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  1. Nah want both at Forthbank especially the Falkirk game, would be nice to put one over on the Bairns at home.
  2. Long time since the Albion have played Falkirk in a meaningful game, hope it's at Forthbank.
  3. Group B St Johnstone, Falkirk, Brechin City, Stirling Albion, Elgin City. 2 ties we wanted, St Johnstone and Falkirk, not bad Brechin City but once again we draw Elgin. Hope our home ties are against St Johnstone and Falkirk.
  4. I agree with that, lets see how the team performs until we make any judgements after a couple of months. Its going to be a tough season ahead, with the likes of Clyde, Arbroath, Berwick and the 2 relegated teams Forfar and Cowdenbeath all trying to get out of this League one way or another.
  5. Albion 7 Montrose 0 highlight of the poor season for me, everything just clicked that night.
  6. Good signing of Blair Henderson from Berwick, hope it works out for us as he has been proved a goal scorer at this level. Hopefully Mazel signs up as well and who knows next season might be more productive, I certainly hope so.
  7. So do I, pleased Ross Smith and Ross McGeachie have signed up for next season. As for Sean Dickson I can only hope he does a lot better than last season, not one of the fans favourites to be fair, but he seemed to get picked week in week out by McLaren despite having a poor season.
  8. Agree with you on this one, given the new format League Cup, could be played at one ground over the weekend before the start of this competition. Might generate a bit of interest amongst the fans of local teams.
  9. We could do with a big striker at Forthbank, hope he fills the bill.
  10. Was at the game today, Shire just about edged the first half but in the second half Edinburgh City were the much better team and were the team that looked likely to score, had 2 decent chances but squandered then until the penalty and sending off. City deserved to win the game and congratulations to them on promotion to League 2. Will be at Meadowbank next season for my first visit their. Hopefully we can come away with the 3 points. For the Shire I feel for their long suffering fans tonight , hopefully they can survive and bounce back to the Senior League soon.
  11. I tend to agree with your comments, imo the Shire have been on a downward spiral since they left Firs Park. If the Shire had been able to get a ground of their own fairly quickly after leaving Firs Park then it might not have found itself in this position. Hope for the best for the Shire tomorrow as I think that Edinburgh City might have lost their chance at Meadowbank to gain the advantage but you never know.
  12. You could also play him at right back too, been used in that position for us on a number of occasions this season.
  13. Sorry but don't want David Weatherston back at Forthbank, heard Craig Molloy from Brechin is being rumoured as possible signing after being freed.
  14. Last big pay day before the Lowland League ?
  15. If they had kept the price the same as a normal League game £12, I don`t think anybody would have minded. However they appear to want to make us much money from this game as possible, don`t know the reason why ?. I can only assume they are expecting more than the 300/400 the Shire normally get to pay for the increased security required such as more Stewards, Police etc. Noticed they will be letting their own Season ticket holders in for nothing, good gesture after the season they have had. Just hope they order in more pies etc in anticipation of the biggest crowd of the season. Last time I was at Ochilview they ran out of pies before halftime when the Albion played the Shire their and the crowd was roundabout 500 that day.
  16. Hope not surely can only improve after this season, hopefully McLaren can turn it around and get us into the playoffs at least not the relegation playoffs I hasten to add.
  17. They have increased the price from £12 to £13 for the 2nd leg at Ochilview. Don`t understand the logic of increasing the price, they may make a few extra quid but imo its a wrong move. How can they justify the increase when they are playing a lower league side. I just hope Edinburgh City win and take their place in SPL2 next season. It would serve them right It will be interesting to see the attendance on Saturday, be surprised if its more than 1,200.
  18. Hope the Clyde get promoted, shame they had to reverse the fixture due to the Bmx thing.
  19. Finished 1-1 at Meadowbank, Shire appear to have the advantage going into the 2nd leg at home next Saturday or can City pull the rabbit out of the hat and surprise them.
  20. Arbroath Steak pies are the best I've had at an away day, East Fife Steak pies are good too, also At Ochilview when we play the Shire.
  21. I am not bothered with his behaviour at Forthbank a while back, if he joins us and performs well, I'm quite sure a lot of Albion fans would forgive him his fallout previously if he does well on the field.
  22. Interesting game between Edinburgh City and the Shire this Saturday 1st leg at Meadowbank. Can the City surprise the bottom club in League 2 and get a positive result for the 2nd leg at Ochilview I hope so. The Shire to be fair to them has had some decent results in the last few weeks and must fancy their chances against City. Will the City surprise the Shire and relegate them to the Lowland League I hope so but I would not write off the Shire to become the first Senior League Club to be relegated. Hopefully their will be a decent crowd for the 1st leg at Meadowbank and inspire the City to take a good lead to Ochilview. Com'on the City fancy a trip to Meadowbank next season rather than to Ochilview.
  23. I agree with you regarding McGeachie, can play at Centre Back or Right Back just hope he resigns for us. Of the rest do not want Dickson back next year, Cunningham maybe if he puts his mind to it and learns to pass the ball to someone in a better position. For me Mazel is the key to the midfield, just goes about his job quietly and has the ability to pass the ball to another Albion player something one or two others need to copy. Doris for me this season has been a disappointment only 9 goals and for a striker of his ability he should be scoring more but in his defence at times he is being left alone up front and he really needs someone along side him to play off Ross Smith has been decent and I hope he resigns along with Ross Kavanagh who I think can be a good player for us given more playing time.
  24. Also Kevin McKinlay not offered a new deal.
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