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  1. Bizarre take not to be immensely proud of an uncapped guy who quite literally came to our club with the intention of being considered for his country's WC squad in one of their most competitive positions and not only making the squad but getting minutes on the park. I'm 100% chuffed for Keanu and I'm a realist to understand that he'll probably make the club a good amount of money in a transfer fee without us having to indignantly transfer list him for the 'crime' of representing his country on the biggest stage in international football.
  2. Through gritted teeth Dixon you brexity gammon f**k.
  3. There's been no such law for a long time.
  4. As shite as Argentina have been, Dixon is absolutely fucking desperate to see them fail here. He's done nothing but slate them since they scored.
  5. Thats the beauty...He's never aimless though. He's always looking for space. I watched him playing for Barcelona at the Nou Camp about 8 years ago from more or less the back of the stadium and honestly, he makes an art out of looking like he's doing nothing but he's constantly adjusting himself to be equal distance between centre halves. His game has obviously changed as he's moved deeper intp midfield but it was an absolute education to watch him.
  6. The greatest to ever kick a ball in anger. Imagine doubting the guy. Imagine having the fucking gall to doubt the GOAT.
  7. Unfortunately he didn't permanently disappear from commentary. It's some job to outshine Michael Owen, Dion Dublin, John Hartson and Jermaine Jenas as fucking garbage but he's sailing through it.
  8. Lee Dixon *long sad sigh* 'It was an easy one for him and he was just giving the cameras a good photo opportunity' f**k off home you dour, vapid fucking personality vacuum. What a miserable c**t
  9. Few wild challenges flying in from the Mexicans. There's a red or two in this game.
  10. Love the commentator making out Messi is the issue here and not De Paul, Di Maria and Montiel all having shockers.
  11. You could replace De Paul with RuPaul and it would be an improvement here.
  12. That's a potential ankle breaker. Horrible challenge.
  13. Very lucky man that he had a defender beside him. Another yard forward and that's a red as Mbappe is in.
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