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  1. Definite 'no' for delaying the tournament here as well. It will be a pisser without supporters of course but then the football experience in general is a lot less enjoyable without fans in grounds. Even seeing empty stands when watching games on the telly just takes something away from it. If we can at least get to a stage in the summer where games can be watched in some sort of social capacity, like groups of friends etc, it might make people a bit more enthusiastic I feel.
  2. So you don't honestly believe there's any merit in what he is saying? I certainly do. There are doctors from Public Health England and the Pandemic Modelling group coming out this morning and saying that trying to understand the fatality rate of a variant is understandable but in their opinion, is far too preliminary to present to the wider public as fact or even something to speculate upon. It doesn't take a behavioural analyst to see that even Whitty and Valance who flanked Johnson yesterday were particularly uncomfortable with conveying this data as anything more than purely speculative at this point in proceedings and trying to downplay the sensationalist side of it. Yet here we are with it being the leading line of a nationwide update. What other reason for this would there be to present this in such a manner without the actual facts, other than to try and reinforce adherence?
  3. djchapsticks


    I'm on a journeyman tour of the planet, my player started with lowest reputation and no badges. It has so far led me to taking my first job with Suva in Fiji. After winning the league in the first season, I tried to sign a few players and got to the point where youngsters wouldn't even come on as amateurs, much less professional terms and so I bailed within 5 months and before the OFC cup campaign and took on a job in the worst ranked nation in Asia....Bhutan. I got offered a job with Paro and didn't realise that the entire Bhutan league setup was amateur. This was to my advantage though as I snapped up rival teams best players on amateur contracts and won the league at a skoosh. My second season at Paro was much the same as the first and in a maiden Asian Confederations cup campaign where we were expected to lose every match, did tremendously well to reach the group stage where we gave a pretty good account of ourselves: At this point it was obvious I'd taken this club in 2 seasons as far as it could go and so long as it and the Bhutanese league remained amateur, I needed a step up. I applied for 2 jobs in Myanmar and was offered Rakhine Utd which I agreed to take at the end of the current season. Little did I realise, the seasons between Bhutan and Myanmar are different and so I was forced into the job only 1 game short of wrapping up our 2nd successive title, so I never got that credit. Paro's caretaker manager did! Rakhine are a midtable club sort of going nowhere with a lot of dead wood which I cleared out pretty quickly. The Burmese also have no concept of money. I was given a 90k transfer budget and many clubs were happy to let decent players go for a few grand. So I managed to pull in about 3 or 4 Myanmar internationals for a push up the league. First season I still had a shot at the championship going into the last game and shat the bed 1-0 at home to a midtable side but managed to negotiate my way to the Confederation Cup. And that's where I am now.....start of my 4th season. This will likely be my last season with Rakhine before I move on again. I'd like us to win a first ever Myanmar league title and get a decent run in the Asian Version of the Europa league. The AFC confederations cup is a title I'd like to win before moving onto the AFC Champions league but it will have to be done with a lesser light of Asian football as it appears the big countries teams are barred from appearing. Perhaps a move to a Syrian or Kuwaiti club give a chance to get the job done on that front. Aung Thu is my best player without a shadow of a doubt Best overall performer though is a lad who has been here since the start - Ghanaian forward Alex Amponsah. Check those stats since the start of my run with them.
  4. 1) It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia 2) Father Ted 3) Fawlty Towers 4) Still Game 5) Inbetweeners
  5. And as if by magic. 86 year old wheelchair bound man who has been in care for several years, got covid vaccine 2 weeks ago and later dies peacefully in his sleep. BRUH!! As I say, best to just point and laugh at these fucking moon-howlers.
  6. Need more content like this. Best way to break at least a fraction of these fucking idiots is to mock them directly. Bill Gates has done this not because he thinks that the public at large want to know if he's been vaccinated, he's done it with one group of people in mind. That's why his photo has him with what looks like a shit eating grin under his mask and no needle in sight. 😂 20 years ago before the advent of the internet, anyone sitting in a pub spouting the shite the anti vaxxers or flat earthers do, would have been roundly and soundly laughed at for their pish and that would have been that. Now though, they find each other easily and with each other comes safety and validation in numbers. A big old fashioned round of pointing, laughing and going 'enjoy your night mate' is definitely what's needed with them. No point in trying to deny, engage or reason with them. So may as well laugh at them.
  7. In honesty, we suspected that this year would be a bit in limbo as we waited on large swathes of society being vaccinated. I hate that we're in this shitty situation but I'm now looking with one eye at the point when restrictions are lifted... When they are, it must be with a degree of finality. There will be absolutely no appetite in a fully vaccinated population to tighten again whatsoever. I would accept no large events or gatherings this year but definitely not keeping the population locked down and businesses closed a fucking second longer than they have to be closed. There is a marked difference between no having 80000 folk at a weekend long music festival and preventing people from going to a pub, cinema or restaurant without restrictions, fear or guilt.
  8. FFS. Because 'may be as little as 10% higher' just isn't instantly terrifying enough, eh?
  9. Sky News questioner wanting more restrictions as people are out and about.
  10. 'There's no evidence.....there's no real evidence.....we don't know for certain.....these are preliminary' Both seem very keen to distance themselves from sensationalism but appear to be having to go with it to toe the party line of 'obey, obey, obey'.
  11. So wait....WHAT? The new variant doesn't appear to kill more people that it hospitalises. The mortality rate of those in hospital are the same. But it kills 30% more people that it infects. But we've only looked at a few cases so we don't know for certain yet. I mean I know the fucking answer but why even put that info out there?!
  12. I thought that was Granny Danger that did that.
  13. There needs to be more accounts like Covid Fact Check
  14. Heads should be on pikes for any suggestions longer than 2 week rolling reviews.
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