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    Started season 2. Usually in FM, if you have a good season, you build on what you have. Try and keep momentum going with only one or two minor squad improvements. Having a miraculous first season and finishing 3rd, the board have given me £950k to spend and sold Lee Erwin and Jamie McGrath for another £750k, so I haven't done that... Some of my highlights: Jamie Hamilton from erm...Hamilton. £82k relegation release clause in his Accies contract. Unfortunately had to compromise with a £550k minimum fee clause which was almost a deal breaker but I'll get him on a better deal ASAP. Stuart Findlay on a freebie - Couldn't come to terms with Killie and much like Stephen O'Donnell last season, took his chances roaming the free transfer market in search of his big move. Unlike Stevie though, Stuart got his. Esmael Goncalves - Free from Chennai. Return of the king. Despite 19 new faces in the summer, my search for a striker bore little fruit until nearer the end. Isma coming back having just turned 30 is a no brainer. Ali Yavuz Kol on loan from Galatasary. After my Isma coup this guy showed up on my scout search and cost me nothing. Nada, not a penny. Galatasary so talent rich that they let a £7m rated footballer leave on loan for a season with no obligation to play him, pay him or pay his club. Free real estate. Oh and he's showing up very well. Finlay Robertson - £500k (plus £1.2m in add ons that I may never pay) - Dundee. But he's worth about £2m I hear you say. Correct. He is but Dundee finished 10th in the first season and the drop to league one led to him asking to leave. Dundee initially wanted 1.2m for him and I managed to wangle my way to giving them £500k in cash and £1.2m on the never never (£600k if he gets 20 Scotland caps and £600k if we qualify for the CL). By time either of those happen, I'll be able to afford the extra cash. Rodrigo Gomes £675k (£250k up front, the rest over next 3 seasons) - Braga. A last minute replacement as I'd recently had my budget boosted by selling Erwin and McGrath. This lad came on the radar a week of so before selling the other two as Braga are my parent club and I'd had them scouted. Initially I was going to try and loan him for the season but as the budget had been expanded, I decided to go and blow it all in the one shop, seeing as if he had a good season on loan, I'd be pricing myself out of him anyway. Bit of a risk to be fair but might as well go big or go home!
  2. I agree it's decent looking but there's a very good reason you can't pick out many teams who play in grey or have had a grey strip.
  3. It's a meme Bennett. It started with a daft American declaring after the republicans lost the election that they were leaving America and going to Hawaii where they know how to run a country and folk picked up on it and put their own twist on it.
  4. Oh it most certainly is entitlement. Look at the approximate ages of those out there tonight in the videos. Mainly young men from the ages of mid teens to mid 20s. There's very few guys in their 30s and up, folk who have been there and actually lived through shite times at your club. None of these wee dweebs have ever seen their side do anything other than win the league in their adult lives. They certainly haven't supported their club in a time of genuine crisis. This is the closest thing to a crisis they've ever had supporting their team and they have massive, massive doze of the 'canny take its'.
  5. True, good point! I've lost all concept of space and time.
  6. Imagine having the gall to bleat 'We DeSeRvE bEtTeR tHaN tHiS' after watching your team clean sweep 4 trebles in a row. What a bunch of entitled shit for brains.
  7. Option 4 is easily the best of the home kits. The other three are all pretty grim in all truth. The away kits aren't quite as bad but selection 1 or 2 for me. The grey shirt might have been decent without the big black sponsor's box or if it was at least the same dark grey as the trim of the shirt.
  8. SMISA members getting the option to pick next season's kits. 4 home and 4 away options. The 4 home options are absolutely grim, 4 is easily the best of a bad lot for me. Pictures to follow.
  9. Nahhhhh. Celtic fans constantly made that mistake as well of thinking we were on their side or somehow sympathetic to them through the laughter of the banter years. Similarly, Rangers supporters also thought it meant that Scottish fitba was 'Celtic minded' in laughing at their misfortunes. The reality is that most of us fucking hate both clubs. The perfect scenario would be both clubs being complete basket cases at the same time but for now we'll just have to accept that you seem to be passing the banter baton about.
  10. It shows the lack of forward thinking and the ethos at Celtic that the two names recurring most frequently on places like social media are Martin O'Neill and Gordon Strachan. Both are lazy, easy choices and I'm not at all sure either would actually work out in Celtic's favour. The last time they made a good choice for a gaffer, they took a relatively young guy with a good reputation who had just lost his job at a Premier league club. There's another ready made guy in that mould in the form of Eddie Howe - why wouldn't they take a chance on someone like him?
  11. Partly this and partly arrogance that Rangers were so massively inferior....years behind them.... so why would they bother shelling out for another gaffer in the mould of a Rodgers when wee popcorn can come in and get the job in at a quarter of the cost? As you said, EVERYONE saw this coming. They very much lucked out last season that Rangers absolutely shat the bed after their trip to Dubai.
  12. At this rate, if he hangs about for another 2 or 3 games, the league could realistically be done with. Even a halfway decent manager would get a tune out of that squad without a shadow of a doubt.
  13. Imagine fucking everything up so badly from the position they were in, just because they wanted to go for the cheap option.😂
  14. I was highlighting the fact that he'd mentioned at Ryan Hardie and that we'd been down that road and he was pish for us.
  15. I certainly hope not. I've never emailed the club asking them to take a look at players.
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    First time I think I've ever gone through a transfer window in FM and not signed anyone. I have arranged a free transfer of Stephen Kingsley and made attempts for a few Spanish youths but so far, my dealings have been minimal. Having a bit of a dream season. I signed a couple of Ivorian lads in the summer window with payments being made on the never-never with money I got from selling Durmas and Morias and although I'm limiting their minutes for now, they are going to net me a ton of money in the future.
  17. Been there, done that. Is shite. In all honestly, Hardie played in a really, really poor team and he just didn't look at all interested by the end. He was a massive disappointment. It's measure of how badly a hold he had of the situation that Alex Rae had Hardie, Lawrence Shankland, Lewis Morgan and Stevie Mallan in the championship and built such a pile of shite around them that he couldn't get a tune out of those four.
  18. I'll give @RandomGuy. his fair dues. He marked Jake Doyle-Hayes as a baller the day we signed him and he's been proven absolutely correct. Boy is firmly in the 'too good for this level' mould and given he's still a youngster, will have some clubs much larger than us courting him in the summer. Hopefully Goody can work some of that silver tongued charm that the players seem to love him for and convince him that another 2 or 3 years here won't do him any harm.
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