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  1. I take it that we are yet again entering the Twilight Zone at the Indodrill? Not a whisper other than O'Hara has gone to EEP. Why am I not surprised?
  2. Only in Nicola's mind. Talk about a one track record!!
  3. Best ask the Arbroath fans, they seem to know all the answers.
  4. What we are told and what is a fact may not be the same thing. Never let facts spoil a good story
  5. Hope we make abetter job than we did of pumping the water off the pitch
  6. I'm sure he went on loan last season and was released and you signed him
  7. sounds what he was like at Alloa until we loaned him to you last season.
  8. Well we'd only have to wait another 5 years, if the ugliest woman in politics constantly defines GENERATION
  9. A generation is 20 years, PM office is only 5 years
  10. Have I just woke up and it's really 1319? You'd want the Brussels crooks over Westminster crooks? Aye, true independence
  11. Firstly, I can use English and not text talk, being able to distinguish the difference between a phone and a laptop. In developed nations the average generation length is in the high 20's and has even reached 30 years in some nation so I have no idea where you plucked 100 years from, a lucky bag perhaps? Can't find the any documentation backing up this, but here is the ugliest woman in politics lending a hand.
  12. In the USA their President is in office for 4 years, they have a written constitution. The UK does not have a written constitution and our Pm can be in office no more than 5 years.
  13. Is that proper generations or Sturgeons 5 year generation? The Indie ref vote of 2014 was a once in a generation opportunity, those of us with brains realised it was 2014 and not 1314 voted sensibly, and Scotland remains part of the UK. Just because people north of the border voted against Brexit doesn't mean Scotland (not an independent country, but still part of the UK) has the right to a new referendum just because someone made Sturgeon spit her dummy out because she can't see Scottish votes as regional rather than national votes.
  14. A top class striker scores goals for fun, not measured against one team
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