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  1. Good win for us today, did not expect to win by 4 goals, expected it to be a bit ore difficult but we took our chances and went in 2-0 up at halftime. 

    Second half felt Tranent started well and we were fortunate to have a shot cleared off the line to keep it at 2-0 and when we got the penalty to make it 3-0 it was game over. Felt Tranent tired late on and it was no surprise that we got a fourth goal. 

    Onwards to the 4th Round where hopefully we will get a money spinning tie against one of the big guns. 

  2. Clash of the Round imo 😀The Binos v Tranent tie this Saturday at Forthbank.

    The question Binos fans are asking can we get out of the slump we are in just now and get into the 4th round where a potential money spinning tie could await us or will Tranent 2 tiers below us cause a shock and March into the  4th round. 

    Hopefully we will get past Tranent and get into the next round but I don’t think it will be easy. No doubt Tranent see this as their Cup Final and will be up for it. 

    Prediction Binos 1 Tranent 0 🙏



  3. 1 hour ago, MontyPython said:

    Stirling Albion supporters are angry, some now demanding the Club is sold in the belief that there is a benefactor out there willing to pour millions into the Club.

    There might very well be but no one has so far come forward.

    The fans wanting to sell the Club to get what they call "investment",  needs to understand there is nothing in the Trust rules that prevents anyone from investing. Anyone can inject cash into the Club, I know some who already do, expecting nothing in return, except hopefully watching a successful team on the pitch.

    Fans who want the Club sold are in reality looking for a benefactor willing to sustain the financial losses that go with trying to compete beyond your means. You only need to look at Hearts to realise what damage can de done by investors. Vladimir Romanov virtually bankrupted the Club. Hearts are now fan owned.

    What of fan ownership, I'm quoting the Scottish Supporters Network, - fans believe "benefits of community ownership are the financial sustainability and stability it brought, the fact under community ownership clubs are run for the benefit of their respective communities and that it brought democracy and transparency with fans represented at board level". There are many good example of how fan ownership is working.

    Those who want to sell the Club need to explain why it can't work at Stirling Albion FC.

    I'll repeat what I said earlier, private individuals can invest in fan owned Clubs, what I can never accept though is for that any investor to puts the Club back in jeapordy, by expecting a financial return.

    Our younger fans just don't appreciate how close we were from going out of business a decade ago. I never want to go through that again. What we all want is a team on the park that we can be proud of. Throwing money at it does not guarantee success.


    J. T.

    Problem with fan ownership at a club like Stirling Albion is the size of our fan base compared to the club quoted like Hearts. Hearts have over 10,000 members paying £10 a month into the club. Stirling have nothing like that. From a simple financial point of view the Albion simply cannot generate enough income to compete with teams like Kelty who have rich backers. 

    You say people already invest in the club, it would be interesting to find out how much they invest. ?

    Yes their is a risk that if any investor comes in and puts a large investment in the Club but I feel that before that is allowed to happen the Trust must make sure robust conditions are attached to any sale of its shares. 

    The fact remains that this Club has been living within its means and has a stable financial footing unlike the past. We should strive to make sure that this continues and hope that we can finally get out of this league and stay out otherwise the future of the club could be in danger. 

  4. Its been said by previous posters Ref was poor gave us nothing during game, too whistle happy imo. For the game itself felt we started well and got ourselves in front thru Dale Carrick but we shot ourselves in the foot by giving away a stupid penalty to make it level at halftime. 

    Second half we looked in command until Ray Grant got sent off for a challenge when he should have known better and that enabled  City to believe that they could get the win and they did with a late goal. 

    Overall better performance than our last 2 home games but we still ended up with nothing. Thats 1 point in our last 3 home games. simply not good enough from a team that is looking to get into playoffs. Would have hoped to get the win yesterday to give our confidence a boost for a tricky Cup Tie next week against Tranent .

  5. We entertain Edinburgh City at Forthbank this Saturday in what should be a close fought affair. For the Binos can we get out of this slump we are in and start to pick up ponts ? Lets hope so but it does not look too good at the moment due to injuries and suspensions. Out is Adam Cummins due to red card last week at Albion Rovers, back in will be Jordan McGregor after suspension. Martin McNiff I suspect will miss this game thru injury. 

    For City after a shaky start to the season they appear to have regained form and will be difficult opponents on Saturday. Games between the two clubs are normally tight affairs and expect the same on Saturday. 

