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  1. You could see Arran from my old office, the shite coloured building in the background here. I'd often look over to it. When I say often I mean when I lifted my nose from the grinding wheels of Government machinery.
  2. Should this be filed under under D for Didnae or H for Happen?
  3. Watch box sets of The Saint, Randall & Hopkirk (Diseased), The Persuaders, The Champions and The Avengers. No hoofball in sight. Still hope for Hopkirk in that one. He was dead in the one I watched.
  4. My mate drank that. Dead now, of course.
  5. @wastecoatwilly has always been a few million years behind amoebas on the evolutionary scale but his recent performance puts him in a class of his own. He should be pickled and put in a jar at the Hampden museum.
  6. It can offer various fraud and insurance opportunities, but all things considered I'd stick with armed robbery, it's less hassle.
  7. Na. It's a perfectly cromulent word. If your communicating with Cletus from Camelon.
  8. I have followed the story. There is scope to increase capacity when it's needed. All the other stands in the photos I've seen show smaller stands like the one you can just see behind the goals. If they do expand I expect they'll just lift the wee ones out and slot a new one in.
  9. Which bumpkin outpost is that used in? I think you just made it up!
  10. Isn't that a link to a potential extension? Do away with the wee one and build a bigger one of and when you need it.
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