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  1. Like most have said, game was really competitive until we started bringing the trialists and younger guys on. Not arsed about the result cause you know.. it was a friendly. Donaldson, Henderson and McGinn will bring the physicality we desire and I think we wouldn't have been bullied so much from set pieces if they were playing. However the zonal marking at corners gives me the fear. I liked the look of Oliver up top however I'd say we need some reinforcements. McGuffie, Nesbitt and surprisingly Hetherington and McKay all had decent games.
  2. Mind some wee daft fifer was in here telling us how it was going to be a disaster
  3. Don't know what I done with it but I'd do anything to get it back
  4. State some people were getting in over a carrot on a football top. Exactly that, I'd rather we had a local business who's owner is an avid Falkirk fan on the top than that Shit house mob we had last year. People will look for anything to moan about. Seen someone moan we're playing Stranraer in a friendly
  5. The club brought a replica out of this and numerous other tops about 10 years ago and I had this one, wish they'd do something similar again cause I'd snatch up all of them.
  6. Some greeting faced basterts on the FB page. Could play in Gimp Suits for all I care as long as we get winning again.
  7. All the more reason to compare it to this strange club.
  8. I quite like the open goal stuff but only really down to the interviews, listen to the podcast but the only two that seem to have any brains are Ferry and Halliday. Slanes a clown and Kyle doesn't seem to have a brain. The whole recent history of this club intrigue me, it doesn't make any sense at all. It's so fucking weird lol. Will they keep the Open goal Broomhill name if Ferry goes 10 games without a win and sacks it/gets sacked? Or let's say he does really well and gets another job elsewhere, they still going to keep the Open goal name? I have so many questions. Its like one of those mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle or if hitlers alive or not?
  9. Can we get some signings in the door por favor
  10. Tried to post the John Sitton half time talk of 'you ya big c*nt and you ya little c*nt' but I am computer illiterate.
  11. If it makes you feel better I was alive for the 97 final I just don't remember it x
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