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  1. Was great to see Somerset Park so full though they managed another 10,000+ in there in another game against Rangers. Was also surprised the see the amount of industrial building around the area. Some of the tackles that went in from both sides would have folk on here complaining for weeks. That catchphrase will be with us for another 46 years
  2. Not sure if this has been posted already but it brings back some memories for us older folks
  3. "I actually unfollowed SRE on facebook this morning after I read the abuse. Didn't realise it was Itzdrk's partner at the time obviously". Same here.. SRE not worth looking at nowadays. Cannot believe the abuse given to the lass for reporting racism.
  4. or struggling to draw at home to Clyde who are currently 8th in division 2 and then struggle again to beat them in the replay...
  5. Not confident. The last time we won in the league was in October and the last time we won any game (in normal time) was in late November. We have struggled against both QP and Clyde and while it seems like could have won today, we were also lucky that Clyde hit the post and did not score late on. I was hopeful that we might have done better today having performed quite well at Hibs. There was also the possibility of getting additional funds in if we won and got Celtic or Rangers next which should have been a motivation I think McCall is a great manager for the club - you only need to see some of the players he has brought in. Hopefully El Alagui and Moore (when fit) will make a difference. We have really gone all season so far without a striker though and yet again the problem showed up again when we struggled to put the ball in the net.
  6. It looked like Brian Gilmour picked up a painful injury at Dunfermline. I thought he went off mid way through the second half but not sure.
  7. Whatever folk may think of Lennon, it seems we have to thank him for assisting Ian McCall to get the managers job. http://beta.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/36565711
  8. Thought we were outplayed by a more talented and better organised Raith team yesterday. Their attack looked dangerous on the fairly frequent occasions when they got near our goal and they gave our defence a tough time of things for much of the game. We did get back into the game for a short period in the second half but I never really felt we would get much out of the game. I did not agree with the AU media man of the match but then it was hard to pick an Ayr player who stood out. My choice would have been Fleming or Forrest (though he looks too lightweight for this level). Hopefully we will play better in the forthcoming games with Moore and Gilmour to come back and maybe a few new signings. Think we have got our work cut out to step up a few levels though. Disappointing day yesterday though to be fair, Raith looked like a very decent team.
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