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  1. Erhahon suffers from being one of our youth players so is held to higher standard by some sections of the support. The lad is very talented indeed and keeps getting better and yet some folk seen to still dislike him.
  2. Going from about 1992 onwards. John McGinn Norrie McWhirter (pre injury) Stevie Thompson
  3. Said as much about Brophy yesterday when watching. He's a constant pain in the arse for defenders and is now well and truly finding his feet in the side. For a guy we were worried couldn't play up top himself, he's really benefitting from having both McGrath and Ronan playing in advanced midfield roles.
  4. Think we can safely say that Mihai Popescu hung around long enough to be a cult hero for St. Mirren and we were best to leave it at that. Any longer and he'd have certainly turned into a constant facepalm.
  5. Awful decision by the linesman there. Rudden right to be pissed off at that.
  6. This might not end at 5. Accies definitely have a couple more goals in them to concede.
  7. I've been impressed with Zak Rudden every time I've seen him, hard to believe he's still only 21 as it feels like he's been about for years and he's ridiculously baldy for such a young fellow.
  8. Realistically three points from here will be enough. If we win on Tuesday, either Austria or Israel would need to win all 3 of their remaining fixtures to catch us. Austria play away to Denmark on Tuesday night too, so it won't be them.
  9. I'll miss Urartu in the league. Every time I read it, I have Vic Reeves in my brain saying it Shooting Stars style as it's a perfect mix of 'Iranu' and 'Uvavu'.
  10. Your best bets are Liam Kelly and Robbie McCrorie, neither of whom seem to be quite ready for full international football just yet. For the first time in most of our lifetimes, there's a genuine drought of Scottish goalkeeping talent.
  11. 2nd half was brilliant. We got exactly what the performance of the 2nd 45 deserved. Israel, for their part, also got exactly what they deserved. A horrible cynical bunch of cheating b*****ds and if we ever face them again, it will be too soon.
  12. Dykes has benefitted for the longest time in a Scotland shirt by virtue of not being Oli McBurnie. He's fucking hopeless.
  13. We look pretty streetwise away from home but like a sad wee bunch of amateurs at Hampden. This isn't a new phenomenon either, being pish at Hampden. I've not been fully confident during home games since McLeish and Smith eras. Well over a decade.
  14. This boy Dabbur is a horrible cheating b*****d and I hope he passes a porcupine in his next bowel movement.
  15. No-one was talking about McGrath at all after signing. All the plaudits were on McCarthy of the two. Unreal that you can write a player off after 7 games. Kiltie has shown that he's a solid hand in the league and there's no reason he won't be for us either.
  16. I've always found the concept of a white actor going all out blackface absolutely comical to be honest. There's no way you can show up on screen and try to be taken seriously with a full Al Jolson face on. Even back in the day it must have been completely ridiculous looking. Im also not at all offended by it, not because it's inoffensive content, but much in the same way it's not my place to tell people in minorities what isn't offensive, it's not my place either to tell them what is. I can't get on board at all with a pasty skinned wee bunch of 18 year old white guys telling other people what is and isn't culturally appropriate. Lobbying hard to get a film or book removed from a school curriculum because you find the content to be uncomfortable is not revolutionary or forward thinking. In a completely ironic turn of events, it's actually a form of whitewashing.
  17. Agreed, McGrath caught headlines last year with his goals (albeit most were penalties) bit there was still a few question marks by those who were saying his goals covered for a lot of his shortfalls. This season has righted that completely. He's been excellent and his skill on the ball, strength in possession and vision have been right to the forefront.
  18. Exactly. The cause they are raising awareness of is certainly a good one. The methods by which they are trying to raise awareness is the issue here and will actively drive many away from a cause that they should be getting on board with.
  19. These people are fucking morons. Folk try to actually reason and speak to them, explaining situations like medics and emergency vehicles needing to get past and they turn into human sandbags like 3 year olds having a tantrum just hanging there and letting themselves be dragged about. There is no way their cause will ever gain any real sympathy or traction when their methods are what they are.
  20. Still very early doors but the league is already starting to shape up a wee bit like a few years ago when the other 9 teams in the division racked up points on the regular and St. Mirren, Dundee and Hamilton by virtue of all being completely hopeless, were in a competitive relegation fight despite the fact that any of their individual tallies after 30 games would have had them already cut adrift any other year.
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