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  1. I agree with BFTD here, we have a knack of letting managers see out their contracts unless the manager walks away himself. Barry has shown that he is inept at Div 2 level, and is mirroring his time at Clyde. He remains our manager, but compared to previous managers, he appears to be his own man devoid of criticism and no intentions of being a he community manager the likes of Hately was when he was here. As to pricing for games, it feels like we are bring shafted by keeping prices as high as they want and anyone not wanting to pay the over inflated prices can't be real fans. We should change the ground from the Indodrill to Mushroom Factory. F d on shit and kept in the he dark
  2. Nothing can beat s fair weather supporter
  3. Sorry, but the OF went through but Sevco didn't. Looks like their trip to IKEA for a trophy cabinet is still on hold
  4. Solskjar has just become available, best we get in before Falkirk get him
  5. I was merely interested in why there was a post on the Falkirk forum, and the drivel and paranoia over your team's shortcomings coupled with the blame culture aimed at the BOD was so amusing. Nothing wrong with some friendly winding up is there? Sometimes you need someone on the outside looking in to give a perspective on how things look to the neutrals.
  6. Lucky your not paranoid, you might have been upset otherwise. Actions speak louder than words, inactions even more
  7. You only need to head to the Falkirk thread to see the paranoia that equates to being a Bairns fan. They need to get real and accept what they have at this moment in time. They are now just a wee fish floundering in the seaside leagues.
  8. Falkirk are still under the belief they are still a big club, but have poured money into a hole for a good few seasons now. They forget that have a shiny Meccano stadium and a hearty following that teams would wish for, it's on the park where things need to be done. They do seem to have the knack of coaching away the skill of the players they sign. QP would expect to progress up the leagues in consecutive seasons with the money being invested. Still need to do the talking on the park.
  9. TBH, the way results are going, any team with a decent run could win it. No team has been outstanding, and as you say, it's wide open.
  10. Sorry to disappoint you, not even with the light turned off
  11. Theres no way you are this stupid Just stating what you said
  12. So, not diving, but getting deliberately kicked to con the ref to penalise the opposition
  13. Champions league the rightful home for the Bairns, first stop promotion from League 1. Forth time lucky?
  14. Touché I think Being a tink, little bothers me
  15. I know my team has been punching well above our weight for many years now. But we have no delusions of grandeur. At the end of the day, your team is only as good as they are. It's amusing though, reading the moans and groans from so many Bairns still thinking they are still a big team. No doubt things will turn around and you may return to your rightful place, but if you aren't Sevco, you'll have to do it the honest way.
  16. Stirlingshire is next to us, so where does that leave the deluded?
  17. No that's just merely a stepping stone thank you There seems to be a hell of s lot of steps getting there. Good win today for you even Ruth scored. Zero to hero in one game.
  18. I think this league is just a different form of football. A lot of skillful players just get clugged. Look at Morrison injury rate as an example. Some are better suited to Championship game pity Holt signs them for this league If only you were in your rightful place in the Championship
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