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  1. Bit harsh ....[emoji85][emoji460]️
  2. Well spotted peter. Apologies I’m in USA and was early doors ... got up to call from StCuthberts cancelling ... wasnt fully awake ... ha cheers [emoji460]️
  3. Friendly opponent required Saturday 13th Unfortunately our opponents for Saturday have withdrawn... I know it’s a long shot but permits etc are in place if anyone is available for a match at New Pebble Park .. KO 3pm. Cheers [emoji460]️
  4. Good contest and congratulations to Carluke ... run in showed that it’s a competitive league .. and to go to last day made it exciting all round. Hopefully our young team have learned as season progressed and onwards and upwards next year [emoji460]️🖤[emoji836]️[emoji835]️
  5. Ball is clearly out the park at 2nd goal... incredible performance by ref ... [emoji85]
  6. Ref was honking ... one of the worst performances I have witnessed in my 15 years involved in junior fitba ... Congratulations to Carluke all the same as they fought back well .. [emoji460]️
  7. Annbank Utd 5 Muirkirk 2 FT
  8. Same for Lanark v Annbank altho it was 11am..which is disapointing due to travel involved [emoji85][emoji460]️
  9. Is it not Annbank [emoji848][emoji23][emoji460]️ How is the weather up there ? We are getting battered down here mate. [emoji85]
  10. Annbank had a U19s team last season but we had to step them up to juniors after the reconstruction . This season has been a huge learning curve for them. [emoji460]️
  11. Vale of Clyde 1 Annbank Utd 2 FT Late late winner from Cammy Ross [emoji460]️[emoji1306]🖤
  12. Annbank Utd v Ashfield Game Off Waterlogged pitch
  13. New Pebble Park , Annbank currently under water but fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  14. Couldn’t agree more. A tactical masterclass from Tucker and expertly executed by the players. Tremendous performance [emoji1303][emoji460]️
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