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  1. Difference is, I'm not going on other teams fans. Power is someone who always impressed me but I remember thinking on more than one occasion last season that he'd dropped off a cliff.
  2. Think it was called on this very thread around a year or so ago that because Hancock is such a fucking idiot, he couldn't tell how plainly obvious it was that he was being set up for a fall so that if (when) everything did come out in the wash, it would be he and he alone left to be take the full derry.
  3. My work is one of the main suppliers of test kits in the UK and I work in credit control involving dozens of these companies. We've been warning for about 10 months that the covid bust is going to severely harm many small pharma and medical companies who saw their income instantly explode beyond all comprehension due to the boom of government overspill contracts. They suddenly had a huge surplus of expendable income and piled it into test kits and instruments that at the end of this, will be worth nothing. Many will have timed their purchases correctly but I fully expect many also stockpiled and will find themselves in trouble.
  4. Yeah, no chance Italy are going baws oot tomorrow. They simply don't have to and will keep as many players fresh as possible forcthev 2nd round.
  5. Cheers. Hopefully Turkey finally get the finger out their arse.
  6. So we're fingers crossed tomorrow for Turkey to win or draw?
  7. The problem I have with it is that we need a player in that role every week rather than just an option.
  8. Power 2 or 3 years ago was a definite yes from me. But at 33 and watching him last season, I worry he doesn't have it anymore so I'm really underwhelmed by this.
  9. Looking at the number of vaccines going into the arms of those in the 18-30 age groups in the last week, wait to see those cases falling out of the sky for good by mid July once all eligible people in the adult population are jagged and protection level rises. Look at the case numbers in places like Florida, California, Texas, New York where people are rolling up to Walmart or Publix and getting jagged on a first come first serve basis. Over there, all demographics are getting vaccinated with the same priority and its really reflecting in their numbers just crumbling. There is nothing in our future to suggest we won't be on this exact path shortly. Literally the only difference is purely the age prioritising of those vaccinated first and the lessened mobility/infection potential of those demographics. We can see that already in the decimation of infection rates in those over 50 now vs those over 50 before vaccine rollout
  10. Not sure if anyone has noticed but Portugal are not very good at defending crosses in their six yard box. 😂
  11. Pepe going to spend full of half time break looking for Gnabry.
  12. I stuck 2-2 on. I think I'm not going to win this.
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