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  1. It appears we certainly have been reserving the worst performances for Motherwell but no matter. Whether you lose playing well or lose playing badly, it's still the same outcome for us.
  2. Fucking pathetic. First time in about 15 years I've left early. I've stuck a lot worse sides than this out but not a single shot in 80 mins? Nah.
  3. Updated this morning. Total is currently £1365 per point.
  4. Agreed. That one trick he has is 'does everything brilliantly'.
  5. They are still there. There's not been an update for about 2 weeks and AFAIK, the developers are acknowledging they are looking at it. Think it's very dependent on tactics with regards to the number of penalties but no tactic should be broken enough to get to the stage where 3-6 penalties a game is commonplace.
  6. Yeah. I got my first win over them recently (in 5th season). Despite me now more or less keeping pace with them over a season, them and Rangers are still giving me a doing on the regular. I got a 3-1 against them at Parkhead and I did Rangers 4-1 in Paisley in season two. But apart from that I choke constantly. In other news, Motherwell have finally fallen away this season and are struggling in 10th and Aberdeen cut and run on McKenna as they weren't getting their earlier £8m asking price and he was running down his deal, so I managed to get him for 500k at start of 2022/23 which was a steal. Similarly I'm waiting on the same thing happening with Turnbull at Motherwell (they still want 6.5m) but they are not for budging plus he's after a move to England I think.
  7. Legit hilarious. The Dundee boy gesturing at the ref to hurry them up is definitely my favourite bit.
  8. Hancock: We currently have 280,000 nurses and are increasing that by 50,000. Susanna Reid: 31,000 of those will be new staff and you'll be retaining the other 19,000, so how is that an increase of 50,000? You have already counted those 19,000 retained in the 280,000. Can you see how that is both confusing and misleading by double counting them?! Hancock: No.
  9. Matt Hancock is one of the most easy to hate Tories out there and that is some stiff competition. He's an absolute fucking welt.
  10. Wasn't meaning to come across as condescending, apologies if you've read it like that. I felt that aside from Mullen's chance and Magennis' rotten header, we didn't actually create a lot of clean cut chances in a second half where we had a LOT of territory. I certainly felt at no point we were putting Hibs under the sort of sustained pressure that their poor performance merited. For as bad as Hibs were, we didn't look at any point like we had out foot on their throats when we really, really should have. Everything just seemed a bit sluggish and pedestrian from us and I'm a bit miffed at that.
  11. It's important not to get the fact Hibs were really poor confused with us having a good performance, though.
  12. Can't understand this way of thinking that we somehow played well. We didn't. There were 4 or 5 individuals who played well but that was more than offset by some dreadful performances. Hladky was his usual self, Mcloughlin, S McGinn, Flynn, Foley and Obika (good player, not a goalscorer though) all had good showings. On the other hand, Magennis was absolutely rotten again, has been all season and is far overdue a spell out of the side. On the occasions when he did get the ball, save for one or two runs, he looked for MacKenzie or Mcloughlin every single time. I can handle that if you are giving and then trying to make runs to draw men out or find better space for yourself but his mobility yesterday was awful from minute one. Paul McGinn, MacKenzie and Waters were all poor. The first two now look like they are at the end of the line with us and Waters might end up back at Killie in January at this rate. Durmus started brightly but as soon as Naismith put him on his arse, we would have been as well hooking him as Naismith was then living rent free in his head. Kyle McAllister came on and I think touched the ball once, a massively over hit ball straight out the park. Absolutely a disappointment so far since his return. Yesterday was not a good performance. A good performance is an aggressive, in your face, high energy showing. Several of our players looked absoultely lethargic, especially when we were breaking out of defence when players would look up and there were like 2 men ahead of the ball. That's simply not going to cut it when trying to attack teams. And let's not get started on our set pieces
  13. Seems they've finally cottoned on and turned Rollins heel. An actual decent opening promo from him as well where he's just berating everyone.
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