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  1. Kevin McDonald training with us. Would really add to the Dad’s Army aesthetic in our midfield (as coined by someone else on here).
  2. Class - now all we need is Tommy and Drey Wright, Matt Butcher and Tony Ralston and then we’ve got the team that was flying in 19/20 before the pandemic shut down. If you squint a little and know nothing about football you might mistake Cammy McPherson for McCann too. In all seriousness it’s a good move to bring Hendry back if there’s no one better out there, which I imagine is what this move signals. Our striking options have clearly improved from this time last month when it was just May or Kane. Other thing about Hendry (and taking into account his 1/3 ratio at Killie) is since he broke into our team he’s scored goals at a reasonable rate in every Saints system and in all of his loan spells, with the exception of Callum’s 5-4-1/5-3-2. Sadly feel like he’ll be back looking lost in that system again but if Callum does roll the dice and try something different Hendry might really produce the goods for us. Even if he doesn’t, I think he could be good in the 5-3-2 with a strike partner who does the hold-up work, leaving Hendry in the box - e.g he might have buried one of the many quite decent crosses flung into the box at Kelty that May got nowhere near.
  3. In the video looks like someone was directing it in his general direction and he reacts angrily with a sort of “the f**k am I supposed to do?” - fair enough to be honest, none of this mess is his fault. Didn’t see it at the game as watched the abuse corner from a respectful distance rather than joining in.
  4. Clark probably the only one who didn’t deserve everything they got tbh. He’s off anyway, probably this month too
  5. I know people have differing views on who’s to blame for our mess in terms of chairman, players etc etc but out of interest, is there anyone on here who still doesn’t think the manager should be sacked tonight? Even anyone who thinks he deserves the Dundee game? Genuinely interested to hear opposing views. I’ve been patient with this manager and this squad but that’s it for me, today was pathetic. The two things that made me think there’s no coming back was the way every single sub and change he made today (from Kane and Ciftci off for May and Middleton all the way thro to the nonsense with taking off O’Halloran for Craig so we had a back 4 with Cleary at right back??) made us even worse than we were before it. Kelty not as good as I expected but they grew into the game because we worsened with every sub or tactical tweak, winner not a massive surprise when it came. They should have scored at least 2 more. The second thing was how much the players mostly seemed to just chuck it. They aren’t playing for him anymore. Might be a squad with lots of absolute chancers but I think a different system and manager could get more out of them and I think they clearly know that too.
  6. That’s it for me. Get him out and put Craig in charge for Dundee.
  7. He’s the one player I think it is probably worth keeping fresh for Dundee, and maybe also means we have a good option on the bench if we’re struggling.
  8. I’d rest Ciftci and McPherson (who looked fucked by the end at Tynecastle) but other than that would play pretty much the full team, tho no real idea what even looks like at the minute. Gordon and Clark are young guys who can play the 3 games in quick succession, about as likely to get injured in training anyways. Will be an absolute slog if we play a back five and we’ll probably lose or get dragged into extra time. But assuming we do that since we have in literally every single game this season I guess the best we could do is: Clark Ambrose Gordon Cleary MOH Gallacher Gilmour ? (Is Craig or Davidson the only option here? Crawford Kane May That is a piss-poor team and it depressed me picking it. Most of them aren’t good enough for our level so hopefully they can show something against a lower league side.
  9. I reckon we should use the same process as the Tories do to punt our managers. If something like 100 fans write in to express they have no confidence in him we all then get a big fan ballot where he has to get 50% of the vote to stay on. If we wins the vote he gets a guaranteed 3 month breathing period (football moves quicker than politics) where he can turn it round with no pressure of being sacked. I think Davidson would probably still win that vote at the minute.. but I think it would be a different story by this time next week after we limp past Kelty and get a draw at best v Dundee.
  10. You keep saying this: who? Gordon, Clark and who? Clark is already away anyway.
  11. Will lose my shit when 3 centre backs spend the game punting it to no one against Kelty
  12. back 4, or O’Halloran at wing back against someone who’s actually good? Doesn’t matter either way as Nadir will bang in a hat-trick.
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