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  1. I think Marcus Fraser has fell onto his leg after the header and landed on it. Horrible one. Similar to when Darren McGregor done his cruciate by way of the Hibs keeper falling on his knee years ago.
  2. Hope Roberts is OK, there looked nothing in that, not even a significant clash of heads.
  3. Enjoyable first half from our point of view and we really should be ahead. Motherwell have fashioned out a single chance that they should have buried but apart from that, it's been more or less a one way flow of traffic towards Motherwell's goal.
  4. Flynn pulling up with hamstring gone is a shame for him. He's been having a good game and he's took so long in getting back from his knee injury.
  5. Must admit, this is two weeks on the spin I've been impressed with Erwin
  6. Motherwell just resorting to kicking us. There will be nothing soft about this week's penalty.
  7. Seen, accepted and raised to the same Duckula outro in French but he's called Mordicus and the way the word 'Mordicus' is sung in the credits is FUCKING HILARIOUS.
  8. https://az344bpmiayjqs6qsny2lqcr6i-adwhj77lcyoafdy-www-panorama-com-al.translate.goog/sport/ekskluzive-oferte-nga-skocia-tirana-gati-te-shese-hoxhallarin/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erion_Hoxhallari Love a random foreign press rumour.
  9. The closing credits of Count Duckula still boasts the best Intro or Outro theme in the history of children's television.
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