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  1. I have actually just sat and counted every head in that photo and the away crowd is 2046.
  2. Also I think Luke Leahy goals complication would beat most strikers. I absolutely love wee McCann. Watching him go up and down the line is excellent to watch. He's in brilliant form.
  3. I've made a right kant of it, 5 subs at half time plz x
  4. I'm no having this changing everything, was only saying on the bus on Saturday it's quite refreshing that we have team that picks itself every week. The last time we had this was when Houstie was in charge. The last few seasons it's been a merry go round of changes every single week. I don't think anyone played so bad they deserve dropped but then again I was pretty gassed on Saturday.
  5. How far ahead of Partick were we in the M&M season come January? Pretty sure it was something like 9 points before we shat the bed.
  6. The wastefulness seems to just be poor decision making. Which I feel we'll get better at. The amount of chances we're creating is frightening. I feel sooner rather than later it's all going to click and someone's going to get an absolute doing. (Hopefully 5th November lol).
  7. Good to see everyone's taking the result well.
  8. That's my third trip up to Peterhead since we were relegated and the first time I'd seen us score a goal. Have to agree with what was said about the Two centre halves they are an absolute pleasure to watch. Peterhead are probably the worst side I've watched this season though but I've read they have a lot of injuries. Kennedy has to start over McGuffie for me. He's the weak link out of Morrison and Nesbitt right now. I'm not Nesbitts biggest fan but he looks a completely different player this year and with 7 assists already he's doing some graft. Morrison can also be infuriating to watch but he's on his way to double figures in goals. Think a lot of people will realise how good a player he is once he leaves the club. Give Burrell a five year contract and sign Alegria just for the box office factor
  9. How much money do we get for winning the treble?
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