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  1. Can’t believe we won that.. Monty better team throughout the game and much more opportunities to score, times like this you really need to appreciate David Goodwillie being a Clyde player we will never see a player like that again.
  2. Agree Kev Nicol a poor signing and a bit worrying that this is all we have to bring to the table, wasn’t good enough 2 seasons ago hence why he was released.. panic signing. Guy is nearly 35 We don’t beat Monty or at least have a positive performance tomorrow it’s panic time.
  3. The way we are playing I genuinely think we’ll struggle to win games this season, starting to fear that we will be a League Two team again next season 😓
  4. We looked really strong in cup games and thistle game but last 2 performances hopeless, I do expect us to pick up at some point this is the type of game we would end up getting a result
  5. May as well just give you the 3 points the now no point in wasting peoples time
  6. John Sweeney, Willie Sawyers, Kevin Findlayson, could argue on paper John Stewart should have Done a job in that league
  7. I thought the squad that year was good enough to be comfortable in the bottom league, wasn’t a fantastic squad but I wouldn’t say we had a team on paper that would have been rock bottom of the league but aye horrendous season.
  8. Any expansion on how this "Mate of mine" has come across this information ?.......cause I smell sh1te. From that area and coaches with Leith, guy finds out lots of stuff for me usually bang on the signings before announced.. who knows probably is shit
  9. Mate of mine that I work with from your neck of the Woods was saying Sean Connery has left around 350k to Bonnyrigg Rose, can’t see it anywhere online was wondering if there’s much truth in it ? guy is using a reliable source
  10. Supposedly signing rangers youngster Cammy Palmer, was on loan at thistle 2019 and had a loan spell in America.. midfielder
  11. Don’t beat the fish shaggers enough for my liking but I’ll go for a 2-1 win to the Bully
  13. Agree with above Dumbo no mugs, after beating them in the cup would be typical for them to beat us.. tho I do think we will be that bit better than them 2-0 Clyde
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