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  1. Got it for £53 in the end as I had a tenner sitting on a gift card I'd forgotten all about and got it at the 30% discount they'd fucked up on. Sad days when you think you're getting a bargain being charged over £50 for a fitba top.
  2. Brilliant line in what was a brilliant pair of promos. The Jey/Roman one from earlier was really good as well. Proper sense of foreboding there.
  3. It's the website letting out a long, exasperated sigh every time you post.
  4. So the new interim chairman has been put in place, not only unelected but the individual in question was added to the to the board following the last elections (where 4 new board members were already added I might add) without so much as an announcement - rather than the democratic thing of the spot going to the person who placed fifth in the open elections. I await those who were so vocal about transparency before the last round of elections being just as vocal to the same degree now that their preferred candidate(s) are on the board and apparently just as guilty of keeping things from the larger membership as the previous members of the board that they were so keen to discredit. Maybe no hold my breath though, eh? SMISA cannot continue to take people's money and expect not to be questioned about what the f**k is going on. We pay these fees monthly to be kidded onto that we have a voice and then they go and add people into positions without throwing it out to the membership which was the entire premise of paying a monthly fee (which lets be honest, without a vote or any sort of input from the support, is now pretty much redundant given that the club has been bought)
  5. Yeah, think it's billed as a couple of Homecoming matches to celebrate the squad who got out of the groups and gave the eventual World champions a real scare, so made sense that it would be the same squad picked initially.
  6. Go back 40 seconds. Grieve was fouled in the box and that looked far more likely to be a penalty. Given just how long the check took, VAR may well have checked and given based on that rather than the Main incident.
  7. I 100% guarantee you we won't beat Livingston in Paisley next week. Ahhh you caught it, b*****d.
  8. Thought that Grieve effort at the end was dropping in but we rode our luck there from about 88 minutes. Utd should have had it in injury time. We are running out of road here and it looks like it will be another top six hard luck story this season.
  9. Massive 2nd half needed for us here. Both here and at one or two other grounds.
  10. Took 25 minutes to even start. Since then it's been mostly us without really looking likely to score. Dundee Utd look determined to let us in at some point though. We really need an early goal in the 2nd half if we want to kick on. A 2nd for Utd and this one is definitely over
  11. I thought we had a reputation for being moany c***s. Utd's fans are absolutely unreal for greeting about everything.
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