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  1. Was it her own shite saved up over a long period, or did she collect shite from friends and family? In either case, I suggest a visit to the Doctor. Or at least drinking some flat coke. It is a well known medical fact that flat coke will stiffen your shite.
  2. Good stuff, I won't be hard to deal with. 2 years salary and I'm gone.
  3. The Directors are common knowledge and available at Compnies House. Money from other business is channeled through Livingston and lost. I wouldn't say much more on a public forum. Try going back in the Livi thread.
  4. Two of my mates are sparks. They turned up at a rewire job, explained who the were and got started A few hours later the boss arrived to check how it was going. He was knocking on the door of the house next door when he noticed the neighbours door open and all sorts of noise. Had a look in and the boys were hard at work in the wrong house. The woman explained that she thought her husband had arranged a rewire and forgot to tell her.
  5. It's changed with the ownership as time has gone on. It has been a front for property speculators and various wide boys since day one. Look on companies House for the rogue's gallery. As to who they work for that won't be recorded publicly and will vary. An MP recently submitted a report on concerns with criminal activity in Scottish football.
  6. I've still got my Croatian glasses, but all our bags were stuffed with fake merchandise from the Turkish markets this time. I'll be going out like Buster Bloodvessel in one of my new "Fred Perry" shirts later.
  7. I bought another one! Captive audience, flight side. And moaned a lot.
  8. I paid a tenner for a pint in Daliman airport last week. Breaking my previous record of £8.00, in Leeds, quite comfortably.
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