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  1. No thanks one spell at Forthbank was enough, started well scored a hatrick against Elgin I think and from their went down hill. Hope he has another successful season next year at Spartans.
  2. Agree with a lot of what you said. biggest problem we have is scoring goals. Really need a 15-20 goals a season striker, question is where do you find you. Heard a rumour that Dunsmore was a offered a contract for next season. Would keep the following from this seasons squad, Currie, Law, Dunsmore, McGregor, McNiff, McLean, McGeachie, Leitch, Moore, Flannagan. R Grant, Carrick, Roberts, J Grant, Let the rest go. Lets hope DY can do the business in the Summer and get the right players in. As I said a good striker to play along side Carrick would be at the top of my priority list.
  3. Heard a rumour that Aaron Dunsmore has been offered a contract by us for next season.
  4. Oh dear oh dear you clearly should seek medical help, I`m afraid if you believe some of the crap who write. A decent psychologist is what you need. Just contact your local GP tomorrow and I`m sure he would put you in touch with one, Good Bless the NHS.
  5. And access to a computer or any device capable of connecting to the Internet.
  6. I`m all for care in the Community but sometimes I`m afraid its gone past that stage for WC Boggs, to the State Mental Hospital he must be sent to protect Society.
  7. Evasive Junk is it, WC BOGGS let me ask you a question ARE YOU A CLUB BOARD STOOGE ? From going back and reading some of your previous message I think that their is someone behind you telling you what to write, I don`t believe you are clever enough to come up with that by yourself. Clearly somebody is pulling your strings, I think I know who it is ITS STUART BROWN ISNT IT. ? Clearly he doesn`t want to come out in the open and have a go at me but instead he uses someone less intelligent to be his Patsy LIKE YOU WC BOGGS isn`t that the case. ? I look forward to your response WC BOGGS, no doubt it will take a while as you will have to go back to your mastermind to have him come up with a response to this. Look forward to hearing from you again
  8. Agree re the better showing from us, good move early on to score but once again our DEFENDING nobody challenged the guy running thru and it was no surprise that that they scored. Second half Kelty started the better team and felt that they would win in the end but no, we hung on and might have snatched a late winner but it was not to be. Happy with the point and Yes poor attendance for team that the previous week had won the League 2 title. Lets hope their attendances improve in League 1 next season.
  9. MY MY Somebody has got out of bed the wrong side this morning WC Boggs I think you should lie down in a darken room. You need to chill out
  10. Never claimed Stuart Brown ALONE picked the managers but as Chairman the BUCK stops with him and this Club on the park under his Stewardmanship has been a failure end off. Once again another wasted season, lets hope DY can get us out of this League next season. Regarding Stuart Brown keeping the shareholders in the dark about ? I believe that the Trust Board have tried on a number of occasions to engage with the Club Board and the Club Board have failed to cooperate. It staggers me that we the Supporters Trust are the OWNERS of the Club but appear to have NO control over the Club Board. THAT MUST CHANGE, END OFF.
  11. Helps if you have someone to invest loads of money by League 2 standards in the team. Is their any wealthy Albion fans out their willing to do the same. ?
  12. We travel to Kelty on Saturday to face the League 2 champions in what should be an interesting game. Will Kelty be up for this game having won the League last week or will they give a toss. For the Binos given the injury problems we have had at late, can we get something from this match. ? Prediction fancy Kelty to win but not by much.
  13. From what I can gather from the Trust Consitution their does not appear to be anything to sig up 50 members or 11 members whatever is the case but in terms of Voting under Rule 45 it states 1 Person 1 vote. Clearly if 1 Person has voted 50 times OR 11 times then I would suspect that these votes were invalid. It does mention block voting in the update and that I suspect would have triggered Alarm Bells ringing in the Trust Board to these actions.
  14. Just received the latest update from the Trust. It makes interesting reading especially the ad hoc meeting minutes. Briefly 160 new members have joined the Trust since the AGM was announced. Only 28 of these new members had previously been members of the Trust that means 132 new members have appeared on the scene. Total membership stands at 429 at present. It goes on to say 1 member enrolled 50 members Another member enrolled 11 new members. The update goes on to give details of an interview that took place with Police Scotland regarding the voting irregularities. " Where it was confirmed that if proven , the matter could involve fraudulent activity" "A discussion followed on whether the Trust would seek to go down this route but that given the outcome would impact on the reputation of the Club and Trust, it was agreed to find another way to resolve the potential block voting" What the Trust are saying their DOES appear to have been fraudulent activity around the voting. NOT a good sign is it. ?
