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  1. I'm sure I heard from a friend (Rangers supporter) many years ago that Rangers had made a contribution and that was why that end was covered. No idea how true that is. Aye, they're well known for paying their fair share.
  2. It's been done in the League and Dryburgh cups. It was shite. No offside outside the 18 yard line.
  3. Maybe they dropped a squad of brickies by helicopter to do the monoblock around the flag.
  4. I'd remove both roofs and all the seats. I'd dig two big holes for you all to stand in. You can claim any end you like after that. (I'd fill the holes with water as well)
  5. YouTube videos won't upload unfortunately. Can't think of many better either.
  6. Not exactly, Whinhall in the deep south of Airdrie. (It’s more west Airdrie)
  7. 44 years ago tonight, I went to The Clash at Glasgow Apollo. 44 fucking years!
  8. I think it says more about his self confidence than his faith in his team mates.
  9. I think you've accidentally abducted a child.
  10. I don't need to. I agreed this thread shouldn't go down that route.
  11. We looked in one day to see if we should book it for a break with the grandchildren. My lack of neck tattoos would've made me an object of ridicule. I convinced her not to proceed.
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