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  1. It's not meaningless though in the sense that it's our final pre season friendly and opportunity to get minutes in legs at this point. Guys like Main, Brophy and Olusanya have all been getting back to fitness and Tuesday's game was a potential opportunity for them to get a bit of football before the competitive stuff starts. Scores and performances mean very little at this point but calling off a friendly with less than 72 hours notice is a pretty big pain in the arse for the club and squad.
  2. Robinson confirming in post match interview that the other player he's wanting to add ASAP is indeed a midfielder. He also mentioned he'd like potentially 'another couple' in.
  3. Bear in mind, we also pulled the kick-off time forward to 7pm at Hartlepool's request. What a Mickey Mouse outfit. If the roles were reversed, the 'my nan could score 20 a season in Scotland' brigade would be out in full voice.
  4. Ayunga is that guy who you don't know how he's come away with possession or won it back but he just seems to have that knack of digging it out.
  5. He was simply a ridiculously good goalkeeper. Never the tallest or looked the most agile but by f**k could the guy move.
  6. To be fair, it's not something you see a lot of on here from the regulars. Any BJK stuff is emptied out pretty quickly for what I've seen. Wider social media is a different story. The 'outrage' at Celtic's past child abuse scandals in itself is one thing. However, the fact that a great many of them can both be 'outraged' by it yet simultaneously openly revel in the fact it happened - an excuse to use fucking historical sexual abuse of children to point score - is truly one of the most bizarre and disturbing traits of Rangers as a fanbase. That and all the creepy flag shagging, though both sides are very guilty of that.
  7. I'm happy with that. Find these guys in the lower leagues who you *might* sell for comparatively modest money or who might give you 2-5 good years of service at the club whilst continuing to develop youth players to sell on for the bigger money. People will point at Robinson and say he lucked in at Motherwell by having a talented group coming through close to each other that could be sold but in all honesty, this is also the most optimistic I can remember St. Mirren being about youth prospects in a very very long time. Erhahon, Henderson, Reid, Offord and Jamieson are all first team ready or thereabouts. We also have Luke Kenny, Fraser Taylor, Murray Campbell and Aiden Gilmartin (away to Cowdenbeath for the season) who will be knocking the door of the squad this season or next. Not suggesting for a second all of these lads will make it or it's even an exhaustive list of who will be playing for the first team but it's quite exciting seeing so many boys coming through at the same time, particularly as it is through ability rather than necessity.
  8. Motherwell supporters online (but not so much on here) seem to take it as an insult that we appear to just basically follow in their shadow but in all honesty, why wouldn't we? We were the first club to go down the fan ownership/community club route of the two but Motherwell honestly showed us up a bit in terms of how it really should be done in the early years. I think of all supporters on here, some of the most praise for Motherwell and how they present themselves off the park has come from St. Mirren fans as it was really how we'd envisioned our club being run as well given we're the two closest sides in the top flight in terms of ownership structure. The young players breaking through and being sold side of things is nothing new to us though - we've got a pretty rich history of producing solid, sellable talent - but by and large it can be argued that we always hang on too long and end up criminally underselling them under the 'any transfer fee is better than none' chain of thought. Wee club mentality. The days of accepting £200-300k for a good young prospect are surely over. We were getting fees like £300k back in the 90s for Ricky Gillies, Burton O'Brien and David McNamee back when we were a 1st division side with £2.5m of debt and not a pot to piss in. That was 30 years ago and yet I still don't ever remember us once getting anything close to half a million for a player in the last 30 years. Again, we should be looking at Motherwell as a drop off point as to what you should be doing in valuing your assets. Bringing over guys like Lasley is hopefully going to not only bring a bit of savvy off the park (and I think every St. Mirren fans has been well impressed by any interviews he's conducted so far), but that bravery to dig in and hold out for what we think a player is worth.
  9. Anything over £25 is seriously pushing the limits. £32 is shocking.
  10. Think it's woven into the shirt (like Skyview originally was last season) so no concerns on that front!
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