  15. The proof in the pudding re Darren Young will come next season when he has a chance to build his own team. Expect him to be given a decent budget. Re this season think the problem is who exactly is out their to be picked up, most of the better players are under contract to the end of the season and whoever is left are those that teams don`t want.
  16. Poor game both teams were poor, regarding the disallowed goal, did not have a good view of it, looked in but I could be wrong. Will have to wait for the SATV highlights to see it again. Neither team deserved the points tbh. On this sort of form I fear for Cowdenbeath in the playoffs, lets hope I am proved wrong, would expect Bonnyrigg Rose to beat whatever team wins the Highland League. As for us the sooner this season finishes the better and for Darren Young to start rebuilding for HOPEFULLY our promotion to League 1 (Famous last words)
  17. We shall have to wait and see what happens, regarding qualified people to join the Club Board, think you will find the present Club Board have operated a closed door policy only allowing those on Board who they like. Hence the case with John Daly now also the Club Secretary. Didn`t see that post advertised anywhere, did they even contact the Trust Board for their views about the matter ? I would suspect not. We have the situation in that the Club owners are being ignored by a small group of people. he Supporters Trust owns this Club NOT Stuart Brown and his gang. Time that was changed.
  18. Could this be the last time we visit Central Park if Cowdenbeath finish 10th and lose Playoff games. ? Time will tell on that matter but its always a tough place to come and get points. Cowdenbeath will be hoping to get a win and keep them for the meantime in with a chance of avoiding 10th spot. For us lets hope we can get something from this game given our list of injuries etc, lets hope we can get together a decent squad for Saturday. Prediction Cowdenbeath 1 Binos 1
  19. That`s the big question, believe we had 67 new members join the Trust all of a sudden and I believe that figure may be higher now.
  20. Retired or whatever seems strange he went at this time does it not, ?
  21. Some Good points and Questions. I would say that ALL Directors on the current Club Board are as one in behind Stuart Brown. That includes Colin Rowley the Commercial Director who had the Personal Statement published on the Club Website. Colin Rowley as many Albion fans will no doubt remember was part of a Consortium behind an attempt to gain control of the running of the Club by investing money into the Club but that failed due to problems with Trust Constitution. Since then we have had a Trust Board resign en masse after a failed attempt to install a new Chairman was overturned. I believe that Stuart Brown has used this to increase his grip on the Club Board. Indeed when one Director Graham Douglas resigned a few days ago, it was Colin Rowley revealed that John Daly was to take over his role as Club Secretary. I would guess that the Club Board did not consult with the Trust Board about this appointment and just went ahead with it. Regarding taking over I believe the Trust Board I assume have plans in place should the worst happen.
  22. I shall state for the numerous time, I am NO mouthpiece for anybody, I am a fan with over 40 years of following this club. Given the decline of this Club under Stuart Brown I chose to put forward 3 resolutions to the Trust AGM. My intentions were very clear on 2 of them to remove 2 men from the Club Board. My other resolution was to have both Boards merge into one. At the end of the day it is up to Trust members to either vote Yes or No to these resolutions. Clearly from the shitstorm that has been created, (Personal Statements on the Club Website by Colin Rowley, Voting Iregularities which prompted the Trust Board to call in the Police and a statement from the Stirling Albion Junior Academy) that its clear that their is a problem with the way this club is run. We appear to have a situation in which the owners of the Club the Supporters Trust and those voted by Trust Members to run the Supporters Trust, the Trust Board appear to have NO say. The Club Board appears to have stuck 2 fingers up at the owners of the Club. This problem NEEDS to be fixed ASAP. Clearly it needs both the Club Board and the Trust Board to sit round the table and thrash out a solution. Until that happens nothing is going to change.
  23. Well that`s quite a statement coming from a Celtic Supporter. Have you ever been to Forthbank to support the Albion ? Do you have a season ticket at Forthbank or is it Parkhead ? Are you a member of the Supporters Trust of this Club like me ? Have you been a supporter of over 40 years of this Club ? Are you a Shareholder in the Club like me. ? If the answer to those questions is NO then why are you on this site talking about the Albion, ? Are things that boring on the Celtic sites that you come on here to give us your immense knowledge ?
  24. Problem is where is this patient approach coming from. ? The Trust Board seemed to me be unwilling to act and from what I gathered from posts by a former chair of the Trust Board, Steve Kaney he resigned after trying to get him to cooperate with the Trust. So where to you go from their ?
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