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  1. At the time I mean. Back in 96 the rivalry was in full swing, we had a particular hatred as whilst we dossed about lower midtable with a shitload of debt, Morton were one win away from becoming a top flight side so beating them a couple of times that season was so good.
  2. 4 minutes injury time and the keeper sits on his arse for two and a half minutes of it.
  3. When are you going back to the Argentina style home top? Rivals or not, I loved that shirt but then who in their right mind doesn't love an Argentina shirt?
  4. I mean to be fair, the message of the song may have been horrific 50 years back but it's almost idyllic in 2022. $1.50 for a day out looking at trees sounds fucking magic. You'd be looking at least at £35 for that now.
  5. Wrong time, wrong club, wrong place for the guy to be fair. He might well have turned out decent for us in the end and most St. Mirren fans bear him no ill will whatsoever. He inherited a squad that included a done Stevie Thompson, a done Jim Goodwin, a done Alan Gow and a few talented youngsters in Jason Naismith, Stevie Mallan and Lewis Morgan. He signed a done Andy Webster and a done Jamie Langfield as well even if we thought they were brilliant championship signings at the time. To be fair he also brought in Shankland and Paul McMullen who looked decent at first. There was no balance in his team though. Everyone was either potentially good in a year or two or beyond finished. The players in the middle ground such as Scott Agnew, Cameron Howieson and Stuart Carswell were his biggest problem. As I say, it might have turned around but 2 wins in 16 and he knew he wasn't going to pull it back. I respect the fact at only 35 he wilfully handed in his resignation and put his entire managerial career at risk. He's definitely earned the chance of another crack at FT football and despite being about for 10 years, is still a young manager.
  6. He was Michael O'Neill's main national team coach from 2014-2016 for Northern Ireland and his assistant for Euro 2016 I believe.
  7. Robinson worked with Davis for a few years when he was Northern Ireland assistant manager.
  8. I don't think money would be the issue. Davis has clearly made a very lucrative living off the game and I'm guessing he wants to take the tentative steps into being a coach whilst believing he still has something to offer on the playing side. That being said, he is still definitely good enough for Rangers given he's played in around 50% of their games this season at 36/37 so it stands to reason that he still has something to offer them. I think there are clubs in Scotland and even in the English Championship and upper reaches of League 1 where he'd still be an asset, so it would be a case of asking what we in particular would be offering that several other clubs no doubt could blow us out the water with. The only obvious ones are working under Robinson who he is apparently on very good terms with and staying in the area if his family are settled. 37 or not, the possibility of getting a guy who has played at the top level his entire career, is to all intents and purposes still looking like a very good player to the point that many Rangers fans would be happy for him to hang about for another season and has something mad like 120 or so caps for his country would be mental to pass on and a coup for us without a shadow of a doubt.
  9. That is absolutely ridiculous. He had no right to save that.
  10. Video of Danielson's leg getting trapped on Rampage. What a pro - it looks like he legit does get trapped but is not in pain, you can see him pulling referee in twice about 30-35 seconds and says something, presumably to work it, ref then points Hager over to him to attack. Danielson also nearly cracks at Moxley a few times during the attempt to free his leg so he's trying to sell pain but he's clearly amused by the entire situation - brilliant that he took this unfortunate incident and decided to make a work out of it. Guy's a legitimate legend.
  11. Caley should probably just chuck towel in now, take the 2-0 aggregate and move on before it gets really embarrassing.
  12. I know Motherwell fans will add to their field day but I've always liked Donnelly and would happily take him though I'd be of the thinking he'd have his sights set on a move to England
  13. Was liked by majority of fans online which I didn't get. I just never ever took to him. He ran about like a madman, threw himself into wild tackles and then invariably tripped himself up, passed it poorly or played himself into trouble when he did have possession. No qualms about him leaving whatsoever.
  14. This Robo looking to get stuff early in case Gogic doesn't sign or looking to potentially having both? We're clearly looking at Gogic and another given that this is the 3rd defensive mid we've been linked with and have signed O'Hara and Baccus already. Might suggest there's more than just paper talk on the Erhahon and Reid rumours.
  15. Fair play to you if you get a decent chunk from a sell-on but do development fees really still apply to 27 year olds? Exactly this. I've just probably mislabelled it. It carries throughout a players career though. I suppose not much of it is made up here as the players developed in Scotland have historically not generated large enough transfer fees for that 5% to represent a significant amount.
  16. Aside from the infrastructure side of investment, we should definitely be putting more money into youth development and initiatives similar to the street stuff classes. The next several generations of youngsters in Scotland are going to be from a very broad scope of ethnicities and backgrounds and many young kids right now are the first generation whose parents have come here and perhaps aren't aware of opportunities and community initiatives available or perhaps feel that it's simply outwith the financial reach. We should definitely be casting the net far and wide across the area to give as many kids from struggling backgrounds that opportunity to feel part of a team, part of what might be a new community to them as we possibly can. Of course, some money should be invested in the playing squad but I'd say that would be a better legacy to have as a community club than just increasing the budget and buying 6 extra players on pumped up wages.
  17. My thoughts would be to perhaps install a safe standing area in W7, and as AS said, probably an indoor all weather pitch. The dome is surely approaching the end of it's life cycle - I'd love to know what sort of monetary return it has provided in the time it's been up and whether it would be worth the while replacing that too.
  18. And yet you're now one game away from it all ending up empty-handed.
  19. Mutterings of Villa wanting £50m for him. 15% of profit to Hibs, who give us a third. We'd then get another 3.5% of the total transfer as development fee, Hibs get an additional 1.5% as they had him between 21-22. Means on a £50m transfer, Hibs would be getting 15% of £47m (minus the three Villa paid for him) = £7m and passing us around £2.32m of that In addition, they'd get another £750k development fee and we'd bag £1.75m So nearly £5.5m for Hibs and a touch over £4m for us in total.
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