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  1. If laurel & hardy are still there then it's another fine mess they have got them into
  2. nae bother pal, is finance a touchy topic for you at Nitten? Ya tube 😀
  3. Thought Nitten would have appointed a manager by now as tomorrow is their last game because rumour has it very few players want to stay at the club
  4. Gk- Allison (kelty) Def- Hoskins (Bonnyrigg) Mid- Currie (Nitten) Att- Coyne (lithgy)
  5. hahaha forgot about boness, that would be the only game I'd think Nitten would potentially lose
  6. Shocking decision from the committee to get rid of the management when they're in a quarter final and are in a good run of form, cost them the EoS cup which was easily winnable for Nitten
  7. Millers tactics were that bad that he got Nitten back to the super league after Armstrong relegated them, won the east of Scotland cup got to two league cup finals and made Nitten a established super league team that can compete with the best, you don't have a clue
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