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  1. That feeling when you've now won more titles than the team you support.
  2. I fucking LOVED the Firefly Funhouse 'match'. If you can even call it that.
  3. Shite as main event was, I got a lump in my throat just imagining that pop that McIntyre would have got at the end.
  4. Everything about it is mental perfection. When he stands up and has his jeans and belt on in his jacuzzi I fucking lost it.
  5. Call season as it is but scrap relegation. Go to 3 x 14 team leagues. 2 come up from Championship 6 go up from League 1 Rest of league 1 merges with league 2. Either 3 rounds of 13 games (preferable) for 39 games or 2 rounds of 13 then split after 26 and top and bottom 7 play each other home and away for 38 games. Straight 2 up 2 down, no playoffs. If playoffs are insisted, 3rd bottom plays 3rd top in one off game at neutral ground.
  6. I think it is pretty much a formality at this point. If normal life is to resume (which it will), testing on a massive scale will be key.
  7. Correct. The total lockdown scenario is not a long term viability and never was. Medium to long term, once this is in control any outbreaks will happen in pockets. People showing symptoms will be tested and traced , those in contact with them will be covid tested and antibody tested. Based on results, Individual workplaces or institutions will be closed periodically and government will use the scheme they have implemented to reimburse those affected. This will keep it isolated to smaller areas. It will also not spread through communities as quickly. Although herd immunity is some way away, it's very likely that several times more people in the country have had this either mildly or asymptomatically than has been reported. I saw the Scottish figure alone just last week being estimated at over 70000.
  8. I've always said it but Simpsons season 1 is criminally under-rated. It gets an amount of stick as it was still finding it's way and is a lot more toned down than the golden years but it's still a cracking watch.
  9. BUPA have sold all beds to the NHS for the time being as far as I'm aware.
  10. Given that almost all epidemiologists are predicting that it will peak in about 3 weeks from now, I don't think anyone is quite doubting that it will be anything but rising for a while yet.
  11. Correct. Too many halfwits who believe that working from home = not being productive.
  12. It certainly should be. Hopefully the testing kits becoming available to the wider public will allow for increased testing and any further outbreaks will be contained in pockets. I've been optimistic throughout this but for first time I'm genuinely thinking this might actually be containable in the short term until a vaccine is found.
  13. This drop in numbers, combined with Neil Fergusons (who set the initial terrifying numbers of the epicemic) appraisal today that we may well not be overwhelmed gives a fair bit of hope. Add into this the Oxford Uni model that suggests half the population has possibly already been infected and asymptomatic of very very mild and there's a lot to be optimistic about.
  14. Looks like we've fallen off the Italy trajectory in past few days which is about as positive a bit of news as we could hope for in these times.
  15. Kim Wexler is one of the best written and acted characters in any series I've ever seen. The explosion at the end of the episode was the most verbal I remember her being but everything she said, you already knew what she was feeling. Apart from that last line.
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