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  1. The Trust has created a monster and it looks like they cannot control it.
  2. Looks like it, would be interested in seeing who asked for this EGM.
  3. Just received an e mail from the Trust Board It reads The Stirling Albion Supporters Trust has been mandated to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting of its members. The purpose of this is to remove the current Trust Board and replace it by unnamed new trustees. The signatories of this petition , the vast majority of whom only joined the Trust in recent weeks and have never been members previously, include employees of the Club as well as all the Directors of the Club. Well that`s interesting.
  4. Last game of the season thank f**k, another season of failure at Forthbank. Lets hope DY can assemble a side capable of at least getting us to the playoffs next season. On to the game against playoff bound Edinburgh City, can we end the season on a high with a win or is nobody bothered. Good luck to City in the playoffs, wish it was us but we are after a good start to the season, fell away and it was no surprise again. Prediction who gives a toss
  5. Well we did at least score if that`s any consolation and get a point but a pretty meaningless end of season affair nether team deserved to get 3 points. one more game to go at home before the end of the season when we face Edinburgh CITY who are in the playoffs after Stenny lost at home to Stranraer. Lets hope DY can do he business in the summer and get a team which is capable of at least getting into playoffs.
  6. Our last away trip of the season sees us make the short journey to Coatbridge to face a Rovers side who like ourselves has nothing to play for. Can we end the season on a high and get the 3 points on Saturday who knows, lets hope for the best. Prediction Albion Rovers 0 The Binos 1
  7. No vandetta against Stuart Brown, the fact is he is NOT good enough to take this Club forward out of this League after nearly 8 years in charge. Time for someone new to come in and hopefully get us out of this f**king league and stay out is all I am asking.
  8. Yes the buck does stop somewhere, as the Chairman it’s his responsibility to run the Club. As I said this Club under the stewardmanship of Stuart Brown is going nowhere on the park. Correction Stuart Brown is not an unpaid volunteer Chairman he does receive payment for his services. Last financial year he received an immuneration of £7,500. As I have stated before at the end of the day Stuart Brown and others who appoint the mangers have got it wrong time and time again. Maybe if they had got it right we might not be in this mess.
  9. That’s very interesting about the ranting hostile e mails from Mr Doyle, did not know that.. How do you know this WC Boggs ? I would be very interested in reading these e mails, so indeed would a number of Albion fans. Perhaps the Club Board can release them. ? I did hear about the legal action at a recent meeting but nothing more than that. Regarding the resignation of Mr Doyle from the Trust Board, why would the Trust Board comment on it.
  10. What I am saying is the Buck stops with the Chairman. In his capacity he is in charge of running the Club and to make sure Stirling Albion Football Club does the best it can both on the field and off it. Problem is he has FAILED to deliver on the field thru numerous bad appointments of which he had a hand in over the years. That`s why I want rid of him, under his stewardmanship this Club is going nowhere. Its that simple.
  11. Part 1 NO Part 2 If Darren Young gets us promoted twice to the Championship I would say make sure and extend his contract. Let’s hope he can at least achieve promotion to League 1 first, think you are getting a little bit carried away.
  12. Group responsibility, so you are saying the whole Club Board are guilty of not being up to the task of taking this Club forward and they should be all replaced. ? Yes DY needs to have a good summer no doubt about it and with regards to previous appointments made by Stuart Brown and whoever its pretty clear they got it wrong. Clearly they did not get lucky did they,, lets hope DY turns out well, but nothing is being taken for granted. This team should be doing better given the resources the Club has made to previous managers.
  13. He does ignore the Trust Board fact, indeed both Stuart Brown and John Daly refused to attend a meeting with the Trust Board unless a Mr Ian Doyle was not present. The Trust Board are elected by the members of the Trust to represent them. So you are saying that the Supporters Trust as the OWNERS of the Club should just be ignored by Stuart Brown ?
  14. Sorry its not his job to get it right. ? Bottom line is the buck stops with Stuart Brown and after 8 years in charge this Club is going backwards. Surely what happens on the park is the MOST important thing, is it not. Or are you saying the results on the park don`t matter and bugger the fans the most important people at the Club if results on the park are pish. According to Colin Rowley in his recent Personal Statement on the Club Website, "We are lucky to have a Club at all" Clearly from attendances at the last couple of home games, fans have voted with their feet to stay away. This Club cannot afford to lose fans in numbers and if this situation continues expect more fans to vote with their feet and stay away. So if your happy with that then fine.
  15. Doesn`t make my resolution fair, smart or any contribution to stability ? The point of my resolution was very simple, this Club under Stuart Brown has gone backwards over the years. He has been in charge for nearly 8 years and far from getting out of this League to get promoted it looks like we are going to be relegated to the Lowland League unless we are not careful. How can you say my resolution is not fair and smart or are you saying its okay the way the Club is heading.. This club has been UNDERACHEIVING for a number of years now. That`s been done under the stewardmanship of Stuart Brown. He simply isn`t GOOD ENOUGH to run this Club
  16. Name and Shame this drink fuelled Trust Board member who started shouting aggressively at your daughter.
  17. Both Roberts and Carrick have been good in spells this season for us. Despite the team underperforming this season they are some of the better performers for us. Would give them both another contract for next season.
  18. Lets hope DY can show us next season that he is capable of getting together a squad that gets us out of this League. He has done it in the past with Albion Rovers taking them to League 1, then moved to East Fife and did a decent job their.
  19. Well considering his CV, got Albion Rovers promoted and did a decent job at East Fife in League 1, I hope the answers YES. Lets hope DY can assemble a squad during the summer to finally get us out of this Basement League and stay out.
  20. Well what can you say about this match. From an Albion prospective not a lot we rarely caused Elgin any problems in front of goal, created not a lot and deserved nothing and that’s what we got nothing. Elgin will be happy with the win, they took the limited number of chances they had well and deserved the points. Sooner this season is over the better.
  21. The owners of the Club the Trust Board have made it known what their plans are in the event of Stuart Brown and Co stepping down in an update to the members of the Trust suggest you red that its on the Trust Web Site.
  22. Just read the Chairman`s Update from Stuart Brown on the Club Website makes interesting reading. Among other things it states " I have my own personal "succession planning" firmly in mind and I will act on it when the time is right for Stirling Albion. That will be when the Club Board is satisfied that a suitable and sustainable "Plan B" is in place" Thoughts Guys and Gals.
  23. Think Elgin should be safe even if they lose to the Binos, need 1 point from their remaining games to be safe.
  24. Next up at Forthbank we face Elgin City, who surprisingly find themselves in 9th spot in the League. Can we get all 3 points from this match after a good result last week at Champions Kelty lets hope so. Prediction Binos 2 Elgin 0
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