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  1. Working in Motherwell on Saturday and finish at a nice time, think I’ll get myself a long to this one. Not very often I get to see the Clyde pumping Peterhead
  2. See Robert Jones scored a cracking goal for Finn Harps at the weekend. Bring him home
  3. Find it strange that Adam Livingston and Aaron Splaine still don’t have clubs, two young guys still developing surely the best move would have just been take a deal at Clyde then see what happens next season to get a potential move
  4. Do you expect to sell this game out ? or could I get a ticket on the day ?
  5. We have been losing fans last few years because who wants to fork out for a ST and then travel round the country getting pumped and narrowly avoiding relegation every season, we won’t attract any new supporters anywhere we go until we start playing half decent football regularly
  6. Sounding like Bradley Hurst had a shocker ? Parry for now on ? was going to get to this one but fortunately I’m stuck in the house with Covid
  7. Clyde are for the bin, was actually optimistic after the latest signings, Bonnyrigg are no maestros
  8. John Gemmell scored over a 100 goals between League One/Two just when we got him he was done
  9. I actually think we are a few players away from a good team now, just worried where the goals are going to come from need a striker to pull up the socks and score some goals now that Goodie is away
  10. If he’s played at a higher level than the lowland league I’ll take him
  11. Sure Kieran lives in Motherwell, see him in the big Asda all the time lol
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