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  1. No sir I’ve just not been on here recently and crave attention x
  2. The Scottish Cameron Jerome, Mr Declan McManus has just signed for Darvel, think that sums up his ambition.
  3. League start date set, get some fucking plers in and get this league won. Come on you fucking Bairns x
  4. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned or asked but, have we got a new kit manufacturer this year or is it still Puma?
  5. I did a 520kg deadlift once but it was at my grans bit so you wouldn’t know it.
  6. I don’t think so no, it really depends on how long this goes on for.
  7. After the past few years of watching this muck, I’ve grown to expect shite like this to happen. I can’t get too upset and I still think the fact Hearts will do everything in their power to stay up will end up benefiting us massively. Whatever league we’re in, we need some serious investment into that side as the majority of its muck.
  8. Okay Guys, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this x I cannot see ANYWAY how anyone is losing out through my new reconstructed Scottish Football League x S.Prem 16 Teams, Play each other twice, No Split x S 2nd Tier 14 Teams, Play each other twice S 3rd Tier 14 Teams, Play each other twice But Senor, TV companies want 4 OF games! Super Cup at the start of the year League Winner vs Scottish Cup Winner (or the Second Place in the league and cup winner are the same). 9 times out of 10 that’s an OF game at Hampden. OF game number 3. Also change the Semi Final of the League Cup to 2 legs home and away. There’s 4 OF games mostly guaranteed, you are all welcome, Scottish football is saved x
  9. Been ignoring P&B because I knew quite rightly some of our fans would be having a meltdown over this. Calls for boycotts are an absolute fucking riddy and should be shut down instantly. I don’t think that this vote will pass, but if it does, I feel we’ve been hard done by, but I don’t want to pretend for a minute that if we were sitting a point above Raith our board would be silently voting yes on this resolution. Although I want to see this as an opportunity to reconstruct the leagues, I understand that the powers above are desperate to keep the 4 OF games so we’re never going to get anywhere with that. We can only wait and see how this is sorted. I think we can all agree that the SPFL passing this onto the clubs to vote is a total get on and shows how incompetent they are once again.
  10. Cheers for the info I’ll get on it [emoji106]
  11. After previously stating the fear I had regarding my new job and being a complete lazy c**t during my notice period, I was advised on my last day that the site I was on was going to be working with skeleton staff on site, essentially meaning 2 or 3 of management on site while the workforce continues to work. So although I left last Wednesday, I still believe there are workers on site attempting to adhere to social distancing. Fucking mental [emoji23] My new employers have been in contact with me throughout this pandemic, and I officially started with them on Monday. However they have took the sensible approach to close all of their construction sites. So I’ve been advised that I’m currently on the payroll and that all I can do is to ‘stay at home and be safe’. What a difference to the previous mob I worked for.
  12. There was something in the air that The stars were bright Morgano x
  13. Fancy cycling across the bridge and tuning up a few Fifers twice a week? If theres anywhere not to go during this pandemic it would be fife. Think I'm going to have to make a barbell using car wheels at this rate, no way jose I can go 3 weeks without being swole
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