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  1. The one thing you appear to agree with me on is that Stuart Brown has failed to deliver and why should he not be removed. At the end of the day its up to the members of the Trust to have their say on whether Stuart Brown is removed or not. The fact remains the under the terns of the Trust Constitution this allowed and if your not happy with this if your a member of the Trust is to put forward a resolution to change this.
  2. Correction my resolution was to remove Stuart Brown as Chairman NOT the whole Board. The problem is the whole Board is more or less saying that if Stuart Brown goes they will all walk, go to the Club Website, you can read the personal message from Commercial Director Colin Rowley about the removing Stuart Brown. Regarding the group waiting in the wings to replace the Board, their is no group. In the event of Stuart Brown being removed it would be up to the owners of the Club to find replacements. I`m quite sure they have contingency plans in place should this happen.
  3. Not up to me to name names it’s up to the owners of the Club to decide if Stuart Brown is removed, in other words the Suppporters Trust..
  4. You don`t have much confidence do you in Stuart Brown remaining Chairman. Without a vote taking place you have decided Stuart Brown will get kicked out, it may or may not happen. If Stuart Brown is removed then why would the Club pay for a salary for another Chairman, I`m quite sure that their are other people out their willing to volunteer their services. Time will tell on this matter.
  5. You clearly are NOT getting the point I am making, clearly the Accountant that wrote this note was referring to the current account 2020/2021 for the £7500 and in brackets the figure of £5000 for the year 2019/2020. Simples
  6. See my response in the Stirling Albion Trust Thread.
  7. In response to WC Boggs post on the Stirling Albion Thread quoting me, I would like to say to him go back and read my post again its £7,500 for 2021 and in brackets as per written down in the Accounts £5, 000 for 2020. Perhaps if you had read the post properly that you would have understood this.
  8. Agree lets hope WC Boggs also gets the message.
  9. Well that`s a turn up for the books, you got it WRONG, my my WC Boggs so you agree with me that my resolution was off my own doing, nothing to do with the Trust Board, it takes a big man to admit his mistakes. Oh and while on the subject of mistakes, I do recall you saying that Stuart Brown received £7.500 in expenses did you not ? I went back and checked the latest Club Accounts and under note 6 it states "During the year , the Director J S Brown received emoluments of £7,500 (2020 -£5,000) Ob checking my dictionary the definition of emoluments is " a salary, fee, or profit from employment or office" Its NOT EXPENSES, another mistake by you . Also regarding your claim that I did not mention in my resolution form that Stuart Brown and John Daly refused to meet the Trust Board unless Ian Doyle is present is again WRONG. I quote you from Section 3 of the Resolution form "The recent disclosure of the Trust Board that both Mr Brown and Mr Daly refused to attend for a Trust Board meeting unless a Trust Director Mr Ian Doyle was not present casts more reason to remove these men from the Club Board" Again you got it WRONG WC Boggs, oh dearie me your having a bad day, maybe if you had checked your FACTS before you posted you wouldn`t need to apologise
  10. Yes what a coincidence I propose a resolution about removing Stuart Brown, I take it you did not attend the previous AGM of the Trust held on Zoom where I warned of taking further action as I was not happy with the teams performance on the park. The resolution I proposed was a follow up to the fact that once again the team had failed to make the playoffs and I was only delivering on my promise to take action. Take what you will out of this these are the facts. The resolution about merging the 2 Boards came about the refusal of Stuart Brown and John Daly to attend a meeting with the Trust Board unless one member Ian Doyle was not present. That spurred me into proposing this . Far too much nonsense has been happening between these 2 Boards, I felt it was time that this stopped and its only way I could think of getting it sorted out. Again if you read my explanation to Trust Members I state this when I proposed my resolutions.
  11. If you think that this “ whole campaign of online slur, character assassination , and innuendo against the Chairman has gone on for over 5 years. A campaign conducted by a hardcore of bitter malcontents I grudge sharing the same stadium with” your very wrong. The previous Trust Board I would agree went out of their way to get rid of Stuart Brown and failed after members took action to remove them. We’re you their that night at the Golden Lion when they resigned en mass ? I was and the Trust Board that was elected has not been after Stuart Brown as you claim. Nothing further from the truth be told. They have tried to work with the Club Board but have found it impossible at times to get any sort of communication going from the Club Board. As I have stated many times but it seems to have been ignored that I Alone put forward these resolutions to remove Stuart Brown and John Daly along with another resolution to merge both Boards. At the end of the day it’s up to the members of the Trust to vote for or against my resolutions. This whole matter could have settled a while ago but for some dubious practices during the vote, which the Trust Board felt compiled to take action over.
