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  1. Aye, so you say. You've driven him into the wilderness...The wasteland...Hades!
  2. It's well seen you've turned up just as poor Ali is kicked to the kerb!
  3. That looks like some sort of weird dog centipede type experiment you've done.
  4. ND has revealed his question from What would it take to How much would it take...
  5. Who, one of the good ones or a shite one? Eta, question answered.
  6. I hope you didn't get the wrong dug because of it.
  7. British Police have lifted the greenkeeper at the golf course and released a statement; "Fucking Krauts what do they know".
  8. James the Philanthropist will redirect his kind offer to the QC who can make the best fist of their flimsy case
  9. To be fair to James that seems to be what Falkirk are after. Which is reason enough to bin it.
  10. Ours asks separately for your age group, which sex, business area etc. I'm sure they don't use any of that identify anyone though. I would if I was in charge, although a few mugs outed themselves today if they hadn't already been spotted. E.g. "Thirs niver any trainin for me. Have you enrolled in any of the tailored e-learning on the intranet? Naw, that wiz when a wiz aff. It's been available for a few months and has been relaunched and updated for home working. Well a niver seen it."
  11. ^^^Needs more Jags to present a false affinity with another club rather than the usual " if it it's good for Celtic it's good for football" shite.
  12. I'm on one now addressing staff survey results. The fact I'm also on here tells you everything.
  13. @TxRoverseems like decent guy but his league restructure ideas have never had any basis in reality.
  14. She's a moral vacuum within the Scottish football black hole.
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