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  1. Well how Annan were not well ahead after the 1st half is beyond me. When they went 2-0 up I felt that was it but all credit to the boys who battled back and could have win it, then again Annan had chances as well before the end.
  2. Don't think Montrose will finish bottom again this year, of the 2 favourites if you can call them that, I think the Shire could be the team to face Brora if it all comes to pass and if it is Brora then it's goodbye the Shire to the Lowland League I'm afraid imo.
  3. As previously stated this non incident was just an easy story to make up. I doubt Police Scotland have the manpower to have half a dozen coppers to walk the referee to his car at Forthbank that night, more likely their would have been 2 at most, certain other things would take priority imo for the use of their manpower in the Stirling Area. Cheap journalism to fill a few inches of paper when nothing better is happening that's what this non incident is about.
  4. Quite agree but you never know in todays world you get some weirdo`s who will do anything and I believe the Chairman took the right decision as you say we need officials no matter how incompetent they are to officiate at football matches. However I did not "accuse people of making up stories to sell papers" If you read the article the person who wrote it did not contact the Chairman and ask for his comments but used a small part of the Chairmans Comments on the website to create an article which gave the non incident arms and legs. Clearly easy for the journalist to produce a story rather than get the full facts regarding the matter from the Chairman himself as any half decent journalist would do, but its the sort of thing you get from the gutter press. they do anything to get a story including recently getting into peoples private voicemail on their phones.
  5. Who said "but no one else can ?. Our Chairman did not, I did not. " I understand perfectly clear what is going on here", glad you do because I DONT. Could you please enlighten me ? and I wont worry about relations between your Chairman and the Clyde fans thanks for that.
  6. Yes he got in to Forthbank on Tuesday, hopefully he gets in at Galabank on Saturday. If we win we might get a song, you never know.
  7. I have we play Annan on Saturday hopefully we will get a result their.
  8. You clearly don't understand what the duties of a Chairperson are and if he thinks that match officials are in threat of danger, then his duty is to make sure that those officials are given protection. Clearly nothing happened but what if something did happen. If any such incident had happened then clearly Stirling Albion FC would be in grave trouble happening outside its Stadium. Do you think the SPFL and SFA would do nothing if something had happened. Reading between the lines their appears to be problems at Clyde FC with your Chairman and the fans, sorry to hear that.
  9. I don`t need to dry my eyes though maybe I should with the laughter your post has generated. You say you understand how the press works ! I don`t think so. " and in any case it is a matter of national interest if a sports official comes under threat for simply doing his job" What threat I ask. Of NATIONAL INTEREST ! , the Chairperson was merely erring on the safe side and for the reputation of the Club surely that he can`t be slated for that. Wouldn't the Chairperson of the club you support do the same ? Regarding Paranoia I think it is you that is being PARNOID. For someone who has only been posting on P&B for a couple of weeks you certainly have made your mark on this forum for all the wrong reasons imo. Indeed my friend the world is watching but I don`t think it is watching the outpourings of a PARNOID person like you. You clearly have a high regard for yourself, sorry if I don`t agree with that.
  10. I don't have to look in the mirror with regard to behaving at football matches and so do the vast majority of Albion fans who attend home and away. Like a number of clubs we have a small element who seem to have attached themselves to the club and use it for their own ends not for supporting the team. With regard to "what part of the article is made up" only a small section of an official statement on the Club website was used. I suggest you log onto the Club Website and read the full article. It would have been handy to put it in the Match programme but the Albion produce only 1 programme a month and since the Feb edition has already been printed, it may feature in the March edition which will be on sale for the Arbroath game. Clearly you do not understand the way that the press work in this country especially the gutter press, they chose to use what suits their propose which is to tell a story with as few facts as possible to make it a lot more than it is.
  11. Funny enough an East Fife fan had a warning about this referee on his Twitter account and posted another one after you played Elgin City where I believe one of your players got sent off. Strange that even one of your own fans has taken the time to post 2 messages regarding this referees performances against your own club.
  12. Re Stuart Brown this information regarding him calling the Police was on Rave On the unofficial Albion fans website. Put their by Mr Brown himself and I am quite sure he knows about the article in the Sun. Re "take your defeat like a man" where did I complain about being defeated by the Clyde ? Got me on that one. You seem to have missed the point that the incompetence of the referee on Tuesday night was the reason for the anger of the Albion fans towards him. We missed a number of chances during the game despite you being awarded 2 questionable and dubious penalties which had we taken them then we would have won.
