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  1. Think a draw would have been a fair result today tho the 3 points is very welcoming.. Wylde’s pass to goody for the goal was class and Goodies goal was another example of his class what a difference a talent like that can be. Brilliant to see Rankin back he was on 2 minutes and class was oozing out him get him fit and he’ll be a key player again and chuffed for Lang getting his first goal for the club 👏🏼
  2. The Glasgow Branch been given their usual section from what I’ve heard, club given them 200 tickets.. I mind Rangers at home in the Third Division was a nightmare
  3. I think our support is shocking, the way the club is moving we should have 1000+ at home every single week at least.
  4. All the best to Bonnyrigg for the rest of the season and I hope you lot can win the league 👏
  5. looking forward to this ! Mon The Bully Wee
  6. Are you on the Glasgow Branch page on Facebook? I’m sure someone will have a spare
  7. Heard we are resigning David Hopkirk from Stenny ? signed but never played a game due to personal reasons. We are needing a striker and he is best friendship with Martin McNiff
  8. Hearing David Hopkirk to be finalised this week as well.
  9. Anyone hear anything about potential signings ? would be good to get at least a couple added to the squad before this Scottish cup match.
  10. Alan Hutton, Beerman, Broadfoot and Grezda spotted in Tim Horton’s next to Broadwood tonight, surely signing ?
  11. Been saying every week for months aye we'll win today and we’ve lost or drew then I finally said Airdrie will beat us and we pumped them, so I’m sayin nothin 😶
  12. 2-0 down or not this is a game we should 100% be winning, we have had 5 league wins all season we need wins... losing 3 goals against Stranraer is worrying Just lucky to have a gift of a player like Goodwillie saving our arses again.
  13. If Tony said that about any other player we have there wouldn’t be a problem here. Nothing to see here...
  14. You would think Gregg Wylde would stroll this division, His dad played and was recently a coach with Clyde. Gregg has trained with us a few times over the years and apparently loves it here.
  15. From what I have heard Danny has identified 4 targets he would like to bring in in January, One is that striker from QP the rest I don’t know. hopefully get Perkov till the end of the season and even get him signed up for good, young guy with lots of potential
  16. Been confident going into most games but after last 2 performances I would be happy with a draw, can see a Monty win here.
  17. Mine and my dads tickets purchased for this, just hope we can get into better form by the rime this is played. Looking forward to it 👍🇾🇪
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