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  1. I preferred alcoholic, vacuous, superficial, inane throbber.
  2. It isn't great, but it's probably better than America.
  3. What are the advantages of living where you do North Americans? I intend living abroad, but I don't fancy going somewhere colder and wetter than where I already am.
  4. I hadn't said anything about him as I assumed he had a condition of some sort, but it seems not and he's just a balloon.
  5. It's not too far in to the season, given the teams that pulled out. I'd abandon the non league season and start an abridged version early March. Play until August. Start the new season in September 2021.
  6. We should have A Things You Might Have Missed thread.
  7. Nobody cares. You've got the life of Reilly up there, while we're under Sharia Law down here.
  8. My Mum had me looking like Keith Flint out The Prodigy which wasn't cool in early 70s Airdrie among the Slade and T.Rex fans. I look like a fat version of him now, maybe she was teaching me how to cope.
  9. Speak for yourselves, I want the good one and I want it before some old granny that never goes out anyway.
  10. That's the one we'll get. They might water it down a bit to get it cheaper though.
  11. You'd be as well just picking one and getting it over with.
  12. Well that mass PM you sent out proves them right I didn't get one, am I being excluded? That's bullying!
  13. I met Vi and few others from the Crass movement. A pretentious old boot and the rest were worse.
  14. Does a leopard change its spots? Have you had a Damascene conversion? Tell us how you changed.
  15. Someone posted he was on, I posted my Scrappy Doo joke, then went out. I was in again this morning and they'd gone. Neither was worth deletion and I haven't been warned of anything. Eta, Tynie explains.
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