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  1. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    I've learned to stop arguing with DZ. You can't outwit total ignorance.
  2. The Wrestling Thread

    Completely his own fault. He tried to reverse when his opponent was holding a shard of glass against his forehead, of course the guy's hand was going to slip. Anyway, who on Earth still gets their fucking kicks from deathmatches in this day and age?!
  3. Donkeys XI

    Not just on the books, he played several Premiership games for Chelsea including the two 1-0 wins they had over Man Utd back in 93/94.
  4. Aye good point as well. Where did Davey go?!
  5. Donkeys XI

    I won't include any current players as they deserve the chance to turn it around. There are certainly a few candidates in there though. Gk - Scott Strang. Signed from Renfrew juniors on day before a 4-0 defeat at Dingwall. He was a career junior player who played like a a career junior player. Perhaps harsh on one performance but his career before and since backs up the fact that he was no good. LB - Mo Camara. What an absolute disaster. Signed as we missed out on Ian Harte and you'd imagine a guy with nearly 100 caps for his country, Premier league and champions league experience would prove a shrewd signed. Nope!! RB - Luke Conlon. Signed on loan from Burnley in 2015 and didn't appear to have ever player right back. Amazingly still playing league football at Morecambe. CB - Klaus Dietrich. Technically a trialist but he played a first team match. Story goes that this guy knocked Tom Hendrie's door and claimed he'd played a few games on trial for Hibs at centre half. He walked straight into the first team on the Saturday and we lost 4 goals to Caley Thistle, with this guy at fault for 3. Hooked at half time and never seen again, Tom Hendre got his jotters the following week. CB - Viktor Genev. Big Bulgarian guy, wasn't at all any good. Nothing much to add on this one. LM - Kevin Twaddle. Signed to much fanfare and guarantees that we were going to get the best of him now his injury woes were over. Got injured right away. Finally made it back to the team and got hit in the face (not particularly hard either) with the ball at Inverness and got subbed. Apparently when the team went back in at half time, he was lying with his face pressed on the cold slate of the dressing room floor panicking that he was having a brain haemorrhage. I dunno if this story is true but I hope it is. RM - Chris McGroarty. Don't even remember if he is a right mid as such but he definitely played there a couple of times and absolutely deserves a place in this team. Hopeless is being kind. CM - Andy Dow. There were plenty of players I remember coming through who just weren't good enough but Dow was the very first guy I remember in a St Mirren shirt that I could honestly say was a wage theif. Was it the Motherwell administration and screwing over of his contract that killed his love for it? I dunno. He was without doubt a man down though. Horror show of a player. CM - Stuart Carswell. Another centre mid signed from Motherwell (Jim Gardner missed the cut cos he was 90s...guessed who we signed him from?). Another empty shirt. So little did he contribute that the preferred shout 70 minutes into games of 'Get Carswell on' knowing that he's started games sums up Saints fans feelings on him. Points very well though. Can tell other players where to go without issue but f**k knows what he himself is up to. ST - Johan Arquin. Sent off on his debut against the club we signed him from. And really THAT was the highlight of him time with us. He was a lazy, uninterested lump of wood who just didn't want to be there. No goals. ST - Eddie Annand. A player who sums St Mirren and our historical signing policy up perfectly. Prolific goalscorer, signs for club when past his best. Gets injured straight away and once back, scores no goals and contributes heehaw. Greg Wylde would have had a shout had he now had a good first 6 months with us. Djemba Djemba, Alan Gow, Scott McLean, Greg Denham, Jens Paeslack, Lee Sharp, Ross Caldwell all lucky to miss out.
  6. The card is stacked as f**k to be fair. I haven't been to an ICW show since FaL 2 years ago but this looks pretty tidy. Incidentally, where is Renfrew? Can't go the big tool but it's a bit odd to not see him on any promotional material.
  7. Smackdown Thread

    In other news, this feud is both spectacular and already has the potential to get nuclear before either have even really laid a glove on each other in a match. Think WWE will tell them both to tone it down a bit on Social media but they shouldn't. Why shouldn't the lines be blurred and make folk go 'oh f**k, hang on a minute is this legit'? Rousey is a 100% legit main-eventer and someone who puts arses on seats and eyes on screens. Becky Lynch is a bawhair away from it as her stock is exploding and will continue to do so. Let the two of them go at it and sling all the shit each other's way. Amazing that only a few years ago, women's matches, even the better ones were the piss breaks at shows. Who in their right mind would have ever thought that Daniel Bryan winning the WWE championship would happen and nearly no-one would even be talking about it because all the talk is of a women's match that isn't happening?!
  8. Smackdown Thread

    Not even that, Alvarez IS a wrestler! Ryback is just a pissy arsehole because Nia Jax is taking the flak for the exact same shit he was doing habitually a few years back.
  9. Smackdown Thread

    The whole time oor Becks is like that.
  10. Smackdown Thread

    Dunno mate. We all know WWE and concussion history. Add in that it looks like a shattered eye socket rather than a broken nose and it could keep her out for a few months. If they won't take the risk on her working injured then build anticipation for her.
  11. Smackdown Thread

    The Becky thing is should go as follows: Drops title due to concussion. She never lost it. She stays strong. Spends weeks out. Gets a chance at Rumble and wins. Goes after Rousey so transfers to Raw. But leathers Jax on the way for putting her on the shelf and forcing her to relinquish. Wins at Mania. Like Austin when he fucked his neck up and had to give up the IC belt... he then won it back, relinquished it and went after the big one. If they book it correctly, they'll have the crowd rabid for a Beckley title change at mania. They won't though. Of course they won't.
  12. Smackdown Thread

    Well that is interesting. Suppose the most obvious turn of events is now to have AJ win the rumble and go after Lesnar at mania. Bryan vs face Miz will also be good IF the crowd gets behind face Miz. His last face turn was a horrible diluted version of himself that set his career back about 5 years but he's improved massively since then.
  13. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Correct. Same with David van Zanten who is also a legend at St. Mirren despite doing heehaw with Hibs, Hamilton or Morton. Some players fit some clubs. Sammy and DvZ are two such guys.
  14. Monday Night Raw Live

    Yeah they are pretty daft and have history of being daft. Folk seem to forget that Austin was getting months of really hot reactions back in the 90s before WWF decided to hang their coat on him. After he won KotR, he went through nearly a full year as a heel in the upper mid, mostly as their main merchandise seller before they finally embraced the fact that folk absolutely loved him and they had to turn him. They want to talk about a women's revolution? Here is their chance. Why not give her a chance as the absolute main draw of the company? Rather than making a thing of her just being the most over woman in WWE, why not completely embrace the fact that she's the most over person in WWE, full stop?
  15. Monday Night Raw Live

    Becky is the first wrestler in WWE since Bryan/Punk who has that intangible 'it' about them. That thing that fans can't get enough of that can't be manufactured. People absolutely lap her up and no wonder. She's immense. Shes also the first female (Sable doesn't count, she was just tits) to truly have that 'it' about them. Yes there have been several over women in history but none with the overarching love and anticipation from crowd reactions that this girl is getting just now and it grows ever week. Hope they don't f**k this up.