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  1. He should've had his dinner money taken off him and his head flushed down the toilet in the first episode.
  2. I'd get that if I was on my own. I hope there is a war. It's about time you did some work.
  3. Well what should be done, let them off because Granny and bobble hat will be upset? They can still go and see The Derby playing Borrowash Victoria.
  4. I doubt they'd let you in. Don't kid yourself. We just can't be arsed going back to work.
  5. ^^^Cracked it off the back of the van and ate it.
  6. I'm glad to hear it. I wouldn't have liked cleaning your cage out.
  7. Go round with a bottle of something. That should have her running into the street.
  8. I think I saw the ones I heard earlier. They were much further away to the west and heading back north at about 7.30. Still going at a fair old rate.
  9. It's the only way you'll find out. It's beer, how bad can it be? (I'm not counting Super Lager or Special Brew) Although in a Brewdog pub someone advised me against Sink the Bismarck as it was vile.
  10. Mine hit me with a stick and more regularly with a Scholl sandal. I doubt bringing that up would've been a good idea
  11. Here's an idea. Drink the stuff you might like and don't drink the other stuff.
  12. Remember him? He used to be good. Shite now though.
  13. Oh he's alright, just a bit odd. You mean the synagogue guy, don't you.
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