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  1. There’s obvious merit in being a tougher side to beat but it’s come at a price. We’ve struggled to cut sides open for months. The inclusion of Aaron Drinan has changed the entire set up of the side and it doesn’t always get the best out of us. He works tirelessly, he unsettles defenders and is an ideal option to have, but there needs to be a balance. Sides hated Moffat, McCowan & Forrest buzzing around the final third being supported by Kelly. It was shifting the ball quickly and getting through sides pulling defenders out of position, now it seems too predictable when they send longer balls to Drinan. Certain games are perfect for Drinan starting, but for an under confident QOS side away on Fri I’d be going back to what worked previously. Doc or Muirhead protecting a back four, Kelly & Malley supporting a front three of Tiffoney, Moffat & McCowan. I’d rather see a 3-3 draw instead of a scoreless draw.
  2. Can someone have a word with yer man on the tannoy doing the halftimes. The first couple of “nothings” were comedy, but the lack of “nils” soon turned brutal.
  3. Thoroughly expected to see a decent Dundee side lay down a play off marker but they look as ordinary as us. Malley is a ‘baller, would love to see him on a decent surface. I’d be starting Tiffoney ahead of Forrest on Tues, just think his pace worries defenders & despite being similar builds, he seems far more able to protect the ball whilst in possession. Perhaps Doc for Aero if he’s fit.
  4. If you’d asked me 10 years ago, I’d have bitten your hand off for a soulless Lego stadium on the edge of town but, my views have changed. There’s a certain “charm” to Somerset which appeals to a great many but has obvious disadvantages at times, for both home & away supporters. In the fullness of time, I’d love to see the main stand brought back to life and restored to its modern glory. I think there’s a case to be made for covering & seating the North terrace, perhaps raising the terrace at the Railway End to offer away supports a better vantage point, certainly increasing the incline to match the Somerset Road end. As someone else has mentioned, the view of the ground from Somerset Road isn’t great, my wife thinks it’s a prison. That needs attention, maybe an Ayr United themed render but I don’t how that would go down with the residents on the street every time they opened their curtains each morning. We want to retain the “charm” but offer a better experience for all. As ever, it all comes down to cash flow and it might not happen in the next 20 years but you’d like to think that the St Johnstone’s of this world will still generate one of their biggest away followings in years at the prospect of visiting the old lady for generations to come.
  5. Get off at Prestwick Town, it’ll service all your needs. Then either back to the station & off at Newton on Ayr or jump in a cab for a couple of quid.
  6. “Nobody boots, the f**k out of you, like the Ayr Service Crew”
  7. Imagine bringing on Harkins to deflect the abuse aimed at him, cowardly b*****d. We can play better and still found it a stroll. Good wee atmosphere in the SRE for a fair spell in the second half, and a side pulling apart the opposition with passing & movement. Must have been a tough watch for McCall, pleasing.
  8. Goes without saying that he should have everyone’s support & best wishes but to pacify any supporters who might question the appointment, it’d be good PR if Cameron would go on record on why Kerr stood out above all other contenders. It’s a gamble but all the other names mentioned would have come with risks attached too.
  9. Sounds like a first managerial appointment. Player/manager?
  10. I think conspiracy is too strong a word but I think there’s certainly an element of premeditation in the whole saga. Only McCall can clarify when he knew he would make for the door and whether he actively campaigned to manufacture the opportunity. I agree, his professionalism and desire to improve our club never wavered but his head was certainly turned in another direction.
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