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  1. If viagra and cures for baldness were on the NHS I wouldn't need to buy them off the internet.
  2. Better that than 5 minutes after you got in.
  3. Last through the fence always got blocked on the train side by pals. The noise and smoke from the diesel freights was terrifying. Didn't stop us using the shortcut for years though. I've seen some accounts of rail suicides and accidents, it's a messy business.
  4. Gus Ceaser sounded imperious. 44 appearances for Arsenal before reaching his peak at Airdrie.
  5. That version of Sweet Child o' Mine is my main reason for never watching again.
  6. I'm a bit more on board with Greta having seen this.
  7. I wish I hadn't bought the vibrating fanny from the poppy thread now.
  8. @Jacksgrandahas had a few narrow escapes on that count.
  9. I hope I die in my sleep, like my Father. Not screaming in terror like his passengers. (This joke has been brought to you by 1970s.com)
  10. Attack a woman in a train? I knew there was something not right about you.
  11. Protection for MPs is a pile of pish. Will they provide protection for every public servant that has to implement policy then walk home, go for a break etc? I think I know the answer.
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