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  1. I like Blampied. Cultaholic are generally a decent bunch as well.
  2. We have been slightly better in the 2nd half but when you have Foley and MacPherson both playing so poorly, you're never going to do anything.
  3. That was more of a fucking penalty that any of Dallas 2 seasons back.
  4. Anyone getting any prematch picture yet? Apparently log in from 45 mins before kick off.
  5. I also just noticed Nairn County were the runners up in the Europa League II in 2206. Where the feck did they appear from?! They appear to be 'new money' and have steamrolled their way into the top 6 in the last 5 years. They've came from nowhere as well, only becoming a top flight side for the fist time around 2200.
  6. It's great letting it sim on holday for a few days in the background and seeing what madness has transpired. BSC Glasgow are the fist club to do the full sweep of playing in all 8 divisions. And they managed to do it in under a 40 year period, last gracing the Premiership in 2166/67 and hitting Amateur League 1 by 2204.
  7. In the top flight, Killie are going for 20 in a row! Celtic had a long spell of resurgence but Killie are rampant. St Mirren, off of 40 years of mid-table finishes also are bouncing back to try and become a force in Scotland and Europe once again.
  8. We are now getting to a stage where not only Scottish Fitba rules. There are some very interesting European winners popping up. Champions League: Europa League (CALEY BRAVES!!!!): Europa League II:
  9. Hibs. 3 Times Champions League winners. Hibs,15 times Scottish Champions Hibs.....just escaped relegation to the 8th and lowest division of Scottish football by 4 points. What a fucking massive fall from grace. They were once the 2nd most reputable club on the planet.
  10. Good choice to punt Cosgrove out my dream team after his injury and put Nisbet in.
  11. First big chance for Accies - you expect Moyo to get his foot on that but defender did well to put him off.
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