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  1. The team’s shape up top is clearly a problem. You could argue that Doolan, Moffat & McCowan are all number 10’s and ideally you’d be selecting 2 from 3 and, on form that’d be Moffat & McCowan. I really don’t think Moffat & Doolan will work as a front two. Whilst fairly satisfied at half time, it felt like death by a thousand passes at times and although admirable in wanting to pass through sides, there really needs to be an end product more often than not. Let’s hope the board have a few sheckles squirrelled under a mattress somewhere, we’re crying out for a proper centre forward who’ll only play within the width of the 18 yard box. Concerned by the lack of genuine width today. First half Kelly played left and McCowan on the right of a midfield 4. Second half we had Docherty on the right & McCowan on the left until the substitutions. McGuffie made little impact when he did come on. Don’t know how he’s showing up in training but I was really keen to see Ross come on at some stage, I thought he looked decent when he came on against Falkirk. Feels like a work in progress at the moment but today just wasn’t good enough and won’t be next week against Morton. Much work to be done.
  2. Rancid 2nd half. Absolutely fucking rancid. Bullied and outplayed for 40 of those 45.
  3. That lad Reise Allassani has just helped Woking into the National League, if he’s still a Coventry player next season I wonder if they’d be willing to send him north after the cordial discussions around the Michael Rose PCA.
  4. Always thought there was a decent player hiding in Fraser Fyvie and after his release by DU, he’d be exactly the type that McCall could get the best out of.
  5. 4-3-3 Doohan Smith Muirhead Rose Harvie Docherty Murdoch Crawford Moffat Shankland McCowan
  6. I actually thought we zipped the ball about beautifully at times but got mugged on 3 different occasions. There was absolutely nothing between the sides and given the first goal on Saturday, we’re right back in this. Admittedly, we’d have to defend a fair bit more robustly to keep the tie alive. McCowan is an absolute must start for the second leg. If there’s a way of shoehorning Moffat & McCowan into the side I’d love to see it but failing that, Moff out, McCowan in.
  7. Derek Ferguson was gushing in his praise of McCowan’s first half performance on Open All Mics.
  8. Bell out for the remainder of the season, that’s a bit of a blow. Shankland hopefully getting 45 mins next week.
  9. On BBC Scotland on the way home in the car, he described us as “average”. Personally, I’d have gone for fucking rancid.
  10. Smiths next to the Mercure Hotel has a few screens.
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