    Prediction Binos 1 City 0  I hope think we will sneak it. 🤔


  6. Well another poor performance today from the Binos. Even managed to miss a penalty to get us level in the first half.
    Rovers took their chance and got the win today, even when Rovers were down to 10 men we still did nothing.
    Lucky for us the teams below and above us lost otherwise we would be slipping down this League.
    Something needs to change if we are ever going to get out of this f**ken league. Playoffs in our current performance, you have got to be kidding.

  7. Looks like we'll be missing most of our defence. McGregor is banned; McNiff is injured; and Leo Watson is on Scotland duty. Banner will presumably come in with McGeachie and Cummins.
    No idea who can play left back if we stick with a back 4.
    Would take a point.

    Creaney is a left back and should be able to take over their. Not keen on Banner in the Centre of defence to replace McGregor, can Mark Laird play at Centre Back ? Unless their is somebody else say in the Squad that can do a job or maybe in the Reserves who can step up.
  8. Next up for the Binos is a visit to Coatbridge to face a Rovers side that could field a number of Ex Binos in their ranks.


    After the dismal performance last week at home to Stenny let’s hope for a better performance on Saturday. We need to be winning games like this if we are to keep in touch with Kelty.


    Prediction Albion Rovers 1 Binos 2

  9. Pathetic performance today, lucky to go in at half time only 3 down. For a team sitting second in the League it was a woeful performance. At no time did we look like we wanted to win this game and that’s worrying.
    KR needs to rethink his selections and tactics because on today’s performance it’s not working. Surely we have other options that just Mackin up front. A bad day at Forthbank for any Albion fan. Well done Stenny you deserved the points.

  10. League 2 game of the day on Saturday when first meets second at New Central Park. 

    Can the Binos stop the Kelty  Juggernaut or will Kelty continue on their way. 

    Hopefully from the Binos we will see an improvement in  performance, after the last 2 games in which we did not play well. 

    Prediction Kelty 1 Binos 1  

  11. Stirling very lucky to be in the next round , feel sorry for Berwick as played the better football throughout but didn’t take chances and got hit with a sucker punch in injury time from a corner and box scramble.

    Not impressed with Stirling apart from the number 9 , however good luck to them in the competition, hard chips to us but going in the right direction 🖤

    Agree we were poor today, did not create much up front and if the Berwick player in the 2nd half had taken his chance one on one with Blair Currie we would be talking an Albion defeat here. Berwick unlucky not to get a replay but we kept fighting and in injury time we got our reward.
  12. We make the journey to Berwick on Saturday in the expectation they we will be in the draw for the 3rd Round.

    On paper we should win but you never know, if we play like against Stranraer last Saturday then Berwick will have a chance.


    Prediction Berwick Rangers 0 Binos 3

  13. A dreadful scrappy game. We were poor in every department today. Neither team did enough to earn 3 points so a draw is probably fair.
    Omar should have been hooked at half time and I would have rather seen Kieran Moore used.
    The performance of the officials is best illustrated when the ref gave a free kick to the visitors after their own player took out their goalie.
    need a huge improvement from everyone for our next league outing

    Agree simply we were not at the races today. Question marks over KR’s team selection today. Why change a winning team unless player is injured. Omar did not have a good game and was surprised he stayed on for so long. It was only when Stranraer scored that we started to play. Why wait so long to bring on Sean Heaver ? Think he only got a couple of minutes if that on the park. Not a good day to be an Albion fan.
    Let’s hope for a BIG improvement next week against Berwick or it could be a very short Cup run this year.
  14. Always a difficult game at Elgin, think last time we were up their we got beat, so let’s hope we can continue our good form after a good win over Cowdenbeath.

    Currently sitting 2nd in the League would be great to get all 3 points from this game but would be happy for a share of the points. Let’s hope for the best it makes the long journey down the A9 worthwhile if we can get the 3 points.

    Prediction Elgin 1 Albion 2

  15. 26 minutes ago, mr_malcolm said:

    Stick the young lads behind the goal. Forthbank is an example of how to build a modern lower league ground . Shame only 1 stand is open

    its a simple case of economics for the club that the terraces are not open. Why spend additional money opening another part of the ground if they are only 500/600 folk in a stand capable of holding 1200/1300 fans. Also believe their are issues with the terracing not having a safety certificate or something. 

  16. Great result in the end but what happened in the 2nd half ? We allowed Cowdenbeath back into the game and against better opposition we could have been punished. Strange decision re subs from KR taking off Bikey and Mackin in particular, don’t understand that. Still we got the result in the end and a cracking 4th goal from Sean Heaver to wrap up the match.
    Onwards to Elgin next Saturday and hopefully we play better in the second half otherwise we could be coming down the road with nothing.

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