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  1. Mine and my dads tickets purchased for this, just hope we can get into better form by the rime this is played. Looking forward to it 👍🇾🇪
  2. 440 is generous but fillable £15 not so great
  3. Would people take Jai Quitongo ? heard a wee rumour that we are going to approach him.. was on the up a few years ago now playing at juniors.
  4. Can see another thrashing here, I’m thinkin 3 or 4 nil.. Goodwillie to terrorise that defence again
  5. Hopefully to be able to get myself to this, will be my first time at Stranraer away. After beating them at broadwood 6-1 I’m hoping for a 6-0 win this time, maybe even Goodie could get all 6 😚
  6. What a result and performance from the boys again, I am 24 and not seen a lot of good times for Clyde so watchin this team really does make you proud. Deserved our 3 points and chuffed for Darren Smith gettin himself a much needed goal.
  7. Can’t see anything other than a Clyde win here.
  8. So many winnable ties in that next round 😅 I think we should beat any of they foreign teams. I wouldn’t mind Wrexham or Solihull away , Stenny, Elgin at home. would rather avoid Raith or ICT but known us we will get one of them.
  9. I see Bobby Linn has been rested, any other regular first team players on the bench ?
  10. Arbroath are tinpot, wasn’t expecting much hype from you lot just Clyde, I know you lot don’t have a lot of fans
  11. Thought there would be a lot more hype for this game, pretty disappointing 😂
  12. Kevin Thacker spotted in a Kilsyth Chinky tonight, rumours of him signing must be true
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