  13. Re HL/LL playoffs I hope it's not Brora from the Highland League again this year, looks like a 3 horse race with Cove Rangers and Formantine both in with more than a shout. In the Lowland League can't see past Edinburgh City even though Stirling Univ have a number of games in hand. What are the odds to another Brora/Edinburgh City this year, must be getting smaller. Also who is favourite for the wooden spoon in League 2 looks between the Shire and Berwick both neck and neck so far, or is their a surprise team waiting in the wings to snatch the wooden spoon away from both of them. Time as they say will tell.
  14. To put the record straight Stuart Brown asked for the Police to escort the referee after the game to his car just in case their was any problems, their was no problem. Also as I understand it Stuart Brown was at the Tunnel after the game finished to make sure that no problems arose when the referee and his officials made their way inside to their dressing rooms. As for the complaint by John Gemmell about abuse, he must be a bit of a wimp if he reported the matter to the Police after being abused by a couple of teenagers, I would have thought from his experience of lower league football he would have had abuse like that before on a number of occasions but he just tried to be a big man and report it to the Police, rather sad imo. Typical of gutter press to make up like a story like this, clearly nothing of interest happening at the Old Firm to fill up a few columns in the paper that day.
  15. Another body to add to the account last night, apparent suicide in the park? Police Detective thought he was being clever in trying to link his murder of his blackmailing mistress to the serial killer on the loose has had has plans scuppered by the rookie WPC who pointed the murder team to the identity of her. All in all things ticking over nicely in Happy Valley, surprised by the detectives wives bit on the side though ! adds another twist to the tale.
  16. Well we need to get something from this game after the Clyde game, I just hope our players use it to their advantage and get the 3 points we need now to keep in touch with the pack at the top. Created enough chances last night to win but failed to take them, just hope our strikers have their shooting boots on. Re the team I HOPE that once again Phil Johnston gets dropped at right back and that Mark Lamont gets to start the game on Saturday ahead of Dickson who seems to be a permanent fixture in the team despite him doing nothing. Mazel to start in midfield and depending on the injury to Scott Buist, Ross McMillian to replace him on Saturday. Prediction Annan 1 Albion 2 Fingers crossed we get the reaction to the Clyde game. oh and a decent referee on Saturday ! if that's possible in Scotland with some of the incompetent twats we have in the middle of the park.
  17. I have just watched a game where 2 bad decisions by an incompetent referee has cost us the 3 points. How he can say that the 2nd penalty he gave was a deliberate hand ball is beyond me. As for the 1st penalty I did not have a clear view but again I would have to question the referee`s judgement on that decision. As for Clyde it came as no surprise to me that they had a player sent off. the number of bad fouls the referee let then away with before he took action was amazing. Lady luck certainly was not on our side tonight, hitting the post and bar . Still at least it was a better performance tonight than Saturday but the fact remains that once again we come away with no points. Only hope we can get something at Annan on Saturday.
  18. No he is in Edinburgh not Methil, clearly an East Fife fan with a bit of intelligence ?
  19. Agree heard about bad losers but BAD WINNERS that takes it to another level.
  20. We shall see if that is the case when you come to Forthbank. Enjoy it when you can is all I say.
  21. Away back to your own thread and let fans of both Clyde and the Albion have a sensible discussion about the up coming game on Tuesday night.
  22. I don`t know what to expect on Saturday from the Albion, hopefully we will get a result against Clyde on Tuesday night and that will give us confidence when we play Annan. If we don`t get anything from Tuesday then I suspect the worst for Saturday. Always a good away day at Annan, though the results sometimes leave something to be desired so I predict a draw on Saturday. Prediction Annan 1 Albion 1
  23. My My I have appeared to have touched a raw nerve here, regarding crawling back under a stone, I think that's a bit rich coming from a fan of a team who come from one of the worst shit holes in Scotland. Lets face it if someone dropped an Atomic bomb on Methil it might improve the place. Regarding Thugs it would be nice if East Fife could control some of the thugs who threw stuff at the Albion Supporters bus when it was pulling away from New Bayview on Saturday, but then again I have to say in East Fifes defence it would be extremely difficult to control some hooligans giving the nature of the place they come from.
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