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  1. I drove her car yesterday afternoon, I could barely see out through the baked on dirt, tried the washer, not a fucking drip.
  2. Well, it was all done and dusted in one day and no visits needed to a miserable, mourning survivor.
  3. Two of my Grandparents died on the same day which was both sad and convenient at the same time.
  4. Team of the week a Prince Philip 11...a song to play us out...Your Prince Philip memories.
  5. Lacks imagination. Athletic Bilbo'ness would be better.
  6. Sounds right up my fucking street. Accommodation and grub thrown in.
  7. No-one depends on them. They shouldn't exist.
  8. There was definitely a mention of her being 13 in the radio coverage in the afternoon. It was as part of an interview with a woman who knew them back in the day. It wasn't that Maxwell trout was it?
  9. I'd sack the paper round if I had one.
  10. If Celtic proposed putting anthrax in the water supply @wastecoatwillywould support it.
  11. I probably wouldn't express it that way at the next BLM meeting.
  12. Selina Scott is on STV just now. Best part of the day, 69 she is! Eta I'm frantically looking for a recent photo of her. I believe Celina has interfered with the resolution on her webcam tonight.
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