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  1. I'd assumed it was Eire and that the best players would be playing for their clubs, weakening the League side. Was it Northern Ireland?
  2. I thought this would've all blown over by now.
  3. To be fair, Bohemians and Shamrock Rovers were playing as well, so the Ireland team must've been under strength.
  4. Maybe @Melanius Mullarkeycan put this one to bed?
  5. There's only going to be one sacking, and it ain't the Prof!
  6. I doubt actors will be relied on to do any checks. What possible qualification could they have? If Jeniffer Aniston used a gun in a film would you be expecting her to give it a quick check? I had thought he was messing about, but have since read he was shooting towards a camera for a scene. He sounds pretty blameless to me.
  7. In my present state I'd probably have given out Jon Venables address.
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