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  1. Just had a look at our league performance so far this year compared to last season. Last season we got 39 points in 36 games. This season we have 32 points in 17 games. Last season QOS were relegated with 33 points and Dunfermline went to the relegation play-offs with 35 points. We scored 39 goals last season - in the 17 games this season we have scored 36. We won 9 games last season and have won 9 already this season. We all know we are better than last season (and the one before too where we got 29 points & scored 31 goals). Think these stats highlight what an improvement there has been..
  2. See the club are offering ppv to UK and overseas residents for £15 for tonight’s game. Excellent news for those of us that cannot get to Ayr for the game and live in the UK.
  3. I would be happy with a 12.30 kick off if it saved the club money. Think it may be a problem for teams like Inverness who have to travel 4+ hours to get to Ayr but also allow need more time for traffic delays , meal breaks, warm-ups, etc. Ayr would face the same problem travelling up to Inverness in winter. I played rugby up in Inverness for a few years and in December we had lunch time kick-offs as few teams had floodlights then. At that time the Highland team rugby had a great home record but a poor away record. I always felt that the main reason for this was having to play after been sat on a bus for hours. Think in recent years Ayr had stayed up in Inverness on the Friday night but that must be as expensive as having the floodlights on. The Inverness chairman was on "Off the ball" last weekend talking about this subject. Still wish they would sort out allowing clubs to show their matches live - even if this was only available to Season Ticket holders. Ayr has gone from having commentary only to being allowed to show games (during Covid) and now back to neither option.
  4. Thanks D'Jaffo, that's the guy I was thinking about. Do you know what happened with him at Ayr - Walsall are a pretty decent standard !
  5. My Dad worked in Montserrat in the late 60's & 70's. In those years it had a population of about 12,000 but the volcano there destroyed much of the populated part of the island causing folk to leave the island and reducing the population to about 3,000. I played football there as a youngster in the 70's and there were about 6 teams in a league then (say 100 players in total). The island team played against the other small islands and against the Royal Navy ships that visited the island a few times a year. In 2002, Montserrat, played in Bhutan to decide the lowest ranking international team in the world. Montserrat lost though the islanders struggled with the high altitude. There was a film made about the game called "The Other Final" I don't think there are many teams on the island nowadays however Montserrat competes better than before. They now chose players who's family originated in Montserrat and pick players from the UK. One such player is Lyle Taylor who plays for Notts Forest but also played for Partick Thistle and Falkirk. They are managed by ex Scotland and Man City player Willie Donnachie. I am sure Ayr looked an another Montserrat player (not Mendes) a few seasons back but I struggle to remember his name. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montserrat_national_football_team
  6. Especially when that is just the goals scored at Somerset Park as you don’t get a mention at away games.
  7. I have been a player sponsor for a number of years now. I decided to do sponsorship as I lived overseas and it seemed a good way to contribute to the club. In previous seasons, you got to meet your player near the end of the season at an event in the bowling club. You were also given a shirt signed by your player.. This season there were some changes in addition to the above. The main changes seemed to be handing your player his shirt at an event at the start of the season & having your name mentioned whenever you player scores a goal or is a substitute / substituted. TBH as an individual sponsor, I am not really keen to have my name announced. Fine with it though if others want their name announced and it it attracts more sponsorship. I can see that it may be a benefit to businesses, etc. Thinking about it though, I would not mind if my name is mentioned 20-30 times this season when my player scores... not too bothered about the substitute bit though.
  8. More to do with the fact that so far we looked liked we would not score all season...
  9. According to BBC, Ayr have had 9 shots on target vs 5 from QP. 15 shots vs 7 from QP. Sounds a bit like the Arbroath game, just need to put chances away. Should ask Andy Walker to give them some lessons (& sign at least 1 striker)
  10. David Smith who is Managing Director of Ashleigh builders.
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