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  1. Going to be my first time going to Stranraer, hoping for 3 points any sort of win will do.. no game is easy, Stranraer already took plenty of points off us. Moan eh bully
  2. All reverse psychology, getting beat off poor mans Forfar and turn it on on Sunday and play Celtic off the park, they won’t know what’s hit them 2-1 Clyde again 👍
  3. Great signing for yous, no disrespect but he could do a lot better than Alloa.. all the best to him and hope you lot can keep thistle in the relegation spot.
  4. Danny phoned him and spoke to him about the possibility of signing 100% anything more than that I don’t know
  5. Heard today we have a young guy from England trialing with us just been realised from a non-league club, mate said his name is Carl Whitely don’t think he has played much football from what he said but has a lot of potential
  6. Quitongo would have been an excellent signing and I know Danny gave him a phone but maybe put off because already having quality in that area Agree Wallace is hopeless and he is on a two year deal 😩
  7. Clyde vs Celtic thread 2 minutes in I’m reading about religion and “yous are rangers fans” if it was rangers we were playing it would be “yous are all Celtic fans” absolute nutjobs and the last thing I want to listen to.
  8. Think a draw would have been a fair result today tho the 3 points is very welcoming.. Wylde’s pass to goody for the goal was class and Goodies goal was another example of his class what a difference a talent like that can be. Brilliant to see Rankin back he was on 2 minutes and class was oozing out him get him fit and he’ll be a key player again and chuffed for Lang getting his first goal for the club 👏🏼
  9. The Glasgow Branch been given their usual section from what I’ve heard, club given them 200 tickets.. I mind Rangers at home in the Third Division was a nightmare
  10. I think our support is shocking, the way the club is moving we should have 1000+ at home every single week at least.
  11. Can’t see anything other than a Clyde win here
  12. All the best to Bonnyrigg for the rest of the season and I hope you lot can win the league 👏
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