  12. It’s a pity that whoever organised the resolutions hadn’t the courage to spell out to the rest of the Trust Members their reasons for for wanting the entire Trust Board removed unlike myself who gave an explanation as to why I wanted Stuart Brown removed. Oh by the way it’s not an EGM but a Special Meeting of the Trust. Do I speak for every other Trust Member of course NOT, wherever did I say that, come now your making this up to try and justify your gangs stance aren’t you. Regarding the pigeon shit thing, No I would blame the pigeon silly man, who need therapy more than me, I can assure you of that.
  13. My My I seem to have touched a raw nerve here. "Only you could be dumb enough to say I voted to remove them without knowing why" Did I ? Don`t think so, what I said was WHAT ARE THE REASONS THE GANG OF 74 WANTED RID OF THE ENTIRE TRUST BOARD, to which you did not give an answer. I`m quite sure the rest of the Trust Members would be interested in knowing the reasons why you and your gang of 74 want rid of them, but despite saying "I could run in to pages why I consider them collectively incompetent" you say nothing. Don`t you think that the rest of the Trust Members deserve to hear you and your gang of 74 reasons as to why they should support the resolutions your gang of 74 have proposed ? Or is it as I have suggested that your gang of 74 is being manipulated behind the scenes by someone else and I can guess who along with every other member of the Trust that is, am I not right. ?
  14. So basically you voted to remove the Trust Board without knowing the reasons why. ? So they are "collectively incompetent" in what way please tell me and other Trust members who may be reading this post. That includes Neil Emslie the Chairman who was only voted in a few weeks earlier, didn`t take your gang of 74 long to think he is incompetent did it. ? Also can you tell me and other Trust members who is pulling the strings in your gang of 74 ? Clearly its not you by your own admission
  15. "They cant do that" cant remember saying that on Facebook. They have every right your gang of 74 to put forward resolutions about removing the Trust Board if they wish. It would have been nice to hear the REASONS WHY they want to remove the Trust Board though. When I put forward my resolutions to remove Stuart Brown and John Daly I gave Trust Members the reasons why both men should be removed unlike your gang of 74, which gave NO reasons as to why they wanted the whole Trust Board removed. Seems to me they wanted to get their own back on the Trust Board for calling an EGM of the Club, very childish behaviour imo. Clearly orchestrated by someone pulling the strings, now I wonder who that could be. ?
  16. Yes you did say that. At the end of the day it’s up to the members to vote for any resolution put forward. They may not agree with any of my resolutions at the AGM, so nothing happens. Just like I hope the members of the Trust reject the resolutions of 74 of your gang members at the Special General Meeting.
  17. Who says the Trust Board want control of the operational side of the Club. ? Think your putting 2+2 and coming up wit 3 here. The fact remains that my resolutions had nothing to do with the Trust Board. As a member of the Trust I and like every other member of the Trust has the right to lodge resolutions for the AGM. At the end of the day it’s up to the members of the Trust to vote Yes or No to these resolutions. Just like the 74 members of the Trust who have ganged up together to ask that the Trust Board are all removed. Again it’s up to members of the Trust to say Yes or No to these resolutions.
  18. Well that`s one of my resolutions dealt with, lets hope Stuart Brown is next to go. POWER GRAB ? maybe I missed something here, is the Trust owners of the CLUB. ?
  19. Latest Update on new contracts for next season Dale Carrick and Ross McGeachie both signed up for next season.
  20. Update from Trust Board Special General Meeting will take place Tuesday 17th of May at 7.00pm at the Raploch Community Campus Stirling. It will be online as well via a Zoom Call. A total of 74 Trust members have signed the proposed resolutions.
  21. Didn`t see that result coming tbh but thought City would be saving themselves for the playoffs and was proven right. Lets hope DY can do the business in the summer, don`t think I can stand another season like this one.
  22. The Trust has created a monster and it looks like they cannot control it.
  23. Looks like it, would be interested in seeing who asked for this EGM.
  24. Just received an e mail from the Trust Board It reads The Stirling Albion Supporters Trust has been mandated to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting of its members. The purpose of this is to remove the current Trust Board and replace it by unnamed new trustees. The signatories of this petition , the vast majority of whom only joined the Trust in recent weeks and have never been members previously, include employees of the Club as well as all the Directors of the Club. Well that`s interesting.
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