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  1. To watch Elgin and Albion ( no disrespect to them) yes. So £12 and £5 What dreams are made of
  2. I feel that the club is no longer a 'community club' but a cash cow. If the club were to be a bit more 'fan friendly' by being realistic about cup games against teams from lower leagues, maybe a few more fans would turn up for league games. It just feels that the rules are rules, not to be interpreted just implied and those who were thinking they may make the effort have been frightened off. It's a real sad day when a derby against the Albion is boycotted because our forward looking board have been blinded by greed.
  3. My contributions - 1. Ace of Spades by Motorhead 2. Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf 3. Walk this way by Aerosmith
  4. 1. Never a rock band 2. Anything by The Boss 3. Anything by Guns n Roses 4. Never a rock band 5. Anything by U2
  5. Perry, Robertson Graham Taggart Dick; Cawley Hetherington Flannigan Brown; Troutten Buchannan. Subs - Aloulou Henry Murray O'Donnell O'Harra Stirling
  6. I also offered to lend a hand but was informed by an official that the OS was in good hands
  7. I'd say that the football we have had since Tom Hendry has been excellent bar the season we slipped back to the non blue flag" seaside league has been great. The appointment at this stage of Paul Hartley was a god send for the club and we really enjoyed football at it's best (in my lifetime) at the Recs. But the constant 'secrecy' not keeping fans up to date season after season does wear thin. In the League Cup (or meaningful friendlies) to ask for full price for admission doesn't shine well on the club and I for one will not pay full price to see us play a team that could be heading back to the Highland League set up. We are still showing this on the Official Site - Jim Goodwin at Ayr 05 May 2019 08:23:38 Jim Goodwin after finishing 8th in Championship The club can't keep the official site, so no chance of supporters being kept up to date then
  8. Wouldn't it be a worthwhile venture if the club allowed season ticket holders in for these games for a £10? When you see so many clubs at cup matched with reduced attendances because their season tickets aren't valid. But that is common sense, so no chance of that happening, is there? And why has there been hee haw on the official site since PG became manager? It's the usual Alloa hush when it feels that every other club are signing players left, right and centre, and we have nothing regards progress or interested signings. The club are more than happy to take our hard earned cash, or little or no return. So business as usual then
  9. And here was me thinking football was trying to get punters through the 'gates'. Who is going to travel all the way from Elgin on a Tuesday night and fork out this sort of money? Come to think of it, who is going to travel all the way from Alloa at these prices for a League Cup game ?
  10. Be serious, won't get that information until you are standing at the turnstile. Keep the fans in the dark and fleece them as often as they can
  11. Your 6 fingers and 3 eyes will blend in well with us mutants And yes, we get charged £19 entry too
  12. Strange how people can give advice yet not being able to follow it themselves!
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