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  1. I take you point but historically speaking they have all spent a good amount of time outside the top flight. Therefore if they were to go down again a bigger leaguenwigh hopefully morempromotion places would give a better chance of returning to the top flight.
  2. Isnt that massive short termism though? Those are clubs who flit between divisions, expanding it would give them more chance if remaining long term.
  3. What if colts are the thing that gets it over the line 11-1?
  4. Or there could be one up and a playoff involving 2nd in lowland, 2nd in highland, the loser of the LL/HL playoff and 2nd bottom of league two.
  5. I think the more interesting question is can teams like Spartans, Berwick Rangers etc also apply rather than just ex juniors
  6. Would there be anything to stop say Spartans from joining the sjfa and entering the Scottish Junior cup of they so wished?
  7. England has some full time clubs in their 6th tier, do they not? And I'd be very, very, very surprised if our tier 6 was better than that in the Netherlands, Germany or France. Or Brazil, come to think of it. I'd be surprised if our sixth tier was stronger than San Marinos.
  8. I do think that depending on the number of new sides that apply it makes sense to regionalise at tier 8. It will make it more sustainable in the long run for some of the smaller clubs in terms of travel.
  9. I don't know why all this energy is being wasted on Talbot. Let them join the pyramid or stay junior. Let them have the Scottish Cup or the Junior Scottish. not have their cake and eat it, The pyramid will be a success with or without them.
  10. Kudos to whomever wrote that Maryhill statement, a real class act. Perhaps with someone like that in charge instead of the bullying blazers the SJFA would be in a much better position.
  11. I thought the NCL is a senior league albeit outwith the pyramid
  12. Kilwinning story picked up by Daily record
  13. Just looked at the likes it received on twitter. Rutherglen Glencairn are one of them. This might mean nothing though.
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