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  1. Excuse my ignorance, but what was the logic behind these pitches? Was it just that they were easier to maintain? What was under the ash? I remember taking the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow you used to see a lot of them,.
  2. Cumnock Juniors applying for SFA licence. Do they know something we don't or possibly going SoS?
  3. Actually quite a good idea almost like the playoffs. Would make things interesting
  4. Overall have things been a bit closer than the start of the season? Was coldstreams result today an indicator of a more level playing field or just a one-off?
  5. Probably one of the most sensible posts I've seen on P&B!
  6. I don't always think it's a case of rather playing with their mates it's more a case of the training being local and opportunities for local guys. A lot of the senior teams train in Edinburgh and are almost exclusively populated by players from outwith the area.
  7. Again I would reiterate there is no need for L2 East that is basically the EoS premier. The west needs to be sorted out and the LL should show some initiative in setting up a feeder League for the WoS. In terms of the SoS that should be shown the respect it deserves and if needed cover south Ayrshire too. We should be looking for to increase promotion to two possibly three if an 18 team LL League. It seems the main problem is the LL HL divide. Other than Tayside everything seems to sort itself out.
  8. Seems tme there is no real need for a LL East, the EoS effectively does this. The Lowland League would be better simply setting up a WoS League to feed in.
  9. I don't think there was any files very. They are only engaging now after losing so many teams in the East and being fearful of a WoS League being setup without them.
  10. I think it makes sense from 2020/21 if there is a West League in place for 2019/20 in terms of a balance between sides from different areas of the country. Would teams effectively skip a division i.e. win either Eos WoS or SoS then gain promotion to the Lowland League or would these clubs be promoted to LL2? Also, with the weaker SoS at tier 6 I wonder if it would be an even splitnif teams between the three leagues, possibly four if there is an ERJFA League too. Interestingly SPFL League Three also popped up in another article recently.
  11. It’s a shame for the Borders but as mentioned above none of the teams where senior football has been lost have set the fire heather alight in the Amateurs. It’s worth noting Kelso did improve significantly after the folding of their Senior side but are now only a mid table side in the B division as opposed to a struggling C division side.
  12. I am left wondering if this is a hangover from the o’connor days. I aways wondered how they could afford guys like him and the boy Kenneth when they were lucky to have 50 paying fans. Seems like the answer is they couldn’t.
  13. Don’t think that’s particularly fair. They can reform at a lower level get a local core of players much like Peebles have done and get more support that way. The town can certainly sustain a lower league EoS side. It’s a cracking wee ground and a great place to visit. In a way that’s been their downfall as they met the criteria for a Lowland League club without having the playing squad to back it up and suffered the consequences of paying for a better quality of player.
  14. Some better results for the “seniors” yesterday Peebles and LTHV in particular.
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