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  1. I read it as Tranent Juniors taking over a well functioning youth set up to enhance their structure.
  2. If the SPFL don't push sky to broadcast their allocation, then it's ultimately the clubs that will have instructed that policy. They've got their sky money by now and will see any games broadcast as a reason for PATG supporters not to turn up.
  3. I run a self help group (I say group...) for people who ignore medical advice about any bowel disorder.
  4. I'm doomed to roam the earth in abject poverty and misery forever.
  5. I'm glad the OP brought this up. It's been an elephant in the room for too long.
  6. I'm not sure I'd want to be the one who interrupts a police murder squad in full flow.
  7. Can someone make a gif of Bon Scott's statue walking away?
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