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  1. Half a season that exceeded all our expectations but that was really poor tonight. Every player paralysed by the fear of losing the ball, meant that everything was predictable & pedestrian. Dundee looked far hungrier than we did, even playing with 10. Still could be a very decent season, I’d bite your hand off for 4th.
  2. https://www.ccfc.co.uk/news/2022/december/news-updated-regarding-retail-operations-and-stock/ The administrators appear willing to negotiate stock release.
  3. I’d be playing as strong a side as possible. Even the slimmest possibility of drawing either Celtic or Rangers in the next round and the associated bump in cash might be the difference between maintaining a run at the top end of the table or fading out of contention. It’s essential we get past Pollok.
  4. 4 of the next 5 league games at home, chance to go on another wee run. Thought Young looked lively when he came on at halftime, he had no problem settling in to Championship football.
  5. Tasty tussle between Dipo & Muirhead, hopefully the dressing room will inform him of the latter's fondness for the dark arts whilst defending.
  6. Wish we’d done it before Dundee United, I like their kit this year.
  7. That 2 year deal for Dipo is looking like a tremendous bit of business by the club.
  8. There was talk of selling bottled beers only from the beer garden, I take it that hasn’t happened?
  9. Bullen defensive masterclass. 1-0 to the home side, Alex Kirk.
  10. Really? That’s your take from the planning process that all major building projects are compelled to adhere to? Your spat with the chairman has left you unable to differentiate between due process & propaganda? Sometimes, there’s nothing between the lines, just a good news story. Hopefully, most can see it for what it is.
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