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  1. We must be absolutely horse shite, nearly went to the game today glad I didn’t.. was hoping for a Clydebank win today but now they have I’m worried we will have another embarrassing result in the cup
  2. Pat Scullion got the goal for us that day and he had two goals disallowed to deny him a hat trick.. what a player
  3. If we lose to Broomhill this could be an all time low (after finishing bottom of third division)
  4. Sure we hit 1k against Stranraer at home two seasons ago and that was majority home supporters we can get a good number here and there, most people not seen their team in a year and a half so thought 2k to be safe would be ideal Not like there will be any social distancing anyway
  5. Only 1k allowed into the game on Saturday and it’s pay at the gate, would have thought first game of the league campaign Clyde and Dumbarton supporters would turn up ? board must think we are tinpot or we are tinpot suppose I’ll get my answer on Saturday
  6. Can you imagine the meltdown if Dumbo win this
  7. Would like to think we are still experimenting with the squad and maybe a player or two to come in ? on the plus side we beat bottom of the table Morton we are through to the knockout stages
  8. Would be an absolute travesty if Killie don’t beat Stranraer.... make it happen.
  9. Didn’t watch game tonight did have a bad feeling about it but just need a win against Morton and we top the group.. can we do it yes will be do it is another story
  10. O’too played in some of celtic’s friendlies so no chance of getting him, mate of mine is Celtic daft and told me a while ago he Will be involved around the 1st team this season.
  11. Can we just take a minute to understand why Danny signed Docherty ? exactly the player everyone dreaded he would be.
  12. Poor Clyde performance and only got beat 21 so what could have been if we played well.. amateur defending by Doc and a soft penalty Surely Livingston over Doc any day of the week training or no training
  13. Turns out not signed just yet him and his agent were at training last night but no signature yet as Danny wants to be sure he is going to be fit... Tade is optimistic about injury and saying he is getting there slowly but surely
  14. First game of the season tonight, no pass marks for me.. still early days and players settling in but if we play like that in the league we are in trouble EDIT - no pass marks other than Mitch
  15. Had high expectations for him but didn’t really impress in friendlies even tho it was early days
  16. This might be the first season I buy both home and away tops personally love the home one
  17. Best strip in years IMO but does that mean we are supporting Israeli terrorists ?
  18. I’m assuming he hasn’t been signed by a club since 2018 so my first question is why ? maybe injury problems, his wife is Scottish and kids went to school here so I imagine Scotland is where he has settled down
  19. To be fair I think then signings of Gomis and Livinston are both fantastic signings and as good as we have signed any other season, Harry Robinson is a young player with a lot of potential. The rest I’m not that aware of so don’t want to comment before I watch then sick a ball.. combined with what we already have we are already a better team than last season.
  20. I still think Sammon is a good enough player for League 1
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