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  1. I was thinking you might get a discount before she gets too cold.
  2. Maybe if you phoned them, they could work something out...
  3. Contract law is a piece of pish. I can think of about 10 posters on here that could make a living from it, but choose to demonstrate their acumen on here.
  4. You've taken me down a rabbit hole Miguel. Liz Taylor must be the most beautiful women ever, then I remembered Grace Kelly. Now I'm in a dilemma.
  5. Don't underestimate the Hilux, have you learned nothing from Top Gear?
  6. She might have to go, now you've put that in my head.
  7. My Mother, and current wife, have/had a policy of fucking my stuff out if I leave it in the wrong place.
  8. Is murdering prostitutes just a hobby then?
  9. If I disappeared now and anyone reported it, they'd have difficulty proving I existed in the first place. Where is all this shite kept, is it moved from house to house when you move? My old dear would throw my stuff out if I worked late, never mind when I left home. (When I say worked, I mean going straight out)
  10. Good, that's how long 20 press ups would take me.
  11. No doubt. We've had the discussion. When the time comes I'll be just as miserable getting visitors as they will be visiting.
  12. Don't worry, they'll cut it up the back and just tuck it round about you. Do you mean somebody else's?
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