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  1. Missing white woman syndrome is nothing new unfortunately. The press love a pretty face on the front pages or opening a news bulletin as it garners more sympathy and generates more interest. Be it adult or child. Madeline McCann, whilst by no means the first MWWS case, is the poster child for this.
  2. Yeah, to be fair there's plenty of nuance and layers to be misinterpreted in that comment. It's definitely the strangeness of the forum and not the strangeness of the person making the comment looking like a creepy wee saddo that's at fault here. What an utter tool.
  3. I've never been a fan as such of Omega and what he brings overall. He's weird on the mic, a goofy wee dick and comes off as a bit too hammy for my liking. But by f**k is he just amazing in the ring. As clean as a whistle. That Snap Dragon suplex on the ramp was a thing of beauty. Both guys made it look vicious as f**k but Omega 100% protected Danielson all the way.
  4. The 'edgy' patter wasn't the assertion that a killer will get plenty of female attention. Anyone who has ever read anything about Ted Bundy knows this is the case. The 'edgy' stuff is the 'God, I can understand why someone would want to kill an annoying American woman, they've got such whiny voices' pish. It's not a boot in the arse off the sort of shite incels come away with.
  5. Your second post was pretty much textbook 'edgelord' shite to be fair. The one above, not far off it either. If that's your true feelings though and you're not saying it to be cool or edgy, then you likely belong on a watchlist of some sort.
  6. And yet the post that triggered your complete and utter meltdown the other day was someone putting up statistics that more or less confirmed the prevailance of Long Covid is a massive, massive over exaggeration. Nothing was unsubstantiated or fanatical, it came from the most official of sources (The Office of National Statistics) and for whatever reason, someone you clearly have a problem with making the post completely detached your head from your shoulders.
  7. It was going in without issue and Boyle got greedy and touched it on the line whilst offside. Was stupid.
  8. We deserved a point. Apart from that 20 min spell between HT and 2-1 we always looked worthy of something. Such a frustrating team to watch at times. We retreat from winning positions when we just don't have to.
  9. How fucking naive was that. Completely ridiculous to get roped in by Porteous' shite. He picked a man and wanted to wind him up and it fucking worked. Stupid c**t.
  10. Excellent post. Unfortunately it is directed at someone who is so focussed on 'caring more' he's also displaying he does not actually give a f**k about people who have had their livelihoods decimated by the last 18 months and have had precious little help to prevent it happening.
  11. A point that he's already conveniently ignored multiple times today when he went on his ridiculous 'hairdressers and gym-owners' rant.
  12. You ever going to answer the question I've asked you three times already? My guess is 'no' as there's no way to answer it without exposing your opinion of 'only people not wanting this are laymen' as a load of utter made up shite.
  13. I fully support independence and genuinely still hold out some hope that it happens in my lifetime. At this point in time, I would still vote yes but with definite reservations and worries. Far more so than in 2014 when I voted yes with total conviction in BOTH Independence and the party who would be tasked with delivering it.
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