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  1. Was there with the missus unfortunately so was on my best behaviour. Mrs SB saved lex from being chucked about like a dog toy.
  2. Lex Miller in the station on Saturday going on about how many properties he has. Fat goon.
  3. Much better put than myself Bairnardo x There are some great wee clubs in this division, however their football is fucking mince. Scotlands football has a fast paced, blood and guts style to it I personally love, where it lacks in quality, it makes up for in passion and tempo.
  4. The amount of opposition fans in the first round of fixtures hounding us for having the cheek to expect to do well this year is the reason for a lot of our fans jumping on the ‘quality’ of the league. We were told most of the teams were to a much higher standard than expected which has not been the case at all, with most being utter guff, including ourselves. This doesn’t excuse some of FFC boys ripping the pish now, get over it gois x
  5. I will fight Kenny Sheils at the main door of the stadium.
  6. McGovern (Best Goalie we’ve had in my time watching us, I can remember Krul and big Kasper as well) Duffie- the season we had farid he assisted 70% of our goals or something daft like that, was unstoppable at his peak, shame injuries fucked him. Darren Barr- Pretty sure May played him at right back at the end of our last season in the SPL. Peter Grant- My all time favourite falkirk centre half, genuinely thought he’d go onto play for Scotland and not Greenock Morton. Oozed class, another that injuries held back. That cup final goal [emoji7]. Kingsley- Was a shakeup between him and Leahy, leahy scored more worldies but Kingsley for his age was fantastic for us. Tom Taiwo- Controversial, never the best player on the park but would run into a brick wall for the team. Vaulks- Never have we had such a complete player at Falkirk in my time watching us. Could play anywhere on the park, could score from anywhere on the park. What a player. Sibbald- Oozed class from start to finish with us. Arfield- Couldn’t not have him in. El Alagui- Anytime the ball touched his head we seemed to score, mental record for us in that one season. Scored two against the ***s as well (rip). Taylor- What a replacement for farid he turned out to be. I remember when him and Leahy came on trial, I actually though at the time Leahy looked the better striker. Special mention to Pele who if he hadn’t got injured in the game against Motherwell, would’ve kept us up imho x
  7. Gone for a 3-3-4 formation to try get a goal out of my strikers, who scored a total of 0 in a combined 25 apps according to wiki. Fasan Tom Dallison Mehdi Khalis Joe Chalmers Alex Harris Tom Owen Evans Dennon Lewis Taylor Morgan Jordan White Dylan Mackin Dan Turner
  8. Yogi dragging Lex out into the middle of the park at half time for a pashunit scudding would be much better entertainment than the cross bar challenge
  9. Was pishing myself laughing at the guy on the COYB fb page giving it big licks after Forfar when we went top of the league. ‘Wheres all the haters now asking for McKinnon to be sacked?’ I genuinely don’t think we deserve any better.
  10. There’s a large element of our support who are just happy to have a day out to the football every weekend. Not arsed about what’s happening at our club as long as they get out the house for a few hours on a Saturday. Sacking the manager won’t solve much in the long term but hopefully someone can get a winning team on the park. The fans still need to rally round and get the despicable c***s running us into the ground out of the club for good but I can’t see it happening. Tough times indeed.
  11. That shower of c***s have also just done me out of 250 smackeroonies. Will be at lex millers door this evening to be reimbursed.
  12. Dixon would be perfect at CB at this level, even though I think Toshney and Buchanan should be there. Durnan is the worst centre half I’ve seen since.... last season.
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