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  1. As someone mentioned before, the thought of going to hampden is the reason we still trek up to the like of Wick and down to Darvel. I couldn't give a flying f**k if there's 10 folk and a dug at hampden. Me and the boys I go with every week will be.
  2. My dad was born in the 60s and it always fucks with my head that he had to wait until 97 to see us get to a final. I was too young to remember 97 but I've been quite fortunate to see us at hampden more than a handful of times. I'll never take that for granted, because I'll always remember he had to wait decades to see us get to a final and that could happen again.
  3. I feel I personally deserve a Scottish cup win after the past 5 years. Just me personally. And the footballing gods should cough it up imho.
  4. That 0.1% chance we nick a 1-0 win from a Liam Henderson 90th minute diving header and I'm off my work for a week on the drink is giving me all the enthusiasm I need. I cannot fucking wait. All you can do is expect the unexpected
  5. Does any FFC fan actually care about us not having a fourth stand? It used to bother me years ago but if we were to mirror the main stand it would end up making the fans more spread out and kill the atmosphere. Seems to only bother weirdos from other supports. The stadium was rocking last night and that was due to a good home crowd and a very good away crowd. Suppose we could build a stand then just not open it up and that would stop all the moaning...
  6. If someone told me this time last year we'd now be going to hampden Id have laughed in your face. god bless John McGlynn x
  7. Wonder if having webbed feet makes it easier or harder to get about in the frost??
  8. Just got the missus up for a 50/50 in the garden. She says the grass felt fine. Play ball!
  9. What's cost us this year is not winning every game possible imho
  10. Wonder how McGlynn will line up. The difference from the last game against the pars is that we have a bench to change the game if we do require a goal with half an hour to go.
  11. Turned to my mate and said 'this has been a boring game' seconds before the goalie made an arse of it for McGuffie to score his peach from the half way line Peterheads tactic of sitting 11 men behind the ball made it a hard watch in the first half. Love how McGlynn just went f**k it and chucked every striker we have. pars are shiting it x
  12. I'm sure McGlynn will show Peterhead the same amount of respect he has to every other team. I don't think he'll change anything. A winning team should keep their place unless someone's absolutely knackered/injured.
  13. I personally don't think it's a red card. The offsides touch and go, from that angle you can't tell either way. I personally don't care cause it meant f**k all in the end anyway. I don't think Lewis will give a f**k what opposing fans think. I know for a fact I'd have some questionable shouts if I were to be handed a microphone and told to commentate live during the game.
  14. Shock horror a Falkirk supporting volunteer would be bias on a Falkirk tv stream.
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