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  1. I think to call Livi a 'big strong physical team' is a bit rich, particularly as we have Dunne, Gallagher, Gogic, Erhahon, Main and Ayunga in the spine of the side who all fit that description and are reliant on mixing it up.
  2. I let Adam Page off the Hook a few weeks back with the butterfly jeans. What the fuckity f**k is this ensemble though? Stop it!
  3. What a last 4 hours that's been. Airport closed, flights cancelled, BA customer service fucking hopeless. Managed, finally to get booked on Monday 3rd to Monday 17th at no extra cost. Car hire changed. Need to get accommodation booked now for the last 5 days. I'll sort that out when this panic attack I am in the middle of has subsided. I always thought the Thomas Cook debacle that I went through would never be repeated.
  4. Loads of movement east means that hurricane currently is in path of Orlando. Reckon it's unlikely we'll get out tomorrow. Maybe not even until Friday if it hangs about central Florida. Damnit.
  5. Cheers. Yeah feeling a little more confident today. At time we're due to land, you're talking decent chance of being gusty but it will still be far enough south and orlando/east florida is apparently very well protected by hurricanes in the gulf by the Tampa shield. They are evacuating Tampa today and folk are going to Orlando so shows that they are defintely not expecting it anything like as bad as on the Gulf Coast. I've got everything crossed we get out on time.
  6. Sure it will! BA have already confirmed in event of cancellation they are duty bound to get us to destination if a refund is refused, so even if we end up two days late, that will be worst case scenario. I just want to sleep. Stressed out as f**k. Thomas Cook went bust the morning of us flying out last time we went in 2019 and I had to rearrange that with no notice and fly into Miami so I'm starting to reckon I'm a Jonah.
  7. Our arrival time is 3pm on Tuesday which would put hurricane roughly here at present (IF it follows the track. Cutting in east would be worst case scenario). About 100 miles offshore and about 200-250 miles southwest of Orlando. Obviously the further south that trends the better as winds will be lessened so just hoping the forecast is for calm enough winds by then that they are still allowing flights in or at worst, redirect us to Jacksonville (another 100 miles northeast where it will still be calm by that point.) Don't fancy two days milling about London waiting for it to clear, would rather be there and just hunker down for the first day.
  8. Interesting viewing I agree. Latvia qualified for a Euros about 20 years ago and the Baltics were viewed as an emerging area in football. In fact, Estonia, traditionally the weakest of the three are now the best of the three by quite a distance (still a low bar) and Lithuania who were always by a distance the most consistently strong, are now the worst. All three nations have regressed massively though and it's interesting to see. Throw Cyprus into that mixer as well when you talk about nations getting better over last 15 years. They've improved to point where an appearance at a Euros wouldn't be as laughable as it would have in the 90s. Also, if you'd told me of Iceland's success years ago, I'd not have believed you either.
  9. Faroes appear to getting a bit of the Iceland effect from a few years ago. They are really professionally set up and well drilled. I had previously thought that they'd just run with Danish 2nd and 3rd generation Faroese expats to improve their squad but nope, every single one of their squad is Faroes born. They now have majority of squad of full time pros vs when they started out, every player was an amateur. Picking an international squad from a population of a country the size of Greenock and even pulling out 1 or 2 wins per qualifying campaign is decent going. Beating Turkey is definitely their biggest result though since smacking Greece about in both games about 6 or 7 years back.
  10. Eyes firmly on what's going on out there. There's a tropical storm off Cancun that's expected to become Hurricane Ian later today. Early models suggesting it was going to directly smack central Florida, it's trended West in last 24 and now forecast to hit mid-panhandle (and still tracking west with each update) but I'm flying out on Wednesday when it's going to be coursing through the Gulf. So this will almost certainly cause a delay in getting out. The further west it goes, the less likely of delays being signficant.
  11. I don't honestly think there's anyone more versatile out there than Sami Zayn. He turns everything he gets into gold. One of the most underrated on the go for so long and it's brilliant to finally see him get the love he deserves.
  12. Looks like a correction now and Offord got two goals with Josh Adam grabbing the other. Either way, great stuff!
  13. The first four minutes of this is just fucking GLORIOUS!!
  14. 'Aberdeen saved from a three team promotion/relegation playoff mini-league by Falkirk's inability to get Brockville in working order' would be a more appropriate summary. Even in saying that, had Livingston pulled the four points back and got themselves into third, that playoff would have gone ahead regardless.
  15. To be fair, it is a double header with NZ and the second friendly coming over the weekend so they may still get some game time.
  16. 'A central defender who is good for teams who defend' being used as a negative is quite the mental gymnastics.
  17. 9 caps for your country since late 2019 is hardly internationally inexperienced. He was semi regular when he was with Morherwell.
  18. Gallagher absolutely deserves it. He played in a basketcase setup under a basketcase manager last season and looked shite as a result. Last season has been the only real blemish on his top flight career.
  19. That's the ghost of the playoff put to bed a wee bit. Time to put the Irish firmly in their place now.
  20. Ahhhh, so not a restriction at all then, just what constitutes one in your head. Gotcha.
  21. Nothing at all restricted about the allocation FFS. You get the same away stand every other team in the league does.
  22. Normally the international break is historically the time our players get a bit of time off. By my reckoning, we've had 5 players in the last 2 seasons receive their first senior international call ups whilst St. Mirren players. (The Aussie/NZ lads, McGrath and Ronan) That's some going for a club where in my younger days, if an ex-international showed up it was a big deal, never mind being a club that is doing well enough to merit producing current international footballers. If both Strain and Baccus get minutes this week - as you'd expect - that will be 7 full internationalists now in our squad and really, 5 of them are current/recent (think Carson missed out this time on NI which is a bit of a strange one really given he's on 4 clean sheets from 7 games) and the only one you'd say is well out of the reckoning for future squads is Brophy. Declan Gallagher must be working his way back into contention at this rate - he's been rock solid and you could argue has had a far better start to the season than Porteous. That must be some sort of a record for us. 7 international caps in a St. Mirren squad at the same time?! The most caps any player has ever won whilst a Saints player is 7 - for both Billy Thomson and Iain Munro. With Gogic and Grieve regular starters for Cyprus and NZ respectively, that long-standing record will surely fall very soon.
  23. Probably Tait, Strain would have to cart him half way round the world this week on international duty.
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