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  1. Just the usual pre season. To think I've waited a year for much of the same
  2. Ambitions and capabilities spring to mind
  3. Falkirk should handle this no problem. They've just endured their third long season
  4. It wouldn't be Falkirk if they weren't greetin. It's just part of the club's fans make up. Not nicknamed the Bairns for nothing
  5. Airdrie 3 Peterhead 1 Alloa 2 Montrose 1 East Fife 0 Cove Rangers 3 Queens Park 2 Falkirk 0 Dumbarton 1 Clyde 1 4th minute
  6. The guy only got a game because his dad was gaffer. Probably the the unskilled overplayed player we had. Just like Peter Grant's laddy
  7. My criticism on Henderson is based on the fact since returning from Hearts in January, he has been off the mark and looks lazy. I agree, Boyd hasn't been on fire either, but Boyd hasn't started every game, unlike Henderson, but does put himself about a fare bit and gets involved in games. And one swallow doesn't make a simmer, does it?
  8. Apart from s fantastic ball for Kev's opener, Henderson feels like the new Max Christie for me. On from the start every week and looking very disinterested.
  9. One game left, then the circus will move from the TFS to the car park.
  10. We'll be back next season to collect 6 points
  11. Is it my imagination, but the Falkirk fan(y)s are the quietest they've been on a thread since they were classed (officially) as a big team
  12. So you aren't Rizzo then? You must be a Bog resident
  13. You must be used to this, isn't this your 35th nothing game this season?
  14. I gather they only tannoy goals for Falkirk? Guy on the tannoy has it easy
  15. Clyde 0 Airdrie 2 Cove 3 Dumbarton 0 Falkirk 0 Alloa 1 Montrose 2 Queens 2 Peterhead 2 East Fife 0
  16. A lot will depend on Henderson on Saturday. If he turns up to just west the jersey, he should be benched to allow Cawley to start. Should get something from this if we aren't as wasteful in front of goal.
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