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  1. The Trust Board were elected and can be voted out by the members. If the members are not happy with the way things are going at least they have a choice unlike the Club Board who were a law unto themselves.
  2. Well Stuart Brown had nearly 8 years in charge think the Club Board once elected would have less time.
  3. If the present Club Board hadn’t did what they did, then maybe none of this would have happened. Bottom line is the owners of the Club the Supporters Trust have had to take this action to regain control of what they own.
  4. Having read your post of what you predict ruin of the club within 3 to 6 months I don’t agree. The Club Board have brought this onto themselves by in effect sticking 2 fingers up to the owners of the Club the majority shareholders the Supporters Trust. The resulting actions by the Club Board only served to galvanised the Trust Board to take action to regain control of what they own. Let’s hope the interim Board can stabilise this Club and if things go well on the park then I believe the actions taken are justified in the long term. We all want the Club to do well, so let’s give the interim Board a chance.
  5. I agree with a lot of what you say. I believe you are referring to the interim Board regarding these individuals who have the skills. Their is nothing stoping these people seeking election to the Club Board on a permanent basis subject of course to the new rules being put in place. Yes it will be interesting to see how the current Club Board react, let’s hope some common sense prevails but don’t hold up much hope tbh.
  6. Just received an update from the Trust Board, the gist of it is listed below. The next steps 1. To appoint an Interim Board 2. To introduce proper governance procedures for the Club Board, including fixed term directorships with the Trust members having a vote in the election of Club Directors. Trust representation on the Club Board and a Club AGM. Football experience and expertise should be represented on he Club Board and non -Trust people should be invited to stand for Club Board election, to ensure the skills and attributes required to lead the club are not restricted in any way. 3. To hold a fans workshop to discuss the future direction of the Club. 4. To agree job descriptions for the Club Directors 5. A Creation of a new Club Board to be delivered within 3-6 months. 6. Development of a 5- year business plan to be reviewed annually Further details will follow soon and Minutes of an ad-hoc Trust Board meeting are attached. Their you have it the Trust Board has taken the decision to remove the current Club Board and replace it with an interim Board and carry out a number of things that should have been in place many years ago.
  7. Didn`t know McNiff was away, did okay for us scored a couple of goals but was injured and out for a spell. Should be an asset to your team next season.
  8. We could go on at this all day WC Boggs clearly you don`t want to tell me who you were referring too in your posts despite being asked on at least 3 occasions. I have better things to do with my time in trying to get an answer to a simple question from you. Goodbye for now. no doubt we will speak again, lets hope next time you have the courage to answer a straight question with a straight answer, somehow I doubt it. 2-2 I think
  9. Still haven`t told me the name of the person you were referring too in your previous posts WC Boggs.
  10. Just don`t try and change the subject WC Boggs, you were asked a straight question to name the person you were referring to in previous posts and you have refused to do so. Fact, clearly you don`t want to or unable to name the person concerned. How very brave of you.
  11. "Considering evasion is your speciality I find that hilarious" I think you want to look at your previous posts WC Boggs before pointing the finger at me. I have asked you on 2 occasions to name the person to whom you were referring to in your posts and you have refused to do so. Says it all doesn`t it.
  12. Did I say Stuart Brown call for a meeting of Shareholders NO
  13. So despite me asking you in 2 occasions to name the person concerned you refuse to do so. Is that correct WC Boggs. You must be a big man eh WC Boggs you don`t have the courage of your convictions, trying to deflect giving a straight answer. dearie me.
  14. Only after the Trust Board called for an EGM of the Shareholders WC Boggs. Before that he had refused to call for a meeting of the Shareholders for a number of years. Is that not correct WC Boggs. ?
  15. So your not going to name the person concerned WC Boggs. Are you a coward WC Boggs, I ask you please name the person concerned for a second time. You are quite happy to come on this forum and post your responses on it but when challenged to back your responses you refuse. How very cowardly of you WC Boggs.
  16. I have posted a response to WC Boggs asking him to name the person concerned, we shall see if he responds with the name of the person concerned.
  17. Not only did Stuart Brown and John Daly refuse to meet with the Trust Board but they refused to meet as well with the owners of the Club The Supporters Trust who own 83% of the Shares in Stirling Albion Football Club.
  18. We shall see what happens don`t count you chickens just yet. just responding to your post regarding the Sponsors, remember that.
  19. The Trust Boards resigns if my resolution fails Why would the Trust Board resign if my resolution fails its nothing to do with them is it. ? Talking nonsense man. Regarding the Shareholders meeting, Stuart Brown asked that details of the meeting not be leaked, that`s why Shareholders refuse to give any information. I`m surprised you did not know that, clearly you are under orders from your master to cause trouble.
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