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  1. McManaman and 'fletch' going on about an all English final in the Real Madrid City game talking about how City and Liverpool were miles ahead of everyone else in Europe before Real made their comeback is probably one of my favourite tv moments in history. From total smugness to silence in a matter of minutes
  2. I'd rather listen to vuvuzelas on the tv than Steve McManaman, Andy Walker, Robbie Savage, 'Fletch!' or Ian Fucking Crocker. Martin Tyler should also be in a home.
  3. I quite like a smoke bomb/flare as they always add a bit to the atmosphere but I always remember the ***s fucking our pitch up with one after a 90th minute penalty. Nae need to throw it on the pitch tbh. Pretty sure they have safe pyro zones in Sweden which would be good to see. Nobody will bother to do anything until someone's seriously hurt.
  4. We also came in during the minutes silence and made our way up to the very top of the stand only to be told we couldn't sit there. They then realised that there was going to be about 20-30 people standing on the stairs and moved to let us in lol.
  5. Won't be allowed as there will be families in having food apparently!!
  6. f**k that, works finished, 3-0 the bairns lawal with all 4 x
  7. Meet me at the man in our end next to the Union jacks so I can spank the pair of you.
  8. I like the idea of Lawal Oliver and Morrison in behind Alegria then Burrell coming off the bench. I'd take a draw right now but beating Dunfermline would be a big big 3 points in the long run.
  9. I'm not confident at all for this however that's usually when Falkirk seem to play at their best. I'm sure after a few cans on the bus I'll be talking about a Lawal masterclass in midfield.
  10. Going to be honest and say I completely forgot about Oliver. Aye I'd have him in over McGuffie any day. I think Nesbitts the worst out the lot but McGuffie seems to be not far behind him.
  11. I'd love us to line up Hogarth williamson Donaldson Henderson McCann Yeats McGinn Morrison Lawal McGuffie Alegria
  12. nobody wants to sit next to you and ur smelly flags lad x
  13. I really hope you do so it can be booed x
  14. The thought of people actually participating in a minutes silence for the old bag sickens me. Rather the football was off than go through with that.
  15. It's always a shite day if you're in fife ha ha!
  16. If I was to pick a new signing, I think another right back or winger/striker would be the areas we could do with reinforcing.
  17. Aye Dundee definitely deserved the win in the end. We made our own problems at the back in the second half. We seem to go through wee spells of overplaying the ball at the back and creating f**k ups Lyall Cameron was the difference, different gravy for a 19/20? year old and didn't stop running.
  18. Thought we were unlucky not to get a goal in the first half which we probably edged. Our passing looked good and our forward play was decent. Alegria was doing a great job holding the ball up and bringing others into play. Thought at half time that if we kept Lyall Cameron quiet we'd do well in the rest of the game. Second half was a bit like the 15 minutes against queens. Couldn't seem to get the ball out our feet and our passing was really sloppy at times. The first goal comes from us Fucking about at the back creating our own pressure and Cameron latching onto the ball we gave away from a Hogarth kick. Unlike the queens game we never seemed to kick on after the goal and once the second went in it was game over. Tell you what though, it's still really refreshing to see a manager with a set game plan and structure that everyone in the team is sticking to. Onto Kelty hearts on Saturday and hopefully we can make it 4 league wins in a row, with McGinn in for Mackie.
  19. Aye but what's the rest of the formation? 5-3-2 or 5-2-2-1?
  20. Who plays in midfield in this back 3 shout?
  21. The Rawlins private jet landed there this morning after a miscommunication with Edinburgh airport. Pitch will be in tatters
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