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  1. https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/paige-gets-upset-while-streaming-after-a-text-message-comes-in-possibly-from-wwe Honestly, this sort of behaviour pisses me off so much and is just another reason to remind me why Vince McMahon is an evil, horrible old b*****d. I've certainly not always been a fan of Paige but if you're doing an honest assessment, there's not many folk out there who have had a rougher past 4 years than this girl. She's been badly injured twice, her career ended by 25, daft decisions she's made in her past coming back to humiliate her publicly, been in a relationship with a horrible abusive c**t and perhaps understandably, turned to drink and drugs to block it out for a spell. It could be argued that most of the non-wrestling based issues were her own mistakes and whilst true enough, it's easy to forget she's made most of those at a point where she's in her very early 20s, still daft and living really far away from home. My point being is that when you look at people and assess the shit they are going through, she's one of these people that, honestly, I believe people should really be a bit worried for and take a bit extra care of. She is on twitch, she's doing something not WWE endorsed? So fucking what?! She's had a lot taken from her, suffered a lot of online harassment and not been able to do what she loves anymore. It's as WWE as f**k to then take some tiny bit of someone's life that gives them a bit of solace, a bit of happiness and decide you're not wanting them to do it anymore, just because you might use them 3 or 4 months down the line for a one shot appearance or to be an ambassador for trading cards or a fucking mobile game. While I'm at it, it also definitely applies to folk like Cesaro, Lana, AJ Styles as well. Vince McMahon genuinely believes that he and his company own the image and character rights to their wrestlers (they do) AND the individuals who portray them (they absolutely don't, in spite of what a loophole filled contract says) in spite of still laughably being termed legally as 'independent contractors'. I wish someone with the knowledge and the guts, someone with nothing to lose, would actually challenge both this nonsense about twitch/3rd party involvement and by extension, the definition of what an independent contractor is. Thry have had their cake and ate it, had the best of both worlds for nigh on 40 years now. It has to end.
  2. Yeah, because St. Mirren players live in Paisley. Away you go, stupid.
  3. I've red dotted this. Partly because you're a cock but mostly because this... ...was annoying me. Nice and rounded out now.
  4. If it's Andy, then it's Captain Sensible. Clearly at it.
  5. Agreed but this lad McGowan has said the SPFL are going to throw the book at us for breach of protocols such as 'team coaches' and 'team meals'. Neither of these things, as far as I'm aware, breach any protocols so it will be interesting to know what exactly he is insulating that we've done wrong in that regard. His wording of his article is shoddy and appears to be deliberately provocative. Morton today, put a tweet up thanking a local cafe for providing the team a takeaway breakfast to eat on the coach trip to Dundee this morning. So given there's evidently nothing wrong with either of those things, I'm genuinely interested what exactly we have done in terms of team meals and coaches that is so wrong as to have the book thrown at us. I mean, surely there is not really much room for interpretation there unless the players are fucking licking each others plates. 😂
  6. Again, in the scenario that all trials are not successful, no vaccine is viable and one is not on the horizon for a very, very long time, what other realistic course of action would there be other than to let people live their lives without restriction? People at the moment by and large are begrudgingly still accepting of restrictions for the greater good with the promise of a vaccine. At the point where that promise is removed though, the 'greater good' argument goes out the window with it. They can't indefinitely restrict people, businesses, entire industries if there is no outcome on the horizon.
  7. I mean, to all intents, more scientists and epidemiologists are pointing towards it being endemic than not. Too many people have in their head that a vaccine is going to be developed, cure it outright and it will be consigned to the history books. This is almost certainly not the case. A vaccine, more realistically, like the flu vaccine, will give the old and vulnerable a far greater level of protection against the effects but not be foolproof. People with the flu vaccine still can and do die of flu and the same will be the case with covid, particularly with the early vaccines.
  8. I don't think the time for that course of action is right yet but if it turns out that a vaccine is not viable, then it's the only realistic option left. Open ended research into a vaccine with no resolution in sight is not grounds to lock people down or buy time.
  9. No we aren't. There will be a lot of pain, a lot of heartache and an awful amount of hardship but you seriously think without a vaccine, humanity will be fucked? Come on!
  10. What other choice at that point would they realistically have other than allowing people go about their lives and letting it take it's course? Keeping people restricted for another 5, 6, 7 years? There's absolutely no chance. Every new set of restrictions will bring a bigger wave of resistance from people.
  11. It's actually just like it....would I lie to you?
  12. Voted - Decent tune! Disappointed there's no mention of Gerrard Kelly in the song though and it almost cost you a vote.
  13. Apparently the stadium is being used for flu jabs so the public are going in and out which could be something to do with it...if so that's a mental decision for them to make 1. The players won't be in an out of the stadium every day 2. It's the airdome that's being used, not the stadium. Edit, it's actually the West Stand being used which is just as distant. It's opposite the main stand so no one is going in and out of the main stand.
  14. I await confirmation that Jim Cornette has had an aneurysm.
  15. Brilliant that you think it's only the 'Old Boys' who voted them in. As pointed out previously as an example, the electorate of greater Manchester is 1.2m people. Only 60,000 more voted Labour in the last GE than voted Tory. There must be some population disparity of gammon-faced men in their 50-80s around Manchester if that's the case.
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