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  1. Very confusing. It's a no from me.
  2. Does it direct the pish up your own arse? I don't know if I'd like that. It would be better going in to a hip flask type thing...clearly labelled PISH of course.
  3. I always get a massive hard on for the ginger from Girls Aloud. As long as your not her gynaecologist of GP you should be fine.
  4. Piercings on an older woman, not a good look. I get the impression you wouldn't want to be near her on holiday. A lot of fags, drink, poolside arguments with her pals, afternoon karaoke, no food that she likes etc etc. All from one picture, I might be wrong.
  5. At least I'd eat them, you're previous stank would have put them under her pillow.
  6. Buying a paper leaves you stranded in the 80s, never mind cash.
  7. He'd want to go to Rue Ruel pour le square go.
  8. That can't be what he means! Resolve this @mizfit. Surely once the money was pooled/kittied, rounds were bought.
  9. @Crawford Bridge has Pep and Bing in a lather on the Alain whatshisname thread over in the TA forum, it's worth a look.
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