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  1. Why would vale go to the SoS? They've never played in it before and geographically it wouldn't make sense.
  2. Wheels are starting to come off for Kelty now. Fancy Forfar to nick the title
  3. Well done Kelty. Deserved reward for being so forward thinking and bringing about changes that may not have happened if you hadn't jumped ship from the Juniors.
  4. Pesky juniors haha. A club like VoL or Edinburgh Uni would be making as much money in the EoS Premier league as they would have in the lowland league before the juniors came in, if not more. That doesn't mean they should be demeaned for not doing particularly well in a league they have every right to be playing in. If the lowland league was so lucrative they would be able to attract better players than the ex juniors.
  5. Maybe Queens Park should never be relegated, afterall they started fitba up here.... Your point makes no sense i am not saying they shouldn't be relegated.
  6. Great result for Gala today shows they have a decent side this year. Maybe benefitting from the demise of Selkirk in terms of attracting players from the region. Also, why should clubs like VoL and Edinburgh uni who signed up at the start voluntarily make way for the ex juniors. It will all right itself in the end. Football is cyclical so wouldn't be surprised if teams like Whitehill did return to LL at some point.
  7. Be nice if they looked outside the central belt for a change. Not sure they have to worry about who is playing as cant imagine the viewing figures will be that big no matter who plays.
  8. With both gala and annan being in tier 1 there would be the opportunity for some fans to attend which definitely helps the spectacle for TV
  9. Think Gala v Annan would be a great TV game. Fairydean have a great wee ground with a beautiful stand.
  10. I take you point but historically speaking they have all spent a good amount of time outside the top flight. Therefore if they were to go down again a bigger leaguenwigh hopefully morempromotion places would give a better chance of returning to the top flight.
  11. Isnt that massive short termism though? Those are clubs who flit between divisions, expanding it would give them more chance if remaining long term.
  12. What if colts are the thing that gets it over the line 11-1?
  13. Or there could be one up and a playoff involving 2nd in lowland, 2nd in highland, the loser of the LL/HL playoff and 2nd bottom of league two.
  14. I think the more interesting question is can teams like Spartans, Berwick Rangers etc also apply rather than just ex juniors
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