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  1. Well not a classic by any means but if you are an Arbroath fan you will be a lot happier than the Albion fans tonight who once again have to suffer another poor performance lacking the cutting edge in front of goal. Good job East Stirling play in this league otherwise its the relegation playoffs for us this season.
  2. It's going to be a difficult game for the Albion we are on a high after 2 straight wins on the trot. Can we make it 3 wins in the trot over an Arbroath side who recorded their 1st win of the season away to East Fife, I think not and would be happy with a share of the points at Gayfield but you never know we might just edge it.
  3. Well it was quite an afternoon, first half the Albion were brutal and we only came to life after the sending off which I felt was a bit harsh but justice was done by the penalty save. Great goal by Ross McMillian to secure the 3 points and our 1st home win of the season. Also for the first time in quite a while we kept a clean sheet overall not a bad afternoon. Roll on to Arbroath next week and 3 wins in a trot fingers crossed.
  4. Montrose have made a better start to the season than the Albion having won more games at home than the Albion who have yet to record a home win this season. Hopefully this will change on Saturday when we beat Montrose in what should be a difficult but winnable game for us.
  5. This Saturday the Binos face Montrose at Forthbank in what will be a difficult game for us. Montrose have improved since last season when they beat Brora in the relegation playoffs and have made a good start to the season especially at home, whist the Binos have last week managed only our 1st win of the season at the Shire. Prediction Albion 2 Montrose 1
  6. Well we finally broke our duck and got a win and more importantly 3 points in the bag. Wasn't at the game but by all accounts we made it difficult for ourselves 2-0 up after 7 mins and letting the Shire come back before we grabbed the 3rd goal and hung on to the end. This result will keep the fans of Skippy`s back for the meantime, hopefully we can use this result and get the promotion push started. It will at least give the team a confidence boost for our home game next week when we play Montrose. Can we get our 1st home win of the season and make it 2 wins in a row I certainly hope so.
  7. Pretty much the same way things are going at Forthbank, if no points collected in the next 2 games and I EXPECT 4 points is not beyond us imo then Skippy and Corrigan must go. Cannot keep on losing week in week out, the Board must act sooner rather than later. Watch this space as they say.
  8. Defeat by the Shire would only increase the call for Skippy to go. A Poll done recently by Rave On Stirling Albion unofficial website had the majority of fans who voted wanting him gone now with a smaller group giving him 2 games to turn things around. Personally I think he has until the Montrose game at home the following week to start winning games or the Board will be under extreme pressure from the supporters to get rid off him.
  9. Did not think that McGovern did much during his brief spell with us. Regarding Corrigan getting more out of players, what's he doing then during training after all he is the assistant manager and would assume he would have an input alongside McLaren in how the team plays etc. I hope the board are not thinking along the lines of replacing McLaren with Corrigan, if McLaren goes then so too should Corrigan imo both are responsible for the team on the park.
  10. Spoke with Skippy after Tuesday evening training before the Berwick game and said he was unhappy with certain things at the club and asked to be released. Upshot is he was dropped for the Berwick game and has now been released by the Club as stated on the Clubs webside.
  11. This Saturday the Binos make the short journey to Ochilview to face the Shire. Given the poor start to the season the Binos have had this is a game we must take something from and another defeat would only increase the call for Skippy to get the boot. The Shire have made a resonable start to the season with 2 wins and 2 loses so it will be a difficult game for us, given our problems with our lack of scoring being the lowest scorers in the league with only 2 goals in 4 games, I can see us struggling to find the net in this game and can only hope our defence can keep a clean sheet for the first time in a long while. Talk on the Albion website of possible new signings before Saturday so I can only hope another striker comes in to boost our firepower and options up front especially with the injury to Craig Beattie who looks likely to be out for at least a couple more weeks. Desperate times for the Binos joint bottom with Arbroath with only 1 point in 4 games. Can we get something on Saturday I hope so for the sake of the supporters who are getting increasingly feed up with the constant defeats both at home and on the road. Prediction East Stirlingshire 1 Albion 1
  12. Watched the highlights of the Elgin game, poor defending for the goal, apart from that we looked not too bad but we cannot get a win. Not surprised the Albion fans are unhappy with the current state of affairs, we badly need someone to put the ball in the back of the net. Given the current state of affairs unless we start picking up points in the next 2 games min of 4 points should be achieveable, if not then Skippy should be shown the door imo.
  13. Don't expect anything from this game and was proved right. Wasn't at the game but results cannot go on losing most weeks. I'll give Skippy the next 2 games to try and turn things around and if we do not get anything then he should be shown the door.
  14. Well that's a piece of good news for Saturday, hopefully this will improve our chances, we might be lucky and get something from this match, fingers crossed.
  15. This Saturday the Albion make the journey north to face Elgin City at Borough Briggs. On paper Elgin should be favourites to win this game, given the problems the Albion have had since the start of the season, struggling to score goals, having managed only a draw and losing 2 at home. On top of that it looks like Craig Beattie is out with a hamstring injury. That leaves the Albion with 3 strikers, one of which Steven Doris is having problems with a knee injury which requires surgery to fix and limits his playing time. Last time at Elgin we lost 3-2 in the Petrofac Cup just before the start of the season and odds are on another Elgin victory. Can the Albion get something from this game, I hope so but I am not too confident about it given our problems. Prediction Elgin 2 Albion 0
  16. I don't recall Albion fans calling Greg MCDonald " some kind of managerial God" when we won promotion in the playoffs. Most of the Albion fans wanted Greg removed long before he got us promoted. Regarding the current situation, I don't think we are fickle and given the results since Skippy took over , they are quite within their rights to vent their frustrations over the teams performances. If the team you support had the same results would your fans not be calling the managers head or are they not as "fickle" as Albion fans.
  17. Clearly if Skippy is to survive then we need to start winning games and picking up points. Our next 2 games are away from home and I can't see us picking up points from either the Elgin or the Shire game and if that happens and we fail to win at home against Montrose I think on the 12 September then clearly the Board will have to make a choice of pulling the plug or hoping he turns as around quickly. As for wanting Greg back no fucking way would I want him in charge again. The sword of Damacles is hanging over the current management team and they know it and the Board knows it as well. So unless results improve in the next 3 games imo then Skippy and Corrigan are for the chop. Watch this space as they say.
  18. A poor result today for the Albion after starting brightly, against a team who were better organised than us. The next 2 games are away from home and if we lose both, which is quite possible , then the fans will be calling for Skippys head. Watch this space as they say.
  19. Isn't Nick Walsh the referee for this game ?
  20. I will think you will find that the Albion whilst, not firing on all cylinders yet should prove too much for a Berwick side who were trounced last week 5-0 by East Fife. Albion to win 2-0 with Beattie and Cunningham to score to get our 1st league win of the season. Start of the road to promotion/playoffs begins at Forthbank this Saturday.
  21. Stirling Albion 20 Selkirk 0 says it all Scottish Cup tie at Annfield our old ground. Piece of History I was their.
  22. Let's say if the Albion don't improve in the coming weeks then the discontent from the Albion supporters will grow. Not the best of starts as you say and the fact that in the last 2 home games we did not score has led to questions being asked on the Albion forum Rave On about whether supporters have faith in him and also the Board. Opinion appears to be that he has the backing of a slight majority of supporters in the mean time but if results don't pick up then watch this space as they say.
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