the bench and 3 of them are youth players hahaha. If Celtic don’t find a way to hump us here they should fold as a club
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