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  1. That ladder spot is literally jaw-dropping. It's fucking beautifully executed by both men, Sammy in particular.
  2. Suppose this is as good a time as any to disclose I won Euromillions.
  3. Was magic, potato on top a wee tiny bit dry from being in the oven but nothing a bit of brown sauce couldn't sort out.
  4. You've hardly given the boy a chance. He's not even racked up 45 mins of football and looked good on Saturday. I'd be happy to see what he brings to the squad from next season once he's settled in here and adjusted to the game.
  5. I would agree if the referee actually dropped the ball in the first instance rather than throw it in his direction. I thought he'd taken leave of his senses and given a free-kick from that so wasn't surprised the ball was picked up.
  6. For all the agitation on here, I'll be honest - I thought Aberdeen looked OK from about 25 minutes in until we scored. Nothing amazing but there was at least 2 or 3 occasions where they were letting fly from distance and was expecting the ball to burst the net. We started the game well, showed a lot of expansive football and attacking intent in first 15 minutes and from there just sort of stopped doing it. Whether that was Aberdeen not letting us or ourselves running out of ideas, I'm not sure. Even the goal was a good summary of the game, a decent bit of play, a mishit cross that looked like it would come to nothing. It just so turned out that Connor Ronan is a fucking magic wee player and found that back post just lovely. And from there everything just really stopped. We played like a team 1-0 up and holding a lead but damningly, so did Aberdeen.
  7. Pretty much, he's the sort of guy I'd be more concerned about landing up in Perth or Dundee than Niall McGinn.
  8. I see Scott Allan has now been told he can leave for nothing in this window. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/hibs/scott-allan-hibs-willing-to-let-popular-playmaker-leave-in-january-and-two-others-heading-for-exit-door-3540093
  9. Honestly, I still think we need creativity in midfield and a bit of pace out wide, though Henderson and Ronan leave me not too fussed if we don't. I thought Ronan caused all sorts of issues at Tannadice out on the left, particularly in the second half last week. Erhahon, despite what some say on here and in spite of the fact that his all round game isn't anything like perfect, is still comfortably our best centre mid IMO. When he's fit, he needs to play, it's that simple. Beside him, Power doesn't do enough for me and I hold my breath every time he slides in on someone. I'm OK with Erhahon not meandering forward and someone in the mould of Allan would definitely being the best out in Ethan. We need an Allan more than we need a Gogic just now, that's for sure. I'm a lot more comfortable that Goodwin, after 12 months has finally dropped the 3-5-2 notion and is now talking about it in the past tense. Think many of us have been saying for a while that 4-2-3-1 is the way ahead for us. Many don't think Brophy works up top himself but if you have Kiltie playing as close to him as he did last week at Tannadice, he'll be just fine.
  10. If we were due £75k in the summer I'd like to think we got at least that £75k now. £50k and a 10-20% sell on would be ultimately just letting him go for £50k.
  11. Tom Hendrie was the first one that came to mind. Quite a rapid rise through the lower leagues culminating in our 1st division win in 2000. He was a highly rated young gaffer at the time. From there it sort of all falls off a cliff.
  12. More a case of forcing Saintees' hand I feel. As I said earlier, if we were troubling the area that Motherwell or Hearts or something currently find themselves in, then it would be a bit shite but the fact is that we're both in a relegation battle so I can fully understand the reasoning. End of the day, the recall in January option is there for a reason and works two ways - if St. Johnstone didn't want him, they'd have sent him back without a second thought.
  13. Yeah nothing to get too carried away over, can only go with what we've seen so far and it's promising enough. I terms of what he brings that's different he seems to be faster and more direct than several other options we have.
  14. In addition to Kiltie performing like a new signing in a role that is suited to him, Alex Grieve also looked excellent in his 25 minute showing yesterday. Definitely the sort of guy who will give opposition defenders a sore head and a far better option than either Main or Erwin.
  15. If we offer him a new deal on the same terms he's currently on or better, then a development fee will come into play. Not sure how much this will be though - he's been with us since he was a child.
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