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  1. I was one of the "disagree-ers, but all good fun and all' well that ends well [emoji1374][emoji1374]
  2. Lots I don't agree with, but that's my prerogative. There HAVE been good performances this season and signs that we can be a good side. As you know, there can be a very fine line between players and managers looking inept and performing magnificently. I'm saying give it time rather than judge after 5 league games, not 5 defeats, but 5 league games.
  3. Here we go again!! 2 defeats out of 5 in the league, 1 of which was at Easter Rd and it's time to remove the manager. You guys make me laugh. You clearly dislike Jim Duffy for whatever reason. Despite ending just outwith the play off spots last season in an exceptionally difficult league. Despite away wins against 2 top tier opponents so far this season. Despite progressing to the last 8 of e league cup. Despite assisting with the development of some really promising youngsters. The team are still gelling and getting to know each other. But you're right, we must get rid of Jim Duffy.....and the next incumbent.....and the next.....and the next. You guys are tedious, maybe time to change the record and get behind the "team"? I fondly await the barrage!!
  4. Just trying to clarify here, do you support Morton or Stranraer, really hard to tell?!
  5. Just loving the sense now prevailing on this forum. Thanks guys.
  6. Thanks guys for some positivity at last. I don't deny there are better managers around than Jim Duffy, but there are also much better teams around for them to manage. When a team is in freefall as we were for the bulk of last season it can be extremely tricky to buck that trend. Duffy achieved the objective, won the league and in my opinion has built the decent nucleus of a team to work with this season. We are basically in a league of 2 parts this season. I reckon any of the teams in "our" league - Dumbarton, Alloa, Livingston and Raith - would gladly accept the likes of Gaston, McDonald, Tidser, Barr, Forbes, (and Russell if we're lucky), so we have the makings of a competent squad. I also feel many others in the squad such as Connor, McKee, McCluskey, O'Ware, Lamie etc could flourish this season, having had a full season together. The squad will also be further bolstered and I have every confidence that Duffy will choose well. We'll lose many games this coming season but as long as we end up near the top of our "league of 5" we should be content for this season. Anything more will be a bonus and let's hope! I am pretty excited about our prospects for the year ahead and am delighted that others share my optimism but equally as important, there is finally support for a manager who so far has been a success.
  7. Unbelievable because he has 100% achieved the objective he was set. So why the constant negativity?
  8. Unbelievable!! Go and support the Midden and give us all some peace!!
  9. At least you have a sense of humour!
  10. One year in the job, one championship, some fantastic signings. What the f.... do guys want exactly?!
  11. Hopefully not. Did what he was hired to do. Made some fantastic signings.
  12. Congratulations to Jim Duffy for a job well done in more difficult circumstances than many care to believe. Right man for the job. Roll on the Championship.
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